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I need the Maharashtra SET Commerce Previous Years Question Papers, can you provide me the same????

Hello brother on your demand I am providing you Maharashtra SET Commerce Previous Years Question Paper

1. Any group that has an actual or
potential interest in or impact on a
company’s ability to achieve its
objective is called as
(A) Society
(B) Target group
(C) Public
(D) Competitor

2. An important fact about external
macro-environmental forces is that
they are .................... .
(A) positive
(B) negative
(C) controllable
(D) uncontrollable

3. After independence under the
leadership of Jawahar Lal Nehru,
India adopted as its
(A) communism
(B) democratic socialism
(C) capitalism
(D) philonthrophic capitalism

4. Deficit on implies
that the residents of a country are
spending more on imports of goods
and services than the incomes they
are earning from exports of goods
and services.
(A) Capital Account
(B) Current Account
(C) Budget
(D) Capital inflows and outflows

5. became essential
from the point of view of promoting
industrial growth by the creation of
additional productive capacity and
its optimal utilisation.
(A) Privatisation
(B) Industrialisation
(C) Industrial liberalisation
(D) Globalisation

For more questions I am giving attaching pdf

Maharashtra SET Commerce Previous Years Question Paper

Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf Maharashtra SET Commerce Previous Years Question Paper.pdf (115.4 KB, 49 views)

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Default Re: Maharashtra SET Commerce Previous Years Question Papers

As you need the Maharashtra SET Commerce Previous Years Question Papers, here I am providing the same.
1. Write a short essay on the ethical aspects of marketing
Examine the role of FIIs in the Indian capital market.
2. Write a short essay on the present industrial relations scenario in India.
Discuss the nature of the banking sector reforms in India.

Note : i) Answer all questions from any one of the Elective Groups.
ii) Each question carries fifteen marks.
iii) Each answer should be given in 300 words.
3. Comment on the need for Accounting for Human Resources in the present day context
in corporations in India.
4. What is meant by Accounting Standard ? How is an Accounting Standard developed in
India ?
5. What are the different attributes of Venture Capital Financing ? State the policies and
procedures which are to be adopted by the venture capitalists.
3. Discuss the various levels and patterns of market segmentation.
4. Discuss the decisions companies take regarding management of their distribution
5. Explain the major factors that determine buying behaviour.
3. Discuss the steps involved in performance appraisal.
4. Discuss, in brief, the provisions relating to the health of the workers in factories.
5. Explain the process of Human Resource Planning.

3. In Frankfurt, the French Franc is being sold for DM 0.4343 and the 3-month futures
rate is DM 0.4300. The 3-month Euro Deutsche Mark inter-bank rate is 5.50% and
the Euro French Franc inter-bank rate is 9.00%.
a) Are exchange rate and money markets in equilibrium ? Why ?
b) Is there any way to take advantage of the situation ? If so, how ?
4. Compare and contrast Transaction Exposure versLis Economic Exposure of Foreign
Exchange Risk Management.
5. Write down the main objectives of the SAARC. How far those objectives are realised in
practice ?
3. Examine how the residential status of an assessee influences the incidence of tax
under the Income Tax Act.
4. Explain the time limit for filing return of income. Who can sign a return ? Can return
of loss be submitted ?
5. Do you think that, Tax Planning has an important role in the financial management
process ? If so, how ?

2 1
Note : i) Answer all questions.
ii) Each question carries ten marks.
iii) Each answer should be given in 50 words.
6. What do you mean by 'consumer protection' ?
7. State the utility of 'cash flow analysis'.
8. What is meant by 'elasticity of demand' ?
9. How would you test a hypothesis ?
10. Differentiate between 'formal organisation' and 'informal organisation'.
1 1. Trace out, in brief, the evolution of marketing.
12. Explain the terms 'financial leverage' and 'operating leverage'.
13. What do you understand by 'incentives and fringe benefits' ?
14. Discuss the importance of 'rural banking'.

3 1
Note : i) Answer all questions.
ii) Each question carries five marks.
iii) Each answer should be given in 30 words.
Read the paragraph carefully and answer the following questions.
In a hypercompetitive economy with increasingly rational buyers, a company can only
win by creating and delivering superior value. This involves five capabilities :
understanding customer value ; creating customer value ; delivering customer value ;
capturing customer value ; and sustaining customer value. To succeed, a company
needs to use the concepts of a value chain and a value-delivery network.
Michael Porter of Harvard proposed the value chain as a tool for identifying ways to
create more customer value. Every firm is a synthesis of activities that are performed
to design, produce, market, deliver and support its product. The value chain identifies
nine strategically-relevant activities that create value and cost in a specific business.
These nine value-creating activities consist of five primary activities and four support
The firm's task is to examine its costs and performance in each value-creating activity
and to look for ways to improve it. The firm should estimate its competitor's costs and
performance as benchmarks against which to compare its own costs and performance.
It should go further and study the 'best of class' practices of the world's best
The firm's success depends not only on how well each department performs its work,
but also on how well the various departmental activities are coordinated. Too often,
company departments act to maximise their interests.
There are some core business processes. Strong companies develop superior
capabilities in managing their core processes.
To be successful, a firm also needs to look for competitive advantages beyond its own
operations into the value chains of its suppliers, distributors and customers. Many
companies today have partnered with specific suppliers and distributors to create a
superior value-delivery network ( also called a s~ipply chain ). The partners in the
supply chain use the most current sales information to manufacture what is selling,
rather than for a forecast that may not match current demand. In this system, the
goods are pulled by demand rather than pushed by supply.
15. Delivering customer value is important in today's economy. Explain.
16. What are the primary value-creating activities ?
17. What are the s~ipport value-creating activities ?
18. State the core business processes.
19. What is meant by value-delivery network ?
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Default Re: Maharashtra SET Commerce Previous Years Question Papers

Hello friend provide me Maharashtra SET Commerce Previous Years Question Paper because I am preparing for this?
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