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Default Re: GRE Sample Question Paper

Graduate Record Examination is the test used to get admissions in the graduate schools or business schools in the United States and other major English speaking countries.

List of few questions are given below:
21. The two corporate sectors that increased their support for the arts from 1988 to 1991 made a total contribution in 1991 of approximately how many million dollars?
(A) 112
(B) 125
(C) 200
(D) 250
(E) 315

22. How many of the six corporate sectors listed each contributed more than $60 million to the arts in both 1988 and 1991?
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) three
(D) Four
(E) Five

23. Approximately how many million dollars more did the wholesale sector contribute to the arts in 1988 han in 1991?
(A) 10.4
(B) 12.6
(C) 14.0
(D) 16.5
(E) 19.2

24. From 1988 to 1991, which corporate sector ecreased its support for the arts by the greatest ollar amount?
(A) Services
(B) Manufacturing
(C) Retail
(D) Wholesale
(E) Other

26. If x = a5 and y = a6, a ¹ 0, which of the following is quivalent to a13?
(A) xy
(B) x2y
1. As businesses become aware that their advertising ust ------ the everyday concerns of consumers, their ommercials will be characterized by a greater degree
of ------.
(A) allay...pessimism
(B) address...realism
(C) evade....verisimilitude
(D) engage… fancy
(E) change...sincerity

2. Because the lawyer's methods were found to e ------, the disciplinary committee ------- his privileges.
(A) unimpeachable...suspended
(B) ingenious...withdrew
(C) questionable...expanded
(D) unscrupulous...revoked
(E) reprehensible...augmented

3. People of intelligence and achievement can none- theless be so ------ and lacking in ------ that they gamble their reputations by breaking the law to further their own ends.
(A) devious...propensity
(B) culpable...prosperity
(C) obsequious...deference
(D) truculent... independence
(E) greedy... integrity

4. A number of scientists have published articles ------- global warming, stating ------- that there is no solid scientific evidence to support the theory that the Earth is warming because of increases in greenhouse gases.
(A) debunking...categorically
(B) rejecting...paradoxically
(C) deploring...optimistically
(D) dismissing...hesitantly
(E) proving...candidly

For more questions here i am giving attachment
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File Type: pdf GRE Exam Question Paper.pdf (333.2 KB, 43 views)
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Default Re: GRE Sample Question Paper

As you want I am here providing you sample paper of the GRE exam.

Sample Paper:

1.A computer program can provide information in ways
that force students to --- learning instead of being
merely ---- of knowledge.
(A) shore up .. reservoirs
(B) accede to .. consumers
(C) participate in .. recipients
(D) compensate for.. custodians
(E) profit from .. beneficiaries

2. The form and physiology of leaves vary according to
the ---- in which they develop: for example, leaves
display a wide range of adaptations to different
degrees of light and moisture.
(A) relationship
(B) species
(C) sequence
(D) patterns
(E) environment

3. One theory about intelligence sees ---- as the
logical structure underlying thinking and insists that
since animals are mute, they must be ---- as well.
(A) behavior.. inactive
(B) instinct.. cooperative
(C) heredity.. thoughtful
(D) adaptation.. brutal
(E) language.. mindless
4. Though ---- in her personal life, Edna St. Vincent
Millay was nonetheless ---- about her work, usually
producing several pages of complicated rhyme in a
(A) jaded.. feckless
(B) verbose.. ascetic
(C) vain.. humble
(D) impulsive.. disciplined

6. By ---- scientific rigor with a quantitative approach,
researchers in the social sciences may often have ---
their scope to those narrowly circumscribed topics that
are well suited to quantitative methods.
(A) undermining.. diminished
(B) equating.. enlarged
(C) vitiating.. expanded
(D) identifying.. limited
(E) imbuing.. broadened
7. As early as the seventeenth century, philosophers
called attention to the ---- character of the issue,
and their twentieth-century counterparts still approach
it with ----.
(A) absorbing.. indifference
(B) unusual.. composure
(C) complex.. antipathy
(D) auspicious.. caution
(E) problematic.. uneasiness
(A) scaffolding: ceiling
(B) prop: set
(C) easel: canvas
(D) projector: film
(E) frame: photograph
(A) cumulus: clouds
(B) inorganic: elements
(C) variegated: leaves
(D) rural: soil
(E) arboreal: trees
(A) unguent: elasticity
(B) precipitant: absorption
(C) additive: fusion
(D) desiccant: dryness
(E) retardant: permeability

Here is the attachment.
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File Type: pdf GRE sample paper.pdf (122.7 KB, 18 views)
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Sample Paper

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