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Default Computer Science SET Exam Notes

Please provide me syllabus for state eligibility test computer science soon >??

Ok, as you want the syllabus of Computer Science and Engineering of DRDO SET exam so here I am providing you.

DRDO SET exam Computer Science and Engineering syllabus

Theory of Computation: Regular languages and finite automata, Context free languages and Push-down automata, Recursively enumerable sets and Turing machines, Undecidability; NP-completeness.

Digital Logic: Logic functions, Minimization, Design and synthesis of combinational and sequential circuits; Number representation and computer arithmetic (fixed and floating point).

Computer Organization and Architecture: Machine instructions and addressing modes, ALU and data-path, CPU control design, Memory interface, I/O interface (Interrupt and DMA mode), Instruction pipelining, Cache and main memory, Secondary storage.

Programming and Data Structures: Programming in C; Functions, Recursion, Parameter passing, Scope, Binding; Abstract data types, Arrays, Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Trees, Binary search trees, Binary heaps.

Algorithms: Analysis, Asymptotic notation, Notions of space and time complexity, Worst and average case analysis; Design: Greedy approach, Dynamic programming, Divide-and-conquer; Tree and graph traversals, Connected components, Spanning trees, Shortest paths; Hashing, Sorting, Searching.

Compiler Design: Lexical analysis, Parsing, Syntax directed translation, Runtime environments, Intermediate and target code generation, Basics of code optimization.

Operating System: Processes, Threads, Inter-process communication, Concurrency, Synchronization, Deadlock, CPU scheduling, Memory management and virtual memory, File systems, I/O systems, Protection and security.

Databases: ER-model, Relational model (relational algebra, tuple calculus), Database design (integrity constraints, normal forms), Query languages (SQL), File structures (sequential files, indexing, B and B+ trees), Transactions and concurrency control.

Computer Networks: ISO/OSI stack, LAN technologies (Ethernet, Token ring), Flow and error control techniques, Routing algorithms, Congestion control, TCP/UDP and sockets, IP(v4), Application layer protocols (icmp, dns, smtp, pop, ftp, http); Basic concepts of hubs, switches, gateways, and routers.

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Default Re: Computer Science SET Exam Notes

Here I am giving you syllabus for state eligibility test computer science in PDF File attached with it so you can download it easily..

Some content of syllabus is given below :

1. Discrete Structures
Sets, Relations, Functions, Pigeonhole Principle, Inclusion-Exclusion Principle, Equivalence
and Partial Orderings, Elementary Counting Techniques. Probability, Measure(s) for information
and Mutual information.
Computability : Models of computation-Finite Automata, Pushdown Automata. Non-determinism
and NFA, DPDA and PDAs and Languages accepted by these structures.

Grammars, Languages,
Non-computability and Examples of non-computable problems.
Graph : Definition, walks, paths, trails, connected graphs, regular and bipartite graphs, cycles
and circuits. Tree and rooted tree. Spanning trees. Eccentricity of a vertex radius and diameter
of a graph. Central Graphs. Centre(s) of a tree. Hamiltonian and Eulerian graphs, Planar
Groups : Finite fields and Error correcting/detecting codes.

2. Computer Arithmetic
Propositional (Boolean) Logic, Predicate Logic, Well-formed-formulae (WFF), Satisfiability
and Tautology.
Logic Families : TTL, ECL and C-MOS gates. Boolean algebra and Minimization of Boolean
functions, Flip-flops-types, race condition and comparison, Design of combinational and
sequential circuits.
Representation of Integers : Octal, Hex, Decimal and Binary. 2’s complement and 1’s
complement arithmetic, Floating point representation.

3. Programming in C and C++
Programming in C : Elements of C-Tokens, identitiers, data types in C. Control structures in
C. Sequence, selection and iteration(s), Structured data types in C arrays, struct, union, string
and pointers.

O-O Programming Concepts : Class, object, instantiation, Inheritance, polymorphism and
C++ Programming : Elements of C++-Tokens, identifiers, Variables and constants, Data types,
Operators, Control statements, Functions parameter passing, Class and objects, Constructors
and destructors, Overloading, Inheritance, Templates, Exception handling.
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Default Re: Computer Science SET Exam Notes

I want the notes/ syllabus of Computer Science and Engineering of DRDO SET exam so can you please provide me?
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Post Re: Computer Science SET Exam Notes

computer science set exam notes for full syllabus
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