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Default Re: CBSE Class 12th Science Physics Question Paper

As you are looking for the question paper of the Central Board Of Secondary Education Class 12th Science, here I am providing list of few questions given below.

1. In which orientation, a dipole placed in a uniform electric field is in (i) stable,
(ii) unstable equilibrium ?

2. Which part of electromagnetic spectrum has largest penetrating power ?

5. A glass lens of refractive index 1.45 disappears when immersed in a liquid. What is
the value of refractive index of the liquid ?

6. What is the ratio of radii of the orbits corresponding to first excited state and ground
state in a hydrogen atom ?

8. State the conditions for the phenomenon of total internal reflection to occur.

9. Explain the function of a repeater in a communication system.

10. (i) Write two characteristics of a material used for making permanent magnets.
(ii) Why is core of an electromagnet made of ferromagnetic materials ?

13. Arrange the following electromagnetic radiations in ascending order of their
frequencies :
(i) Microwave
(ii) Radio wave
(iii) X-rays
(iv) Gamma rays
Write two uses of any one of these.

14. The radii of curvature of the faces of a double convex lens are 10 cm and 15 cm.
If focal length of the lens is 12 cm, find the refractive index of the material of the

15. An electron is accelerated through a potential difference of 100 volts. What is the
de-Broglie wavelength associated with it ? To which part of the electromagnetic
spectrum does this value of wavelength correspond ?

For more questions , here i am giving attachment

Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf CBSE 12TH Physics Question Paper.pdf (992.5 KB, 59 views)
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Shaswat , Can you please tell me from where did you find this question paper
Please reply asap _/\_
You are a life saver , reply asap please
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Default Re: CBSE Class 12th Science Physics Question Paper

As you want I am here providing you sample paper of CBSE Class 12th Physics.

Sample Paper:
Using the concept of force between two infinitely long parallel current carrying conductors, define one ampere of current.

To which part of the electromagnetic spectrum does a wave of frequency 5 × 1019 Hz belong?


Two equal balls with equal positive charge 'q' coulombs are suspended by two insulating strings of equal length. What would be the effect on the force when a plastic sheet is inserted between the two?


Define intensity of radiation on the basis of photon picture of light. Write its S.I. unit.

Why is it found experimentally difficult to detect neutrinos in nuclear β-decay?


Why is the use of A.C. voltage preferred over D.C. voltage ? Give two reasons.


A biconvex lens made of a transparent material of refractive index 1.25 is immersed in water of refractive index 1.33. Will the lens behave as a converging or a diverging lens? Give reason.


Using Rutherford model of the atom, derive the expression for the total energy of the electron in hydrogen atom. What is the significance of total negative energy possessed by the electron?


Using Bohr's postulates of the atomic model, derive the expression for radius of nth electron orbit. Hence obtain the expression for Bohr's radius.


A parallel plate capacitor of capacitance C is charged to a potential V. It is then connected to another uncharged capacitor having the same capacitance. Find out the ratio of the energy stored in the combined system to that stored initially in the single capacitor.


Considering the case of a parallel plate capacitor being charged, show how one is required to generalize Ampere's circuital law to include the term due to displacement current.


A cell of emf 'E' and internal resistance 'r' is connected across a variable resistor 'R'. Plot a graph showing variation of terminal voltage 'V' of the cell versus the current 'I'. Using the plot, show how the emf of the cell and its internal resistance can be determined.


Explain, with the help of a circuit diagram, the working of a p-n junction diode as a half-wave rectifier.


Estimate the average drift speed of conduction electrons in a copper wire of cross-sectional area 1.0 × 10−7 m2 carrying a current of 1.5 A. Assume the density of conduction electrons to be 9 × 1028 m−3.

CBSE Class 12th Physics sample paper

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