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Default Re: ICSE 10th standard last years question papers

Here I am sharing the ICSE Class X Question Paper of Computer Application

Question 1
(a) State the difference between while and do-while statement. [2]
(b) What is break in switch statement. [2]
(c) What do you mean by ‘this’ keyword. [2]
(d) What is meant by an infinite loop? Give an example. [2]
(e) State the difference between constructor and function (method). [2]

Question 2
(a) Name the following [4]
i) A package needed to perform input and output tasks.
ii) A function that returns index of last occurrence of a specified character.
iii) A function to remove leading and trailing space of string.
iv) A OOPs principal that implement function overloading.
(b) Write any two Non primitive data type. [2]
(c) Distinguish between ‘char’ and ‘String’. [2]
(d) Write an equivalent Java expression for [2]

Question 3
(a) What do you understand by prefix and postfix operators? Give example. [2]
(b) Give the output of the following. [4]
char ch=’A’;
int x = 32, y = 2;
i) System.out.println(ch+y);
ii) System.out.println(ch+x);
iii) System.out.println(++ch);
iv) System.out.println((char)(ch+x+y));
(c) What do you mean by Object. [2]
(d) Find the value of z in the following program segment. [2]
int x = 5, y = 12, z;
z = (x>= y ? x – y : y – x );
(e) if String x = “Computer”, y = “Applications”; [4]
What do the following functions return for:
i) x.compareTo(y);
ii) y.indexOf(y.charAt(8));
iii) x.length( ) > y.length( );
iv) y.indexOf(‘i’,4);
(f) Explain Function. Write the syntax of user defined function. [4]
(g) Difference between default and parameterized constructor. [2]

SECTION-B (60 Marks)
Attempt any four questions from this section.

Question 4 [15]
Define a class Stock having the following description:
Data members are name, quantity, rate
Member functions are i) public void input( ) [To input name, quantity and rate]
ii) public void sell(int x) [reduce x quantity from stock after checking stock]
iii) public void add(int y) [ add y quantity into stock]
iv) public void display( ) [display current stock position]

Question 5 [15]
A man is paid the hourly rate (R) for the first 35 hours, he works in a week. There after, he is paid at 1.5 time that hourly rate (R) for the next 25 hours he works in a week, and at twice the hourly rate (R) for a further 10 hours in a week. He is not allowed to work for more than 70 hours in a week.

Question 6 [15]
Write a program to input a number and display sum of first and last digit only.
e.g. input num = 3459 output sum = 3 + 9 = 12
num = 568 output sum = 5 + 8 = 13

Question 7 [15]
Write a program to input value of x and n. Display sum of following series

Question 8 [15]
Write a program to input a name and display name in following format.
e.g. Input name = “Amit Kumar Verma” Output “Verma, A.K.”
name = “Ajay Yadav” Output “Yadav, A.”

Question 9 [15]
Write a program to input a string. Convert all vowels in lower case and all consonant in Upper case.
(A string may be upper, lower and special characters)
e.g. Input st = “WELCome TO School” Output “WeLCoMe To SCHooL”
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