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Please provide the previous year Question Papers of ONGC exam for Mechanical?

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) is an Indian multinational oil and gas company. ONGC was founded on 14 August 1956. It is a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) of the Government of India, under the administrative control of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. ONGC is headquartered in Dehradun, India.

Sample questions:

Change in elastic modulus for ordinary materials between 0K and melting point is
(a) 10-20% increase (b) 10-20% decrease
(c) 80-90% decrease (d) 80-90% increase

Bauschinger effect
(a) Hysteresis loss during loading and unloading
(b) Anelastic deformation
(c) Dependence of yield stress on path and direction
(d) None

Shape of true stress-strain curve for a material depends on
(a) Strain (b) Strain rate
(c) Temperature (d) All

Toughness of a material is equal to area under ____________ part of the stress-strain curve.
(a) Elastic (b) Plastic (c) Both (d) None

True stress-strain curve need to be corrected after
(a) Elastic limit (b) Yield limit
(c) Tensile strength (d) no need to correct

Following condition represents onset of necking
(a) εu = n (b) εu = 1-n (c) εu = 1+n (d) εu = ln (1+n)

As compared with conventional stress-strain curve, the true stress-strain curve is
(a) Above and right (b) Below and right
(c) Above and left (d) Below and left

According to distortion-energy criterion, yielding occurs when
(a) Distortion energy reaches a critical value
(b) Second invariant of the stress deviator exceeded some critical value
(c) Octahedral shear stress reaches a critical value
(d) All

Von Mises and Tresca criteria give different yield stress for
(a) Uni-axial stress (b) Balanced bi-axial stress
(c) Pure shear stress (d) All

Plastic deformation results from the following
(a) Slip (b) Twinning (c) Both (d) None

Time dependent recoverable deformation under load is called ____________ deformation.
(a) Elastic (b) Anelastic
(c) Elastic after-effect (d) Visco-elastic

Figure-out the odd point in the following
(a) Proportinal limit (b) Elastic limit
(c) Yeild point (d) Fracture point

If a material is subjected to two incremental true strains namely ε1 and ε2, then the total true strain is
(a) ε1 * ε2 (b) ε1ε2 (c) ε1 + ε2 (d) ε1 / ε2

Engineering stress-strain curve and True stress-strain curve are equal up to
(a) Proportional limit (b) Elastic limit
c) Yeild point (d) Tensile strength point

Value of Poisson’s ratio for ionic solids in the range of
(a) 0.1 (b) 0.2 (c) 0.3 (d) 0.4

Hydrostatic stress results in the following
(a) Linear strain (b) Shear strain
(c) Both linear and shear strains (d) None

1.k-map equation related proved that .

2. Design of a analog circuit which have output as V=∫V1dt+ ∫V2dt+∫V3dt

Domain questions :

1.aspect ratio in TV is width to height.

2. Adsl download rate is high compare to upload.

3.110 is class C in IP address.

4. if sun near to earth it is called ?

5.what is indicted the arrow head in transistor ?

6. if 100 battery of 9 volt is connect in parallel the what is output voltage ?

7.question related to satellite orbit

8.pcm,dm.dpcm technique


10. Carrier SYNCHRONIZATION not needed in QPSK,PSK,FSK?


12.LIJJAJOUS pattern

13.laser is produce white light due to ?

14.wein bridge is use to measure of frequency.

15.radar system is using multiple of 16 then what is the multiplier

a)2 b)4 c)8 d)16

16.x= ab +bc is having how many how's in the truth table?

17.1 nepar=_ db

18. resolution of 6 bit is ?

19. Find correct parity as odd parity : Rightmost bit as parity bit : 1111111 1 , 0011010 1 , 1100110 1 , 0000000 0.

20.slew rate

21.fetch cycle

22.voltmeter sensitivity is measure in ?

23.microcontroller is having?


25.tunnel diode

26.BCD to binary converter

27.baud rate and bit rate which is grater ?

28.ideal op amp is having _i/p , _o/p , _bandwidth ?

29.IC 555 timer is having how many flip flop and comparator

31. Modulation index increased from 0 to 1 . Transmitted power now ?

32. De-emphasis is used because

33. Voltage gain of emitter follower : <=1 , =1 , >=1 , cannot say

34. CRO uses which method of focusing

35. Positive Feedback is same as : degeneration , regeneration

36. Lowest Efficiency in Power AMPLIFIER IS CLASS A , B , AB , C ?

37. 2 heater 1000W, 250V connected in series in 250V , 50HZ AC mains. Power drawn =?

38. HTTP = stateful/stateless protocol ?

39.which Layer responsible for delivery of packet from node to node ?

40. Difference between controlled variable and desired value of process control system

41. Why differentiator is not part of control system : Increases input noise , increases error , reduces gain, reduces damping

42 Which is analog : DCM , DM , DPCM , PWM

43. Identical Telephone no. under different exchanges are distinguished by : Modulation indices , language digit , access digit , area code

44. Common ckt in Freq Hopp Spread Spectrum and Direct Seq Spread Spectrum : correlator , Freq Synthesizer , Sweep Generator , Pseudo Random Noise Code Generator

45. Minimum Bwto transmit 56 kbps with no noise ?

46. Minimum Bwto transmit 56 kbps with no noise ?

47. f = 10 kHz sampled at Nyquist rate time int B/W 2 success samples ?

48. Find correct parity as odd parity : Rightmost bit as parity bit : 1111111 1 , 0011010 1 , 1100110 1 , 0000000 0

49. Dynamic memory cell store data in : register , capacitor

50. +0.5 V in TTL logic is : high , low , undefined , high impedance

51. 5th clock of johnson counter gives o/p = 0111 , 6th clock gives o/p = ?

52. Volts / div on CRO changes : gain in vertical / sec , : gain in horizontal / sec , freq of timebase , freq of trigger

53. . Measurement of Q is based on principle of : Resonance , Mutual Inductance , Piezoelectric Effect , Peltier Effect

54. Laser light is brighter because : Pure , Coherent , White , Monochromatic

55 Centre tapped transformer in single phase cycloconeuses : 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 SCR

56. . Maximum height of satellite : Apogee , Perigee

57. Satellite stays in orbit because : Satellite wt. + speed , gravitational pull + inertia , centripetal force +speed , satellite wt +pull of sun and moon

58. FET depends on controlling current through SC change : 1 polarity , 2 polarity , 4 , 8 polarity

59. Beta : Current gain in CC Mode , Current gain in CE Mode, Voltage gain in CC Mode, , Voltage gain in CE Mode

60. Flash Analog To Digital of each comparator is connected to : decoder , priority encoder , MUX , Demux

61. To serially shift a nibble of data in shift register there must be clock pulses : 2 , 4 , 8 , 1 clock pulse for each data

62. Mod 10 counter uses Flip flop : 10 , 4 , 2 , 8

63. Which family IC have better noise immunity : TTL , ECL , CMOS , DTL

64. Address required for 4096 bit memory arranged in 512 X 8 memory

65. When 8 bits serial in / out shift reg. I sused for 20 (mew)sec time delay. Find clock frequency

66. Conversion time of 6 bit successive approximation type ADC : 32 , 64 , 6 , 1/6 usec

67. Fibre optic cable best for high speed data transfer : single mode step index , multiple mode step index , single mode graded index , multiple mode graded index

68. Microcontroller includes : CPU + Memory + I/O + Clock Generator , CPU + Memory + I/O , CPU + I/O

69. Flag to manipulate movement of string : parity , zero , direction , inter

70. . Microwave signal propagates by way of : direct , surface , sky , standing wave

71. Makes equivalent current generator in circuit analysis : Norton , Thevenin , Maxm. Power Transfer , Superposition

72. When HPF and LPF section are connected in // it as Band reject filter with : fl > fh , fl = fh , fl < fh

73. When peak transmitted power of a radar is increased by a factor of 16 , maxm range increases by a factor : 2 , 4, 8, 16

Here I am attaching the previous year papers of ONGC Mechanical exam:
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: doc ONGC Mechanical Question Paper.doc (28.5 KB, 2043 views)
File Type: doc ONGC Mechanical Question Paper 1.doc (66.0 KB, 2163 views)

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Default ongc question paper

send me last 10 or 5 years question papre with solution of ongc for mechanical.
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Default Re: ONGC Mechanical Question Papers

how to download these documents
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Default Re: ongc question paper

Originally Posted by deesharma View Post
send me last 10 or 5 years question papre with solution of ongc for mechanical.
Still did u get paper???
If yes Plcan you send me on my email id??
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Default Re: ONGC Mechanical Question Papers

please show me 4-5 sets question paper of sail paper
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Default Re: ONGC Mechanical Question Papers

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Default syllabus

as i have applied for HR Executive so send me ongc question paper..
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bikkey kumar singh

send me 10 year previous year question
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