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Will you please tell me which types of Questions are generally asked in Placement exam of TCS??

Here I am sharing the last year Question paper of TCS Placement exam so that you can get idea about types of Questions which are generally asked in Placement exam of TCS

1) If log 0.317=0.3332 and log 0.318=0.3364 then find log 0.319 ?
Sol) log 0.317=0.3332 and log 0.318=0.3364, then
log 0.319=log0.318+(log0.318-log0.317) = 0.3396

2) A box of 150 packets consists of 1kg packets and 2kg packets. Total weight of box is 264kg. How many 2kg packets are there ?
Sol) x= 2 kg Packs
y= 1 kg packs
x + y = 150 .......... Eqn 1
2x + y = 264 .......... Eqn 2
Solve the Simultaneous equation; x = 114
so, y = 36
ANS : Number of 2 kg Packs = 114.

3) My flight takes of at 2am from a place at 18N 10E and landed 10 Hrs later at a place with coordinates 36N70W. What is the local time when my plane landed?
6:00 am b) 6:40am c) 7:40 d) 7:00 e) 8:00
Sol) The destination place is 80 degree west to the starting place. Hence the time difference between these two places is 5 hour 20 min. (=24hr*80/360).
When the flight landed, the time at the starting place is 12 noon (2 AM + 10 hours).
Hence, the time at the destination place is 12 noon - 5:20 hours = 6: 40 AM

4) A plane moves from 9°N40°E to 9°N40°W. If the plane starts at 10 am and takes 8 hours to reach the destination, find the local arrival time ?
Sol) Since it is moving from east to west longitide we need to add both
multiply the ans by 4
convert this min to hours ie, 5hrs 33min
It takes 8hrs totally . So 8-5hr 30 min=2hr 30min
So the ans is 10am+2hr 30 min
=>ans is 12:30 it will reach

5) The size of the bucket is N kb. The bucket fills at the rate of 0.1 kb per millisecond. A programmer sends a program to receiver. There it waits for 10 milliseconds. And response will be back to programmer in 20 milliseconds. How much time the program takes to get a response back to the programmer, after it is sent? Please tell me the answer with explanation. Very urgent.
Sol) see it doesn't matter that wat the time is being taken to fill the bucket.after reaching program it waits there for 10ms and back to the programmer in 20 ms.then total time to get the response is 20ms +10 ms=30ms...it's so simple....

6) A file is transferred from one location to another in 'buckets'. The size of the bucket is 10 kilobytes. Each bucket gets filled at the rate of 0.0001 kilobytes per millisecond. The transmission time from sender to receiver is 10 milliseconds per bucket. After the receipt of the bucket the receiver sends an acknowledgement that reaches sender in 100 milliseconds. Assuming no error during transmission, write a formula to calculate the time taken in seconds to successfully complete the transfer of a file of size N kilobytes.
(n/1000)*(n/10)*10+(n/100)....as i hv calculated...~~!not 100% sure

7) A fisherman's day is rated as good if he catches 9 fishes, fair if 7 fishes and bad if 5 fishes. He catches 53 fishes in a week n had all good, fair n bad days in the week. So how many good, fair n bad days did the fisher man had in the week
Ans:4 good, 1 fair n 2 bad days
Sol) Go to river catch fish
take what is given 53
good days means --- 9 fishes so 53/9=4(remainder=17) if u assume 5 then there is no chance for bad days.
fair days means ----- 7 fishes so remaining 17 --- 17/7=1(remainder=10) if u assume 2 then there is no chance for bad days.
bad days means -------5 fishes so remaining 10---10/5=2days.
Ans: 4 good, 1 fair, 2bad. ==== total 7 days.

x+y+z=7--------- eq1
9*x+7*y+5*z=53 -------eq2
multiply eq 1 by 9,
9*x+9*y+9*z=35 -------------eq3
from eq2 and eq3
since all x,y and z are integer i sud put a integer value of y such that z sud be integer in eq 4 .....and ther will be two value y=1 or 3 then z = 2 or 1 from eq 4

for first y=1,z=2 then from eq1 x= 4
so 9*4+1*7+2*5=53.... satisfied
now for second y=3 z=1 then from eq1 x=3
so 9*3+3*7+1*5=53 ......satisfied
so finally there are two solution of this question
(x,y,z)=(4,1,2) and (3,3,1)...

8) Y catches 5 times more fishes than X. If total number of fishes caught by X and Y is 42, then number of fishes caught by X?
Sol) Let no. of fish x catches=p
no. caught by y =r
then p=7,r=35

9) Three companies are working independently and receiving the savings 20%, 30%, 40%. If the companies work combinely, what will be their net savings?
suppose total income is 100
so amount x is getting is 80
y is 70
z =60

but total money is 300
so they are getting 90 rs less
90 is 30% of 300 so they r getting 30% discount

10) The ratio of incomes of C and D is 3:4.the ratio of their expenditures is 4:5. Find the ratio of their savings if the savings of C is one fourths of his income?
Sol) incomes:3:4

11) If G(0) = -1 G(1)= 1 and G(N)=G(N-1) - G(N-2) then what is the value of G(6)?
ans: -1
bcoz g(2)=g(1)-g(0)=1+1=2

12) If A can copy 50 pages in 10 hours and A and B together can copy 70 pages in 10 hours, how much time does B takes to copy 26 pages?
Sol) A can copy 50 pages in 10 hrs.
A can copy 5 pages in 1hr.(50/10)
now A & B can copy 70 pages in 10hrs.
thus, B can copy 90 pages in 10 hrs.[eqn. is (50+x)/2=70, where x--> no. of pages B can copy in 10 hrs.]
so, B can copy 9 pages in 1hr.
therefore, to copy 26 pages B will need almost 3hrs.
since in 3hrs B can copy 27 pages.

13) what's the answer for that :
A, B and C are 8 bit no's. They are as follows:
A -> 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 1
B -> 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1
C -> 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 ( - =minus, u=union)
Find ((A - C) u B) =?

To find A-C, We will find 2's compliment of C and them add it with A,
That will give us (A-C)
2's compliment of C=1's compliment of C+1
Now (A-C) U B is .OR. logic operation on (A-C) and B
10001001 .OR . 00110011
The answer is = 10111011,
Whose decimal equivalent is 187.

14) One circular array is given(means memory allocation tales place in circular fashion) diamension(9X7) and sarting add. is 3000, What is the address of (2,3)........
Sol) it's a 9x7 int array so it reqiure a 126 bytes for storing.b'ze integer value need 2 byes of memory allocation. and starting add is 3000
so starting add of 2x3 will be 3012.

15) In a two-dimensional array, X (9, 7), with each element occupying 4 bytes of memory, with the address of the first element X (1, 1) is 3000, find the address of X (8, 5).
Sol) initial x (1,1) = 3000 u hav to find from x(8,1)so u have x(1,1),x(1,2) ... x(7,7) = so u have totally 7 * 7 = 49 elementsu need to find for x(8,5) ? here we have 5 elements each element have 4 bytes : (49 + 5 -1) * 4 = 212 -----( -1 is to deduct the 1 element ) 3000 + 212 = 3212

16) Which of the following is power of 3 a) 2345 b) 9875 c) 6504 d) 9833

17) The size of a program is N. And the memory occupied by the program is given by M = square root of 100N. If the size of the program is increased by 1% then how much memory now occupied ?
Sol) M=sqrt(100N)
N is increased by 1%
therefore new value of N=N + (N/100)
M=sqrt(100 * (101N/100) )
Hence, we get M=sqrt(101 * N)

2.OXYGEN----------- WATER ------- B. A Type of
4. BUG -------------REPTILE------ D. A SUPERSET OF
1)B 2)A 3)D 4)C

19) A bus started from bustand at 8.00a m and after 30 min staying at destination, it returned back to the bustand. the destination is 27 miles from the bustand. the speed of the bus 50 percent fast speed. at what time it returns to the bustand
this is the step by step solution:
a bus cover 27 mile with 18 mph in =27/18= 1 hour 30 min. and it wait at stand =30 min.
after this speed of return increase by 50% so 50%of 18 mph=9mph
Total speed of returnig=18+9=27
Then in return it take 27/27=1 hour
then total time in joureny=1+1:30+00:30 =3 hour
so it will come at 8+3 hour=11 a.m.
So Ans==11 a.m

20) In two dimensional array X(7,9) each element occupies 2 bytes of memory.If the address of first element X(1,1)is 1258 then what will be the address of the element X(5,8) ?
Sol) Here, the address of first element x[1][1] is 1258 and also 2 byte of memory is given. now, we have to solve the address of element x[5][8], therefore, 1258+ 5*8*2 = 1258+80 = 1338 so the answer is 1338.

21) The temperature at Mumbai is given by the function: -t2/6+4t+12 where t is the elapsed time since midnight. What is the percentage rise (or fall) in temperature between 5.00PM and 8.00PM?

22) Low temperature at the night in a city is 1/3 more than 1/2 high as higher temperature in a day. Sum of the low temperature and highest temp. is 100 degrees. Then what is the low temp?
Sol) Let highest temp be x
so low temp=1/3 of x of 1/2 of x plus x/2 i.e. x/6+x/2
total temp=x+x/6+x/2=100
therefore, x=60
Lowest temp is 40

23) In Madras, temperature at noon varies according to -t^2/2 + 8t + 3, where t is elapsed time. Find how much temperature more or less in 4pm to 9pm. Ans. At 9pm 7.5 more
Sol) In equestion first put t=9,
we will get 34.5...........................(1)
now put t=4,
we will get 27..............................(2)
so ans=34.5-27

24) A person had to multiply two numbers. Instead of multiplying by 35, he multiplied by 53 and the product went up by 540. What was the raised product?
a) 780 b) 1040 c) 1590 d) 1720
Sol) x*53-x*35=540=> x=30 therefore, 53*30=1590 Ans

25) How many positive integer solutions does the equation 2x+3y = 100 have?
a) 50 b) 33 c) 16 d) 35
Sol) There is a simple way to answer this kind of Q's given 2x+3y=100, take l.c.m of 'x' coeff and 'y' coeff i.e. l.c.m of 2,3 ==6then divide 100 with 6 , which turns out 16 hence answer is 16short cut formula--- constant / (l.cm of x coeff and y coeff)

26) The total expense of a boarding house are partly fixed and partly variable with the number of boarders. The charge is Rs.70 per head when there are 25 boarders and Rs.60 when there are 50 boarders. Find the charge per head when there are 100 boarders.
a) 65 b) 55 c) 50 d) 45
Let a = fixed cost and k = variable cost and n = number of boarders
total cost when 25 boarders c = 25*70 = 1750 i.e. 1750 = a + 25k
total cost when 50 boarders c = 50*60 = 3000 i.e. 3000 = a + 50k
solving above 2 eqns, 3000-1750 = 25k i.e. 1250 = 25k i.e. k = 50
therefore, substituting this value of k in either of above 2 eqns we get
a = 500 (a = 3000-50*50 = 500 or a = 1750 - 25*50 = 500)
so total cost when 100 boarders = c = a + 100k = 500 + 100*50 = 5500
so cost per head = 5500/100 = 55

27) Amal bought 5 pens, 7 pencils and 4 erasers. Rajan bought 6 pens, 8 erasers and 14 pencils for an amount which was half more than what Amal had paid. What % of the total amount paid by Amal was paid for pens?
a) 37.5% b) 62.5% c) 50% d) None of these
Let, 5 pens + 7 pencils + 4 erasers = x rupees
so 10 pens + 14 pencils + 8 erasers = 2*x rupees
also mentioned, 6 pens + 14 pencils + 8 erarsers = 1.5*x rupees
so (10-6) = 4 pens = (2-1.5)x rupees
so 4 pens = 0.5x rupees => 8 pens = x rupees
so 5 pens = 5x/8 rupees = 5/8 of total (note x rupees is total amt paid byamal)
i.e 5/8 = 500/8% = 62.5% is the answer

28) I lost Rs.68 in two races. My second race loss is Rs.6 more than the first race. My friend lost Rs.4 more than me in the second race. What is the amount lost by my friend in the second race?
x + x+6 = rs 68
2x + 6 = 68
2x = 68-6
2x = 62
x is the amt lost in I race
x+ 6 = 31+6=37 is lost in second race
then my friend lost 37 + 4 = 41 Rs

29) Ten boxes are there. Each ball weighs 100 gms. One ball is weighing 90 gms. i) If there are 3 balls (n=3) in each box, how many times will it take to find 90 gms ball? ii) Same question with n=10 iii) Same question with n=9
to me the chances are
when n=3
(i) nC1= 3C1 =3 for 10 boxes .. 10*3=30
(ii) 10C1=10 for 10 boxes ....10*10=100
(iii)9C1=9 for 10 boxes .....10*9=90

30) (1-1/6) (1-1/7).... (1- (1/ (n+4))) (1-(1/ (n+5))) = ?
leaving the first numerater and last denominater, all the numerater and denominater will cancelled out one another. Ans. 5/(n+5)

31) A face of the clock is divided into three parts. First part hours total is equal to the sum of the second and third part. What is the total of hours in the bigger part?
Sol) the clock normally has 12 hr
three parts x,y,z
so the largest part is 6 hrs

32) With 4/5 full tank vehicle travels 12 miles, with 1/3 full tank how much distance travels
Sol) 4/5 full tank= 12 mile
1 full tank= 12/(4/5)
1/3 full tank= 12/(4/5)*(1/3)= 5 miles

33) wind blows 160 miles in 330min.for 80 miles how much time required
Sol) 160 miles= 330 min
1 mile = 330/160
80 miles=(330*80)/160=165 min.

34) A person was fined for exceeding the speed limit by 10mph.another person was also fined for exceeding the same speed limit by twice the same if the second person was travelling at a speed of 35 mph. find the speed limit
solving the eqn we get x=15

35) A sales person multiplied a number and get the answer is 3 instead of that number divided by 3. what is the answer he actually has to get.
Sol) Assume 1
1* 3 = 3
so he has to got 1/3
this is the exact answer

36) A person who decided to go weekend trip should not exceed 8 hours driving in a day average speed of forward journey is 40 mph due to traffic in Sundays the return journey average speed is 30 mph. How far he can select a picnic spot.

37) Low temperature at the night in a city is 1/3 more than 1/2 hinge as higher temperature in a day. Sum of the low temp and high temp is 100 c. then what is the low temp.
ans is 40 c.
Sol) let x be the highest temp. then,
therefore, x=60 which is the highest temp
and 100-x=40 which is the lowest temp.

38) car is filled with four and half gallons of oil for full round trip. Fuel is taken 1/4 gallons more in going than coming. What is the fuel consumed in coming up.
Sol) let feul consumed in coming up is x. thus equation is: x+1.25x=4.5ans:2gallons

39) A work is done by the people in 24 min. One of them can do this work alone in 40 min. How much time required to do the same work for the second person
Sol) Two people work together in 24 mins.
So, their one day work is
One man can complete the work in 40mins
one man's one day work (1/B)= (1/40)
So, A can complete the work in 60 mins.

40) In a company 30% are supervisors and 40% employees are male if 60% of supervisors are male. What is the probability? That a randomly chosen employee is a male or female?
Sol) 40% employees are male if 60% of supervisors are male so for 100% is 26.4%so the probability is 0.264

41) In 80 coins one coin is counterfeit what is minimum number of weighing to find out counterfeit coin
Sol) the minimum number of wieghtings needed is just 5.as shown below
(1) 80->30-30
(2) 15-15
(3) 7-7
(4) 3-3
(5) 1-1

42) 2 oranges, 3 bananas and 4 apples cost Rs.15. 3 oranges, 2 bananas, and 1 apple costs Rs 10. What is the cost of 3 oranges, 3 bananas and 3 apples?
3x+2y+z=10 adding
x+y+z=5 that is for 1 orange, 1 bannana and 1 apple requires 5Rs.
so for 3 orange, 3 bannana and 3 apple requires 15Rs.
i.e. 3x+3y+3z=15

43) In 8*8 chess board what is the total number of squares refers
Sol) odele discovered that there are 204 squares on the board We found that you would add the different squares - 1 + 4 + 9 + 16+ 25 + 36 + 49 + 64.
Also in 3*3 tic tac toe board what is the total no of squares
Ans 14 ie 9+4(bigger ones)+1 (biggest one)
If you ger 100*100 board just use the formula
the formula for the sum of the first n perfect squares is
n x (n + 1) x (2n + 1)
if in this formula if you put n=8 you get your answer 204

44) One fast typist type some matter in 2hr and another slow typist type the same matter in 3hr. If both do combinely in how much time they will finish.
Sol) Faster one can do 1/2 of work in one hourslower one can do 1/3 of work in one hourboth they do (1/2+1/3=5/6) th work in one hour.so work will b finished in 6/5=1.2 hour i e 1 hour 12 min.

45) If Rs20/- is available to pay for typing a research report & typist A produces 42 pages and typist B produces 28 pages. How much should typist A receive?
Here is the answer Find of 42 % of 20 rs with respect to 70 (i.e 28 + 42) ==> (42 * 20 )/70 ==> 12 Rs

46) An officer kept files on his table at various times in the order 1,2,3,4,5,6. Typist can take file from top whenever she has time and type it.What order she cannt type.?

47) In some game 139 members have participated every time one fellow will get bye what is the number of matches to choose the champion to be held?
the answer is 138 matches
Sol) since one player gets a bye in each round,he will reach the finals of the tournament without playing a match.
therefore 137 matches should be played to detemine the second finalist from the remaining 138 players(excluding the 1st player)
therefore to determine the winner 138 matches shd be played.

48) One rectangular plate with length 8inches, breadth 11 inches and 2 inches thickness is there. What is the length of the circular rod with diameter 8 inches and equal to volume of rectangular plate?
Sol) Vol. of rect. plate= 8*11*2=176
area of rod=(22/7)*(8/2)*(8/2)=(352/7)
vol. of rod=area*length=vol. of plate
so length of rod= vol of plate/area=176/(352/7)=3.5

49) One tank will fill in 6 minutes at the rate of 3cu ft /min, length of tank is 4 ft and the width is 1/2 of length, what is the depth of the tank?
3 ft 7.5 inches

50) A man has to get air-mail. He starts to go to airport on his motorbike. Plane comes early and the mail is sent by a horse-cart. The man meets the cart in the middle after half an hour. He takes the mail and returns back, by doing so, he saves twenty minutes. How early did the plane arrive?
ans:10min:::assume he started at 1:00,so at 1:30 he met cart. He returned home at 2:00.so it took him 1 hour for the total jorney.by doing this he saved 20 min.so the actual time if the plane is not late is 1 hour and 20 min.so the actual time of plane is at 1:40.The cart travelled a time of 10 min before it met him.so the plane is 10 min early.

51) Ram singh goes to his office in the city every day from his suburban house. His driver Mangaram drops him at the railway station in the morning and picks him up in the evening. Every evening Ram singh reaches the station at 5 o'clock. Mangaram also reaches at the same time. One day Ram singh started early from his office and came to the station at 4 o'clock. Not wanting to wait for the car he starts walking home. Mangaram starts at normal time, picks him up on the way and takes him back house, half an hour early. How much time did Ram singh walked?

52) 2 trees are there. One grows at 3/5 of the other. In 4 years total growth of the trees is 8 ft. what growth will smaller tree have in 2 years.
ans: 1.5 mt 4 (x+(3/5)x)=88x/5=2x=5/4 after 2 years x=(3/5)*(5/4)*2 =1.5

53) There is a six digit code. Its first two digits, multiplied by 3 gives all ones. And the next two digits multiplied by 6 give all twos. Remaining two digits multiplied by 9 gives all threes. Then what is the code?
sol) Assume the digit xx xx xx (six digits)
First Two digit xx * 3=111
( first two digits of 1 is not divisible by 3 so we can use 111)
Second Two digit xx*6=222
( first two digits of 2 is not divisible by 6 so we can use 222)
Thrid Two digit xx*9=333
( first two digits of 3 is not divisible by 9 so we can use 333)

54) There are 4 balls and 4 boxes of colours yellow, pink, red and green. Red ball is in a box whose colour is same as that of the ball in a yellow box. Red box has green ball. In which box you find the yellow ball?
ans is green...
Sol) Yellow box can have either of pink/yellow balls.
if we put a yellow ball in "yellow" box then it wud imply that "yellow" is also the colour of the box which has the red ball(becoz acordin 2 d question,d box of the red ball n the ball in the yellow box have same colour)
thus this possibility is ruled out...
therefore the ball in yellow box must be pink,hence the colour of box containin red ball is also pink....
=>the box colour left out is "green",,,which is alloted to the only box left,,,the one which has yellow ball..

55) A bag contains 20 yellow balls, 10 green balls, 5 white balls, 8 black balls, and 1 red ball. How many minimum balls one should pick out so that to make sure the he gets at least 2 balls of same color.
Ans:he should pick 6 ball totally.
Sol) Suppose he picks 5 balls of all different colours then when he picks up the sixth one, it must match any on of the previously drawn ball colour.
thus he must pick 6 balls

56) What is the number of zeros at the end of the product of the numbers from 1 to 100
Sol) For every 5 in unit palce one zero is added
so between 1 to 100 there are 10 nos like 5,15,25,..,95 which has 5 in unit place.
Similarly for every no divisible by 10 one zero is added in the answer so between 1 to 100 11 zeros are added
for 25,50,75 3 extra zeros are added
so total no of zeros are 10+11+3=24

57) 10 Digit number has its first digit equals to the numbers of 1's, second digit equals to the numbers of 2's, 3rd digit equals to the numbers of 3's .4th equals number of 4's..till 9th digit equals to the numbers of 9's and 10th digit equals to the number of 0's. what is the number?.(6marks)
2---shows that two 1's in the ans
1---shows that one 2 in ans
0---shows no 3 in the ans
0---shows no 4 in the ans
0---shows no 5 in the ans
1---shows one 6 in the ans
0---shows no 7 in the ans
0---shows no 8 in the ans
0---shows no 9 in the ans
6---shows six 0's in the ans

58) There are two numbers in the ratio 8:9. if the smaller of the two numbers is increased by 12 and the larger number is reduced by 19 thee the ratio of the two numbers is 5:9. Find the larger number?
sol) 8x:9x initialy
8x+ 12 : 9x - 19 = 5x:9x
8x+12 = 5x
-> x = 4
9x = 36 not sure about the answer ..

59) There are three different boxes A, B and C. Difference between weights of A and B is 3 kgs. And between B and C is 5 kgs. Then what is the maximum sum of the differences of all possible combinations when two boxes are taken each time
A-B = 3
B-c = 5
a-c = 8
so sum of diff = 8+3+5 = 16 kgs

60) A and B are shooters and having their exam. A and B fall short of 10 and 2 shots respectively to the qualifying mark. If each of them fired atleast one shot and even by adding their total score together, they fall short of the qualifying mark, what is the qualifying mark?
ans is 11
coz each had atleast 1 shot done so 10 + 1 = 11
n 9 + 2 = 11
so d ans is 11

61) A, B, C, and D tells the following times by looking at their watches. A tells it is 3 to 12. B tells it is 3 past 12. C tells it is 12:2. D tells it is half a dozen too soon to 12. No two watches show the same time. The difference between the watches is 2,3,4,5 respectively. Whose watch shows maximum time?
sol) A shows 11:57, B shows 12:03, C shows 12:02, and D shows 11:06 therefore, max time is for B

62) Falling height is proportional to square of the time. One object falls 64cm in 2sec than in 6sec from how much height the object will fall.
Sol) The falling height is proportional to the squere of the time.
Now, the falling height is 64cm at 2sec
so, the proportional constant is=64/(2*2)=16;
so, at 6sec the object fall maximum (16*6*6)cm=576cm;
Now, the object may be situated at any where.
if it is>576 only that time the object falling 576cm within 6sec .Otherwise if it is situated<576 then it fall only that height at 6sec.

63) Gavaskar average in first 50 innings was 50. After the 51st innings his average was 51 how many runs he made in the 51st innings
Ans) first 50 ings.- run= 50*50=2500
51st ings.- avg 51. so total run =51*51=2601.
so run scored in that ings=2601-2500=101 runs.

64) Anand finishes a work in 7 days, Bittu finishes the same job in 8 days and Chandu in 6 days. They take turns to finish the work. Anand on the first day, Bittu on the second and Chandu on the third day and then Anand again and so on. On which day will the work get over?
a) 3rd b) 6th c) 9th d) 7th
Ans is d) 7th day
Sol) In d 1st day Anand does 1/7th of total work
Bithu does 1/8th work in d 2nd day
hence at d end of 3 days, work done = 1/7+1/8+1/6=73/168
remaining work = (168-73)/168 = 95/168
again after 6 days of work, remaining work is = (95-73)/168 = 22/168
and hence Anand completes the work on 7th day.(hope u understood.)

65) A man, a women and a child can do a piece of work in 6 days,man can do it in 14 days, women can do it 16 days, and in how many days child can do the same work?
The child does it in 24 days

A: 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1
B: 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0
C: 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1
Find ( (A-B) u C )==?
Hint : 109
A-B is {A} - {A n B}
A: 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1
B: 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0
by binary sub. a-b = 01100001 (1-0=1, 1-1=0,0-0=0, n for the 1st 3 digits 110-011=011)
now (a-b)uc= 01100001
or 01101101
gives 1101101... convert to decimal equals 109

================================================== ================================================== ====

TCS Previous years sample placement papers

1. Adam sat with his friends in the Chinnaswamy stadium at Madurai to watch the 100 metres running race organized by the Asian athletics Association. Five rounds were run. After every round half the teams were eliminated. Finally, one team wins the game. How many teams participated in the race?

a) 30
b) 32 -Answer
c) 41
d) 54

2. From the top of a 9 metres high building AB, the angle of elevation of the top of a tower CD is 30º and the angle of depression of the foot of the tower is 60º. What is the height of the tower?

a) 12 -Answer
b) 18
c) 9
d) 15

3. 49 members attended the party. In that 22 are males, 27 are females. The shake hands are done between males, females, male and female. Total 12 people given shake hands. How many such kinds of such shake hands are possible?

a) 122
b) 66 -Answer
c) 48
d) 128

4. Ferrari S.P.A is an Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1928 as Scuderia Ferrari, the company sponsored drivers and manufactured race cars before moving into production of street-legal vehicles in 1947 as Ferrari S.P.A. Throughout its history, the company has been noted for its continued participation in racing, especially in Formula One where it has employed great success. Rohit once bought a Ferrari. It could go 4 times as fast as Mohan’s old Mercedes. If the speed of Mohan’s Mercedes is 35 km/hr and the distance traveled by the Ferrari is 490 km, find the total time taken for Rohit to drive that distance.

a) 20.72
b) 3.5 -Answer
c) 238.25
d) 6.18

5. A sheet of paper has statements numbered from 1 to 40. For all values of n from 1 to 40, statement n says: ‘Exactly n of the statements on this sheet are false.’ Which statements are true and which are false?

a) The even numbered statements are true and the odd numbered statements are false.
b) The odd numbered statements are true and the even numbered statements are false.
c) All the statements are false.
d) The 39th statement is true and the rest are false.-Answer

6. If there are 30 cans out of them one is poisoned if a person tastes very little he will die within 14 hours so if there are mice to test and 24 hours to test, what is the minimum no. of mice’s required to find poisoned can?

a) 3
b) 2
c) 5 -Answer
d) 1

7. How many 9 digit numbers are possible by using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 which are divisible by 4 if the repetition is allowed?

a) 5^7
b) 5^6
c) 5^9
d) 5^8-Answer

8. A hare and a tortoise have a race along a circle of 100 yards diameter. The tortoise goes in one direction and the hare in the other. The hare starts after the tortoise has covered 1/5 of its distance and that too leisurely. The hare and tortoise meet when the hare has covered only 1/8 of the distance. By what factor should the hare increase its speed so as to tie the race?

a) 37.80 -Answer
b) 8
c) 40
d) 5

9. For the FIFA world cup, Paul the octopus has been predicting the winner of each match with amazing success. It is rumored that in a match between 2 teams A and B, Paul picks A with the same probability as A’s chances of winning. Let’s assume such rumors to be true and that in a match between Ghana and Bolivia; Ghana the stronger team has a probability of 2/3 of winning the game. What is the probability that Paul will correctly pick the winner of the Ghana-Bolivia game?

a) 1/9
b) 4/9
c) 5/9 -Answer
d) 2/3

10. 36 people {a1, a2… a36} meet and shake hands in a circular fashion. In other words, there are totally 36 handshakes involving the pairs, {a1, a2}, {a2, a3}, …, {a35, a36}, {a36, a1}. Then size of the smallest set of people such that the rest have shaken hands with at least one person in the set is

a) 12 -Answer
b) 11
c) 13
d) 18

11. There are two boxes, one containing 10 red balls and the other containing 10 green balls. You are allowed to move the balls between the boxes so that when you choose a box at random and a ball at random from the chosen box, the probability of getting a red ball is maximized. This maximum probability is

a) 1/2
b) 14/19 -Answer
c) 37/38
d) 3/4

12. A circular dartboard of radius 1 foot is at a distance of 20 feet from you. You throw a dart at it and it hits the dartboard at some point Q in the circle. What is the probability that Q is closer to the center of the circle than the periphery?

a) 0.75
b) 1
c) 0.5
d) 0.25-Answer

13. There are two water tanks A and B, A is much smaller than B. While water fills at the rate of one liter every hour in A, it gets filled up like 10, 20, 40, 80, 160 in tank B. (At the end of first hour, B has 10 liters, second hour it has 20, third hour it has 40 and so on). If tank B is 1/32 filled after 21 hours, what is the total duration required to fill it completely?

a) 26hrs -Answer
b) 25hrs
c) 5hrs
d) 27hrs

14. 3 friends A, B, C went for week end party to McDonald’s restaurant and there they measure there weights in some order IN 7 rounds. A, B, C, AB, BC, AC, ABC. Final round measure is 155kg then find the average weight of all the 7 rounds?

a) 88.5 -Answer
b) 77.5
c) 50
d) 55

15. A grand father has 3 grand children. Age difference of two children among them is 3. Eldest child age is 3 times the youngest child’s age and the eldest child age is two year more than the sum of age of other two children. What is the age of the eldest child?

a) 15 -Answer
b) 10
c) 22
d) 18

16. In a mixture of a, b, & c, if a and b are mixed in 3:5 ratio and b and c are mixed in 8:5 Ratio and if the final mixture is 35 liters, find the amount of b?

a) 13.34
b) 15.73 -Answer
c) 16.73
d) 9.45

17. After the typist writes 12 letters and addresses 12 envelopes, she inserts the letters randomly into the envelopes (1 letter per envelope). What is the probability that exactly 1 letter is inserted in an improper envelope?

a) 0 -Answer
b) 12/212
c) 11/12
d) 1/12

18. 10 suspects are rounded by the police and questioned about a bank robbery. Only one of them is guilty. The suspects are made to stand in a line and each person declares that the person next to him on his right is guilty. The rightmost person is not questioned. Which of the following possibilities are true?

A. All suspects are lying.
B. leftmost suspect is innocent.
C. leftmost suspect is guilty

a) A only
b) A or C
c) A or B -Answer
d) B only

19. A hollow cube of size 5 cm is taken, with a thickness of 1 cm. It is made of smaller cubes of size 1 cm. If 1face of the outer surface of the cube are painted, totally how many faces of the smaller cubes remain unpainted?

a) 900
b) 488
c) 563 -Answer
d) 800

20. My flight takes of at 2am from a place at 18N 10E and landed 10 Hrs later at a place with coordinates 36N70W. What is the local time when my plane landed?

a) 12 noon
b) 6: 40 AM -Answer
c) 5: 20 PM
d) 6:50 AM

21. The difference between two no is 9 and the product of the two is 14. What is the square of their sum?

a) 120
b) 130 -Answer
c) 137
d) 145

22. In a 100m race , A beats B by 15m and B beats C by 10m . If A beats C by 5 sec then find the speed of C.

a) 5 m/sec
b) Speed of C cannot be found with given data
c) 4.7 m/sec -Answer
d) 4 m/sec
e) 4.5 m/sec

23. A man, a woman, and a child can do a piece of work in 6 days. Man only can do it in 24 days. Woman can do it in 16 days and in how many days child can do the same work?

a) 12
b) 40
c)6 -Answer
d) 8

24. Oshkosh did a study of the colors used in African national flags. He found that 38 flags have red, 20 have blue, 13 have both red and blue, and 8 have neither red nor blue. How many flags

a. have red but not blue?
b. have blue but not red?
c. were included in the study?

a) 25, 7, 53 -Answer
b) 38, 20, 79
c) 25, 7, 66
d) 30, 20, 60

25. Amrith told to Anand in front of a photo that “He is the son of my father's son”. Find who is in the picture if Amrith have no brothers and sisters.

a) Amrith himself
b) Amrith's Uncle
c) Amrith's Father
d) Amrith's Son-Answer

================================================== ================================================== ====
1. Ray writes a two digit number. He sees that the number exceeds 4 times the sum of its digits by 3. If the number is increased by 18, the result is the same as the number formed by reversing the digits. Find the number.
a) 35
b) 42
c) 49
d) 57
Solution: Let the two digit number be xy.
4(x + y) +3 = 10x + y .......(1)
10x + y + 18 = 10 y + x ....(2)
Solving 1st equation we get 2x - y = 1 .....(3)
Solving 2nd equation we get y - x = 2 .....(4)
Solving 3 and 4, we get x = 3 and y = 5

2. a, b, c are non negitive integers such that 28a+30b+31c = 365. a + b + c = ?
a) Greater than 14
b) less than or equal to 11
c) 13
d) 12
In a calender,
Number of months having 28 days = 1
Number of months having 30 days = 4
Number of months having 31 days = 7
28 x 1 + 30 x 4 + 31 x 7 = 365
Here, a = 1, b = 4, c = 7.

a+b+c = 12

3. George can do a piece of work in 8 hours. Paul can do the same work in 10 hours, Hari can do the same work in 12 hours. George, paul and hari start the same work at 9 am, while george stops at 11 am, the remaining two complete the work. What time will the work complete?
a) 11.30 am
b) 12 noon
c) 12.30 pm
d) 1 pm
Let the total work = 120 units.
As George completes this entire work in 8 hours, his capacity is 15 units /hour
Similarly, the capacity of paul is 12 units / hour
the capacity of Hari is 10 units / hour
All 3 started at 9 am and worked upto 11 am. So total work done upto 11 am = 2 x (15 + 12 + 10) = 74
Remaining work = 120 - 74 = 46
Now this work is to be done by paul and hari. 46 / (12 + 10) = 2 hours (approx)

So work gets completed at 1 pm

4. If x^y denotes x raised to the power y, Find last two digits of (1141^3843) + (1961^4181)
a) 02
b) 82
c) 42
d) 22

Remember 1 raised to any power will give 1 as unit digit.
To find the digit in the 10th place, we have to multiply, 10th digit in the base x unit digit in the power.

So the Last two digits of the given expression = 21 + 61 = 82

5. J can dig a well in 16 days. P can dig a well in 24 days. J, P, H dig in 8 days. H alone can dig the well in How many days?
a) 32
b) 48
c) 96
d) 24
Assume the total work = 48 units.
Capacity fo J = 48 / 16 = 3 units / day
Capacity of P = 48 / 24 = 2 units / day
Capacity of J, P, H = 48 / 8 = 6 units / day
From the above capacity of H = 6 - 2 - 3 = 1
So H takes 48 / 1 days = 48 days to dig the well

6. If a lemon and apple together costs Rs.12, tomato and a lemon cost Rs.4 and an apple costs Rs.8 more than a lemon. What is the cost of lemon?
L + A = 12 ...(1)
T + L = 4 .....(2)
L + 8 = A
Taking 1 and 3, we get A = 10 and L = 2

7. 3 mangoes and 4 apples costs Rs.85. 5 apples and 6 peaches costs 122. 6 mangoes and 2 peaches costs Rs.144. What is the combined price of 1 apple, 1 peach, and 1 mango.
a) 37
b) 39
c) 35
d) 36
3m + 4a = 85 ..(1)
5a + 6p = 122 ..(2)
6m + 2p = 144 ..(3)
(1) x 2 => 6m + 8a = 170
4 x (3) => 6m + 2p = 144
Solving we get 8a - 2p = 56 ..(4)

(2) => 5a + 6p = 122
3 x (4) = 24a - 6p = 168
Solving we get a = 10, p = 12, m = 15
So a + p + m = 37

8. An organisation has 3 committees, only 2 persons are members of all 3 committee but every pair of committee has 3 members in common. what is the least possible number of members on any one committee?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 1

Total 4 members minimum required to serve only on one committee.

9. There are 5 sweets - Jammun, kaju, Peda, Ladu, Jilebi which can be consumed in 5 consecutive days. Monday to Friday. A person eats one sweet a day, based on the following constraints.
(i) Ladu not eaten on monday
(ii) If Jamun is eaten on Monday, Ladu should be eaten on friday.
(iii) Peda is eaten the day following the day of eating Jilebi
(iv) If Ladu eaten on tuesday, kaju should be eaten on monday

based on above, peda can be eaten on any day except
a) tuesday
b) monday
c) wednesday
d) friday

From the (iii) clue, peda must be eaten after jilebi. so Peda should not be eaten on monday.

10. If YWVSQ is 25 - 23 - 21 - 19 - 17, Then MKIGF
a) 13 - 11 - 8 - 7 - 6
b) 1 - 2-3-5-7
c) 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5
d) 7 - 8 - 5 - 3
MKIGF = 13 - 11 - 9 - 7 - 6
Note: this is a dummy question. Dont answer these questions

11. Addition of 641 + 852 + 973 = 2456 is incorrect. What is the largest digit that can be changed to make the addition correct?
a) 5
b) 6
c) 4
d) 7


largest among tens place is 7, so 7 should be replaced by 6 to get 2456

12. Value of a scooter depriciates in such a way that its value at the end of each year is 3/4th of its value at the beginning of the same year. If the initial value of scooter is 40,000, what is the value of the scooter at the end of 3 years.
a) 23125
b) 19000
c) 13435
d) 16875
value of the scooter at the end of the year = 40000×(3
3 = 16875

13. At the end of 1994, R was half as old as his grandmother. The sum of the years in which they were born is 3844. How old R was at the end of 1999
a) 48
b) 55
c) 49
d) 53
In 1994, Assume the ages of GM and R = 2k, k
then their birth years are 1994 - 2k, 1994 - k.
But given that sum of these years is 3844.
So 1994 - 2k + 1994 - k = 3844
K = 48
In 1999, the age of R is 48 + 5 = 53

14. When numbers are written in base b, we have 12 x 25 = 333, the value of b is?
a) 8
b) 6
c) None
d) 7
Let the base = b
So, (b+2)(2b+5) = (b+2)(2b+5)=3b
Solving we get b = 7 or -1
So b = 7

15. How many polynomials of degree >=1 satisfy f(x
a) more than 2
b) 2
c) 0
d) 1
Let f(x) = x

Only 1

16. Figure shows an equilateral triangle of side of length 5 which is divided into several unit triangles. A valid path is a path from the triangle in the top row to the middle triangle in the bottom row such that the adjacent triangles in our path share a common edge and the path never travels up (from a lower row to a higher row) or revisits a triangle. An example is given below. How many such valid paths are there?
a) 120
b) 16
c) 23
d) 24

Number of valid paths = (n-1) ! = (5-1)! = 24

17. In the question, A^B means, A raised to power B. If x*y^2*z < 0, then which one of the following statements must be true?
(i) xz < 0 (ii) z < 0 (iii) xyz < 0
a) (i) and (iii)
b) (iii) only
c) None
d) (i) only
As y^2 is always positive, x*y^2*z < 0 is possible only when xz < 0. Option d is correct.

18. The marked price of a coat was 40% less than the suggested retail price. Eesha purchased the coat for half the marked price at the fiftieth anniversary sale. What percentage less than the suggested retail price did Eesha pay?
a) 60
b) 20
c) 70
d) 30
Let the retail price is Rs.100. then market price is (100-40) % of 100 = 60. Eesha purchased the coat for half of this price. ie., 30 only. which is 70 less than the retail price. So Option C is correct.

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Default Re: What type of questions are asked in TCS

Can you guide me by tell me what type of Technical & HR Interview Questions are asked in Interview round in TCS or Tata Consultancy Services as I will prepare for that accordingly?
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Default Re: What type of questions are asked in TCS

Some of the Technical & HR Interview Questions that are asked in Interview round in TCS or Tata Consultancy Services are as follows:

TCS Placement Paper (Technical & HR Interview Question)

1. Tell us regarding your studies and qualifications?

2. What are the courses that you are undergoing in IIITMK for your PGDIT?

3. What is the duration of your PGDIT? What are the courses that you are having in the final sem?

4. What are the additional courses that you are studying when compared to your MCA?

5. Which version of UML you are using?

6. What are the differences between UML of the current version and the previous version?

7. What are the diagrams in UML?

8. What are public, private and protected in Java?

9. How will you represent them in UML?

10. What is the additional access specifier in Java other than public private and protected?

11. How "default is different from "private?

12. What type of diagram is the Use Case? (Is it structural or behavioural)

13. How will you obtain Class diagrams from the Use Case diagram?

14. What are entity, Control and Boundary Classes?

15. What are the models that you use in the Requirement Analysis?

16. What are the different types of testing?

17. What are Black Box and white Box testing?

18. What are the events that you have conducted?

19. Do you think that you will be able to lead a team?

20. Have you noticed any thing, which took your interest in our web site?

21. Do you think that the implementation of such projects is on success?

22. Don't you think that if people are not accepting your project it will be difficult to implement the same? How will you overcome it?

23. TCS won't be considering your experience of 4 years as software developer. Will you still be ready to work with us?

24. You may be posted anywhere in the country or the world? Will you still accept the same?

1. What are the electives that you have taken?

2. What is the difference between IT management and Project management?

3. Why software is called a product? (ref Pressman 1st Chapter)

4. How pricing is being done on a software product? What are the factors affecting the pricing of a software product?

5. What are the models that you use in the Requirement Analysis? (Again repeated, which was asked previous day QnNo.15)

6. Name the different DBMS architectures?

7. What is an RDBMS? How it is different from others?

8. Why most of the software’s are developed using RDBMS when compared to other types?

9. What is Raman Effect?

10. When I told that Raman Effect is related to "scattering, they asked me how is it different from Reighlay scattering?

11. Do you know the name of the person who has predicted Raman Effect a number of years before Raman?

12. Whether Raman got Nobel Prize for "Raman Effect or something else?

13. Why the sky appears red in the morning and evening?

14. If you were asked to improve IIITMK what suggestions you will give me?

15. Being an experienced person if you have been asked with people much below your age will not you be having the complex to work with them?
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