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I am going to participate in Infotech placement exam so need previous Aptitude Test question paper, will you please provide here?

As you want question papers of Infotech Placement for Aptitude Test, so here I am giving following papers:

Infotech Placement Aptitude Test Question Paper I
1. The ratio of ages of vishnu and jyothi are in the ratio 4:3 and their sum of their ages is 28.after 8 yrs the ratio of their ages will be

2.the avg age of of a class is some x.y(ex:15.8).the avg age of all boys is some a.b(ex:16.8) n the avg age of all girls is some c.d(ex:13.2). the ratio of no of boys to no of girls is

3.a train 300m long takes 30s to cross a man walking at 5kmph in the same direction and reaches the next station after 15min.the time taken by man to reach station is

4.a container contains wine to its full cpacity.4lit of wine is taken out and water is poured. again .4lit of mix is taken out and 4 lit of water is poured. After this the ratio of wine is 36:49.the capacity of container is

5.a,b,c can do a piece of work in 2,3,4 days respectively. a and b started and after working for two days c replaces b. the rest of the work is completed in _______days.

6.a,b,c invested 2000,3000,4000 and after 1yr the profits were distributed in the ratio 1:2. The time c joined is?

7.speed of boat in still water is 5kmph and rate of stream is 1kmph.a man takes 75min to row down n up to the same place. the distance he traveled is

8.present population of a village is 5000.after 6 yrs it population is 6000.if the population increases at the same rate then after 18 yrs the population will be

9.The difference between compound interest n simple interest for 2yrs at 10%rate calculated annually is RS.160.if compounded half yearly then the diff would be.

10.a man bought a horse and sold it for 10% gain. if he had bought it for 20% less and sold it for RS.100 more then his profit would be 40%.what is CP of horse.

11.a square field of 110 meter have 4mts path parallel to both sides. The area of the path is.

12.A n B can fill a tank in 4hrs n 5hrs respectively. if they r opened alternatively then the time taken to fill the tank is

Infotech Placement Aptitude Test Question Paper II
1.what is the no when reversed and 45 is sub is subtracted from it we ll get the same no. ans is 27 (go alon with the option cheking process it ll be easy)

2.a problem on aeroplane speed. ans is 750km/hr.

3.opposites of PARTIITON

4.meaning of TRIVIAL

5. analogy poverty: prosperity etc.w e ll get 3 from synonyms 3 from antonyms and 4 from analogies

6. few questions from mensuration

7. the LCM of two numbers is given, HCF is given, and they gave one no and asked to find the other no. ans :1600

8. DI prepare from RS agarwal. it is enough ( 5+5)

9. RC try to attempt easy questions wich will in the middle or at the end . in RC section

10. what is the unit digit no .in 7^25 * 3^22 * 11^11 like that.

11. question from sets like 75% of people study maths, 65 % study eng like that one

Infotech Placement Aptitude Test Question Paper III
1. A square garden has fourteen posts along each side at equal interval. Find how many posts are there in all four sides:
(a) 56
(b) 52
(c) 44
(d) 60

2. Average age of students of an adult school is 40 years. 120 new students whose average age is 32 years joined the school. As a result the average age is decreased by 4 years. Find the number of students of the school after joining of the new students:
(a) 1200
(b) 120
(c) 360
(d) 240

3. When Rs 250 added to 1/4th of a given amount of money makes it smaller than 1/3rd of the given amount of money by Rs 100. What is the given amount of money?
(a) Rs 350
(b) Rs 600
(c) Rs 4200
(d) Rs 3600

4. Find the least number of candidates in an examination so that the percentage of successful candidates should be 76.8%:
(a) 500
(b) 250
(c) 125
(d) 1000

5. The number of times a bucket of capacity 4 litres to be used to fill up a tank is less than the number of times another bucket of capacity 3 litres used for the same purpose by 4. What is the capacity of the tank?
(a) 360 litres
(b) 256 litres
(c) 48 litres
(d) 525 litres

7. A certain quantity of rice is spent daily for 30 students in a hostel. One day some students were absent as a result, the quantity of rice has been spent in the ratio of 6 : 5. How many students were present on that day?
(a) 24
(b) 20
(c) 15
(d) 25

8. The ratio of daily wages of two workers is 4 : 3 andone gets daily Rs 9 more than the other, what are their daily wages?
(a) Rs 32 and Rs 24
(b) Rs 60 and Rs 45
(c) Rs 80 and Rs 60
(d) Rs 36 and Rs 27

9. Find the ratio of purchase price and sell price if there is loss of 12 1/(2 )%
(a) 7 : 8
(b) 8 : 7
(c) 2 : 25
(d) 25 : 2

10. The simplified value of 1.2 + (1.2)2 + (1.2)3 is:
(a) 4.248
(b) 4.368
(c) 3.248
(d) 3.368

11. The rate of failure in an examination is 39.25%. Find the least number of total candidates appeared in the examination.
(a) 500
(b) 400
(c) 125
(d) 260

12. Find H.C.F. of 3/5 , .36, .24
(a) .04
(b) 2
(c) .4
(d) None of the above

13. 0.8 portion of a tank is filled with water. If 25 litres of water is taken out from the tank, 14 litres of excess water over the half filled up tank remains in it. Find the capacity of the tank.
(a) 100 litres
(b) 130 litres
(c) 200 litres
(d) 150 litres

14. The ratio of ages of two persons is 4 : 7 and one is 30 years older than the other. Find the sum of their ages.
(a) 210 years
(b) 110 years
(c) 90 years
(d) 140 years

15. The ratio of the age of a gentleman and his wife is 4 : 3. After 4 years this ratio will be 9 : 7. If at the time of their marriage the ratio was 5 : 3, how many years ago they were married?
(a) 10 years
(b) 8 years
(c) 12 years
(d) 15 years

16. Simplify:
(a) .3
(b) 31/3
(c) ..3
(d) 1

17. What sum of money is to be divided among 3 men in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5 so that the third man receives Rs 10 only.
(a) Rs 56
(b) Rs 84
(c) Rs 120
(d) Rs 24

18. Sum of two numbers prime to each other is 20 and their L.C.M. is 99. What are the numbers?
(a) 8 and 12
(b) 14 and 6
(c) 19 and 1
(d) 11 and 9

19. Find square root of 2.7
.(a) .5
(b) 5
(c) 11/3
(d) .3

20. Find the greatest of the four least common multiples of 3, 5 and 7.
(a) 1
(b) 420
(c) 315
(d) 105

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Default Re: Infotech question paper for Aptitude Test

Here are Infotech placement exam Aptitude Test questions:

In a class composed of x girls and y boys what part of the class is composed of girls
A. y/(x + y)
B. x/xy
C. x/(x + y)
D. y/xy

What is the maximum number of half-pint bottles of cream that can be filled with a 4-gallon can of cream(2 pt.=1 qt. and 4 qt.=1 gal)
A. 16
B. 24
C. 30
D. 64 (Ans.D)

If the operation,^ is defined by the equation x ^ y = 2x + y,what is the value of a in 2 ^ a = a ^ 3
A.0 B.1 C.-1 D.4 (Ans.B)

A coffee shop blends 2 kinds of coffee,putting in 2 parts of a 33p. a gm. grade to 1 part of a 24p. a gm.If the mixture is changed to 1 part of the 33p. a gm. to 2 parts of the less expensive grade,how much will the shop save in blending 100 gms.
A.Rs.90 B.Rs.1.00 C.Rs.3.00 D.Rs.8.00 (Ans.C)

There are 200 questions on a 3 hr examination.Among these questions are 50 mathematics problems.It is suggested that twice as much time be spent on each maths problem as for each other question.How many minutes should be spent on mathematics problems
A.36 B.72 C.60 D.100 (Ans.B)

In a group of 15,7 have studied Latin, 8 have studied Greek, and 3 have not studied either.How many of these studied both Latin and Greek
A.0 B.3 C.4 D.5 (Ans.B)

If 13 = 13w/(1-w) ,then (2w)2 =
A.1/4 B.1/2 C.1 D.2 (Ans.C)
If a and b are positive integers and (a-b)/3.5 = 4/7, then
(A) b < a (B) b > a (C) b = a (D) b >= a (Ans. A)

In june a baseball team that played 60 games had won 30% of its game played. After a phenomenal winning streak this team raised its average to 50% .How many games must the team have won in a row to attain this average?
A. 12 B. 20 C. 24 D. 30 (Ans. C)

M men agree to purchase a gift for Rs. D. If three men drop out how much more will each have to contribute towards the purchase of the gift/
A. D/(M-3) B. MD/3 C. M/(D-3) D. 3D/(M2-3M) (Ans. D)

For detailed paper here is attachment:
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: doc Infotech Placement Aptitude paper.doc (37.5 KB, 157 views)
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Default Re: Infotech question paper for Aptitude Test

Can you please give question papers for Aptitude Test of Infotech placement? Actually my friend wants Question Paper for Aptitude Test of Infotech. So pls give it as soon as possible.
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