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WILL you please give me question paper for the 12th physics subject of CBSE board of education ??

Here I am providing the list of few questions of CBSE 12th Board Physics paper which you are looking for .

Q1. The force experienced by a particle of charge 'q' moving with a velocity in a magnetic
field 'B' is given by = q . Which pairs out of these vectors are always at right angles to
each other? 1

Q2. Write the S I unit of magnetic flux. 1

Q3. Two identical loops, one of copper and another of constantan are removed from a
magnetic field within the same time interval. In which loop will the induced current be greater?1

Q4. Name the type of biasing of a p-n junction diode so that the junction offers very high
resistance. 1

Q5. Name the device which can represent digital data by analog signals and vice-versa. 1

Q6. Draw a labelled diagram of Daniel cell. What is the function of copper sulphate used in it?2

Q7. State the underlying principle of an a.c. generator. Write the relationship between the peak
value and r.m.s. value of alternating voltage.
CBSE 12th Board Physics paper

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Default Re: CBSE 12th Board Physics paper

Here I am giving you question paper for the 12th physics subject of CBSE board of education in PDF file attached with it so you can get it easily..

Some questions are given below ;
1. Two identical charged particles moving with same speed enter a region of uniform magnetic field. If one of these
enters normal to the field direction and the other enters along a direction at 300 with the field, what would be the
ratio of their angular frequencies?

2. Why does a metallic piece become very hot when it is surrounded by a coil carrying high frequency alternating
3. How is a sample of an n-type semiconductor electrically neutral though it has an excess of negative charge carriers?

4. Name the characteristics of electromagnetic waves that
(i) increases
(ii) remains constant
in the electromagnetic spectrum as one moves from radiowave region towards ultravoilet region.

5. How would the angular separation of interference fringes in young’s double slit experiment change when the
distance of separation between the slits and the screen is doubled?

6. Calculate the ratio of energies of photons produced due to transition of electron of hydrogen atom from its,
(i) Second permitted energy level to the first level, and
(ii) Highest permitted energy level to the second permitted level

7. Give expression for the average value of the a c voltage
V = V0 Sin t ω
over the time interval t = 0 and t =

8. How is the band gap, Eg, of a photo diode related to the maximum wavelength, m , that can be detected by it?

9. Keeping the voltage of the the charging source constant, what would be the percentage change in the energy stored
in a parallel plate capacitor if the separation between its plates were to be decreased by 10%?

10. Explain how the average velocity of free electrons in a metal at constant temperature, in an electric field, remain
constant even though the electrons are being constantly accelarated by this electric field?

11. How is the resolving power of a microscope affected when,
(i) the wavelength of illuminating radiations is decreased?
(ii) the diameter of the objective lens is decreased?
Justify your answer.

12. What is the basic difference between the atom or molecule of a diamagnetic and a paramagnetic material? Why are
elements with even atomic number more likely to be diamagnetic?

13. Why are infrared radiations referred to as heat waves also? Name the radiations which are next to these radiations
in electromagnetic specturm having
(i) Shorter wavelength.
(ii) Longer wavelength.
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