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Default Re: TCS Latest Aptitude Questions

As you want to get Aptitude Questions of TCS Latest Placement Paper, so here I am providing some following questions:

TCS Latest Placement Paper Aptitude Questions

1. If f(f(n))+f(n)=2n+3 and f(0)=1, what is the value of f(2012)?
a) 2011
b) 2012
c) 2013
d) 4095

2. If 5+3+2=151022, 9+2+4=183652, then 7+2+5=?

3. The savings of employee equals income minus expenditure.If the income of A,B,C are in the ratio 1:2:3 and their expense ratio 3:2:1 then what is the order of the employees in increasing order of their size of their savings?

4. Entry fee is Re.1.there are 3 rides each is of Re.1. total boys entering are 3000.total income is Rs.7200. 800 students do all 3 rides. 1400 go for atleast 2 rides.none go the same ride twice. then no of students who do not go any ride is?

5. The average mark obtained by 22 candidates in an examination is 45. The average of the first ten is 55 while the last eleven is 40 .The marks obtained by the 11th candidate is ?

6. What is the largest positive integer n for which 3^n divides 44^44?

7. 1(1!)+2(2!)+3(3!)....2012(2012!) = ?

8. The value of diamond varies directly as the square of its weight. If a diamond falls and breaks into two pieces with weights in the ratio 2:3. what is the loss percentage in the value?

9. Five college students met at a party and exchanged gossips. Uma said, “Only one of us is lying”. David said, “Exactly two of us are lying”. Thara said, “Exactly 3 of us are lying”. Querishi said, “Exactly 4 of us are lying”. Chitra said “All of us are lying”. Which one was telling the truth?

10. Cara, a blue whale participated in a weight loss program at the biggest office. At the end of every month, the decrease in weight from original weight was measured and noted as 1, 2, 6, 21, 86, 445, 2676. While Cara made a steadfast effort, the weighing machine showed an erroneous weight once. What was that.
a) 2676
b) 2
c) 445
d) 86

11. The letters in the word ADOPTS are permuted in all possible ways and arranged in alphabetical order then find the word at position 42 in the permuted alphabetical order?

12. There are 6 red balls,8 blue balls and 7 green balls in a bag. If 5 are drawn with replacement, what is the probability at least three are red?

13. Total number of 4 digit number do not having the digit 3 or 6.

14. A school has 120, 192 and 144 students enrolled for its science, arts and commerce courses. All students have to be seated in rooms for an exam such that each room has students of only the same course and also all rooms have equal number of students. What is the least number of rooms needed?

15. A farmer has a rose garden. Every day he picks either 7,6,24 or 23 roses. When he plucks these number of flowers the next day 37,36,9 or 18 new flowers bloom. On Monday he counts 189 roses. If he continues on his plan each day, after some days what can be the number of roses left behind? (Hint : Consider number of roses remaining every day)
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