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Default NIFT Entrance Exam Model Question Papers

Will you please provide me the Question paper of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) for admission in Bachelor of Designing???

As you are looking for the question papers for admission in Bachelor of Designing at National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), so here I am sharing the same with you

1. The minute and the hour hand of a watch meet every 65 minutes. How much does the watch lose or gain
(a) 25 seconds (b) 27 seconds © 27.16 seconds (d) 30 seconds
2. At the start of a seminar, the ratio of the number of male participants to the number of female participants
was 3:1. During tea break 16 participants left and 6 more female participants registered. The ratio of
male to female participants became 2: 1. What was total number of participants at the start of the seminar?
(a) 64 (b) 48 © 54 (d) 72
2. A positive integer which, when added to 100 gives a sum which is greater than when it is multiplied by 1000.
This positive integer is:
(a) 1 (b) 5 © 7 (d) 3
4. Three friends divided some bullets equally. After all of them shot 4 bullets the total no. of bullets remaining
is equal to the bullets each had after division. Find the original number of bullets.
(a) 15 (b) 17 © 20 (d) 18
5. Of the 120 people in the room, 3/5 are women. If 2/3 of the people are married, what is the maximum no.
of women in the room who could be unmarried?
(a) 40 (b) 20 © 30 (d) 60
6. A worker earns a 5% raise. A year later, the worker receives a 2.5% cut in pay, and now his salary is
Rs. 22702.68. What was his salary to begin with?
(a) Rs 22000 (b) Rs 22176 © Rs 25000 (d) Rs 22193
7. There are 20 poles with a constant distance between each pole. A car takes 24 seconds to reach the
12th pole. How much more time will it take to reach the last pole?
(a) 25.25 sec (b) 17.45 sec © 35.75 sec (d) 41.45 sec
8. In a triangle ABC, the lengths of the sides AB, AC and BC are 3, 5 and 6 cm respectively. If a point D
on BC is drawn such that the line AD bisects the angle DA internally. What is the length of BD?

(a) 2 cm (b) 2.25 cm © 2.5 cm (d) 3 cm
9. A person with some money spends 1/3 on clothes, 1/5 of the remaining on food & ¼ of the remaining
on travel. He is left with Rs. 100. How much did he have with him in the beginning?
(a) Rs 200 (b) Rs 250 © Rs 300 (d) Rs 450
10. Suresh is half his father's age. After 20 years, his father's age will be one and a half times his. What
is his father's age now?
(a) 40 (b) 20 © 26 (d) 30
11. 1/3 rd of the contents of a container evaporated on the 1st day. 3/4th of the remaining contents of the
container evaporated on the 2nd day. What part of the contents of the container is left at the end of
the 2nd day?
(a) 1/4 (b) 1/2 © 1/18 (d) 1/6
12. The jogging track in a sports complex is 726 meter in circumference. Suresh and his wife start from the
same point and walk in opposite directions at 4.5 km/h and 3.75 km/h respectively. They will meet for
the first time in:
(a) 5.5 min (b) 6.0 min © 5.28 min (d) 4.9 min
13. A man received a cheque. The rupee has been transposed for paise and vice versa. After spending
5 rupees 42 paise, he discovered that he now had exactly six times the value of the correct cheque
amount. What amount should he have received?
(a) Rs 6.44 (b) 3.22 © Rs 18.25 (d) Rs 8.36
14. Mohan ate half a pizza on Monday. He followed this pattern for 1 week. How much of the pizza would
he has eaten during the week?
(a) 99.22% (b) 95% © 98.22% (d) 100%
15. All the students of a batch opted Psychology, Business, or both. 73% of students opted Psychology
and 62% opted Business. If there are 220 students, how many of them opted for both Psychology &
(a) 60 (b) 100 © 70 (d) 77
16. A horse is placed for grazing inside a rectangular field of 70 m by 52 m and is tethered to one corner
by a rope 21m long. On how much area can it graze?
(a) 386.5 m2 (b) 325.5 m2 © 346.5 m2 (d) 246.5 m2
17. Silu and menu were walking on the road. Silu said, "I weigh 51 kgs. How much do you weigh?"
Meenu replied that she wouldn't reveal her weight directly as she was overweight. But she said, "I
weigh 29 kgs plus half of my weight." How much does Meenu weigh?
(a) 52 kg (b) 58 kg © 63 kg (d) 57 kg
18. How many squares are there in a 5 inch by 5 inch square grid, if the grid is made up of one inch by

one inch squares?
(a) 50 (b) 150 © 55 (d) 25
19. My friend collects antique stamps. She purchased two, but found that she needed to raise money
urgently. So she sold them for Rs 8000 each. On one she made 20% and on the other she lost 20%.
How much did she gain or lose in the entire transaction?
(a) No Loss/profit (b) Rs 667 Loss © Rs 667 profit (d) None of these
20. 3 chairs and 2 tables cost Rs 700 and 5 chairs and 3 tables cost Rs 1100. What is the cost of 2 chairs and 2
(a) Rs 300 (b) Rs 350 © Rs 450 (d) Rs 600
Qs. 21-25: Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any,
will be one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the
answer is (5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any).
21. She insists (1) you say (2) until her husband (3) comes home. (4) No error. (5)
22. I asked the salesman (1) f I could exchange (2) the faulty camera (3) with another one. (4) No error.(5)
23. As you know (1) by my visiting card (2) I am now (3) in Mumbai. (4) No error.(5)
24. It is more better (1) if one of the parents (2) stays at home (3) to look after the children. (4) No error. (5)
25. I don't understand (1) how she could (2) treat him (3) so bad. (4) No error. (5)
Qs. 26-30. Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B), ©, (D), (E), and (F) in a proper sequence so as
to form a meaningful paragraph. Then answer the questions given below them.
(A) It was further revived by a Boston publishing firm, and from that time Mother Goose continued and
grew in fame and interest till date.
(B) The first collection of verses under her name was published in London in book form by John Newhery.
© These were known long before they were designated as Mother Goose rhymes.
(D) Some rhymes can be traced to popular ballads, folk songs and games, political satire, ancient proverbs, cries
of street vendors, real or legendary events.
(E) About twenty five years later the book was reprinted in the United States in Worcester, Massachusetts.
(F) In fact, until the eighteenth century Mother Goose did not have a name in print in English Literature.
26. Which of the following will be the last sentence?
(1) A (2) B (3) C (4) D (5) E
27. Which of the following will be the fifth sentence?

(1) F (2) E (3) D (4) C (5) B
28. Which of the following will be the first sentence?
(1) A (2) B (3) C (4) D (5) E
29. Which of the following will be the second sentence?
(1) A (2) B (3) C (4) D (5) E
30. Which of the following will be the fourth sentence?
(1) F (2) E (3) D (4) C (5) B
Qs. 31-40: In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers
are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits
the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
After ten years of (31) inflation, prices have spiked 7.5% in the third week of July. This looks scary after all,
Indians had got used to prices crawling up by 2% in the least two years, and a 10-years average inflation rate of
about 5% _but you shouldn't worry. This burst of inflation is the result of three factors that have come together
unexpectedly, are unlikely to (32) for long and are unlikely to (33) up together again: A (34) rise in global oil
prices, a monsoon that arrived late and a spike in global metal prices. North Sea crude has crossed $ 42 per
barrel, driven up by low petroleum (35) and soaring demand in the US as war production heats up. Oil markets
are also spooked by the (36) of Russian oil supplies falling on the back of the Yukos-sibneft probe. There's little
that the government can do to (37) users from soaring oil prices_ indeed, it shouldn't, if it wants to (38) energy
efficiency. Higher transport costs have pushed up rates of vegetables and fruits; farm produce could also get
affected by rains that arrived too late for kharif sowing. China is (39) up steel and other metals from all over the
world to (40) a construction boom ahead of the 2008 Olympics, making metal prices soar all over the world, and
sparking inflation in India.
31. (1) retarding (2) vehement (3) dull (4) mere (5) moderate
32. (1) persist (2) repeat (3) normalize (4) obstinate (5) constitute
33. (1) mount (2) yield (3) crop (4) go (5) scramble
34. (1) horrific (2) erratic (3) favorable (4) sustained (5) suspicious
35. (1) services (2) inventories (3) details (4) lists (5) trades
36. (1) view (2) extent (3) deposit (4) prospect (5) progress
37. (1) propel (2) prolong (3) insulate (4) support (5) ignore
38. (1) process (2) pass (3) form (4) position (5) promote

39. (1) pairing (2) gobbling (3) throwing (4) hurrying (5) passing
40. (1) feed (2) grow (3) fight (4) keep (5) make
Qs. 41-45: In each of the following questions, a sentence containing an idiomatic expression and its four
possible meanings are given. Find out correct meaning of the idiomatic expression and mark
the number of that meaning as your answer. If you do not find any correct answer mark '5' i.e.
'none of these' as your answer.
41. He struck several bad patches before he made good.
(1) Came across bad sail (2) want through many illnesses (3) had a bumpy car ride
(4) Had many professional difficulties (5) none of these
42. The bare bones of the conversation had been that he hated my guts.
(1) The naked truth (2) just bones (3) The main point (4) The detailed analysis
(5) None of these
43. The was in high spirits when I met him in the restaurant.
(1) In a drunken state (2) in a cheerful mood (3) talking incoherently
(4) deeply engrossed in thoughts (5) None
44. Truly he is a chip of the old block.
(1) Very similar to his father (2) a good actor (3) an honorable man
(4) outdated in his mannerisms (5) None of these
45. Veera has unknowingly bitten off more than she can chew.
(1) Been very greedy (2) always been hungry (3) an upset stomach
(4) little regard for others (5) None of these
Qs. 46-50: Each question below has two blanks. There are five pairs of words below each sentence. Each
pair is numbered. Choose the pair of words which can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence
in the same order so as to complete the sentence meaningfully.
46. The ___playing of loud music has led the angry residents of this vicinity to file a police complaint and
move court against the organizer's lack of _____ for the people's need for a peaceful neighborhood.
(1) Peaceful, thought (2) abrupt, hope (3) incessant, consideration (4) fashionable, friendliness

(5) Intermittent, interpretation
47. The _____of the chronic balance of payments deficit which has_____ the Finance Ministry under three
Prime Minister is very real.
(1) Temptation, reviled (2) understanding, menaced (3) impact, underestimated (4) obligation, blessed
(5) Dilemma, plagued
48. Britain, for the present, is deeply____in economic troubles, and the economic future, heavily_____
looks uncertain.
(1) engrossed, responsive (2) ingrained, skeptical (3) saturated, enveloped (4) mired, mortgaged
(5) restrained, participative
49. Our Constitution was based on the belief that the free_____of ideas, people and cultures is essential to
the ______of a democratic society.
(1) Selection, concurrence (2) interchange, preservation (3) reversal, upholding
(4) dissemination, congruence (5) distinction, design
50. As this country has become more____, industrial and internationalized, it has like all Western
democracies, experienced a necessary increase in the _____of the executive.
(1) urbanized, role (2) objective, wealth (3) synthesized, efficiency (4) civilized, convenience
(5) Concretized, vision
Qs. 51-55: In each question, there is a sentence with a part of the sentence printed in bold. Decide
whether this bold part is correct and fits in the grammatical and contextual framework of the
sentence. If it is to be changed, choose from options (1) to (4) to replace that part, if not, mark
(5) as the answer i.e. 'No change required'.
51. If he was to decide to go to college, I, for one, would recommend that he go to Yale University.
(1) If he were to decide to go to Yale University. (2) Had he decided to go to college (3) In the event that
he decides to go to college (4) supposing he was, to decide to go to college (5) No change required
52. Although he is able to make political enemies with this decision, the Prime Minister does not mind
doing it for the sake of public welfare.
(1) Liable from (2) of a mind to (3) acknowledging his liability to (4) liable to (5) No change required
53. Had I realized how close I was to failing, I would not have gone to the party.
(1) If I would have realized (2) Had I realize how close (3) When I realized how close
(4) If I realized how close (5) No change required
54. Except for you and I, everyone brought a present to the party.

(1) With the exception of you & I everyone brought
(2) Except for you and I, everyone had brought
(3) Except for you and me, everyone brought
(4) Exception of you and me, everyone had brought
(5) No change required
55. Being as I am a realist, I could not accept his statement that supernatural beings has caused the disturbance.
(1) That I am a realist (2) being a realist (3) Being that I am a realist (4) Realist that I am
(5) No change required
Qs. 56-64: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.
At one time it would have been impossible to imagine the integration of different religious thoughts, ideas
and ideals. That is because of the closed society, the lack of any communication or interdependence on other
nations. People were happy and content amongst themselves; they did not need any more. The physical
distance and cultural barriers prevented any exchange of thought and beliefs. But such is not the case today.
Today, the world has become a much smaller place, thanks to the adventures and miracles of science. Foreign
Foreign nations have become our next-door neighbors. Mingling of populations is bringing about an interchange
of thought. We are slowly realizing that the world is a single cooperative group. Other religions have become
forces with which we have to reckon and we are seeking for ways and means by which we can live together in
peace and harmony. We cannot have religious unity and peace so long as we assert that we are in possession
of the light and all others are groping in the darkness. That very assertion is a challenge to fight.
The political ideal of the world is not so much a single empire with a homogeneous, civilization and single
communal will a brotherhood of free nations differing profoundly in life and mind, habits and institutions, existing
side by side in peace and order, harmony and cooperation and each contributing to the world its own unique and
specific best, which is irreducible to the terms of the others.
The cosmopolitanism of the eighteenth century and the nationalism of the nineteenth are combined in our
ideal of a world commonwealth, which allows every branch of the human family to find freedom, security and selfrealisation
in the larger life of mankind. I see no hope for the religious future of the world, if this ideal is not extended
to the religious sphere also. When two or three different systems claim that they contain the revelation of the
very core and center of truth and the acceptance of it is the exclusive pathway to heaven, conflicts are inevitable.
In such conflicts one religion will not allow others to steal a march over it and no one can gain ascendancy until
the world is reduced to dust and ashes. To obliterate every other religion than one's own is a sort of Bolshevism
in religion which we must try to prevent. We can do so only if we accept something like the Indian solution, which
seeks the unity of religion not in a common creed but in a common quest. Let us believe in a unity of spirit and not
of organization, a unity which secures ample liberty not only for every individual but for every type of organized life
which has proved itself effective.
For almost all historical forms of life and thought can claim the sanction of experience and so the authority
of God. The world be a much poorer thing if one creed absorbed the res God wills a rich harmony and not
a colorless uniformity. The comprehensive and synthetic spirit of Indianism had made it a mighty forest
with a thousand waving arms each fulfilling its function and all directed by the spirit of God. Each thing in

its place and all associated in the divine concert making their various voices and even dissonance, as
Heracletus would say, the most exquisite harmony should be our ideal.
56. According to the passage, what is Bolshevism in religion?
(1) To ridicule the views sincerely held by others
(2) To accept others religious beliefs and doctrines as authentic as ours
(3) To adhere to rigid dogmatism in religion
(4) To make changes in a religious so that it becomes more acceptable (5) none of these
57. According to the passage, the conflict of religious is inevitable mainly because each religion
(1) Believes that anyone who disagrees with it ought to be silenced
(2) Wants to steal a march over others
(3) Claims to possess a complete and exclusive understanding of truth
(4) Believes that the view held strongly by many need not be a correct view (5) none of these
58. Which of the following statements is/are stated or implied in the above passage?
(A) People today are happy and content amongst themselves.
(B) There is no freedom and security in the religious sphere in the world today.
© Indianism is directed by the spirit of God.
(1) Only (A) & © (2) Only (B) (3) Only © (4) Only (A) (5) None of these
59. Which of the following is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word "profound" as used in the passage?
(1) Meagerly (2) hardly (3) scarcely (4) marginally (5) empty
60. According to the passage, the world would be a much poorer thing if:
(1) One religion swallows all other religions (2) one religion accepts the supremacy of other religions
(3) Religions adopt toleration as a principle of spiritual life (4) we do not achieve the ideal of brotherhood
of free nations (5) None of these
61. According to the author, which of the following is not true?
(1) Acceptance of Indianism is the exclusive pathway to heaven
(2) We should not assert that other religions have no definite pathway or goal
(3) God wants a genuine similarity in thoughts, ideals and values rather than an artificial appearance.

(4) People interacting with each other is bringing about a change in their attitude. (5) None of these
62. According to the passage, the political ideal of the contemporary world is to:
(1) Create a single empire with a homogenous civilization
(2) foster the unity of all the religions of the world
(3) create a world common wealth preserving religious diversity of all the nations.
(4) create brotherhood of free nations who believe in one religion
(5) None of these
63. According to the passage, religious unity and peace can be obtained if:
(1) we believe that the world is a single co-operative group.
(2) we do not assert that we alone are in possession of the real knowledge
(3) we believe in a unity of spirit and not of organization
(4) we believe that truth does matter and will prevail
(5) None of these
64. Which of the following, according to the passage, is the 'Indian solution'? Unity of religions is a common
(1) Belief (2) organization (3) Creed (4) Search (5) None of these
65. Which of the following is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word "reckon" as used in the passage?
(1) Show regard (2) take into consideration (3) confront (4) agree with (5) be reckless
Qs.66-67: In a family there are three men, three women, two young girls and a boy. There are three
couples. One of the couples has one son only.
Samar is Sarla's grandson. Bhagwati Prasad is Pramod's father-in-law. Sarita is Vinti's aunt.
Anita is Rohini's mother. Kausar is Samar's father.
66. How is Kausar related to Sarla?
(1) Grandson (2) son (3) brother (4) husband (5) son-in-law
67. Which one of the following is a pair of sisters?
(1) Sarla & Sarita (2) Vinti & Anita (3) Sarla & Rohini (4) Anita & Sarita (5) Sarla & Anita
Qs 68-71: Three young men Mohan, Deepak and saurabh and their girl-friends Mrinal, Asha
and shailley sat round a table with one boy one girl arrangement and ordered ice-creams.
Each Youngman sat facing his girl-friend. Person to the right of Asha had vanilla.
Mrinal sat between Deepak and Mohan. Mohan's girl- friend had kulfi.
Person sitting to the right of Saurabh had kesar-pista.
None of the girls wanted strawberry or cassata. Asha was not near Mohan.
Deepak did not want strawberry. Girl to the right of Mohan had butterscotch.

68. Who is saurabh's girl-friend and which ice-cream did she have?
(1)Shailley-butterscotch (2) Mrinal-vanilla (3) Asha-kulfi
(4) Mrinal-butterscotch (5) Asha-kesar-pista
69. Who ordered vanilla?
(1) Saurabh (2) Deepak (3) Shailley (4) Mrinal (5) None of these
70. Who sat to the left of Asha?
(1) Mohan (2) Mrinal (3) Deepak (4) Saurabh (5) Cannot say
71. Who sat to the left of the person who had strawberry?
(1) Saurabh (2) Deepak (3) shailley (4) Asha (5) Mohan
Qs. 72-74: Seven girls, A, B, C, D, E, F and G stood facing the audience and sang Vande Mataram.
C was to the right of A. E was to the left of B. G was neither at any corner nor near F or D.
D and B had one person between them. There are one girl between F and A.
72. E was between:
(1) B & A (2) B & C (3) B & D (4) B & F (5) B & G
73. Who were at the two corners?
(1) D & F (2) A & D (3) B & F (4) A & F (5) D & E
74. Who was exactly in the middle?
(1) C (2) A (3) B (4) D (5) G
Qs. (75-77) A started from his house, went two km south, turned left and walked 1 km, again turned right
and walked 1 km, and finally turned left and after walking 1 km reached point P. B started from
his house towards east, after going 1 km he turned right and walked for 2 km, again he turned
right and after covering 3 km reached point Q which is 1 km to the north of P. B started from
his house towards east, after going 1 km he turned right and walked for 2 km, again he turned
right and after covering 3 km reached point Q which is 1 km to the north of P.
75. How far is A's house from point Q as the crow flies?
(1) Square root of 13 (2) Square root of 10 (3) Square root of 8 (4) 4km
(5) Square root of 17
76. How far is A's house from B's house?
(1) 1 km (2) 2 km (3) 3 km (4) 4 km (5) 5 km

77. If both started at 7 A.M., A at a pace of 6 km per hour and B at 5 km per hour and after stopping at point
P for 15 minutes A started again and met B at Q, for how much time did B had to wait for
(1) 2 mts (2) 3 mts (3) 5 mts (4) 7 mts (5) None of these
Qs. 78-79: The average age of Uma, her husband Navin and their children Praveen and Deepa is 28
years. Praveen was 3 years old when Deepa was born. Uma had her second child at the age of 27.
Navin is 3 years older than his wife.
78. How old is Navin now?
(1) 37 years (2) 40 years (3) 43 years (4) 45 years (5) None of these
79. How old would be Uma when Deepak would be half her age?
(1) 50 years (2) 48 years (3) 44 years (4) 42 years (5) None of these
Qs. 80-81: Among six friends A, B, C, D, E and FE
is 3 years younger than D. C is 6 years younger than E. F is 7 years younger than D.
B is 5 years older than A. D is 2 years younger than B. If C is 14:
80. (1) C and A, 18 years (2) A and E, 20 years (3) D and A, 22 years
(4) E and F, 16 years (5) none of these
81. What is the age of D and how does he stand age wise from the top?
(1) 23 years; 2nd (2) 20 years; 3rd (3) 22 years; 3rd (4) 21 years; 4th (5) None of these
Qs. 82-85: In each of the following questions, two statements are given followed by four conclusions
numbered I, II, III and IV. You have to take the two given statements to be true even if they
seem to be at variance with the commonly known facts and then decide which of the given
conclusions logically follows from the two given statements, disregarding commonly known
facts, Statements.
82. Statements: (1) Some gloves are hats (2) All shoes are gloves
Conclusions I. All gloves are shoes. II. Some shoes are hats
III. Some shoes are neither hat nor glove
IV. No glove is a shoe.
(1) Only I & II follow. (2) Only II & III follow. (3) Only I follows (4) either II or IV follows (5) None
83. Statements: (1) all cups are plates. (2) All flowers are cups
Conclusions: I. All flowers are plates. II. Some plates are cups.
III. All cups are flowers. IV. All plates are cups
(1) Only I & II follow. (2) Only I, II & III follow. (3) Only II & III follow
(4) Only III & IV follow. (5) All the four follow.

84. Statements: (1) Some houses are palaces. (2) All palaces are rocks.
Conclusions: I. All rocks are palaces. II. Some houses are rocks.
III. Some houses are not palaces. IV. Every house is either a palace or a rock.
(1) Only I & II follows. (2) Only I & III follow. (3) Only II & III follow.
(4) Only II & IV follow. (5) Only III & IV follow.
85. Statements: (1) Some dogs are snakes. (2) Some snakes are birds
Conclusions: I. some snakes are not dogs. II. Some dogs are birds.
III. All birds are snakes. IV. No bird is a dog.
(1) Either I or III follows. (2) Either II or IV follows.
(3) Only II and III follow. (4) Only I follow. (5) Either I or III follows.
86. Which company has recently introduced lubricant under the brand name of MAK?
(a) Castrol India (b) BPCL © HPCL (d) Indian Oil
87. Name the postcard launched by Department of Posts at half the existing rate of 50 paise.
The reverse side will be used for commercial advertisement.
(a) Singer (b) Meghdoot © Raksha (d) Sanchar
88. Name the country to which India exported salt for the first time:
(a) China (b) USA © Australia (d) UK
89. Name the official slogan launched by Union Tourism Ministry to publicise tourist spots:
(a) Visit India (b) Incredible darshan © Incredible India (d) Visit India the heritage country
90. Name the city which has been ranked at number one on food security index:
(a) Bangalore (b) Delhi © Nagpur (d) Pune
91. When do we celebrate World Computer Literacy Day?
(a) October 16 (b) October 22 © October 30 (d) October 3
92. Name the first fully implantable artificial heart in a human being which has no wires or tubes
passing through the skin:
(a) Aablaquin (b) Lsortio © Abio car (d) Hertofro
93. Name the publishing company owned by Rupert Murdoch:
(a) TV 18 (b) CNBC © Harper Collins (d) Penguin
94. Name the first female to endorse "Thums Up" brand:
(a) Aishwarya Rai (b) Bipasha Basu © sushmita Sen (d) Rani Mukherjee
95. Name the company promoting Sania Mirza the junior doubles Wimbledon champion form India:
(a) Globesport (b) Reebok © Nike (d) Globesmart

96. Name the new managing director of Indian Hotels Company, which runs the Taj group of hotels?
(a) Richard Williams (b) Raymond Bickson © Williamson Grey (d) John W.Richard
97. Name the country which has launched the first driverless train of world:
(a) UK (b) Singapore © Japan (d) USA
98. What does FDCI stand for?
(a) Faculty Development Center of India
(b) Footwear & Diamond Center of India
© Fashion Design Council of India
(d) Fashion Development Center of India
99. Who among these is not a famous Fashion Designer?
(a) Ritu Kumar
(b) Nainika Karan
© Kunal Mehta
(d) Sabyasachi Mukherjee
100. Who is the present Textiles Minister of India?
(a) Kashiram Rana
(b) Sharad Pawar
© Shankar Sinh Vaghela
(d) Anbumani Ramadoss
1. (b) 2. (b) 3. (a) 4. (d) 5. (a) 6. (b) 7. (b) 8. (b) 9. (b) 10. (a) 11. (d) 12. © 13. (a) 14. (a)
15. (d) 16. © 17. (b) 18. (d) 19. (b) 20. (d) 21. (2) 'on your staying' 22. (4) 'for another one'

23. (2) 'From my visiting card' 24. (1) 'it is better' 25. (4) 'so badly' 26. (1) 27. (1) 28. (3)
29. (4) 30. (2) 31. (5) 32. (1) 33. (3) 34. (4) 35. (2) 36. (4) 37. (3) 38. (5) 39. (2) 40. (1)
41. (4) 42. (1) 43. (2) 44. (1) 45. (5) 46. (3) 47. (5) 48. (4) 49. (2) 50. (1) 51. (1) 52. (4) 53 (5)
54. (1) 55. (2) 56. (3) 57. (3) 58. (1)59. (4) 60. (1) 61. (1) 62. (3) 63. (3) 64. (5) 65. (2) 66. (5) 67. (4)
68. (4) 69. (1) 70. (3) 71. (3) 72 to 74 (Right) FCAGBED (Left) 72. (3) 73. (1) 74. (5) 75. (3)
76. (4) 77. (2) 78. (3) 79. (2) 80. (2) 81. (2) 82. (4) 83. (1) 84. (3) 85. (2) 86. (a) 87. (b)
88. (b) 89. © 90. (d) 91. (b) 92. © 93. © 94. © 95. (a) 96. (b) 97. (b) 98. © 99. © 100. ©.

1. Mark the odd one out.
(a) Belt (b) Wrist watch © Hand Kerchief
2. Mark the odd one out.
(a) Weighing scale (b) Jogger © Motor cycle
3. Mark the odd one out.
(a) Bandhini (b) Kalamkari © Lycra
4. For apparel meant for baby girls less than 1 year of age, the most crucial point is:
(a) Colour (b) Softness © Durability
5. You see a blind man approaching you from far, and then do you:
(a) Wait for him to come close and talk (b) Walk briskly away from him
© Don’t care about him
6. For selecting a towel for yourself, which of the following would you consider as most important:
(a) Soft and absorbent (b) Design matching to the bathroom © Bright colours
7. For a kid’s dress on the first birthday, you keep in mind the fact that it has:
(a) Lot of embroidery and lace (b) Soft comfortable finish © Expensive
8. The selling price of a product is determined by:
(a) Cost of material and design (b) Profit margin © Both

9. A branded garments gives you:
(a) Quality (b) Good colour and design © Both
10. You are going for a youth convention and you expect that the program should include:
(a) Fun and frolic (b) Youth awareness issues © Sports and games
11. For a below middle class person a curtain material can be selected from:
(a) Polyester (b) Silk © Viscose
12. On a visit to a new place for an interview, you would first:
(a) Look at hotel to stay on arrival (b) Plan the stay well in advance and go to the planned accommodation
© Just concentrate on interview
13. For designing clothes for an international cricket player, you choose from:
(a) Printed cotton shirt (b) A white T- shirt with prints on it © A formal shirt
14. On a visit in International craft show at London, you pack your baggage with:
(a) A camera, notes and formals (b) A camera, well stitched clothes, credit cards and notes
© A digital camera, well stitched clothes, credit cards and notes
15. For creating designs for a printed sari, you would first:
(a) Collect information about the existing designs in the market (b) Consult the other lead designers
© Start doing from your thoughts immediately
QUESTION NO. 2: (25 Marks)
Specific Instructions:
A. Use one full page for each design.
B. Do not use sketch pens or markers.
C. Use only dry colour pencils.
D. Marks will be deducted if the design work
is not coloured.
The objective of this question is to evaluate the
A. Design conceptualization and sensitivity.
B. Sensitivity to colour and form.
C. An aesthetic sense.
D. Creativity.
Taking inspiration from a weaver’s village environment, design the following:
(A) Invitation for a handloom exhibition (B) Calendar
(A) Paper bag to carry fabric (B) Logo for a letter head of 6 inches by 6 inches box
QUESTION NO. 3: (25 Marks)
Specific Instructions:
A. Use one page only.
B. Do not use pens, markers or any type of
C. Use only drawing pencils.
D. Marks will be deducted if the sketch is
The objective of this question is to evaluate the
A. Design conceptualization and sensitivity.
B. Sensitivity to colour and form.
C. An aesthetic sense.
D. Creativity.
Draw one of the following scenes in detail.
(A) Vegetable store
(B) Kite festival
QUESTION NO. 4: (20 Marks)

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Default Requesting for m.com 4th sem notes of bangalore university

Respected Sir,
I'm Rukma Nair studying for m.com 4th sem sir I would like to get notes for 4th ..
Please do the needful
Awaiting for your reply

Rukma Nair
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