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Default Re: Practice Catholic High School Entrance Exam

The Students who want to take admission in Catholic high schools on Long Island must take the Catholic High School Entrance Examination. The exam was held on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 8:30 a.m. the class was start from 2012. The registration fee is 40$. Here I am also providing you a link. For getting more information please visit at the link given below.

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Default Re: Practice Catholic High School Entrance Exam

Will you please give me practice paper for Catholic High School Entrance Exam??
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Default Re: Practice Catholic High School Entrance Exam

Yeah sure, here I am sharing the practice paper for Catholic High School Entrance Exam

Catholic High School Entrance Exam Model Paper

Verbal Skills

1. Aptitude most nearly means

2. Which word does not belong with the others?

3. Approximate means the opposite of

Reading Comprehension


When a newborn cries throughout the night, parents can feel at a loss. If they turn to expert advice, they find that even experts disagree on the best solution. The two most popular techniques could not be more contradictory: One encourages parents to let the infant cry himself to sleep. The other encourages "co-sleeping," or letting the infant sleep in the parents’ bed.

In the first technique, popularized by Dr. Richard Ferber, parents are encouraged to stick to a strict schedule and teach the infant to adapt. The infant sleeps in a separate room; if he cries, the parents should wait five minutes to check on him. The next time he cries, the parents wait ten minutes. The next time, they wait fifteen. Gradually, the theory goes, the child learns to get back to sleep on his own. This is often called the “cry it out” solution.

At the other end of the spectrum is “attachment parenting.” This technique was developed by Dr. William Sears, who argues that the parents should be available to care for the infant if he cries. This technique helps the infant feel that he can rely on his parents to take care of him.

Both sides have their critics. Ferber’s technique seems callous and uncaring to some, and Sears’s technique seems unsympathetic to sleep-deprived parents. In the end, parents must rely on the only tried and true technique: trial and error.

4. The main purpose of this passage is:
To inform readers of two options available to parents of newborns.
To convince readers that the “cry it out” method is best.
To convince readers that “attachment parenting” is best.
To criticize both methods.

5. The meaning nearest to the word co-sleeping is:
“cry it out”
“attachment parenting”
To sleep together
To take turns sleeping
HSPT Exam Secrets; HSPT Math Strategies

Reading Vocabulary Practice Questions

6. to skulk quietly

7. the smoldering warehouse

8. the mulish employee

Usage, Punctuation, and Grammar Practice Test

Select the sentence with an error in usage, punctuation, or grammar. If no errors are found, choose choice d.

Wind always blows from areas of higher to lower atmospheric pressure.
Tillie, the German shepherd was always the first one to know when Dad got home.
Throughout his testimonial, the witness cleaned his glasses with his tie.
No mistake.

Though I had only met him recently, I felt as though I had long known Jon.
There were very few people left on the streets after sundown.
There are over 600 species of bacteria living in the human mouth at any time.
No mistake.

Select the sentence with an error in spelling. If there are no errors, select answer choice “d”.

The yellow flowers are daffodils, and the orange ones are tiger lilies.
The bus arrived earlier then scheduled.
After lightning struck the house, the television looked blurry.
No mistake.

The black cat had one white side where it rubbed against the wet paint in the garrage.
Mike shined his flashlight into the crawl space, and a centipede crawled out.
The farmer had to go into the fields during the rain to shut off the irrigation system.
No mistake.

13. Where should the following sentence be placed in the paragraph below?

Examples of these problematic beliefs are statements such as, “Everyone should love me” and “I must never be wrong.”

1] Albert Ellis created Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy in the 1950s. 2] His primary aim was to help people overcome the problematic beliefs that cause them unhappiness. 3] Ellis observed that most negative emotions are due to beliefs that come in the form of commands containing words like “should,” “ought,” or “must.” 4] For instance, someone who is upset because a coworker complained about him to his boss could analyze his response and find that the source of the unpleasant emotion is the belief that “everyone must approve of me.”
After sentence 1
After sentence 2
After sentence 3
After sentence 4

14. Where should the following sentence be placed in the paragraph below?

Supporters of HFCS, however, point to research that shows no connection to obesity at all.

1] High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a sweetener used in many foods and soft drinks. 2] HFCS is created by grinding corn into corn starch, processing the starch to turn it into corn syrup, and then treating it with enzymes to turn it into fructose. 3] The result is a cheap, very sweet syrup that shows up in many of the food and drinks we consume every day, particularly soft drinks. 4] Critics of HFCS cite research that seems to prove that it increases obesity. 5] Another controversy concerns the use of the phrase “natural ingredients” on products containing HFCS. 6] Supporters say that it can be called natural because it comes from corn, but critics argue that after all the processing it is put through, it is no longer appropriate to call it “natural.”
After sentence 1
After sentence 2
After sentence 3
After sentence 4

Quantitative Skills

15. What number is six more than 1/3 of 90?

16. Which numeral comes next in the series: 116, 113, 107, 98, …?


17. Which of the following numbers is equal to 0.20?

18. Which of the following numbers can be divided by 6 without a remainder?
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Entrance Exam

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