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Default IGNOU PGDFM MS 41 Working Capital Management Exam old Question Papers

Here I am looking for the previous year IGNOU Question paper of PGDFM - MS 410 Working Capital Management Exam, Can you please provide me the same??

The Indira Gandhi National Open University, known as IGNOU, is a distance learning national university located in IGNOU road, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India.

Here as per your demand I am providing you Question Paper of PGDFM MS 41 Working Capital Management Exam

Question Paper of PGDFM MS 41 Working Capital Management Exam

Institute of Public Health & Hygiene,
RZ A-44, Mahipalpur,
New Delhi, Delhi 110037
Telephone: 011 2953 3869


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how prospective is PGDFM from IGNOU?

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Default Re: IGNOU PGDFM MS 41 Working Capital Management Exam old Question Papers

As you are looking for the previous year IGNOU Question paper of PGDFM - MS 410 Working Capital Management Exam, so here I am sharing the same with you

“The most important challenge for a finance manager in Working Capital Management is to find an optimum mix and level of current assets and current liabilities.” Elucidate the statement.

Define Float as used inv Cash Management. State how a finance manager can manage float to enhance profitability without sacrificing liquidity of a firm.

Explain in brief the following and bring out the differences between them :
(i) Aggressive and Conservative Financing Strategy for Working Capital
(ii) Certificate of Deposits and Commercial Paper
(iii) Precautionary and Speculative Motives of holding cash
(iv) Spot- Rate and Forward Rate

Rajiv Stampings are in the business of manufacturing supplying manufacturing firms in India. It faces a lead time and stampings to various fan demand distribution which is I given below. It has estimated carrying cost 20% pa. of price, which is
Rs. 1,500 per thousand. Shortage cost is also estimated at Rs. 75 per thousand per period of time.
Lead time demand (in thousands) 30 40 50 60 70
Probability 015 0-25 0-20 0-30 010

Determine the optimum reorder level. Rainbow Paints Limited manufactures decorative paints. One of their processing plants has a requirement of a particular chemical which is 80 kg per week. The cost of ordering is Rs. 300 per order, holding cost is Rs. 4-00 per kg per week, and no shortages are permitted. Vendor A will supply the chemical at Rs. 11-00 per kg. Vendor B quotes the following price schedule (where X is the order quantity)
Kgs Price per kg.
0 _<. X < 200 ' Rs. 11-50
200 s X < 400 Rs. 1120
400 s X < 1,000 ‘ Rs. 10-80
1,000 s x Rs. 10-30

Determine which source of buying the chemical will be more preferred and what will be the minimum cost order size ?

Mr. X has joined recently the Accounting and Finance Department of Peacock Glass Pvt. Ltd. One of the tasks given to him is to arrange necessary funds for the working
capital requirement of the company. For this purpose, he has to estimate the working capital requirement of the company and accordingly, he has collected the following
annual data from the various books of account :
Amount (Rs.) Particularsin lakhs
Sales (at 90 days credit) 54000
Material Consumed (Suppliers extendtwo months credit) 15'00
Wages Paid (on the last day of themonth) 12-50
Manufacturing expenses outstanding at the end of the year 31-03—2006
(Such expenses are paid one month in arrears)
Total Administrative Expenses, paid one month in arrears. 4-00
Sales Promotion Expenses paid quarterly in advance 1'00

The Company sells its products on grOss profit of 20% of selling price. It keeps one month’s stock of each of raw material and finished goods, and a cash balance to the
extent of 50% of current liabilities. Assuming a safety margin of 10% and no work-in—progress, determine the working capital requirement of the company‘ Ignore tax.

How are the advances given by banks classified on the basis of the security ? Explain the modes of creating charge over borrower’s assets.

Explain the purpose and the philosophy behind the following models :
(i) Baumol Model
(ii) Miller-Orr Model

Sprint Enterprises is in the business of selling a product with highly fluctuating demand. As a result, its demand for cash to meet its working capital requirement is random with an expectation of Rs. 15 millions for a year with a standard deviation
of‘ 0-27 million. The recent experience of Sprint Enterprises has been that it costs Rs. 300 to Convert marketable securities to cash and vice—versa The average rate of return on marketable securities is estimated to be about 8%.

You are required to determine the Upper Control Limit and the Return Point using Miller-Orr Model

vice—versa. average rate of return on
You are required to determine the Upper
Control Limit and the Return Point using Miller-Orr

7. Catalysts Enterprises Limited has been formed to take over
a running business in January 2006. For this, the company
has decided to raise Rs. 55 lakhs by issuing shares to the I
promoters, and the balance of capital required in the first
six months is. to be financed by a financial institution against
an issue of Rs. 5 lakhs 8% Debentures (interest payable
annually). Initial outlay consists of :
* Freehold Premises Rs. 25 lakhs
* Plant and Machinery Rs. 101akhs
* Stock . Rs. 6 lakhs
* Vehicle and other assets Rs. 5 lakhs
Payments on the above items are to be made in the
month of January 2006. Sales during the first six months
ending on June 30, 2006 are estimated as follows :
* January 2006 Rs. 14 lakhs
* February 2006 Rs. 14 lakhs
* March 2006 Rs. 18-501akhs
* April 2006 Rs. 251akhs
* May 2006 Rs. 26-501akhs
* June 2006 Rs. 28 lakhs

Other Information :
Preliminary Expenses : Rs. 50,000 (payable in
February 2006)
General Expenses : Rs. 50,000 (payable at the end
of each month)
Debtors are collected with a lag of 2 months and
creditors are paid after a month.
Monthly Wages and Salaries (payable on the first day
of the next month)’: Rs. 80,000 for the first three
months and Rs. 95,000 thereafter.
Gross Profit rate is expected to be 20% on sales.
The shares and debentures are to be issued on
January 1', 2006.
Assuming that the inventory level vthroughout is to
be the same as outlay on them, prepare a (cash
budget for a period of six months from January 1, 2006
to June 30, 2006.
Write short notes on any four of the following :
(i) '
Tools to determine the creditworthiness of a
STIFP (Short Term Integrated Funds Planning)
(iii) Receivables Variance Analysis — a tool for
Receivables Management
(iv) Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee
(v) Cash Budget Method to assess the working capital
requirement of a firm
(vi) Bierman-McAdams Model — a tool of managing
marketable securities

Indira Gandhi National Open University
Maidan Garhi, IGNOU Rd,
New Delhi, DL 110068 ‎
011 2957 1000 ‎


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Default Re: IGNOU PGDFM MS 41 Working Capital Management Exam old Question Papers

Hello sir I am Vidhya, can you please provide me previous year question paper of PGDFM MS 41 Working Capital Management Exam of IGNOU???
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