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Default Bangalore university model question papers BCA

I am a Bangalore university BCA student and doing preparation for its 1st semester exams so I need model question papers of EVS for the exam. Can you give me the papers? If yes, please provide me soon because my exams are going to be held in the next week.

As you asked for the EVS papers of BCA of Bangalore University. here I am providing you the same:

1. Economically unproductive land is known as

a) Wet land b) Mangrove

c) Waste land d) Delta

2. Public protest over establishment of nuclear plants is witnessed in Karnataka at

a) Shimoga b) Kaiga c) Gulbarga d) Raichur

3. Which of these is a pollution free fuel ?

a) Natural gas b) Coal c) Oil d) Petrol

4. The people of which city were exposed to radioactivity due to Tsunami and Earthquake in 2011 ?

a) Fukushima b) Hiroshima c) Tokyo d) Kyoto

5. Rainwater harvesting is to

a) Conserve fresh water b) Control of flood

c) Both a and b d) None of these

6. Damage to leaf structure by air pollutatnts causes

a) dead areas of leaf b) chlorophyll reduction

c) dropping of leaves d) all of the above

7. Kudremukh iron ore mines are located in

a) Jharkhand b) Karnataka c) Bihar d) Tamil Nadu

8. Nagarjunasagar dam was built across

a) Ganga b) Cauvery c) Narmada d) Krishna

9. Small floating plants are collectively called

a) Phytoplanktons b) Zooplanktons

c) Protozoans d) All of the above

10. Cryosphere is described by

a) Ice bodies b) Water bodies

c) Upper atmosphere d) Vegetation biomass

11. Which of the following are general soil pollutants ?

a) Chemicals and pesticides b) Fertilizers and radioactive wastes

c) Discarded materials d) All of the above

12. Which of the following are mainly responsible for thermal pollution ?

a) Thermal power plants only b) Nuclear power plants and steel mills

c) Both a and b d) Hydro-electric plants

13. Soil minerals are classified as

a) Macronurtients b) Micronutrients c) Both a and b d) None of these

14. Oil spills cause extensive damage to

a) Coral reefs only b) Fishes only

c) Birds and Mammals only d) All the above

15. Rainforests in india are distributed in the

a) Rajasthan b) North Eastern Hills

c) Southern Plateau d) Himalayas

16. Cauvery water dispute is between

a) Tamil Nadu Karnataka b) Andhra Pradesh-Tamil Nadu

c) Andhra Pradesh-Karnataka d) Maharashtra-Karnataka

17. Biotic community refers to

a) Living things b) Non-living things

c) Soil components d) Air components

18. Sahara desert is situated in

a) Africa b) Australia c) Asia d) Antartica

19. Three Rs refer to

a) Random,reduce,remodel

b) Reduce,reuse,recycle

c) Reduction,retardation,randomness

d) Reconstruction,reduction,reuse

20. Global warming is due to increased concentration of which gas in the atmosphere ?

a) CO2 b) SO2 c) MgO2 d) O2

21. AIDS was discovered in

a) 1957 b) 1983 c) 1992 d) 2002

22. POPs are

a) Persistant Oxidizing Pollutants b) Permanent Organic Pesticides

c) persistant Organic Pesticides d) Persistant Organic Pollutants

23. Over nourishment of water bodies is known as

a) Eutrophication b) Entrophication c) Atrophication d) Detrophication

24. Dense and diverse forests grow in

a) Tundra region b) Arctic region

c) Antarctic region d) Equatorial region

25. A species which is native to a region is called

a) Endangered species b) Endemic species

c) Alien species d) Common species

26. Ozone layer is found in

a) Hydrosphere b) Mesosphere

c) Stratosphere d) Ionosphere

27. The chief indoor air pollutant is

a) Radon gas b) S02 c) NO2 d) Dust

28. Tidal energy can be harnessed by

a) Construction of dams b) Construction of tidal barrage

c) Digging pits d) All of the above

29. Noise pollution does not affect

a) Hearing ability b) Eye sight

c) General health d) Psychological condition

30. The intensity of Earthquake is measured on

a) Barometer b) Richter scale

c) Altometer d) Ohm meter

31. O3 is

a) Oxygen b) Ozone c) Oxide d) Oxygen ion

32. The interlinking of food chain in an ecosystem is

a) Food web b) Food rope c) Food court d) Food exchange

33. World Environment Day is celebrated on

a) May 1st b) June 5th c) December 10th d) April 12th

34. Floating plants->protozoans->hydra->water insects->small fish->frogs->large fish etc. This represents a food chain of a

a) Grassland b) Forest c) Pond d) Desert

35. The amount of atmospheric ozone is measured in

a) Grams b) Seconds c) Dobson d) Watt

36. Plant species which serves as best biofuel is

a) Teak b) Sandal c) Rose wood d) Jatropa

37. The founder of Kenya based green belt movement

a) Nelson Mandela b) Martin Luther King

c) Barrack Obama d) Wangari Maathai

38. Too much of urbanization leads to

a) Health and quality of life b) Social changes

c) Economical instability d) All of the above

39. Family planning programme was started in india in

a) 1947 b) 1952 c) 2003 d) 1970

40. Age structure in populations is represented by

a) Age pyramid b) Population bar diagram

c) Sex-wise mapping d) All the above

41. Logo of WWF is

a) Giant Panda b) Polar Bear c) Red Panda d) Brown Bear

42. The author of the book "Silent Springs" is

a) Robin Cook b) Dan Brown c) Rachel Carson d) Charles Darwin

43. Forests prevent soil erosion by binding soil particles to their

a) Leaves b) Stem c) Roots d) Flowers

44. Which of the following NGOs is associated with Chipko Movement ?

a) Kalpavrksha b) Srishti

c) Dasholi Gram Swarajya Mandal d) Green peace

45. Cattle,sheep and termites are responsible for the release of the following greenhouse gas

a) Methane b) Carbon-di-oxide c) Nitrous Oxide d) All of these

46. Kaziranga National Park is famous for

a) One-horned Rhino b) Hangul

c) Tiger d) Elephant

47. Red Data book lists out

a) Endangered species b) Exotic species

c) Endemic species d) Rare species

48. The type of succession occuring on a bare rock is called

a) Halosere b) Lithosere c) Hydrosere d) None of these

49. Corbett national Park is situated in

a) U.P. b) Uttarakhand c) Manipur d) Kerala

50. Smog and dust pollution causes

a) Bronchitis b) CIrrhosis c) Malaria d) Typhoid

51. "Ganga Action Plan" was initiated by

a) Indira Gandhi b) V.P.Singh

c) Rajiv Gandhi d) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

52. Cadmium pollution of water causes a disease called

a) Itai Itai b) Minamata c) Cancer d) Night blindness

53. In 1945, Nagasaki and Hiroshima were the first cities to experience

a) Tsunami b) Earthquake

c) Nuclear bombing d) None of these

54. The full form of WHO

a) World Health Organisation b) Wealth Health Organisation

c) World Healing Organisation d) World Heart Organisation

55. Which of the following branches of science make Environmental Studies a multidisciplinary science ?

a) Biological Science only

b) Physical and Chemical Science only

c) Geological,Meteriological and Atmospheric Science only

d) All of the above

56. Plants which need less water to grow

a) Mesophytes b) Xerophytes c) Halophytes d) Hydrophytes

57. Deforestation is responsible for

a) Droughts only b) Floods only c) Both a and b d) None of these

58.Which of the following is a non-mettalic mineral ?

a) Gold b) Phosphorous c)Copper d) Silver

59. Biological diversity includes

a) genetic diversity only b) Species diversity only

c) Both a and b d) None of these

60. Environmental protection Act came into existence in

a) 1947 b) 1956 c)1986 d) 1999

61. Earth Policy insttute is situated at

a) New York b) London c) Montreal d) Washington DC

62. Which of the following is not a water conservation method ?

a) Reuse of water b) Draining of underground water constantly

c) Drip irrigation d) Decreasing run-off

63. Expand GIS

a) Geographical Information System

b) Geological Information System

c) geologically Induced Screening

d) Geochemical industry Systems

64. Waste generated by computers and electronic good is known as

a) Physical waste b) Metallic waste

c) E-waste d) Degradable waste

65. Precipitation is induced by adapting the phenomenon

a) Evaporation b) Cloud seeding

c) Afforestation d) Infiltration

66. Carcinogens are chemicals that cause

a) Typhoid b) leprosy c) Cancer d) Malaria

67. Increase in the concentration of soluble salts is called

a) Chlorination b) Pasteurization c) Salination d) Reduction

68. Carnivorous are also known as

a) Secondary consumers b) Tertairy consumers

c) primary consumers d) None of the above

69. According to estimates, thw world population stands today at (in billions)

a) 5 b) 10 c) 7 d) 2

70. Sustainable development refers to

a) Development without destruction

b) Development without environmental consciousness

c) Development by over-use of resources

d) Development of agriculture only

71. What is "Greening India Project" ?

a) Green colouring b) Deforestation

c) afforestation d) All of these

72. Which of these is not a fresh water source ?

a) Marine b) Stream c) River d) Lake

73. Ecoterrorism means

a) Destruction of nature b) Terrorists in Parks

c) Destroying buildings d) None of these

74. Water is present in the atmosphere always in the form of

a) Liquid b) Solid c) Snow d) Water vapour

75. A cross section of the soil revealing different soil layers is known as

a) Soil morphology b) Soil profile

c) Soil dynamics d) All of the above

76. iodine deficiency leads to

a) Goitre b) Ashtma c) Kidney stones d) Jaundice

77. ocean,estuary and sea coast are types of

a) Fresh water ecosystems b) Marine ecosystem

c) Special ecosystems d) Macro ecosystems

78. A group of population constitutes

a) Flora b) Fauna

c) Community d) Population ecology

79. The following is a well known mineral for making alloys

a) Phosphorous b) Nickel c) Boron d) Calcium

80. The group of organisms which convert light energy ino carbohydrates are

a) Autotrophs b) Heterotrophs c) Decomposers d) Omnivores

81. A woman crusader for environment sustenance working in Karnataka is

a) medha Patkar b) Suman Sahai

c) Aruna Roy d) Salumarada Thimmakka

82. South America is characterised by

a) Velds b) Pampas c) Steppes d) Savannas

83. Ecological Pyramids are

a) Pyramid of members only b) Pyramid of energy only

c) Pyramid of biomass only d) All of the above

84. Medicinal plant vinca rosea produces a potential anticancer drug known as

a) Vincristine b) Pencillin c) Streptomycin d) Riboflavin

85. Gene bank and Seed banks come under

a) Ex-situ conservation b) In-situ-conservation

c) Normal conservation d) None of these

86. Amazon rainforests are found in

a) Canada b) Egypt c) Brazil d) New Zealand

87. Bhopal gas tragedy took place in the year

a) 1984 b) 1982 c)1983 d) 1985

88. Human rights in India are mainly centered around

a) Women and Minorities only b) Child abuse only

c) Dowry deaths only d) All the above

89. Mortality refers to

a) Birth rates b) Death rates

c) Combined rates d) None of these

90. Sampoorna Swachata Andolan funds are basically meant for

a) Infrastructure development b) Rural health care

c) Rural household toilet facility d) Child and maternity care

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Default Re: Bangalore university model question papers BCA

As you asked for the EVS papers of BCA of Bangalore University. So click on the attachment:
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Default Re: Bangalore university model question papers BCA

i am BCA Banglore university student of 1st sem, i need previous 5yrs questn paper of 1st sem of all subject except lang to prepare dat pattern for exam so plz kindly attach as soon as possible because our exams is held on next month 20th so plzzzzz...
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Default Re: Bangalore university model question papers BCA

i am the student of BCA .for the study of exam i need BCA 1st sem exam model question papers
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Default Re: Bangalore university model question papers BCA

hi im a bca student want hindi question paper for 1st bca plz give me as soon as possible plz
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Default Re: Bangalore university model question papers BCA

plz help me to find 1st year bca hindi question papers
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Default Re: Bangalore university model question papers BCA

Originally Posted by animesh chandra View Post
I am a Bangalore university BCA student and doing preparation for its 1st semester exams so I need model question papers of EVS for the exam. Can you give me the papers? If yes, please provide me soon because my exams are going to be held in the next week.
i am bca 5th sem student pls send software engineering and computer architecture model question paper to ushaswamy26@gmail.com
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Default question papers

5th sem bca bangalore university previous year question papers
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Default Re: Bangalore university model question papers BCA

i need maths question paper for bca 1st sem
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Default Eph question paper for Bca

Bangalore University , Environment and public health question paper
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model papers

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