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I want to get the question papers of the Karnataka Board SSLC Examination. So will you provide the question papers?

As you want to get the question papers of Karnataka Board SSLC Examination, so here I am providing the following question papers:

Karnataka Board SSLC Question Papers Science
The induced electromotive force increases when a magnet is moved fast in a
stationary coil of wire because,
(A) magnetic field increases
(B) rate of change of magnetic field increases
(C) rate of change of magnetic field decreases
(D) magnetic field decreases.

A photoelectric cell emits electrons when illuminated by a 60 W bulb. If the same cell
is illuminated by replacing it with a 40 W bulb, the observation that can be made is
(A) no photoelectric effect takes place
(B) number of photoelectrons increases
(C) the kinetic energy of photoelectrons decreases
(D) number of photoelectrons decreases.

The defect in an engine is detected by using X-rays. The gamma radiation can also be
used for the same purpose because gamma radiation has,
(A) higher frequency than X-ray
(B) same frequency as that of X-ray
(C) higher wavelength than X-ray
(D) same wavelength as that of X-ray.

The transducer used in television transmission works on the principle of
(A) electromagnetic induction
(B) photoelectric effect
(C) Raman’s effect
(D) Rayleigh’s effect.

The source that gives line emission spectrum when subjected to dispersion is
(A) Molten iron
(B) Sun
(C) Mercury vapour
(D) Candle flame.

To get full paper, download the file……………………
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf Karnataka Board SSLC Question Papers Science-1.pdf (254.3 KB, 85 views)
File Type: pdf Karnataka Board SSLC Question Papers Social Science-2.pdf (158.7 KB, 83 views)

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Default Re: Karnataka Board SSLC Papers

As you need the Karnataka Board SSLC Question Paper so here it is given below

1. The Governor General who planned to have all season trunk roads all over the country was

(A) Lord Dalhousie

(B) Lord William Bentinck

(C) Lord Cornwallis

(D) Lord Wellesley.

2. The journalist who was jailed for his anti-British writings from Bijapur was

(A) Jaya Rao Nargund

(B) R. R. Diwakar

(C) Hanumantha Rao Mohare

(D) K. C. Reddy.

3. The project undertaken to provide shelter to the refugees from East Pakistan

who were settled in Orissa is

(A) Hirakud project

(B) Ganga Cauvery Project

(C) Dandakaranya project

(D) Mundgod and Bailukuppe project.

4. The correct group of NAM leaders among the following is

(A) Sukarno, Mussolini, Nehru, Nasser

(B) Nehru, Gandhiji, Nasser, Tito

(C) Sukarno, Nasser, Tito, Nehru

(D) Tito, Nasser, Nehru, Adolf Hitler.

5. The result of New Deal policy was
(A) U.S.A. once again became an economic power
(B) Friendship between U.S.A. and China improved
(C) America entered into World War II
(D) America lost its hold on Pearl Harbour.

6. Hitler was from Germany whereas Mussolini was from
(A) America
(B) Russia
(C) Italy
(D) China.

7. The year which is declared as Women Empowerment Year is
(A) 2001
(B) 2010
(C) 1999
(D) 2004.
Ans :

8. An exclusive attachment or loyalty to one’s own region or state is
(A) Communalism
(B) Regionalism
(C) Linguism
(D) Casteism.

9. The religious head of Tibet who took shelter in India was
(A) Chou En-lai
(B) Mao Tse-tung
(C) Dalai Lama
(D) Sun Yatsen.

10. Mango shower is the name given to pre-monsoon shower in
(A) Karnataka
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Kerala.
Ans :

11. Mahogony is to Evergreen vegetation, whereas date and palm is to
(A) Mangrove vegetation
(B) Tropical deciduous vegetation
(C) Himalayan vegetation
(D) Desert vegetation.
Ans :
12. India has given top priority to develop solar energy because
(A) of a favourable location for its development
(B) it is an unstable energy
(C) it is an exhaustible source of energy
(D) it is used only for limited purpose.
Ans :
13. Ruhr of India is
(A) Chota Nagpur Plateau
(B) Gorakhpur
(C) Mumbai
(D) North Indian plain.
Ans :

14. When goods are exchanged for goods, then it is called
(A) Entrepot trade (B) Import
(C) Export (D) Barter system.
Ans :
15. To overcome the problems of farmers, the Government of Karnataka has
launched the programme called
(A) Food for work (B) Raita mitra
(C) Twenty point programme (D) Ceiling on land holding.
Ans :
II. Fill in the blanks with suitable answers : 5 1 = 5
16. The French Governor during Third Carnatic war was …………………………… .
17. The President of the Constituent Assembly was ………………………………… .
18. The first person who condemned racial discrimination was …………………… .
19. The place which has highest recorded temperature in India is at ……………… .
20. Rural mass usually engage themselves more in ……………………… industries.

III. 21. Match the items in List-A with List-B. Write the correct answer in the space
provided : 5 1 = 5
List-A List-B
(a) Supreme Court (i) Minto-Morley Reforms
(b) Separate communal electorate (ii) Dayanand Saraswati
(c) D.A.V. Schools (iii) Annie Besant
(d) Stri Purusha Tulna (iv) Regulating Act
(e) Central Hindu College (v) Tarabai Shinde
(vi) Col. Olcot
(vii) Raja Rammohan Roy
(viii) Montague and Chelmsford Reforms
Ans. : a)

IV. Answer the following questions in a sentence each : 9 1 = 9
22. Who introduced Subsidiary Alliance ?
23. Why did USA enter into the First World War ?
24. Why has the Government established Lokayukta ?
25. Where is the headquarters of SAARC located ?
26. What is ‘Veto’ power ?

27. What are the special characteristics of Mangrove forests ?
28. Which are the commodities carried by pipelines ?
29. What is a Welfare State ?
30. Why was UNO established ?
V. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each : 16 2 = 32
31. What were the achievements of Doddadevaraja Wodeyar ?

32. What were the causes for the Second Anglo-Sikh war ?
33. How did the newspaper create awareness and a sense of nationality among the
Indians ?
34. Why did Mysore State Congress decide to launch Mysore Chalo Movement ?

35. How was Junagadh State merged with Indian Union ?
36. What made Austria to attack on Serbia in 1914 ?
37. How did Burma become independent ?

38. How is Indian Government striving hard to check communalism ?
39. Why is Security Council considered as an important organ of the U.N.O. ?
40. Why hadn’t India given its consent to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty ?

41. Deccan plateau has a great economic importance. Explain.
42. Why is there a great demand for mica in the world ?
43. Why are Jute factories concentrated more in West Bengal ?

44. What are the uses of roads in India ?
45. How has government followed a preferential treatment to small scale and cottage
industries ?
46. What were the causes for the failure of the Third Five-Year Plan ?

VI. Answer the following questions in five or six sentences each : 6 3 = 18
47. How did Portuguese try to establish their power in India ?
48. What were the administrative and socio-religious causes for the uprising
of 1857 revolt ?

49. How is the Government struggling to universalize Primary Education in India ?
50. Human Resource is of prime importance in the economic development of a
country. Justify the statement.

51. List the Geographical conditions required for the cultivation of Coffee and Tea.
52. Why is our country facing adverse balance of payment since the beginning of
our Five-Year plans ?

VII. Write the answer to the following questions in about ten sentences each :
3 4 = 12
53. Subhash Chandra Bose played a very important role in the freedom movement.

54. U.N.O. has successfully avoided large scale wars. Justify this statement.

55. “Though India is an agricultural country still it is backward in agriculture.” Give

VIII. 56. Draw an outline map of India and locate the following places : 1 + 3 = 4
a) Gulf of Mannar
b) Vishakhapatnam
c) Nava Seva.

Alternative Question for Blind Candidates only : ( In lieu of Q. No. 56 )
Mention few uses of Himalayas.

For complete paper here is the PDF file
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf Karnataka Board SSLC Papers.pdf (158.7 KB, 79 views)
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