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Default UOK Faculty of Social Science Entrance Economics Exam old Papers

Here I am looking for the University of Kashmir-Faculty of Social Science Entrance - Economics Exam Previous Years Question Paper, can you provide me the same???
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Default Re: UOK Faculty of Social Science Entrance Economics Exam old Papers

As you are looking for the University of Kashmir-Faculty of Social Science Entrance - Economics Exam Previous Years Question Paper, here I am sharing the same:

Remaining question paper is in the attachment, please click on it………

University of Kashmir
Hazratbal Rd, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190006 ‎
0194 242 9870
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Default Re: UOK Faculty of Social Science Entrance Economics Exam old Papers

My UOK Faculty of Social Science Entrance Economics Exam is about to come. So here can you provide me a sample paper of M.A. Economics?
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Default Re: UOK Faculty of Social Science Entrance Economics Exam old Papers

I have complete sample paper of entrance exam. So here I am providing you M.A. Economics sample paper as you want.

M.A. Economics/A

I . Ifthe indifference curve is convex to the origin, marginal rate of substitution of one
commodity for another commodity is :
(A) Increasing
@) Decreasing
( C ) C o n s t a n t ( D ) N o n e o f t h e a b o v e

2. Given the prices of two commodities, an increase in income will lead to :
(A)' Parallel shift outwardofthebudgetline
@) Parallelshiftinwardofthebudgetline
(C) Budget line becomes steeper
(D) Budget line bccomes flatter

3. Inflationmeans:
(A) Persistent rise in general level ofprices
(B) Appreciable rise in general evel of prices
(C)Persistentorappreciableriseingenerallevelofpric es
(D) Persistent and appreciable rise in general level of prices

4. Which payment must be subtracted to calculate the net national income at factor
cost ?
(A) Wages
(C) Net profits
(D) Tiansferpayments

5. Money which is accepted on the basis of trust between the payer and the payee i;
known as :
(A) FiatmoneY
(B) FiduciarymoneY
(C) Creditmoney
@) NearmoneY

6. Which ofthe following is true about Chicago approach regarding the definition of
(A) CunencY ismore imPortant
(B) Demand deposits are more important
(C) Time deposits are more important
(D) All the three components are equally important

7 . Which ofthe following is not an assumption ofAdam Smith's CostTheory ofAbsolute
Advantage ?
(A) Labour is the only factor ofproduction
(B) There is full employment in the economy
(C) Law of increasing retums to scale operates in the economy
(D) labour is perfectly immobile betweenthe countries

8. IfE and {" denote elasticity ofdemand for exports and imports respectively, Marshal-
Lerner condition for success of devaluation to improve the balance of payments
position can be written as :
(A) Ex*Em:l
(B) Ex+Em> I
(C) Ex+P6a1
(D) Ex=Em:l

9. Thecoefficientofcorrelation:
(A) Cannotbepositive
(B) Carurotbe negative
(C) [s always positive
(D) Can be either positive or negative

10. Paashe's index is based on :
(A) Baseyearquantities
(B) Cwrentyearquantities
(C) Arithmetic average of(A) and (B)
(D) All ofthe above

I l. Construction ofHDI is based on :
(A) Economicindicators
(B) Economic and social indicators
(C) Economic, socialandpolitical indicators
@) Economic, social, political and cultural indicators

12. Self-esteem as a core component of economic developrnent was suggested by :
(A) Keynes
(B) Mehboob-ul-Haq
(C) Goulet
(D) A.K.Sen

I 3 . Demand for a commodity as a function of income with all prices being held constant,
is represented by :
(A) Engelcurve
(C) Inverse demand curve

14. The cost involved in painting the walls of a factory is a :
(A) Fixedcost
(B) Sunkcost
(C) Both (A) and (B)
@) Neither (A) nor (B)

I 5. Which ofthe following is not included in the tertiary sector ?
(A) Banking
(C) Commurication

16. According to Keynes, demand for money is mainly determined by :
(A) Income and wealth
(B) Income and price
(C) Income and interest
(D) Wealth and interest

18. The average GDP gowth rate envisaged in the I lth five year plan of India is :
(A) S.S. Tarapore
(C) ManmohanSingh
(A) 8 percent
(C) 10 percent

19. Live stock ownership in India is skewed in favour of :
(A) Smallfarmers
(B) Medium farmers
(C) Large farmers
(D) landlessagriculturallabourers

20. tfcini coefficient declines over a period oftime, income inequality will tend to :
(A) Rise
(B) Fall
(C) Remainunchanged
(D) Cannotsayanythingwithcertainty

21. Organic composition ofcapital in Man byaratio of :
(A) Constant to total capital
(B) Variable to total capital
(C) Constant to variable capital
(D) All ofthe above

22. Which average is most appropriate ifthe distibution is skewed ?
(A) Arithmeticmean
(B) Geomefticmean
(C) Mode
(D) Median

23. In the balance ofpayments, foreign direct investment is covered under :
(A) Service account
(B) Current account
(C) Capital account
(D) All ofthe above

24 . Compound duty is the combination of :
(A) Advaloremandspecificduty
(B) Advaloremand sliding scale duty
(C) Specific and sliding scale dury
(D) All oftheabove
25. Share oftotal consumption in aggregate demand can be estimated by :
(A) Average propensityto consume
(B) Marginal propensityto consume
(C) Average propensityto save
(D) Marginal propensityto save

26. According to Keynes, aggregate demand in the short run can be increased by
(A) Consumption
(B) Invesfrnent
(C) Consumptionorinvestrnent
@) Consumptionandinvestment

27 . Iq Fisher's equation ol'exchange MV:PT :
(A) P is a resultant factor
@) P is a causativc factor
(C) P is both resultant and causative factor
(D) P is either resultant or causative factor

28. If the desircd cash reserve ratio increases, the deposit multiplier will :
(A) Increase
(U) Decrease
(C) Remainuncharrged

29. Which proportion of cultivated arca in India is cunently under irrigation ?
(A) 30 percent
(B) 40 percent
(C) 50 percent
(D) 60 percent

30. Which scctor contributes ma,rimum to the gross domestic savings in India ?
(A) I louschold sector
(B) Private corporate sector
(C) Public sector
(D) Private corporate sector and Public sector

3 I . Under which technical progress the ratio ofmarginal product ofcapital to the marginal
product of labour will tend to rise ?
(A) Neutral technical progress
(B) Capitalsavingtechnicalprogress
(C) Laboursavingtechnicalprogress
(D) All ofthe above

32. Which ofthe followine classical economists is not an advocate of stationary state
hypothesis ?
(A) Ricardo
(C) Marx
(D) AdamSmith

33. Thesamplingelementcouldbea :
(A) Person
(C) Organisation
(D) All ofthe above

34. Given two regression coefficients, correlation between the variables is negativc if :
(A) Bothregressioncoefficientsarcpositive
(B) Both regressioncoefficients are ncgative
(C) One regression coeffrcient is positive and other is negative
(D) All oftheabovc

3 5. Which terms of trade will deteriorate if there is decline in the prices of cxports while
as prices of imports remain unchanged ?
(A) Gross barter terms of trade
(B) Factoral terms oftrade
(C) Income tcrms oftrade
(D) Commoditytermsoftrade

36. Unplanned investnent which is involuntarily incurred by an investor is known as :
(A) Replacementinvestnent
@) Publicinvestment
(C) Ex-anteinvestment
(D) Ex-postinvcstment

37 , Liquidity trap emerges when the rate of interest is :
(A) Verylow
(B) Veryhigh
(C) Eitherhighorlow
(D) None ofthe above

3 8. According to classical economists demand for money and supply of money functions
are homogeneous ofdegree :
(A) 0
(C) oo
(D) Betwecn I and.o

39. The average cost function measures the :
(A) Costperunitofoutput
(B) Variable cost perunit ofoutput
(C) Fixed cost perunit ofoutput
(D) Change in the cost for a given change in output

40. Limited substitutabitity oflabour and capital is implied by a :
'(A) Linearisoquant
(B) convexisoquant
(c) Kinkedisoquant
(D) Input-outputisoquant

4l ' Law of variable proportions is not applicable for a homogeneous production function
ifthere are :
(A) Decreasingretumsto scale
(B) Constantreturnsto scale
(c) Increasing returns to scale
(D) All ofthe above

42. which committee envisaged the concept ofJoint Sector in India ?
(A) Haz^ncommittee
(c) wanchoocommittee
(D) Maholonobiscommittee

43 ' Which component of service sector has grown at the fastest rate during the era of
economic reforms in India ?
(A) construction
(C) Publicadministration
(D) Storage

44' The rule of thumb for ensuring financial prudence suggests that the value of debt-
equity ratio should be :
(B) I
(c) l0
(D) 100

45. Riskofdefaultcovers :
(A) Full default inrespect oftheprinciple
(B) Full default in respect ofthe interest
(C) Partial default in respect ofthe principle
(D) All ofthe above
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