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Default ICAR ARS Floriculture Question paper

I want floriculture ICAR ARS previous year question paper for reference

Here you are looking for previous year question papers of ICAR ARS Floriculture, so I am giving followings:

ICAR ARS Floriculture Question Paper 2013
PART – I (General Agriculture) Multiple choice questions (No. 1 to 30). Choose the correct answer (a, b, c or d) and enter your choice in the circle (by shading with a pencil) on the OMR - answer sheet as per the instructions given on the answer sheet.
1. Who is the present Chairman of Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Right Authority
a) Dr. R.R. Hanchinal
b) Dr. P.L. Gautam
c) Dr. S. Nagarajan
d) Dr. Swapan K. Datta
2. Which among the following is another name for vitamin B12?
a) Niacin
b) Pyridoxal phosphate
c) Cobalamin
d) Riboflavin
3. The largest share in India's farm export earning in the year 2011-12 was from
a) Basmati rice
b) Non-basmati rice
c) Sugar
d) Guar gum
4. The National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Insects was established by ICAR in ________, was earlier known as _______.
a) Bangalore; PDBC
b) New Delhi; National Pusa Collection
c) Ranchi; Indian Lac Research Institute
d) New Delhi; NCIPM
5. The most important sucking pests of cotton and rice are respectively
a) Nilaparvata lugens and Aphis gossypii
b) Aphis gossypii and Thrips oryzae
c) Amrasca biguttula biguttula and Scirtothrips dorsalis
d) Thrips gossypii and Orseolia oryzae
6. Which of the following microorganism causes fatal poisoning in canned fruits and vegetables?
a) Aspergillus flavus
b) Penicillium digitatum
c) Clostridium botulinum
d) Rhizoctonia solani
7. The cause of the great Bengal Famine was
a) Blast of rice
b) Brown spot of rice
c) Rust of wheat
d) Karnal bunt of wheat
8. Actinomycetes belong to
a) The fungi
b) Eukaryote
c) Mycelia sterilia
d) None of the above
9. A virus-free clone from a virus infected plant can be obtained by
a) Cotyledonary leaf culture
b) Axenic culture
c) Stem culture
d) Meristem tip culture
10. Which of the following is not an objective of the National Food Security Mission?
a) Sustainable increase in production of rice, wheat and pulses
b) Restoring soil fertility and productivity at individual farm level
c) Promoting use of bio-pesticides and organic fertilizers
d) Creation of employment opportunities

11. Agmarknet, a portal for the dissemination of
agricultural marketing information, is a joint
endeavour of
a) DMI and NIC
b) DMI and Ministry of Agriculture
c) NIC and Ministry of Agriculture
d) DMI and Directorate of Economics and
12. The share of agriculture and allied activities
in India's GDP at constant prices in 2011-12
a) 14.1%
b) 14.7%
c) 15.6%
d) 17.0%
13. The average size of land holding in India
according to Agricultural Census 2005-06 is
a) 0.38 ha
b) 1.23 ha
c) 1.49 ha
d) 1.70 ha
14. 'Farmers First' concept was proposed by
a) Paul Leagans
b) Neils Rolling
c) Robert Chamber
d) Indira Gandhi
15. In the year 2012, GM crops were cultivated
in an area of
a) 150 million hectare in 18 countries
b) 170 million hectare in 28 countries
c) 200 million hectare in 18 countries
d) 1.70 million hectare in 28 countries
16. The broad-spectrum systematic herbicide
glyphosate kills the weeds by inhibiting the
biosynthesis of
a) Phenylalanine
b) Alanine
c) Glutamine
d) Cysteine
17. At harvest, the above ground straw (leaf,
sheath and stem) weight and grain weight of
paddy crop are 5.5 and 4.5 tonnes per
hectare, respectively. What is the harvest
index of paddy?
a) 45%
b) 50%
c) 55%
d) 100%
18. Crossing over between non-sister
chromatids of homologous chromosomes
takes place during
a) Leptotene
b) Pachytene
c) Diplotene
d) Zygotene
19. The term 'Heterosis' was coined by
a) G.H. Shull
b) W. Bateson
c) T.H. Morgan
d) E.M. East
20. When a transgenic plant is crossed with a
non-transgenic, what would be the zygosity
status of the F1 plant?
a) Homozygous
b) Heterozygous
c) Hemizygous
d) Nullizygous
21. The highest per capita consumption of
flowers in the world is in
a) The USA
b) India
c) Switzerland
d) The Netherlands
22. Which of the following is a very rich source of
betalain pigment?
a) Radish
b) Beet root
c) Carrot
d) Red cabbage
23. Dog ridge is
a) Salt tolerant rootstocks of mango
b) Salt tolerant rootstocks of guava
c) Salt tolerant rootstocks of grape
d) Salt tolerant rootstocks of citrus
24. Which of the following micronutrients are
most widely deficient in Indian soils?
a) Zinc and boron
b) Zinc and iron
c) Zinc and manganese
d) Zinc and copper
25. Which of the following fertilizers is not
produced in India?
a) DAP
b) Urea
c) Muriate of potash
d) TSP
26. What is the estimated extent of salt affected
soils in India?
a) 5.42 mha
b) 7.42 mha
c) 11.42 mha
d) 17.42 mha
27. Which of the following is not a feature of
a) Hydrological unit
b) Biophysical unit
c) Socio-economic unit
d) Production unit
28. Correlation coefficient 'r' lies between
a) 0 and 1
b) -1 and 1
c) -1 and 0
d) 0 and 
29. For the data 1, -2, 4, geometric mean is
a) 2
b) 4
c) - 
d) -2
30. The relationship between Arithmetic mean
(A), Harmonic mean (H) and Geometric
mean (G) is
a) G2=AH
b) G= A+H
c) H2=GA
d) A2=GH
PART – II (Subject Paper)
31. Which of the following is not valued for
ornamental bracts?
a) Bougainvillea
b) Poinsettia
c) Mussaenda
d) Cyclamen
32. The following experimental design controls
fertility variation in one direction only
a) Completely Randomized Design
b) Latin Square Design
c) Randomized Block Design
d) Split Plot Technique
33. Most potent surface sterilent used to
establish axenic cultures of ornamental
plants is
a) 0.1% HgCl2
b) 10.00% HgCl2
c) 0.1% KMnO4
d) 0.1% H3PO4
34. Work on Hibiscus improvement and
development of varieties was extensively
carried at
a) IARI, New Delhi
b) NBRI, Lucknow
c) IIHR, Bengaluru
d) YSRUHF, Solan
35. Bangkok Golden Apple is a variety of
a) Guava
b) Pineapple
c) Avocado
d) Pomegranate
36. 'Rajat Rekha' is a mutant of
a) Rose
b) Carnation
c) Tuberose
d) Chrysanthemum
37. The origin of the following annual is not India
a) Gomphrena globosa
b) Impatiens balsamina
c) Salvia splendens
d) Vinca minor
38. Which of the following pinching types
extends the duration of flowering in
a) Single pinching
b) Pinch plus pull pinch
c) Pinch & half
d) Double pinching
39. 'Star Gazer' is a poplar variety of
a) Tiger Lily
b) Asiatic Lily
c) Oriental Lily
d) Torch Lily
40. Which of the following is propagated through
a) Tulip
b) Lilium
c) Gladiolus
d) Crocosmia
41. ________ is the square root of variance
a) Standard error
b) Standard deviation
c) Coefficient of variation
d) Correlation coefficient
42. First interspecific hybrid in Dianthus was
developed by
a) William Sim
b) Thomas Fairchild
c) Montague Allwood
d) Alphonse Alegatiere
43. Germplasm which is meant for Medium Term
Storage (MTS) for a period of 10-15 years is
referred as
a) Working collections
b) Base collections
c) Active collections
d) Secondary gene pool
44. Which of the following fragrant rose varieties
is not figured in postage stamps of Dept. of
Posts, Govt. of India released during 2007?
a) Nurjehan
b) Delhi Princess
c) Bhim
d) Jawahar
45. Botanically Kentucky blue grass is
a) Paspalum notatum
b) Agrostis palustris
c) Poa pratensis
d) Festuca arundinacea
46. Lawn mower was invented by _________ in
a) Edwin Lutyens
b) Edwin Budding
c) J.B. Olcoth
d) William Robinson
47. The concept of bio-aesthetic planning was
given by
a) Le Corbuiser
b) M.S. Randhawa
c) Humphrey Repton
d) Lancelot Hogben
48. The book ‘Gardens Through The Ages’ is
authored by
a) M.S. Randhawa
b) G.S. Randhawa
c) B.P. Pal
d) T.K. Bose
49. Which of the following trees is effective
against CO (carbon monoxide) in the
a) Chlorophytum clatum
b) Rhapis excelsa
c) Ficus benzamina
d) Trachypus fortune
50. Dwarf species of chrysanthemum is
a) C. frutescens
b) C. coronarium
c) C. moreifolium
d) C. multicaule
51. A typical Tetrapak has
a) 6 layers comprising of polyethylene and
aluminium layers
b) 6 layers comprising of polyethylene layers
c) 4 layers comprising of polyethylene and
aluminium layers
d) 4 layers comprising of polyethylene layers
52. Which of the following is not native to India?
a) Ficus religiosa
b) Putranjiva roxuburghii
c) Sterculia diversifolia
d) Alstonia scholaris
53. What do you mean about NGS?
a) Next Generation Sequencing
b) Novel Gene Sequence
c) New Genomic Sequences
d) Novel Genomic Software
54. The perpetual flowering _______ is known
as father of modern roses.
a) Parson’s Pink China Rose
b) Hume’s Blush
c) Parks Tea China Rose
d) Slater’s Crimson China Rose
55. Which of the following rootstocks are suitable
for growing rose in sandy and clay soils,
a) R. indica var. odorata and R. canina
b) R. canina and R. indica var. odorata
c) R. manetti and R. laxa
d) R. laxa and R. manetti
56. Bogota region of Columbia has ideal climate
for the production of
a) Rose
b) Carnation
c) Chrysanthemum
d) Gerbera
57. The range of deficiency and toxicity is narrow
in which of the following micronutrients?
a) Iron
b) Calcium
c) Molybdenum
d) Boron
58. In India, protection of varieties in which of the
following crops may be sought from
PPV&FRA at present?
a) Rose and gladiolus
b) Rose and chrysanthemum
c) Gladiolus and chrysanthemum
d) Jasmine and tuberose
59. In orchids, it is difficult to germinate the seed
as they have little or no endosperm, but
_____________ found that the orchid seed
germinated readily in a glass flask containing
nutrients and agar.
a) Murashige and Skoog
b) Vacin and Went
c) Lewis Knudson
d) Gamborg
60. Lewis et al. (1972) divided the genus
Gladiolus into 4 groups based on the number
a) Functional anthers
b) Well developed petals
c) Functional carpels
d) Well developed leaves
61. Snap dragon belongs to which family?
a) Balsaminaceae
b) Malvaceae
c) Nyctaginaceae
d) Scrophularaceae
62. The precursor for ABA synthesis in plants is
a) Methionine
b) Tryptophan
c) Acetyl CoA
d) Violaxantin
63. Terminal cuttings of carnation can be stored
at ____oC temperature before root induction.
a) 0 to 1
b) 2 to 5
c) 5 to 10
d) -20 to -10
64. Which of the following is a fragrant orchid?
a) Peristeria elata
b) Cymbidium aloeifolium
c) Paphiopedilum insigne
d) Vanda coerulea
65. Pyrethrum, an insecticide is extracted from
the following chrysanthemum species
a) C. carinatum
b) C. cineroriifolium
c) C. coronarium
d) C. coronatum
66. The UPOV (Union for the Protection of New
Plant Varieties) headquarters is located in
a) Geneva
b) Berne
c) Rome
d) Paris
67. In carnation, adequate level of following
nutrient should be ensured as it has positive
relationship with resistance to Fusarium
oxysporum f.sp. dianthi
a) Phosphorus
b) Potassium
c) Calcium
d) Boron
68. The following species of Jasminum produces
yellow flowers except
a) J. primulinum
b) J. rex
c) J. humile
d) J. pubigerum
69. In Polianthes, which of the following species
produces deep red flowers?
a) P. durangensis
b) P. platyphylla
c) P. graminifolia
d) P. geminiflora
70. Arka Surabhi, an improved variety of jasmine
from IIHR, Bengaluru has a yield potential of
a) 5 t/ha
b) 10 t/ha
c) 15 t/ha
d) 20 t/ha
71. 'Arka Flame' and 'Arka Krishika' are the first
indigenously developed varieties of
________ and ________, respectively.
a) Rose and carnation
b) Rose and gerbera
c) Carnation and gerbera
d) Carnation and crossandra
72. Kemin yellow oil from Kemin Industries, USA
is the product of
a) Rose
b) Carnation
c) Marigold
d) Calendula
73. The ideal angle between the spathe and
spadix in anthurium is
a) 45o
b) 75o
c) 90o
d) 180o
74. Lutein, an antioxidant is extracted from
a) Tagetes erecta
b) Tagetes patula
c) Rosa hybrida
d) Chrysanthemum coronarium
75. Bird of Paradise, Sterilitzia reginae is native
a) Mexico
b) South Africa
c) Sri Lanka
d) Thailand
76. Statice (Limonium) belongs to
a) Nyctaginaceae
b) Apocynaceae
c) Lathyraceae
d) Plumbaginaceae
77. Minimum isolation distance required for seed
production in marigold
a) 250 m
b) 500 m
c) 1000 m
d) 2000 m
78. Which of the following breeding methods is
not suitable for asexually reproducing crops?
a) Clonal selection
b) Pedigree breeding
c) Mass selection
d) Mutation breeding
79. ‘Padmashree’ has been awarded recently to
a) Dr. K.L. Chadha
b) Dr. Vishnu Swarup
c) Dr. T.K. Bose
d) Dr. G.S. Randhawa
80. Which of the following Gladiolus species
produces strange colours like green, brown
and slate?
a) G. cardinalis
b) G. carneus
c) G. dracocephalus
d) G. stellatus
81. Allah Din and Appledoon are the popular
varieties of ________ and _____,
a) Daffodil and lilium
b) Daffodil and tulip
c) Alstroemeria and lilium
d) Alstroemeria and tulip
82. Which of the following is scented and early
blooming annual?
a) Petunia
b) Sweet Alyssum
c) Antirrhinum
d) Coreopsis
83. The climber, Campsis radicans produces
flowers in ______ colour.
a) White
b) Orange
c) Yellow
d) Red
84. Carnation and chrysanthemum are typical
example of ______ and _______ plants,
a) Quantitative long day and qualitative short
b) Quantitative long day and quantitative short
c) Qualitative long day and qualitative short day
d) Qualitative long day and quantitative short
85. An individual having chromosome number
that is not an exact multiple of the basic
chromosome number is called
a) Heteroploid
b) Allopolyploid
c) Autopolyploid
d) Aneuploid
86. Cytoplasmic male sterility is found in
a) Antirrhinum
b) Salvia
c) Petunia
d) Marigold
87. To ensure high degree of fidelity during DNA
replication, the critical proof reading is
carried out by
a) 5′3′ exonuclease activity of DNA
b) 3′5′ exonuclease activity of DNA
c) Restriction endonucleases
d) Polynucleotide ligases
88. In order to promote environmentally sound
cultivation practices of flowers and plants,
the Dutch Floriculture Industries and the
auction houses have started the following
quality certification programme
a) Milieu Project Sierteelt - MPS
c) Flower Lable Programme (FLP)
d) Fair Flowers & Plants (FFP)
89. Which of the following trees is disliked by
cattle and therefore easily get established
while young?
a) Pongamia pinnata
b) Delonix regia
c) Hibiscus tiliaceus
d) Cassia fistula
90. Which of the following ground covers is used
as an evergreen lawn?
a) Zoysia japonica
b) Dichondra repens
c) Wadelia chinesis
d) Sedum reflexum
91. Which of the following compounds are often
referred as anti-auxins?
a) 2,4-Dichlorophenoxy acetic acid and 2,4,5-T
b) MCPA and picloram
c) Phenyl acetic acid and 4-Chloroindole acetic
d) 2,3,5-Triiodobenzoic acid and -
Naphthylthalamic acid
92. 'Sea of Plastics', a 50,000 acre world’s
largest complex of a series of greenhouse is
located at
a) Alsmeer in The Netherlands
b) Shangai in China
c) Almeria in Spain
d) Hannover in Germany
93. The Ti plasmid of Agrobacterium tumifaciens
contains an important gene that codes for
the following enzyme that is involved in the
rapid cell division
a) Isopentenyl AMP synthase
b) ACC synthase
c) IAA oxidase
d) Cellulase
94. In which of the following groups of
ornamental plants, ethylene is involved in
induction of flowering?
a) Ferns
b) Cacti and succulents
c) Bromeliads
d) Palms and cycads
95. The following compound in essential oil acts
as very potential growth inhibitor?
a) Jasmonic acid in oil of jasmine
b) Geraniol in oil of geranium
c) Citronellol in oil of lemon grass
d) Eugenol in oil of tuberose
96. Tip burning due to fluoride injury is observed
a) Gerbera
b) Carnation
c) Rose
d) Gladiolus
97. Which of the following trees exhibit
nyctinastic movements?
a) Garcinia indica
b) Mimosops elengi
c) Plumeria alba
d) Samanea samano
98. Which of the following trees produces silvery
leaves that resemble fern leaves?
a) Grevillea robusta
b) Melia dubia
c) Jacaranda acutifolia
d) Lagerstroemia speciosa
99. A measure of discrepancy existing between
observed and expected frequencies is
calculated by
a) Student’s ‘t’ test
b) Chi-square test
c) Correlation
d) Regression
100. Arrangement of fruits and flowers is known
a) Ikenobo
b) Ikebana
c) Morimono
d) Moribana

ICAR ARS Floriculture Question Paper 2011and 2013 detail attached two pdf file
Attached Files Available for Download
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I need question papers of ICAR ARS Floriculture Exam. So can any one give previous year question papers of ICAR ARS Floriculture?
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