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Default ARS Question Paper of Plant Physiology

Hello, I am looking for ARS NET last year question paper of plant physiology to get a brief idea about questions. Kindly provide it.

Hello, here as per your demand I am imparting the same:-

ARS NET Question Paper of Plant Physiology:

1. Little leaf of Citrus is caused by
Zinc (Zn) deficiency

2. Die back of shoots occur due to the deficiency of
other important deficiency symptom: reclamation disease in cereals and leguminous crops

3.Very dangerous disease of sugarcane is
Red rot (causative organism: Colletotrichum falcatum)

4.Phyllody disease in Til is caused by

5. Bunchy top of banana is caused by

6.Heart rot of sugarbeet is caused by the deficiency of

7. Top sickness of tabacco is due to the deficiency of

8. Club rot of cauliflower is caused by
Plasmodiosphora brassicae

9. Late blight of potato is potato is caused by
Late blight of potato: Phytopthora infestans (reason for potato famine)
Early blight of potato: Alternaria solani
Black scurf of potato: Rhizoctonia solani
Wart diseases of potato: Synchytrium endobioticum

10. Akiochi disease is due to
Sulphur toxicity

11. Whiptail in cauliflower is due to the deficiency of

12. Ufra disease in rice is caused by
Nematode (Ditylenchus sp)

13. Mantek disease of rice is caused by
Rice root nematode

14. Exanthema in citrus is due to
Deficiency of Copper

15. The Pahala blight of sugarcane is due to the deficiency of

16.Wart disease of Potato is caused by
Synchitrien endobioticum

17. Iris famine in 1844,was caused due to
Phytophothora infestans (Late Blight of potato)

18. White rust of cruifers is caused by
Albugo candida, fungi

19. White rust of crucifers caused Albugo candida belongs to class

20. The pathogen associated with the discovery of Bordeaux mixture is
Plasmosphora viticola

As per your requirement here I am sharing the previous year question paper of the ARS Main Descriptive exam of Plant Physiology

1. Describe the structure and function of Peroxisomes.

2. Discuss the kinetics of an enzyme mediated reaction

3. Explain the concept of SPAC. What is its significance?

4. Describe the dual isotherm model of Epstein of the kinetics of ion uptake. Describe the location of the two system involved

5.Discuss the glyoxylate cycle operative in oil bearing seeds. Explain how this cycle is involved in gluconeogenesis.
6. Discuss the structure, function and mode of action of phytochrome.

7.Describe the biosynthetic pathway of ethylene in higher plants, explaining especially as to how the thio-methyl group of methionine is cycled to sustain continual production of ethylene.

8. Explain the molecular basis of drought tolerance in plants.
(a) What are the chemical approaches used for the study of such complex polymers as cutin, suberin and waxes?
(b)Describe the chemical composition of any one of these polymers.

9. What is photorespiration? Describe the molecular events of this process with special reference to the role of Peroxisomes. How will you regular the photorespiration in C3 plants.

10.Write a critical account of the experimental evidences leading to the two-light reaction concept of the photochemical phase in green plant photosynthesis.
11.Describe briefly the aspects of moisture stress on various biochemical and physiological processes of a plant.

12.Define phytochrome. Discuss the structure, function and mode of action of phytochrome. List out the morphogenetic responses regulated by phytochrome in plants

13.Give a brief account of the results of experiments which led to the discovery of photoperiodism. Examine critically the evidence for the involvement of hormone in this phenomenon.

14. What are the fundamental principles involved in the design of experiments? Explain the completely Randomised Block Design with the help of suitable examples.

15.(a) What is the biochemical, physiological and morphological responses of crop plants to salt stress?
(b) Discuss the key role of ABA during drought stress.
16.(a) Describe the response of crop plants to zinc, boron, copper and molybdenum.
(b) Briefly discuss how plant processes are affected by trace metal toxicity and mechanisms of trace metal tolerance in crop plants.

17.(a) Classify the herbicides based on their mode of action.
(b) Enumerate the mechanisms of herbicide resistance in crop plants.
(c) How tissue culture techniques can be put into use for evaluation of herbicide resistant plants?

18. Write short notes:
a) Cell permeability
b) Anti –transpirants
c) Nitrogen use efficiency
d) Water use efficiency
e) Oxidative phosphorylation
f) Peroxisomes
g) Oil bodies in plants
h) Structure and function of nitrogenise
i) CO 2 concentrating the mechanism in C 4 plants?
j) Cyanide resistant respiration
k) Vernalization

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Default Re: ARS Question Paper of Plant Physiology

I have applied for the ARS Main Descriptive exam of Plant Physiology and wants to get the previous year question paper of this exam so can you please provide me this?
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Question Re: ARS Question Paper of Plant Physiology

Hello, I am looking for ARS mains last year question paper of plant physiology to get a brief idea about questions. Kindly provide it.
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