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Default GATE Exam for Mechanical Engineering stream question papers

Here I am looking for the GATE Exam for Mechanical Engineering stream question papers, can you provide me the same???
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Default Re: GATE Exam for Mechanical Engineering stream question papers

As you are looking for the GATE Exam for Mechanical Engineering stream question papers, here I am uploading a pdf file that contains the same. There are objective types of the questions available. I have taken following questions from the attachment:

Q.1-30 Carry One Mark Each
1. If x=a(9+sin9)and y=a(1—cos9),then will be equal to
(a) sin
(b) cos
(C) tan
(d) cot

2. The angle between two unit-magnitude coplanar vectors P(0.86, 0.500,0) and Q(0.259,
0.956, 0) will be
(a) 00
(b) 300
(c) 450
(d) 60°

3. The sum of the eigen values of the matrix given below is
1 5 1
3 1 1
(a) 5
(b) 7
(c) 9
(d) 18

4. The figure shows a pin-jointed plane truss loaded at the point M by hanging a mass of 100
kg. The member LN of the truss is subjected to a load of
(a) 0 Newton T K L M
(b) 490 Newtons in compression
(c) 981 Newtons in compression
(d) 981 Newtons in tension N

5. In terms of Poission’s ratio (v) the ratio of Young’s Modulus (E) to Shear Modulus (G) of
elastic materials is
(a) 2(1 + v)
(b) 2(1 - v)
(c) (1+v)
(d) (1-v)

6. Two mating spur gears have 40 and 120 teeth respectively. The pinion rotates at 1200 rpm
and transmits a torque of 20 N.m. The torque transmitted by the gear is
(a) 6.6 Nm
(b) 20 Nm
(c) 40 Nm
(d) 60 Nm

7. The figure below shows the state of stress at a certain point in a stressed body. The
magnitudes of normal stresses in the x and y direction are 100 MPa respectively. The radius of
Mohr’s stress circle Gx representing this state of stress is
(a) 120
(b) 80
(c) 60
(d) 40

9. A vibrating machine is isolated from the floor using springs. If the ratio of excitation
frequency of vibration of machine to the natural frequency of the isolation system is equal to
0.5, the transmissibility of ratio of isolation is
10. A torque of 10 Nm is transmitted through a stepped shaft as shown in figure. The torsional
stiffnesses of individual sections of lengths MN, NO and OP are 20 Nm/rad, 30 Nm/rad and 60
Nm respectively. The angular deflection between the ends M and P of the shaft is
(a) 0.5 rad
(b) 1.0 rad
(c) 5.0 rad
(d) 10.0 rad

11. In terms of theoretical stress concentration factor (Kr) and fatigue stress concentration
factor (Kf), the notch sensitivity ‘q’ is expressed as
(a) (Kf —1) (K-i)
(b) “< —1) (K +1)
(c) (‘ (d) (Kf +1) (K-1)

12. The S-N curve for steel becomes asymptotic nearly at
(a) i03 cycles
(b) i04 cycles
(c) 106 cycles
(d) i09 cycles

13. In the window air conditioner, the expansion device used is
(a) capillary tube
(c) automatic expansion valve
(b) thermostatic expansion valve
(d) float valve

14. During chemical dehumidification process of air
(a) dry bulb temperature and specific humidity decrease
(b) dry bulb temperature increases and specific humidity decreases
(c) dry bulb temperature decreases and specific humidity increases
(d) dry bulb temperature and specific humidity increase

15. At the time of starting, idling and low speed operation, the carburetor supplies a mixture
which can be termed as
(a) lean
(b) slightly leaner than stoichiometric
(c) stoichimetric
(d) rich

16. One dimensional unsteady state heat transfer equation for a sphere with heat generation
at the rate of ‘q’ can be written as
1 ( q 1 3T 1 2 JT q 1 J
(a) ——I r— I + — = — (b) —i-—i r I + — = ——
rr’ Jr} k a 3t r r} k aJt
(c) (d)
r2 k at Jr2 k at

17. An incompressible fluid (kinematic-viscosity, 7.4x10 m2 Is, specific gravity,
0.88) is held between two parallel plates. If the top late is moved with a velocity of 0.5 m/s
while the bottom one is held stationary, the fluid attains a linear velocity profile in the gap of
0.5 mm between these plates; the shear stress in Pascals on the surface of top plate is
(a) 0.651 xlO
(b) 0.651
(c) 6.51
(d) 0.651 x103

18. Environment friendly refrigerant R134a is used in the new generation domestic
refrigerators. Its chemical formula is
(a) CH Cl F2
(b) C2 Cl3 F3
(c) C2 Cl2 F4
(d) C2 H2 F4

19. A fluid flow is represented by the velocity field V = ax +i+ ayj, where a is a constant. The
equation of streamline passing through a point (1,2) is
Material, Forum,
(c) 2x-y=0

20. A gas contained in a cylinder is compressed, the work required for compression being
5000 kJ. During the process, heat interaction of 200 kJ causes the surroundings to the heated.
The change in internal energy of the gas during the process is
(a) -7000 kJ
(b) —3000 kJ
(c) +3000 kJ
(d) + 7000 kJ

21. The compression ratio of a gas power plant cycle corresponding to maximum work output
for the given temperature limits of Tmin and Tmax will be
(a) m m (b)max (c) (d)

22. In an interchangeable assembly, shafts of size 25.000 0.0100 mm mate with
+0 .0 20
holes of size 25.000 0000 mm. The maximum possible clearance in the assembly will be
(a) 10 microns
(b) 20 microns
(c) 30 microns
(d) 60 microns

23. During the execution of a CNC part program block
N020 G02 X45.0 Y25.0 R5.0 the type of tool motion will be
(a) circular Interpolation - clockwise
(b) circular Interpolation - counterclockwise
(c) linear Interpolation
(d) rapid feed

24. The mechanism of material removal in EDM process is
(a) Melting and Evaporation
(b) Melting and Corrosion
(c) Erosion and Cavitation
(d) Cavitation and Evaporation

25. Two 1 mm thick steel sheets are to be spot welded at a current of 5000 A.
Assuming effective resistance to be 200 micro-ohms and current flow time of
0.2 second, heat generated during the process will be
(a) 0.2 Joule
(b) 1 Joule
(c) 5 Joule
(d) 1000 Joules

26. In PERT analysis a critical activity has
(a) maximum Float
(b) zero Float
(c) maximum Cost
(d) minimum Cost

27. For a product, the forecast and the actual sales for December 2002 were 25 and 20
respectively. If the exponential smoothing constant (a) is taken as 0.2, the forecast sales for
January 2003 would be
(a) 21
(b) 23
(c) 24
(d) 27

28. There are two products P and Q with the following characteristics
Mean flow rate of the liquid is
(a) 8.00 litres/sec
(c) 8.16 litres/sec
(b) 8.096 litres/sec
(d) 8.26 litres/sec

Demand (Units)
Order Cost
Holding Cost
P 100 50 4
Q 400 50 1

29. The economic order quantity (EOQ) of products P and Q will be in the ratio
(a) 1:1 (b) 1:2 (c) 1:4 (d)1:8
Misrun is a casting defect which occurs due to
(a) very high pouring temperature of the metal
(b) insufficient fluidity of the molten metal
(c) absorption of gases by the liquid metal
(d) improper alignment of the mould flasks

30. The percentage of carbon in gray cast iron is in the range of
(a) 0.25 to 0.75 percent (b) 1.25 to 1.75 percent
(c) 3 to 4 percent (d) 8 to 10 percent

Q. 3 1-90 Carry Two Marks Each
The following data about the flow of liquid was observed in a continuous
chemical process plant
Flow rate 7.5 7.7 7.9 8.1 8.3 8.5
Frequency 1 5 35 17 12 10

34. The values of a function f(x) are tabulated below
x f(x)
0 1
1 2
2 1
3 10
Using Newton’s forward difference formula, the cubic polynomial that can be
fitted to the above data, is
(a) 2x3+7x2—6x+2
(b) 2x2—7x2+6x—2
(c) x3 —7x2 —6x2 +1
(d) 2x2 —7x2 +6x+1

35. The volume of an object expressed in spherical co-ordinates is given by v= i: [ [ r2 sin
The value of the integral is
(a) (b) (c) (d)
36. For which value of x will be matrix given below become singular?
8 xO
12 6 0
(a) 4
(b) 6
(c) 8
(d) 12

37. A uniforrn stiff rod of length 300 mrn and having a weight of 300 N is pivoted at one end
and connected to a spring at the other end. For keeping the rod vertical ins a stable position
the rninirnurn value of spring constant K needed
is __
(a) 300 N/rn
(b) 400 N/rn 150 mm
(c) 500 N/rn
(d) 1000 N/m
(a) 302 rn/s2 (b)
604 rn/s2
906 rn/s2 (d) 1208 m/s2

38. The figure below
shows a
mechanism with single
degree of
24 for the
configuration is
at a position

40. A mass M, of 20 kg is attached to the free end of a steel cantilever beam of length 1000
mm having a cross-section of 25 x 25 mm. Assume the mass of the cantilever to be negligible
and Eseei = 200GPa. If the lateral vibration of this system is critically damped using a viscous
damper, the damping constant of the damper is
(a) 1250 Ns/m
(b) 625 Ns/m
(c) 312.50 Ns/m
(d) 156.25 Ns/m

41. In a bolted joint two members are connected with an axial tightening force of
2200 N. if the bolt used has metric threads of 4 mm pitch, the torque required for achieving
the tightening force is
(a) 0.7 Nm
(b) 1.4 Nm
(c) 2.8 Nm

43. An ejector mechanism consists of a helical compression spring having a spring constant of
K = 981 x i03 N/m. it is pre-compressed by 100 mm from its free state. If it is used to eject a
mass of 100 kg held on it, the mass will move up through a distance of
(a) 100 mm — MASS
(b) 500 mm ////
\E==z= \
(d) 1000 mm _ SPRING
10 kg

44. A rigid body shown in the Fig below has a mass of 10 kg. It rotates with 200 mm a
uniform angular 200 velocity ‘w’. A balancing mass of 20 kg is __ attached as shown in Fig.
(b). The percentage I 100 mm increase in mass moment of inertia as a result of this addition
is 20 kg
(a) 25%
(b) 50°h
(c) 100°h
(d) 200°h

45. The figure shows a pair of pin- jointed gripper tongs holding an object weighing 2000 N.
the coefficient of friction (pt) at the gripping surface is 0.1XX is the line of action of the input
force and YY is the line of application of gripping force. If the pin- joint is assumed to be
frictionless, the magnitude of force F required to hold the weight is
(a) 1000 N
(b) 2000 N
(c) 2500 N
(d) 5000 N

46. A solid circular shaft of 60 mm diameter transmits a torque of 1600 N.m. The value of
maximum shear stress develop is
(a) 37.72 MPa
(b) 47.72 MPa
(c) 57.72 MPa
(d) 67.72 MPa

47. For a fluid flow through a divergent pipe of length L having inlet and outlet radii and R1
and R2 respectively and a constant flow rate of Q, assuming the velocity to be axial and
uniform at any cross section, the acceleration at the exit is
(a) 2Q(R1—R2) ,rLR23
(b) 2Q2(R1—R2) ,rLR23
(c) 2Q2(R1—R2) ,r2LR25
(d) 2Q2(R2—R1),r2LR25

48. A closed cylinder having a radius R and height H is filled with oil density p. If the cylinder
is rotated about its axis at an angular velocity of Co. the thrust at the bottom of the cylinder is
2 D2
2 2P
(a) ,rR pgH
(b) ,rR
(c) R2 (pa2R2 + pgH)
(d) R2 [PCO4R + pgH

49. For air flow over a flat plate, velocity (U) and boundary layer thickness (8) can be
expressed respectively, as
U _3y 11”y364.64x
Ua25’ 26J’
If the free stream velocity is 2m/s, and air has kinematic viscosity of 1.5x105 m2/s and
density of 1.23 kg/m3, the wall shear stress at x = im, is
(a) 2.36 x 102 N/m2
(b) 43.6 x i0 N/m2
(c) 4.36 x 103N/m2
(d) 2.18 x i0 N/m2

50. A centrifugal pump is required to pump water to an open water tank situated 4 km away
from the location of the pump through a pipe of diameter 0.2 m having Darcy’s friction factor
of 0.01. The average speed of water in the pipe is 2 m/s. if it is maintain a constant head of 5
m in the tank, neglecting other minor losses, the absolute discharge pressure at the pump exit
(a) 0.449 bar
(b) 5.503 bar
(c) 44.911 bar
(d) 55.203 bar

51. A heat engine having an efficiency of 70% is used to drive a refrigerator having a coefficient
of performance of 5. The energy absorbed from low temperature reservoir by the
refrigerator for each kJ of energy absorbed from high temperature source by the engine is
(a) 0.14k]
(b) 0.71 k]
(c) 3.5 kJ
(d) 7.1 k]

52. A solar collector receiving solar radiation at the rate of 0.6 kW/m2transforms it to the
internal energy of a fluid at an overall efficiency of 50%. The fluid heated to 350 K is used to
run a heat engine which rejects heat at 313 K. If the heat engine is to deliver 2.5 kW power,
the minimum area of the solar collector required would be
(a) 8.33 m2
(b) 16.66 m2
(c) 39.68 m2
(d) 79.36 m2

53. The pressure gauges G1 and G2 installed on the system show pressures of PG1 = 5.00 bar
and PG2= 1.00 bar. The value of unknown pressure P is
(a) 1.01 bar
(b) 2.01 bar
(c) 5.00 bar

Remaining questions are in the attachment, please click on it………..
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Default Re: GATE Exam for Mechanical Engineering stream question papers

As you want to get GATE Exam Mechanical Engineering stream question paper so here I am giving you some questions of that paper:

The eigenvalues of a symmetric matrix are all
(A) complex with non-zero positive imaginary pirt
(B) comp1e with non-zero negative imaginary part
(C) real
(D) pure imaginary

Two threaded bolts A and B of same material and length are subjected to identical tensile load If the elastic strain energy stored in bolt A is 4 times that of bolt B and the mean diameter of bolt A is 12 mm, the mean diameter of bolt B in nun is
(A) 16 (B) 24 (C) 36 (D) 48

In a rolling process, the state of stress of the material undergoing deformation is
(A) pure compression shear
(C) compression arid shear (D) tension and shear

A metric thread of pitch 2 mm and thread angle 600 is inspected for its pitch diameter using 3-wire method The dtameter of the best size wire in nun is
(A)0866 (B)1000 (C)1 154 (D)2000

Customers arrive at a ticket counter at a rate of 50 per hr and tickets arc issued in the order of their arrival The average time taken for issuing a ticket is I tnut Assuming that customer arrivals form a Poisson process and service times are exponentially distributed, the average waiting time in queue in mn is
(B)4 (C)5 (D)6
In simple exponential smoothing forecasting, to give higher weightage to recent demand information, the smoothing constant must be close to
(A) —1 (B)zero (C)0.5 (D)1.0

For question paper here is the attachment:

GATE Exam Mechanical Engineering Stream Question Paper

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