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Default State bank of India clerk exam Previous years solved question papers

Any buddy, please provide me the State bank of India clerk exam Previous years solved question papers……….

As per your request here I am sharing the State bank of India clerk exam Previous years solved question papers:


The changed management programme
ol which of the following
banks is named as "Parivartan" ?
(1) Reserve Bank of India
(2) Bank of India
(3) Union Bank of India
(4) BankofBaroda
(5) State Bank of India

The Government of India recently
increased its allocation of
funds of which of the following
schemes by 37% to make it Rs.
12,886 crores ?
(1) Midday Meal Scheme ,.
(2) Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak
(3) Jawaharlal Nehru National
Urban Renewable Mission (JNNURM)
(4) National Watershed Development
(5) None of these
Which of the following countries
has decided to give a 20% subsidy
to its farmers even though
they are rich ?
(1) France (2) England
(3) Italy (4) USA
(5j Germany
Which of the following
statcment(s) is/are true about the
Rail Budget 2009-10 presented
in July 2009 ?
(AJ A new scheme 'Izzat' was un*
veiled for the workers in unorganised
sector. In this
scheme, monthly season tickets
will be available at the rate
of Rs. 25 only.
(B) No charges will be levied for
"TatkalTickets" if booked 72
hours in advance.
(C) Now passengers can buy their
reserved tickets from 5000
post offices.
(1) Only A (2) Only B
(3) Only C (4) Both A and C
(5) All A, B and C
5. As per the report published recently,
Income Tax Department
has found about Rs. 1,200 crores
lying in Frozen Demat Accounts
in India. Why were these Demat
Accounts frozen ?
(A* Funds in these accounts were
coming from unknown foreign
(B) These account holders were
not able to produce their Permanent
Account Number,
which is mandatory for such
(C) There are the accounts of
those who expired without
making a will or nominating
someone as their heir apparents.
(1) Only A (2) Only B
(3) Only C (4) All A, B and C
(5) None of these
6. As per the reports published in
various newspapers/magazines,
the Indo-US trade dropped by
25% in January to March 2009.
But there are certain items whose
exports were on increase. Which
of the following is/are these
items ?
(A) Sugar (B) Steel
(C) Apparels
(1) Only B and C
(2) Only B (3) Only C
(4) Only A (5) All A, B and C
7. Which of the following clearly
defines what corporate taxes
(AJ It is a direct tax levied on the
income of a company or association.
(B) It is a tax which is levied to
the companies on their production
and commonly known
as Value Added Tax (VAT).
(C) This is the tax levied on the
income of the Directors, Promoters
of a company/association
on the profits earned by
them during the year.
(1) Only A (2) Only B
(3) Only C (4) All A, B and C
(5) None of these
8. The Government of India is planning
to infuse how much amount
in 12 public sector banks to make
their capital base strong ?
(1) Rs. 10,000' crores
(2) Rs. 12,000 crores
(3) Rs. 16,000 crores
(4) Rs. 22.000 crores
(5) Rs. 24,000 crores
9. How much amount did the Government
of India allocate the National
Housing Bank i.NHB) for
making up of the shortfall in priority
sector lending by commercial
banks? (Announcement was
made in Union Budget 2009-10).
(1) Rs. 1,000 crores
(2) Rs. 2,000 crores
(3) Rs. 2,500 crores
(4) Rs. 3,000 crores
(5) Rs. 5,000 crores
10. After J.L. Nehru, who amongst
the following was/is the other
Prime Minister-who completed
his/her first term and immediately
carne for the second term ?
(1) Iviisvlndira Gandhi
(2) Dr. Manmchan Singh
(3) Mr. Htal Bihari Vajpayee
(4) Mr. Rajiv Gandhi
(5) None of these
11. Which of the following teams won
the 'Asia Cup HockeyTournament'
held in May 2009 ?
(1) South Korea
(2) Iran
(3) India
(4) Pakistan
(5) China
12. Which of the following countries
recently conducted 2nd nuclear
test and also test fired some missiles
defying the condemnation of
various nations ?
(1) North Korea
(2) China
(3) South Korea
(4) Pakistan
(5) USA
13. An epidemic of infectious diseases
which is passed on through
population across a large region
or worldwide is called—
(1) Pandemic (2) Endemic
(3) Global (4) Non infectious
(5) None of these
14. Which of the following is the
Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) at
present ?
(1) 3% (2*4% , ^
(3) 5%! (4) 6%
(5) None of these
15. Who amongst the following is the
winner of Women's Singles
"French Open Tennis Tournamcnt-
2009' ?
(1) Dinara Safina
(2) Virginia Ruaho Pascual
(3) Anabcl Medina Garrigues
(4) Svetlana Kuznetsova
(5) None of these
16. Many times we read in newspapers/
magazines about the increase
or decrease in tax collection.
Which of the following taxes
is not included in the tax collection
levied by the Union Government
(1) property Tax
(2) Education.Cess
(3) Corporate Tax
(4) Income Tax r
(5J Fringe Benefit Tax
17. Sheikh Sharif Ahmed who is
heading a UN backed Central
Government in his country, is the
President of—
(1) Somalia (2) Iran
(3) Uganda (4) Israel
(5) None of these
18. Which of the following is the
name of the international treaty
which was signed by many nations
to curb production of atomic
bombs and other such Weapons
of Mass Destruction (WMD) ?
(1) 123 Agreement
(2) Rio Declaration
(3) Rotterdom Convention
(4) Nuclear Non Proliferation
Treaty (NPT)
(5) None of these
19- Which of the following nations
celebrated its first Republic Day
on 29th May, 2009 ?
(1) Fiji (2) Bangladesh
(3) Myanmar (4) Nepal
(5) None of these
20. Which of the following is/are the
objectives of the National Mission
on Sustainable Habitat ?
(A) Greater emphasis on urban
waste management and recycling.
(B) Emphasis on use of items
made of plastics and other
such material and not of metals,
as they need deep digging
of earth.
(C) It suggests incentive for use
of public transportation more
and more.
(1) Only A
(2) Only B
(3) Both A and C
(4) Both A and B
(5) All A, B and C
2 1 . As per the National Food Security
Act, how much wheat or rice,
the people below poverty line, will
get every month at the rate of
Rs. 3 per kg.?
(1) 10 kg. (2) 15 kg.
(3) 20 kg. (4) 25 kg.
(5) None of these
22. As we all know, emission of certain
gases is responsible for the
level of Global Warming. Which
of the following gases makes
maximum contribution in the
same ?
(1) Ammonia
(2) Oxygen
(3) Carbon Dioxide
(4) Nitrogen
(5) None of these
23. Sayali Gokhale who won an international
title recently in associated
with which of the following
games/sports ?
(1) Lawn Tennis
(2) Badminton
(3) Golf
(4) Chess
(5) None of these
24. Who amongst the following is
NOT a member of the Council of
Ministers headed by Dr. Manmohan
Singh ?
(1) Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh
(2) Mr. Praful Patel
(3) Mr. Kama! Nath
(4) Ms. AmbikaSoni
(5) Mr. Rahul Gandhi
25. Which of the following is NOT a
banking or finance related term ?
(1) Letter of Credit
(2) Back up Guarantee
(4) Polymerisation
(5) Factoring Services
26. Twang I and Twang II. two big
hydropower projects are being
developed in the slate of—
(1) Assam
(2) Meghalaya
(3) West Bengal
(4} Tripura
(5) Arunachal Pradesh
2 7 . "Navrauia Status" is awarded to
which of the following organisation/
(1J Those IITs/IIMs who are doing
good research work
(2) Defence production units/
factories who are showing
good profits
(3) Any public sector manufacturing
unit doing well and*
earning good profits
(4) A public sector bank rated
very high by the RBI in the
area of customer service andrecovery
of NPAs
(5) None of these
2 8 . 'IraniTrophy" is associated with
which of the following games ? i
(1) Badminton (2) Golf
(3) Cricket (4) Football
(5) Hockey
29. Which of the following awards is ,
given for the excellence in the
field of literature in India ?
(1) Arjun Award
(2) Bharatiya Jnanpiih Award
(3) Shanti Swamp Bhatnagarj
(4) Dronacharya Award
(5) Tansen Sanman
30. The World Population Day is ob-!
served on—
(1) 10th July
(2) 11th July
(3) 10th August
(4) 11th August
(5) 15th September
3 1 . An Indian citizen can open a Savings
Account in which ol the following
(2) RBI
(4) A Private Sector Bank
(5) None of these
32. Indian citizens generally make
investments in many schemes.
Which of the following is not the
name of any such scheme in
which investment for the purpose
• of saving income tax can be
(1) National Savings Certificate
(2) White Papers
(3) Mutual Funds
(4) Infrastructure Bonds
(5) L1C policies
33. Which of the following has written
the book "Between the
Lines" ?
(1) V.S.Naipaul
(2) PremBhatia
(3) Kuldeep Nayyar
(4) C. Rangarajan
(5) Saul Bellow
34. Which of the following countries
has decided to use the revenue
collected from newly discovered
oil field to make a Special Sovereign
Fund ?
(1) Iraq (2) Russia
(3) Iran (4) Indonesia
(5) Brazil
35. Many times, we read a term 'ISO'.
What is the full form of the same?
(1) International Social Organisation
(2) Insurance and Social Obligations
(3) International Space Organisation
(4) Integrated Security Organisation
(5) International Standards Organisation
36. As per the reports published by
the Government of India, what is
the approximate percentage of
the people in rural India who hold
a bank account ?
(1) 10% (2) 20%
(3) 25% (4) 15%
(5) 35%
37. Mr. Kurmanbek Bakiev has taken
over as President of—
(1) Honduras (2) Lithuania
(3) Venezuela (4) Kyrgyzstan
(5) None of these
38. If some people wish to start a
banking company in India, they
certainly need a permission of
(1) I ndian Banks' Assocation
(2) Institute of Chartered Acccounts
in India
(3) Ministry of Finance
(4) Banking Ombudsman
(5) Reserve Bank of India
39. The number of people living Below
Poverty Line (BPL) is maximum
(1) Gujarat
(2) Tamil Nadu
(3) Jammu and Kashmir
(4) Maharashtra
(5) Orissa
40. Basel Norms are related with further
strengthening and performance
(1) Public sector manufacturing
(2) Banking Industry
(3) Educational Institutes
(4) Hotels
(5} None of these
Directions (41-55): Read the following
passage carefully and answer
the questions given below it. Certain
words/phrases have been printed in
bold to help you locate them while answering
some of the questions.
King Hutamasan felt he had everything
in the world not only due to
his riches and his noble knights, but
because of his beautiful queen, Rani
Matsya. The rays of the sun were put
to shame with the iridescent light that
Matsya iEuminated, with her beauty and
brains. At the right hand of the king
she was known to sit and aid him in all
his judicial probes. You could not escape
her deep — set eyes when you
committed a crime as she always knew
the victim and the culprit. Her generosity
preceded her reputation in the
kingdom and her hands were always
full to give. People in the kingdom revered
her because if she passed by,
she always gave to the compassionate
and poor.
Far away from the kingly palace
lived a man named Raman with only
ends to his poverty and no means to
rectify it. Raman was wrecked with
poverty as he had lost all his land to
the landlord. His age enabled him little
towards manual labour and so beg^
ging was the only alternative to salvage
his wife and children. Every morning
he went door to door for some work,
food or money. The kindness of peo-i
pie always got him enough to take home.
But Raman was a little seli-eenteied.
His world began with him firstlilftjkvsd
by his tamlly and the rest. 8© He would
eat and drink to his delight and return
home with whatever he found excess.
This routine followed and he never let
anyone discover his interests as he always
put oma long face when he reached
home. site , I
One day afe he.was relishing the
bowl of nee.he had just received from
a humble tipiiiK»»i he. heard that Rani
Matsya was Jo pass from the very place
he was standing. Her generosity had
reached his ears and he knew if he
pulled a loo glace and showed how
poor he wa,s, she would hand him a
bag full of gold coins — enough for
the rest of his iff?1, enough to buy food
and supplies' ibr his family. He thought
- he could keep some coins for himself
and only repeal a few to his wife; so he
can fulfill his own wishes.
He ran to the chariot of the Rani
and begged her soldiers to allow him
to speak to the queen. Listening to the
arguments omsideRani Matsya opened
the curtains of her chariot and asked
R irrtan what he wanted. Raman went
on his knee^.and praised the queen. I
haye heard you are most generous and
most chaste, show this beggar some
charityvRanJ narrowed her brows and
asked Raman what he could give her
in return. Surprised by such a question,
Raman looked at his bowl full of
rice. With r-pite in him he just picked
up a few grains of rice and gave it to
the queen. Rani Matsya counted the 5
grains and looked at his bowl full of
rice and said, you shall be given what
is due to you. Saying this the chariot
galloped away.
Raman abused her under his
breath. This he never thought would
happen. How could she ask him for
something in return when she hadn't
given him anything ? Irked with anger
he stormed home and gave his wife the
bowl of rice. Just then he saw a sack
a,t the entrance. His wife said some
men had come and kept it there. He
opened it to find it full of rice. He put
his hand inside and caught hold of a
hard metal only to discover it was a
gold coin. Elated he upturned the sack
to find 5 gold coins in exact for the five
rice grains. If only I had given my entire
bowl, thought Raman, I would have
had a sack full of gold.
41. According to the passage, which
of the following is definitely true
about Rani Matsya?
(A) She was beautiful
' 1 w i s intelligent
(C) She was kind.
(1) Only (A) (2) Only (B)
(3) Only (C)
(4) Only (A) and (B)
(5) All the three (A), (B) and (C)
42. What does the phrase 'pulled a
long face' as used in the passage
mean ?
(1) Scratched his face
(2) Looked very sorrowful
(3) Disguised himself
(4) Put on makeup
(5) None of these
43. What can possibly be the moral
of the story ?
(1) Do onto ethers as you would
want others to do to you
(2) Patience is a virtue
(3) Winning is not everything, it
is the journey that counts
(4) Change is the only constant
thing in life
(5) Teamwork is more we and less
44. Why was begging the only option
for Raman to get food ?
(1) As Raman belonged to a family
of beggars
(2) As begging was the easiest way
for him to obtain food
(3) As Raman's family had forced
him to beg r
(4) As he had lost all his property
and was too old to do manual
(5) None of these
45. Which of the following words can
be used to describe Raman?
(A) Deceitful (B) Selfish
(C) Timid
(1) Only (A) (2) Only (B)
(3) Only (A) and (B)
(4) Only (B) and (C)
(5) All the three (A), (B) and (C)
46. What did Raman find after he returned
home from his meeting
with Rani Matsya ?
(1) The Rani's soldiers
(2) An empty house
(3) The five grains of rice that he
had given to Rani Matsya
(4) A sack full of rice and five gold
(5) None of these
47. What emotion did Raman feel
when he saw that the Rani had
given him five gold coins ?
(1) Determination
(2) Regrti (3) Hatred
(4) Suspicion \o) Thrill
48. What did Raman do when Rani
Matsya asked him for something
in return for her charity ?
(1) He gave her five grains of rice
out of his full bowl of rice
(2) He gave her the five gold coins
that he had saved
(3) He handed over the entire bowl
of rice that he possessed
(4) He refused to give her anything
as he was offended with her
(5) None of these
49. Why was Raman angiy with Rani
Matsya ?
(1) As she had not stopped despite
Raman's calling out to her
(2) As she had insulted him in
front of his family
(3] As she had taken the rice
grains from him and had not
given him anything in return
(4) Not mentioned in the passage
(5) None of these
50. How did Raman treat his own family?
(1) He gave his family plenty to eat
(2) He saved whatever food and
money he got and handed it
over to his family.
(3) He loved his familly a lot and
always put. their interests before
(4) He beat up bis wife and children
out of frustration
(5) None of these
Directions (51- 53): Choose the
word/group of words which is most
similar in meaning to the word/group
of words printed in bold as used in
the passage.
(1) hurtled (2) stumbled
(3) slumbered (4) jumped
(5) ran
(1) remembered (2) feared
(3) talked about (4) embraced
(5) respected
53. HAND
(1) arm (2) throw
(3) give (4) limb
(5) lend
Directions (54 - 55): Choose the
word/group of words which is most
opposite in meaning to the word/group
of words printed in bold as used in
the passage.
(2) conceal
(4) pending
(2) poor
(4) depressed
(1) stop
(3) present
(5) tell
(1) afraid
(3) happy
(5) grounded
Directions ( 56 - 60): Rearrange!
the following six. sentences (A), (B), (C)!
(D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence!
to form a meaningful paragraph: then
answer the questions given below
(A) Because of the black and white
rats the branch would fall on the!
ground very soon and the man woke
up with a start oniy to realize that it
was a dream.
(B) On climbing, he looked down
and saw that the lion was still there
waiting for him.
(C) Once a man dreamt that a Hon
was chasing him.
(D) One rat was black and the other
one was white.
(E) The man then looked to his
side where the branch he was sitting
on was attached to the tree and saw
that two rats were circling around and
eating the branch.
(F) The man ran to a tree, climbed
on to it and sat on a branch.
56. Which of the follovving should be
the THIRD sentence alter rear
(DA (2)B
(3) C (4) D
(5) E
57. Which of the following should be
the FOURTH sentence after re
arrangement ?
( 1 ) B _ (2)C
(3) D (4) E
58. Which of the following should be
the SECOND sentence after rearrangement
(1)A (2)B
(3) C (4) D
59. Which of the following should be
the LAST (SIXTH) sentence after
rearrangement ?
(DA (2)B
(3) D (4) E
60. Which of the following should be
the FIRST sentence after rearrangement
( D A (2)B
(3) C (4) D
( 5 )E
Directions ( 6 1 - 6 5 ) : Which of the
phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below
each sentence should replace the
phrase printed in bold in the sentence
to make it grammatically correct? If the
sentence is correct as it is given and
No correction is required', mark (5) as
the answer.
61. In order to forget his worries Rahul
take to smoke day and night.
(1) took to smoke
(2) taking to smoking
(3) take to smoking
(4) took to smoking
(5) No correction required
62. Prerna was very please with the
gift she had received from her best
friend on her birthday.
(1) was very pleased
(2) was very pleasing
(3) is very pleased
(4) is very pleasing
(5) No correction required
63. She was so scared on seeing the
lion that she shooked like a leaf.
(1) shaked like a leaf
(2) shook like a leaf „
(3) shook like a leaves
(4) shake like a leaf
(5) No correction required
64. Meena had the presence of mind
to get out of the way as the bus
sped out of control past her.
(1) present of mind
(2) present mind
(3) presence in mind
(4) presence to mind
(5) No correction required
65. Finally Suhas had gather the courage
to speak against his father's
(1) gathering the courage
(2) gathers courage
(3) gathered the courage
(4) gather the couraged
(5) No correction required
Directions (66-70): In each question
below, a sentence with four v/ords
printed in bold type is given. These
are numbered as (1 ), (2), (3) and (4).
One of these four words printed in bold
may be either wrongly spelt or inappropriate
in the context of the sentence.
Find out the word which is
wrongly spelt or inappropriate, if any.
The number of that word is your answer.
If all the words printed in bold
are correctly spelt and also appropriate
in the context of the sentence, mark
(5) i.e. 'All correct' as your answer.
66. The designer will showcash (1)/
her collection (2)/at an upcoming
(3)/ fashion (4)/ event in the
city. All correct (5).
67. Our mind is like a garden (1)/
which can either be intelligently
( 2 )/ cultivated (3)/ or be allowed
to run wilde. (4)/ All correct (5}
68. Researchers (1)/ have identified
( 2 )/ the early master cells that
make up the human heart could
be used to make patches (3)/ to
fix damaged hearts. (4)/ All correct
69. The girl spends (1)/every knight
(2)/studying, as she wants to graduate
(3) / from a well known college
with good marks. (4)/ All correct
70. The next time your gym instructor
( 1 ) / tells you to do some
stretching (2)/ exersises (3)/ before
starting the workout, say no.
(4) / All correct (5).
Directions (71-80): In the following
passage there are blanks, each of
which has been numbered. These numbers
are printed below the passage and
against each, five words are suggested,
one of which fits the blank appropriately.
Find out the appropriate word
in each case.
There was a man who had four
sons. He (711 his sons to learn not to
judge things too quickly. So he sent
them each on a (721 in turn, to go and
look at a pear tree that was a great
distance away. The first son went in
the winter, the second in the spring,
the third in summer, and the youngest
son in autumn. When they had all gone
and come back, he 1731 them together
to (74) what they had seen. The first
son said that the tree was ugly, bent,
and twisted. The second son said, "No!
I t was covered with green buds and
full of promise." The third son disagreed;
he said it was laden with blossoms
that (75) so sweet and looked
so beautiful, it was the most graceful
thing he had (761 seen. The last son
disagreed with all of them; he said it
was ripe and drooping with fruit, full
of life and fulfillment. The man then
(77) to his sons that they all were right,
because they had each seen but only
one (78) in the trees life. He told them
that you (79) judge a tree, or a person,
by only one season, and that the ( 8 0 )
of who they are and the pleasure, joy,
and love that comes from that life can
only be measured at the end, when all
the seasons are over.
71. (1) created (2) wanted
(3) placed (4) meant
(5) teach
72. (1) quest (2) airplane
(3) expedition (4) pilgrimage
(5) requested
73. (1) followed (2) tied
(3) called (4) said
(5) bound
74. (1) all (2) predict
(3) maintain (4) describe
(5) talk
75. (1) was (2) fell
(3) colour (4) smelled
(5) cooked
76. (1) worriedly (2) mostly
(3) ever (4) forever
(5) forcefully
77. (1) tell (2) feaked
(3) reprimanded (4) stood
(5) explained
78. (1) flower (2) season
(3) ground (4) more
(5) leaf
79. (1) let (2) not
(3) must (4) should
(5) cannot
80. (1) essence (2) danger
(3) tree (4) fear
(5) journey

Directions (81-95) : What will
come in place of the question mark (?)
in the following questions ?
81. 182 + V? = 350
(1) 576 (2) 676
(3) 26 (4) 28
(5) None of these
82. 1530 -r 34 x 360 + 24 = ?
(1) 625 (2) 765
(3) 575 (4) 645
(5) None of these •
83. 4966 + 285 - 1236 + ? = 4860
(1) 854 (2) 848
(3) 825 (4) 875
(5) None of these
Directions (96-100): What will
come in place of the question mark (?)
in the following number series ?
96. 11 12 26 81 ?
(1) 324 (2) 328
(3) 320 (4) 280
(5) None of these
97. 5120 1280 320 80 ?
(1) 16 (2) 24
(3) 30 (4) 40
(5) None of these
98. 7 11 27 63 ?
(1) 96 (2) 118
(3) 9 9 . (4) 127
(5) None of these
99. 6 10 18 34 ?
(1) 62 (2) 64
(3) 66; (4) 50
(5) None of these
100. 5 11 23 47 ?
( l ) 95 (2) 93
(3) 96 (4) 97
(5) None of these
101. A, B. C, D and E are five consecutive
even numbers. Average
of A and E is 46. What is the
largest number ?
(1) 52 (2) 42
(3) 50 (4) 48
(5) None of these
102. A train running at the speed of
66 kmph crosses a signal pole
in 18 seconds. What is the
length of the train ?
(1) 330 metres (2) 300 metres
(3) 360 metres (4) 320 metres
(5) None of these
103. Find the average of the following
set of numbers.
155, 128. 137, 140, 160, 132
(1) 148 (2) 140
fcS) 146 (4) 144
(5) None of these
104. Number obtained by interchanging
the digits of a two digit number
is less than the original number
by 18, and the sum of the
digits is 6. What is original two
digit number ?
(1) 46 (2) 24
(3) 42 (4) 64
(5) None of these
105. An amount of Rs. 45,000 become
Rs. 77,400 on simple interest
in eight years. What is the
rate of interest p.c.p.a. ?
(1) 9 (2) 11
(3) 8 (4) 10.5
(5) None of these
106. Three-fifth of a number is more
than its 4 0% by 85. What is 60%
of that number ?
(1) 245 (2) 255
(3) 260 (4) 250
(5) None of these
107. R a j e s h spends 12% of his
monthly income on entertain^
ment, 18% of his monthly income
on children's education,
50% of his monthly income on
other household items and the
remaining amount of Rs. 5,200
he saves. What is his monthly
income ?
(1) Rs. 25,400 (2) Rs. 26,200
(3) Rs. 24,800 (4) Rs. 25,600
(5) None of these
108. 24 men can complete a piece of
work in 15 days. In how many
days will 18 men complete that
work ?
(1) 16 days (2) 20 days
(3) 22 days (4) 25 days
(5) None of these
109. R a s i k a and Nikita invested
amounts of Rs. 40,000 and Rs.
75,000 respectively. At the end
of five years they got a total div
idend of Rs. 46,000. What is
Rasika's share in the dividend ?
(1) Rs. 16,500 (2) Rs. 15,500
(3) Rs. 15,000 (4) Rs. 16,000
(5) None of these
110. Present ages of Rama and Shyama
are in the ratio of 4 : 5 respectively.
Five years hence the
ratio of their ages becomes 5 : 6
respectively. What is Rama's
present age ?
( 1 ) 2 5 years (2) 22 years
(3) 20 years (4) 30 years
(5) None of these
111. What is the compound interest
accrued on an amount of Rs.
25,000 in two years at the rate
of 12 p.c.p.a. ?
(1) Rs. 6,630 (2) Rs. 6,360
(3) Rs. 6,260 (4) Rs. 6.460
(5) None of these
112. Cost of 10 calculators and 12
watches is Rs. 11,100. What is
the cost of 30 calculators and 35
watches ?
(1) Rs. 33,600
(2) Rs. 33,650
(3) Rs. 32,600
(4) Cannot be determined
(5) None of these
113. A TV set when sold fo<- Rs.
16,756, the profit earned is 18%.
What is the cost pi ice of the TV
set ?
(1) Rs. 14,200 (2) Rs. 14,400
(3) Rs. 15,200 (4) Rs. 14,800
(5) None of these
114. Five eighth of a number is equal
to 60% of another number. What
is the ratio between the first number
and the second number respectively
(1) 13 : 12 (2) 12 : 13
(3) 25 : 24 (4) 24 : 25
(5) None of these
Directions (116 - 120) : Study the following table carefully to answer
these questions.
Number of employees in different departments of five organizations
116. What is the average number of
employees working in Market irTg
department of all the organizations
(1) 149 (2) 145
(3) 146 (4) 148
(5) None of these
117. What is the total number of employees
working in all the departments
of organization B together?
(1) 350 (2) 375
(3) 425 (4) 475
(5) None of these
118. What is the ratio between number
of employees from Finance
and Marketing departments together
of organization B and these
two departments together of organisation
D respectively ?
(1) 14 : 9 (2) 9 : 14
(3) 11 : 28 (4) 28 : 11
(5) None of these
119. What is the ratio between the total
number of employees from all
organizations together in HR and
Administration departments respectively
(1) 132 : 137 (2) 137 : 132
(3) 122 : 137 (4) 137 : 122
(5) None of these
120. Number of employees in IT department
of organization C is what
per cent of the tolal number of
employees in organization C in all
the departments together ?
(1) 26.5 (2) 25.6
(3) 25.4 (4) 20.4
(5) None of thece

121. How many such pairs of letters
are there in the word BRIGHTEN
each of which has as many
letters between them in the word
as in the English alphabet ?
(1) None (2) One
(3) Two (4) Three
(5) More than three
122. In a certain code FIGHT is writ
ten as '39%@4' and TEARS is
written as '458(F)*'. How is
STAGE written in that code ?
(1) •4835 (2) *48%5
(3) •84%5 (4) *48@5
(5) None of these
123. Among A, B, C, D and E each
reaching school at a different
time, C reaches before D and A
and only after 3. E is not the last
to reach school. Who among them
reached school last ?
(1) M D 1 (2) 4 H P
(3) 3 W T (4} Q 5 A
(5) J % $
139. How many such symbols are
there in the above arrangement,
each of which is immediately
preceded by a number and immediately
followed by a letter ?
(1) None (2) One
(3) Two (4) Three
(5) More than three
140. If all the numbers are dropped
from the above arrangement,
which of the following will be the
eleventh from the left end ?
(1) P (2) Q
(3) N (4) ©
(5) None of these
141. What should come next in the
following series based on the
above arrangement ?
F 3 1 DP4 TWN ?
(1) 5 B I (2) Q E I
(3) Q E B (4) Q 5 B
(5) None of these
142. How many such numbers are
there in the above arrangement,
each of which is immediately
preceded by a consonant and
also immediately followed by a
consonant ?
(1) None (2) One
(3) Two (4) Three
(5) More than three
143. Which of the following is the
eighth to the right of the seventeenth
from the right end of the
above arrangement ?
(i) E (2) D
(3) # (4) I
(5) None of these
Directions (144-149): In each
of the questions below are given three
statements followed by three conclusions
numbered I, II and III. You have
to take the given statements to be true
even if they seem to be at variance
from commonly known facts. Read all
the conclusions and then decide which
of the given conclusions logically follows
from the given statements disregarding
commonly known facts.
144. Statements:
All telephones are wires.
All wires are tents.
All tents are cans.
I. Some cans are wires.
II. Some tents are telephones.
III. Some cans are telephones.
(1) Only I and II follow
(2) Only II and III follow
(3) Only I and III follow
(4) All I, II and III follow
(5) None of these
145. Statements:
Some cards are pictures.
All pictures are paints.
Some paints are nails.
I. Some paints are cards.
II. Some nails are cards.
III. Some nails are pictures.
(1) None follows
(2) Only I follows
(3) Only II follows
(4) Only III follows
(5) Only I and II follow
146. Statements:
All walls are glasses.
No glass is table.
Some tables are windows.
I. Some windows are walls.
II. Some tables are walls.
III. Some windows glasses.
(1) None follows
(2) Only I follows
(3) Only II follows
(4) Only III follows
(5) Only I and II follow
147. Statements:
All baskets are poles.
Some poles are lamps.
All lamps are roads.
I. Some lamps are baskets.
II. Some roads are poles.
III. Some lamps are poles.
(1) Only I and II follow
(2) Only I and III follow
(3) Only II and III follow
(4) All I, II and III follow
(5) None of these
148. Statements:
Some leaves are baskets.
Some baskets are flowers.
Some flowers are lakes.
Conclusions :
I. Some lakes are baskets.
II. Some flowers are lakes.
III. No lake is basket.
(1) Only I follows
(2) Only II follows
(3) Only III follows
(4) Only either I or III follows
(5! None of these
149. Statements:
AH rtcttiircs are bands.
Some bands are chairs.
Some chairs are tables.
Conclusions :
I. Some tables are bands.
II. Some chairs are pictures.
III. Some tables are pictures.
(1) None follows
(2) Only 1 follows
(3) Only II follows
(4) Only I and II follow
(5) Only III follows
Directions (150-155) : In the
following questions, the symbols @, 8,
•k, $ and % are used with the following
meanings as illustrated below :
'P 8 Q' means 'P is not smaller
than Q'.
'P * Q' means 'P is not greater
than Q'.
'P % Q' means 'P is neither greater
than nor equal to Q'.
'P $ Q' means 'P is neither smaller
than nor equal to Q'.
'P @ Q' means 'P is neither greater
than nor smaller than Q'.
Now in each of the following ques-r'
tions assuming the given statements
to be true, find which of the three conclusions
I, II and III given below them
is/are definitely true and give your
answer accordingly.
150. Statements:
B % N, N 8 F, F • H
Conclusions : I. H $ N
II. F % B
III. B % H
(1) Only I and II are true
(2) Only I and III are true
(3) Only II and III are true
(4) None is true
(5) All I, II and III are true
151. Statements:
W 8 F, F % K, K $ M
Conclusions : I. M % F
II. M 8 F
III. W $ K
(1) Only I is true
(2) Only II true
(3) Only either I or II is true
(4) Only III is true
(5) None of these

161. To move to the beginning of a line
of text, press the key.
(1) pageup
(2) a
(3) home
(4) enter
(5) None of these
162. Computers use the number
system to store data and perform
(1) binary
(2) octal
(3) decimal
(4) hexadecimal
(5) None of these
I P ? Physical components th?t make
>.:: computer are known as
•; Operating System •
(2) Software
(3) Hardware
(4) Web Browsers
(5) None of these
164. Which key is used in combination
with another key to perform
a specific task ?
(1) function (2) space bar
(3) arrow (4) control
(5) None of these
165. Ctrl, Shift and Alt are called
(1) modifier
(2) function
(3) alphanumeric
(4) adjustment
(5) None of these
166. The pattern of printed lines on
most products are called .
(11 prices (2) OCR
(3) scanners (4) barcodes
(5) None of these
167. What is the permanent memory
built into your computer called ?
(1) RAM (2) ROM
(3) CPU (4) CD-ROM
(5) None of these
168. Various applications and documents
are represented on the
Windows desktop by .
(1) Symbols (2) Labels
(3) Graphs (4) Icons
(5) None of these
169. All the deleted files go to .
(1) Recycle Bin
(2) Task Bar
(3) Tool Bar
(4) My Computer
(5) None of these
170. In MlCR, C stands for .
(1) Code (2) Colour
(3) Computer (4) Character
(5) None of these
171. E-mail addresses separate the
user name from the ISP using the
(1) & (2) @
(3) % (4) *
(5) None of these
172. The simultaneous processing of
two or more programs by multiple
processors is .
(1) multiprogramming
(2) multitasking
(3) time-sharing
(4) rrmlti proteasing
(5) None of these
173. What type of device is a computer
printer ?
(I) Input (2) Output
(3) Software (4) Storage
(5) None of these
174. The contents of are lost
when the computer turns off.
(1) storage (2) input
(3)'output (4) memory
(5) None of these
175. When you turn on the computer,
the boot routine will perform
this test .
(1) Ram test
(2) disk drive test
(3) memory test
(4) power-on-self-test
(5) None of these
176. When you save to this, your data
will remain intact even when the
computer is turned off
(1) RAM
(2) motherboard
(3) secondary storage device
(4) primary storage device
(5) None of these
177. For creating a document, you use
command at File Menu.
(1) Open (2) Close
(3) New (4) Save
(5) None of these
178. "Making a Call" means .
(1) Calling on a prospective customer
(2) Explaining product details
(3) Negotiating a deal
(4) Arguing with a customer
(5) All of these
179. With a CD you can .
(1) Read
(2) Write
(3) Read and Write
(4) Either Read or Write
(5) None of these
180. " R e l a t i o n s h i p " is marketing
means .
(1) Relation between salesperson
(2) Relation between buyer and
(3) Relation between company
and consumer
(4) All of these
(5)t* 181. Marketing of services is known
as- .
(1) Transaction marketing
(2) Door-to-door marketing
(3) Relationship marketing
(4) internal marketing
(5) All of these
182. "Referrals" means .
(1) Reference books
(2) Ix;ads provided by operation
(3) Sales persons
(4) Front-office staff
(5) Management
183. "Conversion" in sales language
means .
(1) converting a buyer into a seller
(2) converting a seller into a buyer
(3) converting a prospect into a
(4) All of these
(5) None of these
184. Bank marketing is same as .
(1) Transaction marketing
(2) Service marketing
(3) Indoor marketing
(4) All of these
(5) None of these
185. Leads can be provided by .
(1) Friends and relatives
(2) Websites
(3) Directories
(4) Colleagues
(5) All of these
186. One of the following is not a sales
activity. Find the same.
(1) Identifying leads
(2) Malting a call
(3) Presentation
(4) Negotiation
(5) After-sales service
187. Selling is a function undertaken
by •
(1) All the sales persons
(2) All the employees
(3) Entire organisation
(4) Outsourced agencies
(5) All of these
188. Find the correct statement—
(1) Selling is same as marketing
(2) Selling is more than marketing
(3) Selling is part of marketing
(4) All of these
(5) None of these
189. You can start Microsoft Word by
using button.
(1) New (2) Start
(3) Program (4) Control Panel
(5) None of these
190. In Excel, Charts are created using
which option ?
(111 Chart Wizard
(2) Pivot Table (3) Pie Chart
(4) Bar Chart (5) None of these
191. Marketing is a function undertaken
by .
(1) AllDSA's
(2) All front-office staff
(3) Whole organisation
(4) All of these
(5) None of these
192. Non-product selling menas .
(1) selling variety of products
(2) selling only one product
(3) selling seasonal products
(4) selling services
(5) All of these
193. A vision statements is .
(1) not required for established
(2) not required due to competition
(3) not required as no one understands
(4) a long term Inspiration
(5) None of these
194. Effective Bank Marketing requires
(1) proper pricing
(2) customized products
(3) simple procedures
(4) market research
(5) All of these
195. Direct Marketing means .
(1) Face-to-face marketing
(2) Melas • (3) Seminars
(4) Indoor marketing
(5) Online marketing
196. Indirect Marketing means .
(1) Marketing by non-sales persons
(2) Market Survey
(3) Market Research
(4) Advertisements
(5) All of these
197. Marketing is - Find the wrong option
(1) an ancient concept
(2) a modern need
(3) a continuous affair
(4) a team effort
(5) a direct need for survival
198. Customer's Relationship with the
Bank is influenced by .
(1) Customers' attitudes
(2) Attitudes of Bank staff
(3) Interest rates of the Bank
(4) Attitudes of sales persons
(5) All of these
199. Marketing is best suited in _.
(1) Buyer's market
(2) Sellers' market
(3) Internal marketing
(4) Direct marketing
(5) None of these
200. Delivery channels other than
Bank counters are .
(1) ATM's
(2) Internet Banking
(3) Mobile Banking ' '
(4) Tele banking
(5) All of these

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