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Will you please share the Previous Years Question Paper of Sathyabama University for B. Tech Civil Engineering IV Sem Mechanics of Solids II Exam???

Here I am sharing the Previous Years Question Paper of Sathyabama University for B. Tech Civil Engineering IV Sem Mechanics of Solids II Exam

PART – A (10 x 2 = 20)
Answer All the Questions
1. Draw the conjugate beam for a simply supported beam of span (I)
subjected to a point load (P) at the mid-span.

2. Give the slope and deflection boundary conditions in a cantilever

3. Define the radius of gyration.

4. Differentiate long column from short column.

5. Write the stress components in a thin cylindrical shell subjected
to internal pressure.

6. Give the Lame’s equations to solve thick cylinder problems.

7. Write the expression for maximum shear stress for a state of
stress having XY and TXY.

8. List any four theories of failure.

9. Define shear centre.

10. Determine the moments of inertia of a rectangle of size 10mm x

PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions

11. A simply supported beam of span 6m is subjected to two
concentrated loads of 10kN and 20kN at 2m and 4m respectively
from left support. Determine the maximum deflection by
Macaulay’s method. Assume flexural rigidity is constant.

12. A cantilever beam of span 5m is subjected to a udl of 2kN/m over
a length of 3m from the fixed end. Calculate the slope and
deflection at the free end by Conjugate beam method. Assume
flexural rigidity is constant.

13. A column of height 8m is fixed at both ends. The cross section of
the column is 300 x 200mm. Calculate the slenderness ratio that
will govern the buckling. Also find the buckling load. Take E =
210 GPa.

14. A steel bar of solid circular cross section is 50mm diameter. The
bar is pinned at each end and subject to axial compression. If the
proportional limit of the material is 210MPa and E = 210GPa,
determine the minimum length for which Euler’s formula is
valid. Also determine the value of the buckling load if the column
has this minimum length.

15. A thin cylinder of 80mm outer diameter and 72mm inner
diameter is subjected to an internal pressure of 0.1 MPa.
Determine the longitudinal and hoop stresses. If the maximum
hoop stress is limited to 17.5MPa, find the thickness of the

16. A pipe of 150mm internal diameter and 200mm external diameter
fails under hoop tension for an internal pressure of 50MPa.
Determine, for a safety factor of 4, the safe internal pressure for a
second pipe of the same material and internal diameter but with
40mm thick wall.

17. An element in plane stress at the surface of a large machine is
subjected to stresses X = 15MPa, Y = 5MPa and TXY = 4MPa
Mohr’s circle, determine the principal stress and maximum shear

18. Estimate the torque on a 10mm diameter steel shaft when
yielding begins using
(a) Tresca theory,
(b) von Mises theory.
The yield strength of the steel is 140 MPa.

19. An unequal angle section of uniform thickness 5mm has leg of
lengths 60mm and 40mm. Estimate the moment of inertia about
both the axes and also product of inertia.

20. Locate the shear centre for the section shown in figure.

Sathayabama University
Jeppiaar Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Road,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 119 ‎
044 2450 3150 ‎


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Default Re: Sathyabama University B. Tech Civil Engineering IV Sem Mechanics of Solids II Exa

Here I am providing you Question Papers of Sathyabama University- B. Tech in Civil Engineering-4th Sem Mechanics of Solids – II.

Paper Pattern:
Total number of questions: 15
Section A is of 10 short answer type questions
Section B is of 5 questions

Important Topics:
Bourdon Pressure Gauge with sketch
Mechanics of layout
Counter flow & parallel flow heat exchanger
Classification system
Centrifugal pump
Nuclear power plant with sketch
Classification of boiler
CAD drawing, soldering and brazing
Isothermal process
IC engine and its type
1st law of thermodynamics
Definition of 3D imaging
Applications of compressed air
Specific heat
Hydroelectric plant with sketch

Some Best Books for Mechanics of Solids:
Engineering Mechanics



Sathyabama University- B. Tech in Civil Engineering-4th Sem Mechanics of Solids - II Papers:

Sathyabama University- B. Tech Civil -4th Sem Mechanics of Solids - II Paper 1
PART - A (10 x 2 = 20)
Answer ALL the Questions
1. State Conjugate beam Theorem.
2. A simply supported beam of span ‘1’ is carrying point load W at
the mid span. What is the deflection at the centre of the beam?
3. Define Slenderness ratio.
4. What is “Equivalent length of a column”?
5. What are the types of Stresses developed, when thin cylinders are
subjected to internal fluid pressures?
6. Write the importance of Lame’s Theory.
7. Define Principal Stress.
8. Name the failure theory which is suitable for Ductile material.
9. Write two reasons for unsymmetrical bending.
10. Write the principle involved in locating the shear centre for a
Cross Section of a beam.
PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer ALL the Questions
11. A steel girder of uniform section, 14 metres long is simply
supported at its ends. It carries concentrated load of 902kN and
60kN at two points 3 metres and 4.5 metres from the two ends
respectively. Using Macaulay’s method calculate:
(a) The deflection of the girder at the points under the two loads.
(b) The maximum deflection.
Take: I = 64 x 10-4 m4 and E = 210 x 106 KN/m2.
12. A cantilever beam of 3m span is 15cm wide and 23cm deep. It
carries a uniformly distributed load of 20kN/m over its whole
span and 25kN load at the free end. Using moment area method,
calculate the maximum slope and deflection. Take: E = 210
13. A bar of length 4m when used as a simply supported beam and
subjected to a u.d.l of 30kN/m over the whole span deflects
15mm at the centre. Using Euler’s formula, determine the
crippling loads when it is used as a column with following end
(a) Both ends pin-jointed
(b) One end fixed and other end hinged
(c) Both ends fixed
14. A mild steel column is of hollow circular section 100mm as
external diameter and 80mm as internal diameter. The column is
2.4m long and is hinged at both the ends. Using Perry’s formula,
calculate the maximum permissible load with a eccentricity of
16mm, if the maximum compressive stress is limited to 80N/mm2
Take: E = 2 x 105N/mm2.
15. A cylindrical vessel whose ends are closed by means of rigid
flange Plates is made of steel plate 3mm thick. The internal
length and diameter of vessel are 50cm and 25cm respectively.
Determine the longitudinal and circumferential stresses in the
cylindrical shell due to an internal fluid pressure of 3MN/m2.
Also calculate increase in length, diameter and volume of the
Take:E = 200 GN/m2 and Poisson’s ratio = 0.3
16. A spherical shell of 120mm internal diameter has to withstand an
Internal pressure of 30MN/m2. If the permissible tensile stress is
80MN/m 2, calculate the thickness of the shell.
17. A bolt is under an axial thrust of 9.6kN together with a transverse
force of 4.8kN. Calculate its diameter according to
(a) Maximum principal stress theory
(b) Maximum shear stress theory
Factor of safety = 3, Yield strength of material of bolt = 270
N/mm2 Piosson’s ratio = 0.3
18. At a certain point in a strained material, the stresses on two
planes, at right angle to each other are 20N/mm2 and 10N/mm2
both tensile. They are accompanied by a shear stress of a
magnitude of 10N/mm2. Using analytical method, find the
location of Principal planes and Evaluate the Principal Stresses?
19. A channel section has flanges 12cm x 2cm and web 16cm x 1cm.
Determine the shear centre of the channel.
20. A cantilever, of I section, 2.4m long is subjected to a load of
600N at the free end. This load is inclined at 20° to vertical and
passing through the centroid of the section. I section has the
following Dimensions: Flanges 30mm x 2.5mm and Web 45mm
x 2.5mm. Determine the resulting bending stress at the corners.

Sathyabama University- B. Tech Civil -4th Sem Mechanics of Solids - II Paper 2
PART – A (10 x 2 = 20)
Answer All the Questions
1. Differentiate between determinate and indeterminate beams?
2. Draw the conjugate beam of a cantilever beam subjected to point
load at the free end.
3. What are the assumptions made in the Euler’s theory for long
4. What is meant by effective length of columns?
5. What are the stresses set up in a thin cylinder subjected to
internal fluid pressure?
6. What is meant by shrink fit in thick cylinders?
7. What are the significant of failure theories?
8. State distortion energy theory of failure.
9. Define shear centre.
10. What are the causes for unsymmetrical bending?
PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions
11. A beam of length 5m and of uniform rectangular cross section is
supported at its ends and carries uniformly distributed load over
the entire span. Calculate the depth of the section if the maximum
permissible bending stress is 8N/mm2 and central deflection is
not to exceed 10mm.
12. Determine the slope at supports, deflection under the load and
maximum deflection of a simply supported beam of length 10m,
which carries a point load of 10kN at a distance of 6m from the
left end. Take E = 2 x 105N/mm2 and I = 1 x 108mm4.
13. Derive the expression for Euler’s crippling load when both ends
of the column are fixed.
14. A hollow steel column whose outside diameter is 200mm has a
thickness of 20mm. It is 4.5m long and is hinged at both ends.
Calculate the safe load by Rankine’s formula using a factor of
safety of 4. Calculate the slenderness ratio and the ratio of Euler’s
and Rankine’s critical loads. Take fc = 550N/mm2 a = 1/1600 in
Rankine’s formula and E = 9.4 x 105N/mm2.
15. A boiler is subjected to an internal steam pressure of 3N/mm2.
The thickness of the boiler plate is 2.5cm and the permissible
tensile stress is 125N/mm2. Find out the maximum diameter
when the efficiency of longitudinal joint is 90% and that of
circumferential joint is 35%.
16. A steel cylinder of 200mm external diameter is to be shrunk to
another steel cylinder of 100mm internal diameter. After
shrinking, the diameter at the junction is 150mm and the radial
pressure at the junction is 12.5N/mm2. Find the original
difference in radii at the junction. Take E = 2 x 105N/mm2.
17. A bolt is under an axial thrust of 7.2kN together with a transverse
shear force of 3.6kN. Calculate the diameter of the bolt according
(a) Maximum principal stress theory
(b) Maximum shear stress theory
(c) Maximum strain energy theory
Take elastic limit in simple tension = 200N/mm2, factor of
safety = 3 and Poisson’s ratio = 0.3.
18. State and explain and five theories of failure.
19. Locate the shear centre for a channel section.
20. A cantilever beam of span 4m has a rectangular cross section
40mm wide and 60mm deep. The beam is subjected to a
concentrated load of 3kN which is inclined at an angle of 30° to
the vertical plane and located at the free end of the cantilever.
Calculate the bending stress developed at points A, B and C near
the fixed end.

Sathyabama University- B. Tech Civil -4th Sem Mechanics of Solids - II Paper 3 detail to atteched a pdf file...............
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