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Default TET Solved Question Papers of Bengali and English

Give me the Solved Question Papers of Bengali and English of TET exam?

Here I am providing the information regarding the WB TET Bengali exam question paper for your idea .

There are total 20 questions in the paper.

All are objective type questions .

Applicants has to select one among four options .

For the question paper , here is the attachment

WB TET Bengali exam question paper

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Default Re: TET Solved Question Papers of Bengali and English

TET stand for Teachers Eligibility Test. TET is an entrance examination for teachers from Class 1 to Class 8, Class 1 to Class 5 and Class 6 to Class 8.
It is conducted by both Central government and State governments in India.

Sample Questions:

Directions: Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option:

While writing a diary, the learner must take into account its features such as
(1) brevity, personal, use abbreviations
(2) impersonality, brevity, use abbreviations
(3) should be clear to others, use abbreviations, brevity
(4) personal, no abbreviations, clarity

'By far, the grammar issue I am most consistently challenged by is the dreaded dangling modifier. I'm not sure why, but this is an error I make with alarming regularity. I've learned to catch them, but I'm certain some manage to sneak through in my corrections. ' Which sentence has this error ?
( 1) Hoping to excuse my lateness, I wrote a note and gave it to my teacher.
(2) After reading the new book, Sara thought the movie based on it will be exciting.
(3) Having finished the assignment, Rahul turned on the TV.
(4) Upon entering the doctor's office, a skeleton approached me.

The principle of discovery implies that in a grammar class students.
(1) engage in activities that require them to think about collaborating.
(2) formulate certain rules by working through a number of examples.
(3) think consciously of grammar rules while completing an activity.
( 4) are facilitated by the teacher to avoid grammatical errors.

When teaching the pronunciation of the word 'penchant' you would
(1) encourage students to use an 'English' word as an option
(2) find it's meaning and give it to your class
(3) use a pronunciation dictionary and say the word for the class to listen
(4) draw student's attention to the fact that it is a French word

I decided to use this song for a lesson today. Learners will read through the lyrics and see if they can guess which words complete the spaces. Then listen to check if they were right'. This is an activity.
(1) information transfer •
(2) information exchange
(3) error correction
(4) information gap

'To answer the true or false questions below, you only need to listen to the first five minutes, but feel free to listen to the whole lecture and let us know what you think' This is an/a listening activity.
(1) extensive (2) pre-
(3) while- (4) post-

A core teaching skill is
(1) demonstrating
(2) illustrating
(3) performing
(4) instructing

'Kinesthetic' learning involves
(1) identifying sounds
(2) having a sharp, clear mental picture
(3) developing a strong feeling towards an experience
(4) relate to people I objects impersonally

A student response management requires the teacher to
(1) prompt (2) illustrate
(3) reinforce (4) remediate

A teacher's gestures and movement during teaching is a constituent of the skill of
(1) reinforcement
(2) stimulus variation
(3) questioning
(4) demonstrating

Micro-teaching is a technique used by teacher-educators when trainees
(1) watch a live demonstration
(2) watch an audio-visual presentation
(3) received individualized, programmed instruction
(4) use the simulation technique to develop their skills.

Which is a reading comprehension question?
(1) Why did Emma dislike Darcy ?
(2) Check the pronunciation of 'Hotel'
(3) Use 'take up' in a sentence of your own.
(4) Have you read another book by Jane Austen ?

While reading, of one of these help students understand relations between different parts ?
(1) Adverbs
(2) Pronouns
(3) Proper nouns
(4) Phrasal verbs

The sequence of a writing process would be in the following order :
(1) reviewing, monitoring , translating
(2) planning, translating, reviewing
(3) translating, reviewing, monitoring
(4) planning, monitoring, reviewing

Here I am attaching the Sample Solved papers of TET examination:
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: doc TET English Paper.doc (32.5 KB, 36 views)
File Type: pdf TET Bengali Paper.pdf (741.7 KB, 73 views)
File Type: pdf TET Bengali Paper 1.pdf (753.1 KB, 53 views)
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