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Default ICAR Exam Plant Biotechnology Question Paper

I need the Indian Council of Agricultural Research exam Plant Biotechnology Question Paper, will you please provide here?

Here is the Indian Council of Agricultural Research exam Plant Biotechnology syllabus:

Plant Biochemistry/ Bio. Chem.
Plant Biotechnology & Molecular Biology/Biotechnology,
Plant Physiology/Crop Physiology

UNIT-I: Basic Sciences & General Agriculture: Importance of agriculture in national economy; basic principlesof crop production; cultivation of rice, wheat, chickpea, pigeon-pea, sugarcane, groundnut, tomato, andmango. Major soils of India; role of NPK and their deficiency symptoms. General structure and function of cell organelles; mitosis and meiosis; Mendelian genetics. Elementary knowledge of growth, development,photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration; Elements of economic botany. General structure and functionof carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes and vitamins. Major pests and diseases of rice, wheat,cotton, chickpea, sugarcane and their management. Organic farming; biofertilizers; biopesticides.Recombinant DNA technology; transgenic crops. Important rural development programmes in India;organizational set up of agricultural research, education and extension in India. Elements of statistics.

UNIT-II: Plant Biochemistry: Importance of biochemistry in agriculture. Acid-base concept and buffers; pH.Classification, structure and metabolic functions of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Structure andfunction of nucleic acids. Enzymes: structure, nomenclature, mechanism of action; vitamins and mineralsas coenzymes and cofactors. Metabolic pathways: glycolysis, TCA cycle, fatty acid oxidation, triglyceridebiosynthesis. Electron transport chain; ATP formation. Photosynthesis: C-3, C-4 and CAM pathways. Nitrate assimilation; biological nitrogen fixation. Colorimetric and chromatographic techniques

UNIT-III: Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology: Characteristics of prokaryotic andeukaryotic organisms; differences between fungi, bacteria, mycoplasms and viruses. Physical and chemicalbasis of heredity; chromosome structure. DNA replication, transcription and translation; genetic code;operon concept. Genetic engineering; restriction enzymes; vectors; gene cloning; gene transfer. Plantcell and tissue culture; micro-propagation; somaclonal variation. Transformation; recombination; Heterosis.General application of biotechnology. Molecular and immunological techniques. Concept of bioinformatics,genomics and proteomics.

UNIT-IV: Plant Physiology/ Crop Physiology: Plant physiology– importance in agriculture. Seed germination,viability and vigour. Photosynthesis- significance of C-3, C-4 and CAM pathway; photorespiration and itsimplications. Translocation of assimilates; dry matter partitioning; Harvest index of crops. Growth anddevelopment; growth analysis; crop-water relationship. Plant nutrients and their functions. Phytohormonesand their physiological role. Photo-periodism, vernalisation; pollination/ fertilization in flowering plants.Post-harvest physiology and its significance

Question paper
Here is the attachment of the ICAR Plant biotechnology Question paper:

As you want here I am giving bellow ICAR Exam Plant Biotechnology Question Paper , so on your demand I am providing same here :

ICAR Exam Plant Biotechnology Question Paper
1. The average concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is :
(A) 0.03 ppm (B) 30 ppm
(C)0.3 ppm (D) 300 ppm
2. Agrostology is the study of:
(A) Root (B) Grasses
(C) Flower (D) Fruit
3. Atmospheric layer nearest to earth Surface is
(A) Biosphere (C) Exosphere
(B) Thermosphere (D) Troposphere
4. Plant that grow on extremely dry soil are classified under :
(A)Thalophytes (B) Hydrophytes
(C)Xerophytes (D) Hydroponics
5. Ground water table is measured by :
(A) Tensiometer (B) Piezometer
(C) Pressure plate (D) Neutron probe
6. Mycorrhiza is associated with what part of plants?
(A) Roots (B) Leaf
(C) Stem (D) Fruits
7. The most Suited N fertilizer for tea is:
(A) Urea (B) Calcium nitrate
(C) Ammonium chloride (D) Ammonium sulphate
8. Which food is designated as Boneless meat?
(A)Banana (B) Potato
(C)Soybean (D) Tapioca
9. Which of the following control the root initiation, cell elongation and apical
(A)Auxins (B) ABA
(C) Gibberellins (D) Ethylene
10. Study of soil from the stand point of higher plant is known as :
(A) Pedology (B) Physiology
(C)Edaphology (D) Geo physics
11. Pruning is most essential for:
(A)Cauliflower (B) Rubber
(C)Tea (D) Chinchona
12. The progeny of breeder seed is:
(A)Formation seed (B) Nucleus seed
(C) True seed (D) Certified seed
11. The basis of farm budgeting is:
(A)production function analysis (B) Linear programming
(C) Cost benefit analysis (D) Farm planning
13. The largest tea production state in India is:
(A)Tamil Nadu (B) Assam
(C)Meghalaya (D) Kerala
14. The plant nutrient which help in translocation of sugars and starch is :
(A) Mg (B) Mo
(C) K (D) Na
15. Saffron is largely produced in:
(A) J & K (B) Kerala
(C) Himachal Pradesh (D) Uttarakhand
16. A crop that can supply oil for petrochemicals is:
(A) Neem (B) Rubber
(C)Macadamia (D) Jatropha

ICAR Exam Plant Biotechnology Question Paper

Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf ICAR Plant biotechnology Question paper.pdf (329.3 KB, 2864 views)

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Default request regarding previous yrs questions

respected sir/madam ,
kindly mail me ICAR NET Agriculture biotechnology objective questions...
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Default last 10year paper of icar plant biotechnology

last10year question paper of icar plant biotechnology
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sir, pls give me provide icar plant biotech previous year ques
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I want study material for PG PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY-ICAR EXAM
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Post Re: ICAR Exam Plant Biotechnology Question Paper

I am in need of ICAR exam animal biochemistry question paper
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Default Re: ICAR Exam Plant Biotechnology Question Paper

Hi buddy I want to know from where I can do collect ICAR Exam Plant Biotechnology Question Paper , so will you plz let me know from where I can do download its paper ??
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