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Can you provide me with the syllabus and question papers of DMRC exam for the position of Station Controller

Delhi Metro is the world's thirteenth largest metro system in terms of length. Delhi Metro is India's first modern public transportation system. Besides construction and operation of Delhi metro, DMRC is also involved in the planning and implementation of metro rail, monorail and high-speed rail projects in India and providing consultancy services to other metro projects in the country as well as abroad.

DMRC Exam Syllabus:

For the post of Jr.Engineers (Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical/Civil), the selection methodology will comprise three-stage process –

i) Written Test (two papers).
ii) Personal Interview.
iii) Medical examination.

The written test will consist of two papers ( Paper-I and Paper-II, to be held on the same day in the same center) . Paper I will consist of multiple-choice objective type questions and Paper -II will consist of subjective type questions.

Paper-I will consist of multiple-choice objective type questions, on below stated subjects.
Aptitude ( Around 20 question)
General Awareness ( Around 20 question)
English ( Around 20 question)
Subject Knowledge ( Around 60 question)

Paper-II will consist of subjective type questions on Paragraph Writing, Comprehension, Essay and questions on Science &Technology matter, in English Medium to judge the candidate’s comprehension skills & test of English language.

DMRC Junior Engineer Electrical Question Papers:

1. Mho relay is usually employed for the protection of
a) Short lines only
b) Medium lines only
c) Long lines only
d) Any line

Ans: Long lines only

2. A modern power semiconductor device IGBT is combines the characteristics of
b) FCT and GTO
d) SCR and BJT


3. For a single-phase a.c. to d.c. controlled rectifier to operate in regenerative mode, which of the following conditions should be satisfied?
a) Half –controlled bridge, α 90°, source of e.m.f. in load
c) Full-controlled bridge, α > 90°, source of e.m.f. in load
d) Full-controlled bridge, α 90°, source of e.m.f. in load

4. Which is the most suitable power device for high frequency ( more 100 kHz) switching application?
a) Power MOSFET
b) BJT
c) SCR
d) UJT

Ans: Power MOSFET

5. In a thyristor Latching current is ________ than Holding current
a) Equal
b) Less
c) Greater
d) None

Ans: Greater

6. The transfer function of a system is 10/(1+s) when operating as a unity feedback system, the steady state error to a step input will be
a) 0
b) 1/11
c) 10
d) Infinity

Ans: 1/11

7. Which one of the following statements for a dc machine which is provided with inter pole winding (IW) as well as compensating winding (CW) is correct
a) Both IW and CW are connected in series with Armature winding
b) Both IW and CW are connected in parallel with Armature winding
c) IW connected in series but CW is connected in parallel with Armature winding
d) CW connected in series but IW is connected in parallel with Armature winding

Ans: Both IW and CW are connected in series with Armature winding

8. A 0-10 mA PMMC ammeter reads 5mA in a circuit; its bottom control spring snaps out suddenly the meter will now read.
a) 5mA
b) 10mA
c) 2.5mA
d) 0

Ans: 0

9. A dc cumulatively compounded motor delivers rated load torque at rated speed. If series field is short circuited, then the armature current and speed will
a) Both increases
b) Both decreases
c) Increases and decreases
d) Decreases and increases

Ans: Both increases

10. Moving coil in dynamometer wattmeter connected
a) In series with fixed coil
b) Across supply
c) In series with load
d) Across load

Ans: Across supply

11. In an induction machine, if the air gap increased
a) Speed will be reduced
b) Efficiency will be improved
c) Power factor will be lowered
d) Breakdown torque will be reduced

Ans: Power factor will be lowered

12. A CRO screen has ten divisions on the horizontal scale. If a voltage signal 5 sin 314t+45 deg)is examined with a line base settings of 5 msec/div, the number of cycles of signal displayed on the screen will be
a) 0.5 cycles
b) 2.5 cycles
c) 5 cycles
d) 10 cycles

Ans: 2.5 cycles

13. A 3-phase 50HZ SCIM takes a power input of 30 KW at its full load speed of 1440 rpm. Total stator losses are 1 KW. The slip and rotor ohmic losses at full load are
a) 0.02, 600 W
b) 0.04, 580 W
c) 0.04, 1160 W
d) 0.04, 1200 W

Ans: 0.04, 1160 W

14. Thermocouple is used to measure
a) AC
b) DC
c) Both
d) None

Ans: Both

15. The two watt meters measurement the ratio of two meter readings is –(1-sqrt3) 1+sqrt3) then the power factor is

a) 1
b) 0.866
c) 0.707
d) 0

Ans: 0.707

16. Hays bridge is used to measure___________ and Schering bridge is used to measure____________

a) Inductance, Inductance
b) Inductance, Capacitance
c) Capacitance, Inductance
d) Resistance, Capacitance

Ans: Inductance, Capacitance

17. When sine wave is given as input to Schmitt trigger then its generates

a) Sine wave
b) Saw tooth wave
c) Triangle wave
d) Square wave

Ans: Square wave

18. In Gauss Seidel method the following factors are influenced for operation

a) Acceleration factor
b) Selection of slack buss
c) Both
d) None

Ans: Selection of slack buss*

i. (X’+Y’) A. Low-pass filter function
ii. (X’Y’) B. Sum
iii. (XY) C. NAND
D. Carry

a) i-C, ii-E, iii-D
b) i-C, ii-E, iii-B
c) i-C, ii-B, iii-D
d) i-C, ii-E, iii-A

Ans: i-C, ii-E, iii-D

20. The phase lead compensation is used to
a) Increase rise time and decrease overshoot
b) Decrease both rise time and overshoot
c) Increase both rise time and overshoot
d) Decrease rise time and increase overshoot

Ans: Decrease rise time and increase overshoot

21. Voltage feed back amplifier is a

a) Shunt-Shunt
b) Shunt-Series
c) Series-Shunt
d) Series- Series

Ans: Shunt-Shunt

22. In microprocessor the next instruction to be executed is stored in

a) Program Counter
b) Stack Pointer
c) Memory Pointer
d) Accumulator

Ans: Program Counter

23. The following element retains it energy after source is disconnected

a) Resister
b) Inductor
c) Capacitor
d) Thermistor


24. In series RLC circuit at resonant

a) Voltage is in phase with current
b) Current is maximum
c) Inductive reactance = Capacitive reactance
d) All of the above

Ans: All of the above

25.For RC low pass filter R=100 K ohms, C= 5 micro farads then lower cutt of frequency is

a) 1 K HZ
b) 0 HZ
c) 381.3 HZ
d) Infinity


26. V=100Sin (1000t+46 deg), I=2Sin (1000t+80 deg) what are the elements in the circuit

a) R=30 ohm, L=30 mH
b) R=30 ohm, C=33.3 micro farads
c) R=40 ohm, L=30 mH
d) R=40 ohm, L=33.3 micro farads

Ans: R=40 ohm, L=33.3 micro farads

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Default Re: DMRC Exam Syllabus and Question Papers for Station Controller

Here I am providing you Syllabus and Previous Years Question Papers for preparation of DMRC Exam for Station Controller.

Syllabus for DMRC Station Controller Written Test:

Duration: 1.5 hours

Exam consist of Objects questions on following Subjects:
a) General Awareness
b) English
c) Logical Ability
d) Quantitative Aptitude and/or knowledge of the discipline/trade.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Exam consists of subjective type questions on followings:
a) Paragraph Writing
b) Comprehension
c) Essay
d) Questions on Science & Technology matter

Personal Interview and Medical Test:
All short listed candidates will have to go through an interview followed by a Medical Test.

Previous Years Question Papers of DMRC Exam for Station Controller:

DMRC Exam for Station Controller Paper 1

When two numbers are added in excess-3 code and the sum is less than 9, then in order to get the correct answer it is necessary to
(a) subtract 0011 from the sum
(b)add 0011 to the sum
(C) subtract 0110 from the sum
(d)add OllOto the sum

A graph with ‘en” vertices and n-I edges that Is not a tree, is
(a) Connected
(b) Disconnected
(C) Euler
(d) A circuit

If a graph requires k different colours for its proper colouring, then the chromatic number of the graph is
(c) k-I
(d) k12

Are adblt can be read
(a) and written by CPU
(b) and written by peripheral
(c) by pheripheral and written by CPU
(d) by CPU and written by the peripheral

The term “aging” refers to
(a ) booting up the priority of a process in multi-level of queue without feedback.
(b) gradually increasing the priority of jobs that wait in the system for a long time to remedy infinite blocking.
(C) keeping track of the following a page has been in memory for the purpose of LRU replacement
(d) letting job reside in memory for a certain amount of time so that the number of pages required can be estimated accurately.

Consider a set of n tasks with known runtirnes r1, r2 ……. r to be run on a unlprocessor machine. Which of the following processor scheduling algorithms will result in the maximum throughput?
a) Round Robin
b) Shortest job first
c) Highest response ratio next
d) first cum first served

The principal of locality of reference justifies the use of
(a) virtual memory
(b) interrupts
(c) main memory
(d) cache memory

The five Items: A, B, C, D, and E are pushed in a stack, one after the other starting from A. The stack is popped four times and each element is Inserted in a queue. Then two elements are deleted from the queue and pushed back on the stack. Now one item is popped from the stack. The popped item is

Round Robin scheduling is essentially the pre-emptive version of
b) Shortest Job First
c) Shortest remaining time
d) Longest remaining time

Assume that each character code consists of 8 bits. The number of characters that can be transmitted per second through an synchronous serial line at 2400 baud rate, and with two stop bits is
(b) 216

If the bandwidth of a signal is 5 kHz and the lowest frequency is 52 kHz, what is the highest frequency
(a) 5 kHz
(b) 10kHz
(C) 47 kHz
(d) 57 kHz

An Ethernet hub
(a) functions as a repeater
(b) connects to a digital PBX
(C) connects to a token-ring network
(d) functions as a gateway

Phase transition for each bit are used in
(a) Amplitude modulation
(b) Carrier modulation
(c) Manchester encoding
(d) NRZ encoding

Which of the foIlowng is printed as a result of the call demo (1234)?
a) 1441
b) 3443
C) 12344321
d) 43211234

Bit stuffing refers to
(a) inserting a ‘O’in user stream to differentiate it with a flag
(b) inserting a ‘0’ in flag stream tc avoid ambiguity
(C) appending a nibble to the flag sequence
(d ) appending a nibble to the use data stream

What is the name of the technique in which the operating system of a computer executes several programs concurrently by switching back and forth between them?
(a) Partitioning
(b) Multi tasking
(C) Windowing
(d) Paging

If there are five routers and six networks in an ntranet using link state routing, how many routing tables are there?

Virtual memory is
a) Part of Main Memory only used for swapping
b) A technique to allow a program, of size more than the size of the main memory, town
C) Part of secondary storage used in program execution
d) None of these

The level of aggregation of information required for operational control is
(a) Detailed
(b) Aggregate
(C) Qualitative
(d) None of the above

in decimal system is equivalent to in octal system
a) 0.60
b) 0.52
d) 0.50

In an SR latch made by cross coupling two NAND gates, if both S and R inputs are set to 0, then it will result in
a)Q=O, QO= I
0=1, QO = 1
Indeterminate states

In comparison with static RAM memory, the dynamic RAM memory has
a) lower bit density and higher power consumption
b) higher bit density and higher power consumption
c) lower bit density and lower power consumption
d) higher bit density and lower power consumption.

Disk requests are received by a disk drive for cylinder 5, 25, 18, 3, 39, 8 and 35 in that order A seek takes 5 msec per cylinder moved. How much seek time is needed to serve these requests for a Shortest Seek First (SSF) algorithm? Assume that the arm is at cylinder ?,O when the last of these requests is made with none of the requests yet served
a) 125 msec
b) 295 msec
c) 575 msec
d) 750 msec

Consider a system having ‘m’ resource.s of the same type. The resources are shared by 3 processes A,B,C, which have peak time demands of 3,4,6 respectively. The minimum value of ‘m’ that ensures that deadlock will never occur is
(b) 12
(c) 13

A task in a blocked state
a) is executable
b) is running
C) must still be placed in the run queues
d) Is waiting for some temporarily unavailable resources.

a) synchronize critical resources to prevent deadlock
b) synchronize critical resources to prevent contention
c) are used to do I/O
d) are used for memory management.

Which commands are used to control access over objects in relational database?
d) None of these

Which of the following is aggregate function in SQL?
a) Avg
b) Select
c) Ordered by
d) distinct

A view of a database that appears to an application program Is known as
a) Schema
b) Subschema
C) Virtual table
d) None of these

Armstrong’s inference rule doesn’t determine
a) Reflexivity
b) Augmentation
c) Transitivity
d) Mutual dependency

Which operation is used to extract specified columns from a table
a) Project
b) Join
C) Extract
d) Substitute

In the Big-Endian system, the computer stores
a) MSB of data in the lowest memory address of data unit
b) LSB of data in the lowest memory address of data unit
c) MSB of data in the highest memory address of data unit
d) LSB of data in the highest memory address of data unit

BCNF is not used for cases where a relation has
a) Two (or more) candidate keys
b) Two candidate keys and composite
c) The candidate key overlap
d) Two mutually exclusive foreign keys

Selection sort a’gorithm design technique is an example of
a) Greedy method
b) Divide-and-conquer
c) Dynamic Programming
d) Backtracking

Which of the following RAID level provides the highest Data Transfer Rate (Read IWrite)
b) RAID 3
d) RAID 5

Which of the following programming language(s) provides garbage collection automatically
a) Lisp
b) C++
c) Fortran

Which of the following is correct with respect to Two phase commit protocol?
(a) Ensures serializability
(b) Prevents Deadlock
(C) Detects Deadlock
(d) Recover from Deadlock

Let X be the adjacency matrix of a graph G with no self loops. The entries along the principal diagonal of X are
(a) all zeros
(b) all ones
(C) both zeros and ones
(d) different

I Which of these is not a feature of WAP 2.0
(a) Push & Pull Model
(b) Interface to a storage device
(C) Multimedia messaging
(d) Hashing

I Feedback queues
(a) are very simple to implement
(b) dispatch tasks according to execution characteristics
(c) are used to favour real time tasks
(d) require manual intervention to implement properly

Which of the following Is not a UML DIAGRAM?
(a) Use Case
(b) Class Diagram
(c) Analysis Diagram
(d) Swimlane Diagram

Silly Window Syndrome is related to
(a) Error during transmission
(b) File transfer protocol
(C) Degrade in TCP performance
(d) Interface problem

To execute al! loops at their boundaries and within their operational bounds is an example of
(a) Black Box Testing
(b) Alpha Testing
(C) Recovery Testing
(d) White Box Testing

SSL is not responsible for
(a) Mutual authentication of client & server
(b) Secret communication
(C) Data Integrity protection
(d) Error detection & correction

A rule in a limited entry decision table is a
(a) row of the table consisting of condition entries
(b) row of the table consisting of action entries
(C) column of the table consisting of condition entries and the corresponding action entries
(d) columns of the table consisting of conditions of the stub

The standard for certificates used on Internet is a)X.25
b) X.301
c) X.409
d) X.509

Hashed message is signed by a sender using
a) his public key
b) his private key
C) receivers public key
d) receivers pnvate key

A physical DFD specifies
a) what processes will be used
b) who generates data and who processes it
C) what each person in an organization does
d) which data will be generated

In UML diagram of a class
a) state of object cannot be represented
b) state is irrelevant
C) state is represented as an attribute
d) state is represented as a result of an operation

Which of the following models is used for software reliability?
a) Waterfall
b) Musa
d) Rayleigh

Djikstra’s algorithm is used to
a) Create LSAs
b) Flood an internet with information
C) Calculate the routing tables
d) Create a link state database

A series RLC circuit resonates at 1000 kHz. At frequency of 995 kHz, the circuit impedance is
a) Resistive b) minimum c) Inductive d) capacitive

if each stage had gain of 10dB and noise figure of 10dB, then the overall noise figure of two-stage cascade amplifier will be
a) 10 b) 1.09 c) 1.0 d) 10.9

In SIgma delta ADC, high bit accuracy is achieved by
a) Over sampling and noise shaping b) Over sampling
C) Under sampling d) None of the above

A particular current is made up of two components: alO-A dc-and a sinusoidal current of peak value of 1.414 A. The average value of the resultant current is
a)Zero b)24.14A c)1OA d)14.14A

By doubling the sampling frequency
a) Quantisation noise decreases by 3dB
b) Quantisation noise density decreases by 3dB
c) Quantisation noise increases by 3dB
d) Quantisation noise density increases by 3dB

A Pulse train with a frequency of 1MHz Is counted using a modulo 1024 ripple-counter built with J-K flip-flops. For proper operation of the counter the maximum permissible propagation delay per Flip Flop stage
a) 100 n sec b) 50 n sec c) 20 n sec d) 10 n sec

The AID converter used in a digital voltmeter could be (1) successive approximation type (2) Flash converter type (3) Dual slope converter type. The correct sequence in the increasing order of their conversion times is
a)1,2,3 b)2,1,3 c)3,2,1 d)3,1,2

The resolution of a DIA Converter is approximately OA% 61jjjcaIe range. It is
a) An 8-bit converter b) A 10-bit converter
C) A 12 bit converter d) A 16 bit converter

in a microprocessor the resister which holds the address of the next instruction to be fetched is
a) Accumulator b) Program counter
C) Stack pointer d) Instructor register

In microcomputer WAIT states are used to
a) Make the processor wait during a DMA operation
b) Make the processor wait during a power interrupt PrOCessing
c) Make the processor wait during a power Shtd
d) Interface slow peripherals to the Processor

A 4-bit synchronous Counter uses flip4lops with propagaj delay time of 25 ns each. The maximum Possible time required for change of state will be
a) 25 ns .b) 50 ns . C) 75 ns d) 100 ns

An electromagn Wave incident on a perfect Conductor is:
a) Entirely reflected b) Fully tranSmjffj
C) Partially transmjftj d) None of these

Maximum coding gain in
a) Block Codes b) Codes
c) Turbo Codes d) RS Codes

Noise figure of an amplifier depends on
a) Bandwidth b) Output power c) Power input d) None of the above

BCH code belongs to
a) Block Codes b) Codes
c) Turbo Codes d) None of the above

When a carrier is phase modulated, with an integrated modulating signal, the resultant is
a) Phase modulated signal b) Frequency modulated signal
C) Amplitude modulated signal d) QPSK modulated signal

A satellite orbiting in 600 km orbit transmits 5 GHz frequency. The Doppler shift observed at the ground station, when the satellite is over head of the station is
d) None of the
a) Zero b) Maximum c) Infinity

A communication channel disturbed by additive white Gaussian noise has a bandwidth of 4kHz and SNR of 15. The highest transmission rate that such a channel can support (in k-bits/sec) is
a)16 b)1.6 c)3.2 d)60

An inductor supplied with 50 V ac with a frequency of 10 kHz passes a current of 7.96 mA. The value ofinductor is
a) lmH b) lOmH c) lOOmH d) IH

In a capacitor, the electric charge is stored in
a) Dielectric b) Metal plates
c) Dielectric as well as metal plates d) Neither dielectric nor metal plates

Oscillator requires
a) No feedback b) Negative feedback
c) Positive feedback d) Either positive or negative

Which loss in a transformer varies significantly with load?
a) Hysteresis loss b) Eddy current loss
C) Copper loss d) Core loss

When L is doubled and C is halved, the resonance frequency of series tuned circuit becomes
a) Doubled b) Halved C) One quarter d) Unchanged

In a Series resonant circuit, with the increase in L
a) Resonant frequency will decrease
b)’ Bandwidth will decrease
c) Q will increase
d) AN of these
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