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Can you provide me the solved SAIL (MT) Exam Paper for Computer Science?

Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is one of the largest state-owned steel-making company based in New Delhi, India and one of the top steel makers in World. Major plants owned by SAIL are located at Bhilai, Bokaro, Durgapur, Rourkela, Burnpur (near Asansol) and Salem. SAIL is a public sector company, owned and operated by the Government of India.

Solved SAIL (MT) Exam Paper for Computer Science:

Computer Science and Engineering all tech from comp science.
All Technical questions were from object oriented programming, Dbms and Computer networks & OOps.

1. main()

What is the output ?

2. Which one is the OOP language
a. Small talk, b. Pascal. c. Basic

3. Which is not the featues of OOP
a. Reflection b. Encapsulation, c. Abstraction d. Inheritence

4. What is the typed language of C++
a. Static b. Dynamic c. Link-binding

5. Which property of OOP makes let the user know only the functinality of method but not the detail how it is working
a. Abstraction b. Encapsulation c. Inheritence

6. How you define abstract class in C++
a. Using abstract mentod b. By writing keyword "abstract". c etc

7. Which one is the two way linked list
a. Circular linklist b. Node having header and trailer in the list C. Array

8. Which one uses the indexing
a. Linklist b. Arrays c. Stack d. Queue

9. Which is having many to many mapping
a. graph, b. tree, c. stack etc

10. Which one is not the behaviour of binary search
a. Deletion of any node. b. comparing with the middle value. etc

11. When data moves from lower layer to upper layer in OSI then what happens to headed
a. Removed b. Added.

12. What is called packets in network layer
a. Datagram b. Frame. etc

13. What switching is used in conventional land line
a. Packet b. Circuit. etc

14. What scheduling algo is used for real time OS
a. Round robin b. FIFO. c. Pre-emptive. etc

15. How many layers are there in OSI model
a. 7 b. 8 c. 6 etc

16. Repeaters work in which layer
a. Datalink b. physical c. Network etce

17. Process to process communication happens in layer
a. Session b. Transport c. Application d. Network

18. Which one is not in application layer
a. FTP b. TFTP. c. Virtual network terminal.

19. Which one return the acknowledgement
a. UDP. b. TCP etc

20. Which one is DDL
a. Trancate b. Delete c. Both d. None

21. Which one is true/false for using indexing in data base
a. Slow b. Fast C More space

22. Four DML given to find out the where indexing need not be used.

23. Which one create the deadlock
a. Mutex b. Semaphore c. Hold and wait

24. One numirical to find out the effective average access time where the cache and RAM memory speed given with hit/miss percentage

25. Which one do not require the context switcing
a. General registers b. PC. c. Look aside table buffer

26. What is the size of address location for 8085
a. 1MB b. 128kb c. 64KB etc

27. What is the layer where the user comes in picture
a. Session b. Application c. Transport d. Network

29. Why NAND gate is called universal gate.
a. Using this, all other gates can be realised
b. This is largely used
c. etc etc

30. For 3 bits adder, what is the number of adder required

a. 2 full adder& 2 half adder b. 3 full adder and one half adder etc

31. One numiraical to find out the number of address bit from the 32 segments of 1MB memory location

32. What comes previous to this 10000
a. 1111 (binary) b. FFFF (hex) c. 7777 (Oct)

33. Questions related to full binary tree to find the number of nodes in leaf

34. What does parity bit
a. Error detect b. Header c. Trailer

35. How to create and interface in C++
a. by virtual functions
b. by abstract class/method
c. by creating the class using "interface" keyword

36. What is for namesapace used in C++
a. To resolve the name clashing
b. To create different name etc
Section I

1. Language which support diamond inherritance
a) C++ b) Java c) Both a and b d) None

Some basic sql functions like trunc some questions from Oracle in C.N

All of them basic questions

Diff b/w hub and switch?

What happend to header of packet if routed from bottom to top layer etc.

Section II

Refer any Text book of Quantitative Aptitude

Read Competition Success for G.K and English
Part -1 Technical ( 100 Questions Computer Science)

Q(1) What will be output of the following-
(a) tim (b) keep printing tim (c) black screen (d) none

Q(2) In which Data structure insertion and deletion is not possible in middle but at ends.
(a) Linked list (b)Pointer Array (c) Queue (d) Dqueue.

Q(3) OSI Model consist of how many Layer

(a) 2 (b)4 (c) 7 (d)9

Q(4) Why NAND gate is called universal gate?

Q(5) Which of the following not supported by C++
(a) Encapsulation (b) Abstraction (c) Reflection (d) Inheritence

Q(6) Which of the following support Diamond Inheritence
(a) C++ (b) Java (c) C (d) none

Q(7) Suppose X is a class and arg is parameter then What is syntax of passing parameter in a copyconstructor
(a) X(X arg) (b) X(X *arg) (c) X(X &arg) (d)none

Q(8) What is difference between Hub and Repeater?

Q(9) If there are 6 input to a Nand Gate the how many column will bw there in Full addre table?

Q(10) Which of the following is a DDL statement
(a) Delete (b) Turncate (c)Both a and b (d) none

Some other questions I am not remembering exactly. But approx 8 simple questions were based on OSI model layer and 7 Question based on simple SQL queries and 15 questions based on Java and C++ and 7 question on digital electronics and 15 question on Operating System and 15 on Data structure.

C++, Java, DBMS, SQL, Computer Network, Operating System and Data Structure are the subject from which questions were asked in paper.

Overall Technicl section was easy but need some rivision of technical question.

Part -2

Section (1) Generel awareness (25 Questions)

Q(1) Who have desinged the Symbol of Indian Rupee?

Q(2) Where is Jim Nationa Corbet park in India?

Q(3) Who have got the Rajiv Khel ratan award of 2010?

Q(4) In which state of India Population density is very High?
gk question

1) olympic 2010 held in------london

2) Currency of Bhutan-------NUGULTRAM

3) Measles is a type of--------VIRUS

4) Heart beat of Adult---------72

5) Heavy, strongest and long bone of body------FEMUR

6) JIm Corbet national park-------------Uttarnchal

7) Rupess symbol designed by-------D. UDAY KUMAR

8) Durand line is Between--------pak & afganistan

9) Winner of 20-20 world cup-----------england

10) winner of Rajiv gandhi khel rattan award-2010---------saina Nehwal

11) which river falls in arbian SEA--------------tapi

12) BIHU is a folk dance of-----------assam

13) budh name------------sidhart

14) brahm smaaj----------raja ram mohan roi

15) company related to insurance---------------IRDA

16) gadar movement telated with------------------hardyal singh

17) new member of SAARA------------------afganistan

18) olive branch signify----------------------PEACE

19) language under 8th schedual----------------22

20) alpha keratin protien present in-------------------FIBER

21) Which state receieve winter rainfall by western disturbance------Tamilnadu

22) equality of oppertunity of all citizen in matter of public employement come under------ART 16

23) Kailasa temple-----------ajanta

24) EX-office planning commision------------Prime minister

25) Most dense populated state.................UP

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Default Re: SAIL (MT) Computer Science Solved Exam Paper

As you want I am here providing you sample solved paper of SAIL (MT) Computer Science.
SAIL MT CS -sample solved paper
Sail Management Trainee MT Techinical Question Paper Answers CS Computer Science MCA
The order of an internal node in a B+ tree index is the maximum number of children it can have. Suppose that a child pointer takes
6 bytes, the search field value takes 14 bytes, and the block size is 512 bytes. What is the order of the internal node?
A) 24 B) 25 C) 26 D) 27
Answer : (C)
The Boolean function x, y, + xy + x, y
A) x, + y, B) x + y C) x + y, D) x, + y
Answer : (D)
In an MxN matrix such that all non-zero entries are covered in a rows and b columns. Then the maximum number of non-zero
entries, such that no two are on the same row or column, is A) £ a + b B) £ max {a, b} C) £ min {M-a, N-b} D) £ min {a, b}
Answer : (A)
The minimum number of page frames that must be allocated to a running process in a virtual memory environment is determined by
A) the instruction set architecture B) page size C) physical memory size D) number of processes in memory
Answer : (D)
The best data structure to check whether an arithmetic expression has balanced parentheses is a A) queue B) stack C) tree D) list
Answer : (B)
The address resolution protocol (ARP) is used for
A) Finding the IP address from the DNS
B) Finding the IP address of the default gateway
C) Finding the IP address that corresponds to a MAC address
D) Finding the MAC address that corresponds to an IP address
Answer : (D)
The goal of structured programming is to
A) have well indented programs
B) be able to infer the flow of control from the compiled code
C) be able to infer the flow of control from the program text
D) avoid the use of GOTO statements
Answer : (C)
Which data structure has the fastest insertion procedure?
A) Binary search tree
B) Ordered array
C) Heap
D) Unordered linked list
E) Ordered linked list
SQL is the combination of
A ) DDL and DQL
B ) DDL , DML and DQL
D ) None of these
Class 12 Sample Papers Chapter Tests, Model Papers, Solved Board Papers. Join Now! MeritNation.com/Class12_Test-Papers
AIPMT, AIIMS & AFMC Prep Online Course, 30 Video Lecture DVD & 36 Books Set - By Phd Faculty
CEED 2012 Preparation ? CEED 2012 Study Material and Online CEED Classes with Question bank
Which of the following applications may use a stack?
A) A parentheses balancing program.
B) Keeping track of local variables at run time.
C) Syntax analyzer for a compiler.
D) All of the above
Which of the following is not a type of Operating System ?
(A) Multi-programming (B) Time-sharing
(C) Real-time (D) Concurrent Programming
The mechanical, magnetic, electronic and electrical devices from which a computer is fabricated is
called :
(A) Magnetic Core (B) Firmware
(C) Hardware (D) Software
The most efficient data-type for a variable that stores the number 4.6 e 20 is the _______ data-type.
(A) Character (B) Float
(C) Long integer (D) Short integer
Which of the following is a logical OR operator ?
(A) && (B) ||
(C) ? : (D) &
Which of the following is not a valid declarations for a C++ character string ?
(A) char S[6] ; (B) char S[6] = “Hello” ;
(C) char * S ; (D) char S[ ] ;
A function’s single most important role is to :
(A) give a name to a block of code (B) reduce program size
(C) accept arguments and provide a return value(D) help in organizing a program into conceptual units
Which of the following 4-bit number equals its 2’s Complement ?
(A) 1010 (B) 1000
(C) 0101 (D) 1100
The basic unit of measurement used for measuring opposition to current flow in a circuit is :
(A) volt (B) ampere
(C) ohm (D) watt
Programming in a language that actually controls the path of signals or data within a computer is called :
(A) Micro-programming (B) System programming
(C) Assembly programming (D) Machine programming
Which of the following is not a port/connection ?
(A) PS-2 (B) COM
What is the output of the following code ?
for (int a = 1; a < = 1; a++) cout << a++; cout << a;
(A) 22 (B) 12
(C) 13 (D) 23
Inheritance is a way to :
(A) organize data
(B) pass arguments to objects of classes
(C) add features to existing classes without rewriting them
(D) improve data-hiding and encapsulation
What is a Constructor ?
(A) A function called when an instance of a class is initialized
(B) Function that is called when an instance of a class is deleted
(C) A special function to change the value of dynamically allocated memory
(D) A function that is called in order to change the value of a variable
Which of the following gives the value stored in pointer a ?
(A) a; (B) val(a);
(C) *a; (D) &a;
Array passed as an argument to a function is interpreted as :
(A) Address of the array (B) Value of the first element of the array
(C) Address of the first element of the array (D) Number of elements of the array
Which of the following is the feature of stack ?
(A) All operations are at one end (B) It cannot reuse its memory
(C) All elements are of different data types (D) Any element can be accessed from it directly
What is the Postfix Expression for the following Infix (Inorder) expression ?
(A) 23*45/- (B) 23*-45/
(C) 23*45-/ (D) *23/45-
Binary search requires data to be in what order ?
(A) Increasing (B) Decreasing
(C) Random (D) Sorted
You are making your own database so that you can organize information about your ‘Top 100’ movies. You want to include
information like Title, Actor (s), Director, Year etc. Each record in your database will represent :
(A) An actor (B) A director
(C) A year (D) A movie
What will be a suitable criterion that should be entered for a query to search for Employee Names beginning with M ?
(A) Start with M (B) Like M
(C) Like M* (D) Like ‘M*’
A field that is a primary key in another table is called a _______ .
(A) special key (B) foreign key
(C) simple key (D) composite key
This aggregate SQL function will return the number of rows in a database table :
(A) COUNT (*) (B) Rows (*)
(C) NUM (*) (D) SUM (*)
Which topology requires a central controller or hub ?
(A) Mesh (B) Star
(C) Bus (D) Ring
. In_______transmission, the channel capacity is shared by both communicating devices at all times :
(A) Simplex (B) Half-duplex
(C) Full-duplex (D) Half-simplex
________is the protocol suite for the current Internet.
In C++, to write data containing variables of type float, to an object of type of stream, you should use :
(A) The insertion operator (B) seek ()
(C) write () (D) put ()
A message from device A consists of packet X and packet Y. In the virtual circuit approach to packet switching, packet Y’s path
____________ packet X’s.
(A) is the same as (B) is dependent on
(C) is independent of (D) is always different from
There are n devices arranged in a ring topology. A device is deleted. There are now _____ links of
(A) n – 1 (B) n – 2
(C) n (D) n + 1
Which factor makes twisted-pair cable superior to fiber-optic cable ?
(A) signal attenuation (B) noise resistance
(C) bandwidth range (D) cost
1. Consider the following C function.
float f,(float x, int y) {
float p, s; int i;
for (s=1, p=1, i=1; i < y; i ++) {
p*= x/i;
return s;
For large values of y, the return value of the function f best approximates
e x
ln (1 + x)
Assume the following C variable declaration
int *A [10], B [10][10];
Of the following expressions
A [2] [3]
B [1]
B [2] [3]
which will not give compile-time errors if used as left hand sides of assignment statements in a C program ?
I, II, and IV only
II, III, and IV only
II and IV only
IV only
The decimal value 0.25
is equivalent to the binary value 0.1
is equivalent to the binary value 0.01
is equivalent to the binary value 0.00111…
cannot be represented precisely in binary
The 2Ws complement representation of the decimal value -15 is
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