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Default Re: Clerk Exam Paper for Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda conducts its clerk exam every year for eligible candidates.

Bank of Baroda Clerk exam has questions from following topics:

Reasoning Ability
Numerical Ability
Clerical Aptitude
Banking Awareness
Computer Awareness

Question paper:

1) In order to streamline the functioning of MFI sector the RBI had appointed a committee. The committee was headed by ——

1) Dr. Y.V. Reddy

2) Shri M.V.Nair

3) Shri Y.H.Malegam

4) Dr.D. Subbarao

5) Smt. Usha Thorat

Ans – 3

2) What does the term NSDL stand for ?

1) National Securities Development Limited

2) National Securities Depository Limited

3) National Safety Development Limited

4) National Safety Deployment Limited

5) National Social & Developmental Liabilities

Ans – 2

3) Basel III in banks is being planned to be implemented from which of the following years ?

1) 2012

2) 2013

3) 2014

4) 2015

5) 2018

Ans – 1

4) As per the reports in various news papers, RBI has asked banks to make a plan to provide banking services to all villages having a population of 2000. This directive issued by the RBI will fall in which of the following categories ? ( R )

1) Plan for Financial Inclusion

2) Efforts to meet the targets of priority sector lending

3) Extention of Relief Packages to the Farmers

4) Extension of Internal and Branchless Banking

5) None of these

Ans – 1

5) Which of the following is represented by the letter ‘ L ‘ in the abbreviation CAMELS as used in the financial sector ?

1) Leans

2) Leadership

3) Liabilities

4) Liquidity

5) None of these

Ans – 4

6) Many a times we read the word ‘ PPP ‘ in financial dailies / magazines. What is the full form of the same as used in financial world ? ( Repeated in Bank of Baroda Clerk Exam ( 1st sitting ) )

1) Purchasing Power Parity

2) Per capita Potential Purchase

3) Public Per capita Power

4) Present Purchasing Power

5) Popular Public Preferences

Ans – 1

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Default Re: Clerk Exam Paper for Bank of Baroda

You need Bank of Baroda Clerk exam question paper, here I am giving:

Bank of Baroda Previous Year Question Paper : Quantitative

One night 18 percent of the female officers on a police force were on duty. If 180 officers were on duty that night and half of these were female officers, how many female officers were on the police force?
(A) 90
(B) 180
(C) 270
(D) 500
(E) 1,000

If an integer n is divisible by both 6 and 8, then it must also be divisible by which of the following?
(A) 10
(B) 12
(C) 14
(D) 16
(E) 18

On the number line, if x is halfway between -5 and 3, and if y is halfway between -2 and 6, what number is halfway between x and y ?
(A) -1
(C) 0
(E) 1

Out of their annual net income, a couple spent 25 percent for food, 13.5 percent for entertainment, 20 percent for housing, 8 percent for car expenses, 15 percent for clothing, and saved the rest. What was the ratio of the amount saved to the amount spent for entertainment?
(B) 6/5
(C) 37/27
(D) 19/9
(E) 7/3

If z+3/(z-1) + z+1/(z-3) =2, then z =
(A) 2
(B) 1
(C) -1
(D) -2
(E) -3

The population of city X increased from 325,000 in 1980 to 350,000 in 1990, and it is projected that the population will increase by the same number from 1990 to 2000. Approximately what is the projected percent increase in population from 1990 to 2000 ?
(A) 7.1%
(B) 7.7%
(C) 8.3%
(D) 14.3%
(E) 15.3%

Of the z students at a certain college, x are studying French and y are studying German. If w are studying both French and German, which of the following expresses the number of students at the college not studying either French or German ?
(A) z + w – x – y
(B) z – w – x – y
(C) z – w – x + y
(D) w + x + y – z
(E) w – x – y – z
Of the science books in a certain supply room, 50 are on botany, 65 are on zoology, 90 are on physics. 50 are on geology, and 110 are on chemistry. If science books are removed randomly from the supply room, how many must be removed to ensure that 80 of the books removed are on the same science?
(A) 81
(B) 159
(C) 166
(D) 285

(E) 324
A certain shade of gray paint is obtained by mixing 3 parts of white paint with 5 parts of black paint. If 2 gallons of the mixture is needed and the individual colors can be purchased only in one-gallon or half- gallon cans, what is the least amount of paint, in gallons, that must be purchased in order to measure out the portions needed for the mixture?
(A) 2
(B) 2.5
(C) 3
(D) 3.5
(E) 4
–2 (– 4 – (– 3 + 5)) =
(A) – 16
(B) – 10
(C) 6
(D) 12

(E) 16
On a certain test, 3 students each had a score of 90, 9 students each had a score of 80, 4 students each had a score of 70, and 4 students each had a score of 60. What was the average (arithmetic mean) score for the 20 students ?
(A) 70.5
(B) 75.0
(C) 75.5
(D) 80.0
(E) 80.5

. In the manufacture of a certain product, 5 percent of the units produced are defective and 4 percent of the defective units are shipped for sale. What percent of the units produced are defective units that are shipped for sale?
(A) 0.125%
(B) 0.2%
(C) 0.8%
(D) 1.25%
(E) 2.0%

The numbers in which of the following pairs do NOT have a pair of distinct prime divisors in common ?
(A) 10 and 20
(B) 12 and 18
(C) 24 and 32
(D) 21 and 63
(E) 22 and 88.

A certain fraction is equivalent to 2/5 . If the numerator of the fraction is increased by 4 and the denominator is doubled, the new fraction is equivalent to 1/3 . What is the sum of the numerator and denominator of the original fraction?
(A) 49
(B) 35
(C) 28
(D) 26
(E) 21

If all of the telephone extensions in a certain company must be even numbers, and if each of the extensions uses all four of the digits 1, 2, 3, and 6, what is the greatest number of four-digit extensions that the company can have?
(A) 4
(B) 6
(C) 12
(D) 16
(E) 24

The product of the first twelve positive integers is divisible by all of the following EXCEPT
(A) 210
(B) 88
(C) 75
(D) 60
(E) 34

Bank of Baroda Previous Question Paper : Questions on Banking and Marketing

1. A prospect means

a) any customer who walks into the bank

b) an employee of the bank

c) a customer who is likely to be interested in bank’s product or service

d) a depositor of the bank’

e) a borrower of the bank

2. A lead means

a) a prospect who is more likely to avail of the Bank’s product

b) a political leader

c) a religious leader

d) a bank chairman

e) None of these

3. Innovation means

a) Compensation

b) inspiration

c) additional perquisites

d) implementing new ideas or new methods

e) None of these

4. A Call means

a) calling on friends

b) calling on bank employees

c) calling on prospective customers

d) to make telephone calls

e) calling on relatives

5. The Traditional Marketing style involves

a) Telemarketing

b) Digital Marketing

c) Indirect Marketing

d) Direct Marketing

e) All of these

6. Modern Method of Marketing include

a) Publicity on the net

b) Advertisement on the net

c) Soliciting business through e-mails

d) Tele marketing

e) All of these

7. A true marketing requires

a) Command and other mindset

b) Control Mindset

c) Passive mindset

d) Active mindset

e) None of these

8. Which of the following sentences is true?

a) Marketing is not required in a Buyers’ Market

b) Marketing is not required in a Sellers’s market

c) Marketing is not required due to competition

d) Marketing is not required due to liberalization

e) Marketing is not required due to globalisation

9. For effective marketing the salesmen should have which of these qualities?

a) Creativity

b) Team spirit

c) Motivation

d) Effective communication skills

e) All of these

10. Market information means

a) Knowledge of shops and bazaars

b) Knowledge of shopping malls

c) Knowledge of customer profile and product mix

d) knowledge of various languages

e) None of these

11. Market Research is needed for

a) checking the market area

b) checking the right product to be sold

c) making proper marketing decisions

d) deciding right time to sell

e) All of these

12. Which of the following statement is true

a) Marketing makes the company to go into loss due to higher expenses

b) Marketing is not required in profit making companies

c) Marketing sharpens the minds of the employees

d) Marketing is a time bound seasonal function

e) Marketing is a waste of time

13. Marketing plan helps in

a) better lead generation

b) better systems

c) better results

d) improved balance sheet

e) better customer service

14. If Marketing is done effectively which of the following is not required?

a) Advertisement

b) Publicity

c) Market Research

d) Market Segmentation

e) None of these

15. Motivation means

a) Inspiring employees to perform better

b) Better communication skills

c) Sales Coaching

d) Market Research

e) None of these

16. In a Selling Process in today’s world?

a) Only standard products are sold

b) No customization required

c) the seller need not have product knowledge

d) the seller should aim at customer satisfaction

e) only quantum of sales matters

17. Find the true statement

a) Marketing is a waste of the employees’ time

b) Marketing is not required in India due to its vast population

c) Marketing involves additional work

d) Marketing involves team work

e) Marketing is not required today due to IT advancement

18. A Target market is

a) entire country

b) entire city

c) entire globe

d) that which consists of customers who need the identified product

e) all of these

19. Sales forecasting involves

a) Sales Planning

b) Sales Pricing

c) Distribution Channels

d) Consumer tastes

e) All of these

20. Which of the following product is being sold under the brand name ZODIAC

a) Shirts

b) Ties

c) Both A and B

d) Liberty

21. SWIFT – cars are being manufactured by

a) DCM

b) Maruti

c) Premier Automobiles

d) Hyundai

22. With you all the way is the slogan of

a) Vodafone

b) SBI


d) Raymonds

23. Which company used the slogan “The complete Man”

a) DCM




24. Which brand uses the slogan “Made for each other” for its cigarettes?

a) Cavenders

b) Four Square

c) Red & White

d) Wills

25. Cross Selling means

a) Identifying customer needs

b) matching the products to customer needs

c) convincing the customers of product benefits

d) responding to questions and objections of customers

e) all of these
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