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Default Previous years question papers of NID

Kindly provide me the Previous years question papers of NID……….

The National Institute of Design (NID) is a design school in Ahmedabad which functions as an autonomous body under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, government of India. It is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research under Ministry of Science and Technology, government of India, as a scientific and industrial design research organization.

Business Week has placed NID in its list of top design schools in the world.

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Default Re: Previous years question papers of NID

Yes sure, here I am providing you the previous years question papers of NID. You can use this question paper in your studies and it will give you idea about the paper pattern.

Q.1.1. Draw human form in relation with the given object in sitting posture. (9 marks)

Q.1.2. Analyse the objects .in the drawing and redraw the correct drawing with details. (6 marks)

Q.1.3.A. Identify THREE objects fr om the given i mage & write about the material of the 3 o bjects. (3 marks)
____________ ______________________ _______________________ _____________________ ____________ ______________________ _______________________ _____________________ ____________ ______________________ _______________________ _____________________ ____________ ______________________ _______________________ _____________________

Q.1.3.B. Visualize a nd draw any ONE complete o bject from above. Use A4 size paper. (6 marks)

Q.1.3.C. Give three different uses of the drawin g you have dra wn in Q 1.3.B.apart from its (6 marks) intended use through ske tches and tex t. Use A4 size paper.

Q.1.4 From the given two objec ts below imag ine ONE OBJECT to be 100 times larger an d suggest (6 marks) THREE diff rent uses of t he enlarged o bjects through sketches supp orted by text. Use A4 size paper.

Q.1.5 Make a COMMUNICATION poster to en courage WAL KING. Use A4 s ize paper. (9 m arks)

Q.2.0 Select TWO themes and colour the given form and give reason for the choice of (7 marks) Colour Palette

1. Summer 2. Railway 3. Village 4. Spicy 5. Arctic Holiday Station Festival Food Zone

__________________________________________________ _____________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________
Q.3.0 There are 1 0 frames with images given below. Find th e appropriate word (8 mar ks) (from thos e given below) for any FIVE i mages and write it down un er the related frame (think of the current ima ge as an incom plete image). Now visualize and illustra te an appropriate composition along with the existing image within t he frame usin g line drawing conveying the meaning of th e word chosen for each fra me. Dumb Life Glutton Air Spirit Chemical Frenzy Clo wn Fear Toleran ce Hatred Disease Narcotic Lun atic Meltdown Fan Electric Solid Stupid Piracy Signal Trap Heavy Joy

Q.4. Answer any 6 out of the 8 questions below. (12 marks) Answer should be strictly confirmed to the space given for the each question. (All question carry equal marks) Q.4.1 What is Tsunami? __________________________________________________ ________________________________ Give your view on news paper report titled. “The primitive tribes of Andaman & Nicobar islands Escape Tsunami”?

__________________________________________________ ________________________________ Q.4.2 State one each recent incidents / event related to: “Right to Information” __________________________________________________ ______________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________ “Right to Education” __________________________________________________ ______________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________ “Right to Life” __________________________________________________ ____________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________
Q.4.3 What is special significance of recent verdict of the 2008 United State Prudential Elections?

__________________________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________

Q.4.4 Guess the relation between “Boifuels” and “Food Security”.

__________________________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________

Q.4.5 Define “Recession” & “Inflation”.

__________________________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________

Q.4.6 State how “Tomato” prices are affected by monsoon and/or floods?

__________________________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________

Q.4.7 What is the relation between food habits and dental care?

__________________________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________

Q.4.8 Guess why monkeys don’t need to brush their teeth?

__________________________________________________ ________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________

Q.5.0 List at least 5 Nobel prize winners as well as Olympic individual medal winners from India along with their subjects / fields. (2.5 marks) Winners: Subject s / Fields: _____________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Q.6.0 State five key criteria, which must be considered, if you were to design an exhibition for the blind. (2.5 marks) __________________________________________________ ________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Q.7.0 State five key criteria, which must be considered, if you were to redesign public toilets. (2.5 marks) __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Q.8.0 Why Maldives “government has recently decided to divert a portion of the islands “tourist revenue into a sovereign wealth fund to buy a new homeland? (2.5 marks) __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________


1. Which point A on these bars of equal length and thickness would get hottest first.

2. Which liquid would boil last? A. Water B. Mercury Answer = C. Alcohol

3. If a flag was raised on the pole, on which side would it fly? A. The seaside B. The landside Answer = C. You cannot tell

4. If left in the sun, in which can will water lake longest to warm? A. Shiny tin can B. Mat black painted tin can Answer =

5. Which line is most likely to represent the center of gravity of the shape. Answer =

6. Which of the tyres is fitted to the vehicle carrying the greatest load. A. B. Answer = Cannot tell
7. If the piston is depressed at which point is the oil subjected to the greatest pressure? A. B. Answer = All equal

8. Which seesaw is in equilibrium? Answer =

9. Find the circle that does not include a word. Answer =

10. Which shape has the smallest surface area for a given volume? Answer =

11. In which clean tube the water rise the highest? A. B. C. The liquid with rise to the same level Answer = D. The liquid will not rise at all

12. Which is petrol and which is ICE? A. Petrol B. Petrol A. ICE Answer = B. ICE

13. Which view point would be least prone to error? Answer =

14. Which shape is the more rigid? Answer =

15. Which is the least and which the most dense? A. Ice B. Water Answer = C. Oil

16. Where is the pressure greatest, at the top, bottom or middle of a drum of water? Answer =

17. In which direction is the pressure greatest? A. B. C. Answer = D.

18. Is this shape concave or convex? A. Concave B. Convex C. Both Answer = D. Neither

Q.5.2. Each problem in this test consists of diagrams on the left side of the page, which follow (4 marks) a logical sequence. You are required to choose the next diagram in the series from the five options on the right side. Indicated your answer by ticking on the choice box which are named as A, B, C, D OR E.
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