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Can you please give me the TANCET exam for ECE stream previous year question papers as it is very urgent for me?

As you want to get the TANCET exam for ECE stream previous year question papers so here is the information of the same for you:

Some content of the file has been given here:

(Answer ALL questions)
76. How much energy is stored by a 100 81. A shunt generator running at
inductance with a current of 1 A? has generated as 2 0 0 V. If the speed
1. 100 J
2. 1 J
77. If a network contains B branches and
N nodes then the number of mesh current
equations would be
B - N - 1
the current
1. leads the applied voltage
2. lags behind the applied voltage
3. is in phase with the voltage
4. is in quadrature with the voltage
79. In a certain series RC circuit, the true power
is 2 W and the reactive power is 3.5 VAR.
What is the apparent power?
1. 3.5 VA
2. 2 V A
3. 4.03 VA
4. 3 V A
increases to 1200 rpm, the generated emf
will be nearly
4. 2 9 0 V
82. In a generator in case the resistance of
the field winding is increased then output
voltage will
1. increase
2. decrease
3. remain unaffected
4. fluctuate
83. D.C. motors are widely used in
1. sets
2. Air compressors
3. Electric traction
4. Machine shops
84. The starting winding of a single-phase motor
is placed in
1. armature
2. field
3. rotor
80. A sine wave voltage is applied across an
inductor when the frequency of voltage is
increased, the current
1. increases
2. decreases
3. remains the same
4. is zero
85. An over-excited synchronous motor takes
1. leading current
2. lagging current
3. both (1)and (2)
4. in phase current

In open loop the control action 91. A Norton's equivalent is
1. depends on the size of the system
2. depends on system variables
3. depends on the input signal
4. is independent of the output
87. A controller is essentially a
1. Sensor
2. Clipper
3. Comparator
4. Amplifier
88. A signal flow graph is a
1. topological representation of a set of
1. parallel circuit
2. series circuit
3. series-parallel circuit
4. none of the above
92. A resistor of 5 ohms is connected in one
branch of a complex network. The current in
this branch is 5 A. If this 5 resistor is
replaced by 10 resistor the current in this
branch will be
differential equations
2. polar graph
2. A
3. log log graph
4. special type of graph to analyse
modern control systems
the gain margin is positive and the
phase margin is negative, the system is
1. stable
2. unstable
3. stable or unstable depending on the
4. undeterministic
3. 5 A
4. less than 5 A
93. To determine the polarity of the voltage drop
across a resistor, i t is necessary to know the
value of the resistor
2. value of current through the resistor
3. direction of current through t h e
4. power consumed by the resistor
90. The effect of adding poles and zeros can be
etermined quicklybywhichoftheIn a network the number of tree branches
following?1.is equal to the number of links
1. Root locus
2. Nyquist plot
3. Bode plot
4. Nicholar chart
2. cannot be equal to number of links
3. is twice the number of links
4. has no relation with the number of link

95. For a voltage source 99. Inverter gain is given by the ratio
1. the source emf and terminal voltage
are equal
2. terminal voltage is always lower than
1. dc output
2. ac output
3. dc output
input voltage
input voltage
input voltage
source emf 4. ac output voltageldc input voltage
3. terminal voltage cannot be higher than
source emf
100. A diode works on the principle of
4. terminal voltage is zero
96. Kirchoff s voltage law states that the
1. total voltage drop in a series circuit is
always finite
2. sum of emf and voltage drops in a
closed mesh is zero
3. sum of emfs in a series circuit is zero
4. sum of emf and voltage drops in a
closed mesh is not zero
97. In a thyristor, the magnitude of anode
current will
1. increase if gate current is increased
2. decrease if gate current is decreased
3. increase if gate current is decreased
4. not change with variation in gate
98. For an SCR, dildt protection is achieved
1. tunnelling of charge carriers across the
2. thermionic emission
3. diffusion of charge carriers across the
4. hoping of charge carriers across the
101. The major application of chopper drive is in
1. traction
2. computers
3. heating furnishes
4. miniature motors
When a thyristor gets turned on, the gate
1. should not be removed or it will turn
off the SCR
may or may not be removed
3. should be removed
4. should be removed in order to avoid
increased losses and higher function
through the use of
1. R in series with SCR 103. Computer cannot do anything without a
2. L in series with SCR
3. RL in series with SCR
4. RLC in series with SCR
1. chip
2. memory
3. output device
4. program

104. The first computer made available for
use was
1. Mark-I
105. When did Intel announce its 16-bit 80286
1. 1980
2. 1982
3. 1984
4. 1986
106. How many bits can be stored in the 8 K
1. 8000
2. 8192
3. 4000
4. 4096
107. The larger the RAM of a computer, the faster
its processing speed is since i t eliminates the
1. need of ROM
109. The most suitable thermocouple to be used
for measuring temperature in the range of
C to 1500" C is
2. Iron-Constantan
110. LVDT is a
1. displacement transducer
2. velocity transducer
3. acceleration transducer
pressure transducer
111. In a strain measuring equipment using a
resistance strain gauge the output quantity
1. resistance
2. voltage
3. current
4. impedance
2. need for external memory 112. If the temperature increases by C, the
3. frequent disk
need for wider data path
108. Which of the following types of transducers
can be used for measuring t h e angular
(a) Circular potentiometer
resistivity of a thermistor is likely to become
1. one half of initial value
2. one fiftieth of initial value
3. twice the initial value
4. no change
E-Pick off
1. to convert TDM to FDM
2. to provide same antenna both for
Select the correct answer using the codes
given below :
transmission and reception
2. (a) and
3. to convert pulsed transmission to
4. both (1)and
4. and

114. In FM transmission, amplitude of the
modulating signal determines
1. rate of frequency variations
amount of frequency shift
3. total balance of transmission
4. distance of broadcast
115. The highest harmonic generated in human
voice is
3. 3 k H z
116. If the reflection coefficient of a line is zero,
the line is
1. Infinite line
2. Open-circuited
3. Short-circuited
4. Very short line
117. The receiving antenna most used
for TV broadcasting in the UHF band is
1. turnstile antenna
dipole antenna
3. antenna
4. antenna
118. Generally the aircraft electrical system
supply frequency of
2. 60 Hz
3. 400 Hz
4. 115 Hz
119. In GPS Navigation, there can be integration
1. GPS and INS
2. GPS and LORAN C
3. GPS and ILS
4. GPS and DME
120. Mach Number is defined as the ratio between
True air speed and speed of the sound a t
1. sea level
2. any altitude
3. a particular altitude
4. all altitudes

For more detailed information I am uploading a PDF files which are free to download:
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf TANCET exam for ECE stream previous year question papers-1.pdf (185.6 KB, 204 views)
File Type: pdf TANCET exam for ECE stream previous year question papers.pdf (185.6 KB, 195 views)

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Default Re: TANCET exam for ECE stream previous year question papers

Hi I want the syllabus of ECE stream of TANCET exam?
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Default Re: TANCET exam for ECE stream previous year question papers

Ok, as you want the syllabus of ECE stream of TANCET exam so here I am providing you.

TANCET ECE syllabus

Part I

Engineering Mathematics

Applied Probability
Calculus and Differential Equations
Determinants and Matrices
Functions of Complex Variables and Complex Integration
Numerical Methods
Transforms: Laplace Transform – Inverse transforms
Vector Calculus


Basic Engineering and Sciences

Applied Mechanics
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Material Science
Mechanical Engineering

Part III

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Circuit Analysis

DC Circuit analysis
Sinusoidal steady state analysis
Thevenin’s and Norton’s equivalent circuits
Transient and resonance in RLC circuits

Electronic Devices

Bipolar Junction Transistors

Electronic Circuits

Feed back amplifiers
Large signal amplifiers
Power supplies
Pulse shaping circuits
Small signal amplifiers using BJT and FET devices

Digital Electronics

Combinational circuits
Logic gates
Sequential circuits

Linear Integrated Circuits

A/D and D/A converters
Operational amplifiers and its applications
Voltage regulators

Measurements and Instrumentation

Digital Instruments
Display and Recording systems

Microprocessor and its applications:

Microprocessors-8085 and 8086 architectures and interfaces
Micro-controller and applications

Electromagnetic Fields

Time varying Electric and Magnetic fields
Static Electric and Magnetic fields
Maxwell equations

EM waves and waveguides

Rectangular and cylindrical waveguides
Guided waves

Transmission Lines and Networks

Impedance matching
Transmission line equations

Antennas and Propagation

Propagation of radio waves
Aperture antennas

Communication Theory and Systems

Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation and Pulse Modulation
Sampling and Quantization

Microwave Engineering

Microwave measurements
Microwave tubes
Passive components
Semiconductor devices

Digital Communication

Band pass signaling
Base band signaling
Error control coding
Spread spectrum techniques

Computer Communication Networks

Data link protocols
Definition of layers
End-End protocols
Message routing technologies
Network interconnection

Optical Communication

Optical Fibers
Optical transmitters and receivers

Signals and Systems

Continuous time signals and systems
Fourier Transform
Discrete time signals and systems-DTFT, DFT, Z-Transform
Laplace transform

Digital Signal Processing

IIR and FIR filters
Quantization effects
Realization and implementation

Control Systems

Transfer function
Time and frequency response analysis
Stability analysis
State variable analysis
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