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Default Sample paper for Aptitude Test of IISER

I need the IISER Aptitude Test Sample Model Question Papers, can you provide me the same???

As you need the IISER Aptitude Test Sample Model Question Papers, here I am providing you the Sample paper for Aptitude Test. There are objective types of the questions available of biology subject.


1. Which is a unicellular eukaryote?
A. E. coli
B. Streptococcus
C. Saccharomyces
D. Salmonella

2. DNA-containing extra nuclear organelle is:
A. Endoplasmic reticulum
B. Lysosome
C. Plastid
D. Peroxisome

3. Plant species for production of biodiesel is:
A. Brassica
B. Triticum
C. Jatropha
D. Oryza

4. The chemical found at nerve junctions (synapse) that is responsible for neural transmission is:
A. Adrenaline
B. Acetyl choline
C. Epinephrine
D. Acetyl salicylic acid

5. The initiation codons in genetic code are:
A. AUG and UAG
B. AUG and GUG
C. UAG and GUG
D. UAG and AUU

6. Transfer of genetic material from one host cell to another by a bacteriophage is called:
A. Cloning
B. Hybridization
C. Transformation
D. Transduction

7. Crossing over occurs in which stage?
A. Pachytene
B. Zygotene
C. Leptotene
D. Diplotene

8. Which of the following group of animals is uricotelic?
A. Fish, dog, monkey and bird
B. Fish, lizard, snake and bird
C. Lizard, snake, bird and insect
D. Monkey, man, cow and dog

9. A trace element essential for plant-growth and radio-isotope, which is used in cancer therapy is:
A. Cobalt
B. Calcium
C. Sodium
D. Iron

10. An in situ method of conservation is:
A. Genetic engineering
B. Cryopreservation
C. Tissue culture
D. National park


1. If the rate of diffusion of O2 through an orifice is r1, then the rate of diffusion of the same
volume of H2 through the same orifice under identical conditions will be
A. r1
B. 2r1
C. 4r1
D. 8r1

2. Which of the following having the molecular formula C6H6 contain(s) a single set of
structurally equivalent hydrogen atoms?
A. Only I is correct
B. I, II, and III are correct
C. Both III and IV are correct
D. Both I and III are correct

3. For equimolar quantities of the following compounds the maximum depression in freezing
point of water will be observed in
A. Potassium ferrocyanide
B. Potassium ferricyanide
C. Potassium chloride
D. Glucose

4. Which of the following ion is expected to be colorless
A. Cu2+
B. Ti4+
C. V3+
D. Fe2+

5. Which among the following chemical species has the highest E-E bond energy?
C C Si Si N N O O
6. For an elementary reaction which is the correct statement?
A. Order > molecularity
B. Order < molecularity
C. Order = molecularity
D. No relation between order and molecularity

7. Which of the following substrates will have the fastest rate of nucleophilic substitution by an
iodide ion?

8. The bond order and magnetic behavior of NO+
A. Bond order = 2; paramagnetic
B. Bond order = 2; diamagnetic
C. Bond order = 3; paramagnetic
D. Bond order = 3; diamagnetic

9. Arrange the following compounds in decreasing order of their pKa values
A. I > II > III > IV
B. III > II > IV > I
C. II > III > I > IV
D. IV > III > II > I

10. On oxidation a compound having the molecular formula C4H10O can be converted into
C4H8O. The original compound could be:
I. Primary alcohol, II. Secondary alcohol, III. Tertiary alcohol.
Which of the following options is correct?
A. I, II, and III are correct
B. Both I and II are correct
C. Only I is correct
D. Only II is correct

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Sample Paper

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