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Is there any one to give me UPSC Solved question papers of Mechanical Engineering???

Hello there , Yes we can surely provide you some papers of Mechanical Engineering of UPSC and also Solve all your other queries !!!!!!!!!!

Now as per your request here are some papers of Mechanical Engineering of UPSC and also Solve all your other queries :

For your Ease Here is a Glance at it :

Section 'A'


(a) The critical buckling load of a cast iron hollow
cylindrical column 3 m in length when hinged
at both the ends is equal to P kN. When the
column is fixed at both the ends, its critical
load increases to (P + 300) kN. If the ratio
of external diameter to internal diameter is
1.25 and E = 100 GPa,

determine the external diameter of the column.

(b) A stuntman drives a motorcycle around a
circular vertical wall 30 m in diameter. The
coefficient of friction between the tyre and
wall is 0-6. Determine the minimum speed that
will prevent sliding down the wall.

Determine the angle also by which the motorcycle is
inclined to the horizontal.

(c) A hypoeutectoid plain c-steel is heated to
1540°C and then cooled slowly to 725°C.
What is the percentage of ferrite and austenite
in steel after the process ?

Mark the process on Iron-carbon diagram.

(d) An 1-beam with the following dimensions is
subjected to a shearing force of 20 kN.
Flange : breadth = 50 nun, thickness = 5.5 mm
Web : depth = 109 mm, thickness = 3.5 mm
Area of cross-section = 9.4 x 104mm2
M.I. = Ixx= 220 x 104mm4.

Calculate the value of the transverse shear stress at the neutral axis x-x and at the top of the web.

For the Whole Papers Please Refer to the PDF Below :

Mech. Engineering I [ UPSC ] :

Mech. Engineering II [ UPSC ] :

For further Assistance Please Visit Again.
Best of Luck
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf Mech. Engineering II [ UPSC.pdf (166.3 KB, 74 views)
File Type: pdf Mech. Engineering I [ UPSC ] .PDF (270.8 KB, 78 views)

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Default Re: UPSC Solved question papers of Mechanical Engineering

Here I am uploading a document file that contains the UPSC Solved question papers of Mechanical Engineering, there are around 5o objective types of the questions available. This is the content of attachment:

1. Which one of the following represents open thermodynamic system ?
(a) Manual ice cream freezer
(b) Centrifugal pump (Ans)
(c) Pressure cooker
(d) Bomb calorimeter

2. A thermodynamic system is considered to be an isolated one if
(a) Mass transfer and entropy change are zero
(b) Entropy change and energy transfer are zero (c) Energy transfer and mass transfer are zero (Ans)
(d) Mass transfer and volume change are zero

3. Reduced pressure is
(a) Always less than atmospheric pressure
(b) Always unity
(c) An index of molecular position of a gas (Ans)
(d) Dimensionless

6. A closed system is one in which
(a) Mass does not cross boundaries of the system, though energy may do so (Ans)
(b) Mass crosses the boundary but not the energy
(c) Neither mass nor energy cross the boundary of the system
(d) Both energy and mass cross the boundaries of the system

7. Work transfer between the system and the surroundings
(a) Is a point function
(b) Is always given by ∫ P dv
(c) is a function of pressure only
(d) Depends on the path followed by the system (Ans)

8. Air is being forced by the bicycle pump into a tyre against a pressure of 4.5 bars. A slow downward movement of the piston can be approximated as
(a) Isobaric process
(b) Adiabatic process
(c) Throttling process
(d) Isothermal process (Ans)

9. Isentropic flow is
(a) Irreversible adiabatic flow
(b) Reversible adiabatic flow (Ans)
(c) Ideal fluid flow
(d) Frictionless reversible flow

Remaining questions are in the attachment, please click on it………
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: doc UPSC Solved question papers of Mechanical Engineering.doc (70.5 KB, 367 views)
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Default Re: UPSC Solved question papers of Mechanical Engineering

Hi there , Can you please Provide me some Question Papers of Mechanical Engineering of UPSC?
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