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Default Bank of Baroda recruitment clerk

Hi please tell me is there any recruitment for clerk in the bank of Baroda? Please tell me the eligibility for clerk and age limit too.
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Default Re: Bank of Baroda recruitment clerk

Eligibility for clerk
The candidate must have graduation degree from any recognized university.
Age limit
Mini-18years and
max. 28 years relaxation for reserved category candidates

Here I am providing a file. The file contains the list of vacant post of clerk in Bank of Baroda.
Attached Files
File Type: pdf Bank of Baroda clerk vacant post list .pdf (610.9 KB, 34 views)
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Default Re: Bank of Baroda recruitment clerk

Will you please share Bank of Baroda Clerk recruitment Exam Paper here only??
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Default Re: Bank of Baroda recruitment clerk

As per your request here I am sharing the Bank of Baroda Clerk recruitment Exam Paper with you

1. Which of the following nations is considered the originator of the concept of Micro Finance?

(1) Bangladesh

(2) India

(3) South Africa

(4) Greece


2. Which of the following is represented by the letter ‘L' in the abbreviation CAMELS, the rating system used in financial world ?

(1) Loans

(2) Leadership

(3) Liabilities

(4) Liquidity

(5) None of these

3. Repo rate is decided by which of the following organizations?

(1) SEBI

(2) AMFI

(3) All Banks

(4) RBI

(5) IMF

4. Many a times we read a term ‘PPP' in financial dailies/magazines. What is the full form of the same as used in financial world?

(1) Purchasing Power Parity

(2) Per captia Potential Purchases

(3) Public Per captia Power

(4) Present Purchasing Power

(5) Popular Public Preferences

5. The rate of interest on Term Deposits in Banks is stipulated by which of the following?

(1) RBI

(2) Government of India

(3) Indian Banks Association

(4) Banking Codes and Standards Board of India

(5) Individual Banks themselves

6. Which of the following is not a function of a commercial bank?

(1) Providing project finance

(2) Selling Mutual Funds

(3) Deciding policy rates like CRR, Repo Rates/SLR etc.

(4) Settlement of payments on behalf of the customers

(5) Providing services such as locker facilities, remittances etc.

7. Which of the following carries out ‘Open Market Operations'?

(1) Stock Exchanges in India

(2) Indian Banks' Association

(3) Securities and Exchange Board of India

(4) Planning Commission

(5) Reserve Bank of India

8. The famous name Vikram Pandit is associated with which of the following organizations/banks?

(1) Cairn Energy

(2) ICICI Bank

(3) Pepsi Co.

(4) Vodafone

(5) Citigroup

9. Which of the following is the main function of I.M.E.?

(1) Finance investment loans to developing countries

(2) Act as a private sector lending arm of the World Bank

(3) Help to solve balance of payment problems of member countries

(4) Arrange international deposits from banks

(5) None of these

10. Which of the following is not a mode of foreign capital inflow to India?

(1) FDI

(2) FII

(3) NRI Accounts

(4) No Frills Accounts

(5) All these are valid for foreign capital inflow

11. Five Year Plans in India are finally approved by which of the following bodies?

(1) National Development Council

(2) President on the advice of Prime Minister

(3) Union Cabinet

(4) Planning Commission

(5) Finance Minister

12. Which of the following schemes is launched specifically for helping Senior Citizens to avail loan by mortgage of their residential property?

(1) English Mortgage Scheme

(2) Senior Capital Loan Scheme

(3) Reverse Mortgage Loan Scheme

(4) DEMAT Account Scheme

(5) None of these

13. The most appropriate measure of a country's economic growth is___

(1) Net National Product

(2) Net domestic product

(3) Gross domestic product

(4) Per capita real income

(5) Total Foreign Investment in a year

14. In order to streamline the functioning of MFI sector the RBI had appointed a committee. The committee was headed by___

(1) Dr. Y.V.Redddy

(2) Shri M.V.Nair

(3) Shri Y.H.Malegam

(4) Dr. D.Subbarao

(5) Smt. Usha Thorat

15. The census in India is done after a gap of every-

(1) 5 years

(2) 10 Years

(3) 12 Years

(4) 15 Years

(5) None of these

16. Structure of Basel II is based on how many pillars?

(1) Two

(2) Three

(3) Four

(4) Five

(5) Six

17. Which of the following is/are the depositories in India handling dematerialized shares?

(A) National Payment Corporation of India

(B) Central Depository Service (CDSL)

(C) Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

(1) Both (A) & (B)

(2) Only (B)

(3) Only (A)

(4) Only(C)

(5) All (A),(B) & (C)

18. What does the term NSDL stand for?

(1) National Securities Development Limited

(2) National Securities Depository Limited

(3) National Safety Development Limited

(4) Natural Safety Development Limited

(5) National Social & Developmental Liabilities

19. Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) does not have which of the following functions?

(1) Equipment leasing

(2) Housing finance and investments in financial securities

(3) Hiring & Purchasing Assets.

(4) Demand Deposits

(5) None of these

20. Insurance business in India is regulated by___

(1) Life Insurance Corporation of India

(2) SEBI

(3) Reserve Bank of India

(4) Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDA)

(5) AMFI

21. Basel III in banks is being planned to be implemented from which of the following years?

(1) 2012

(2) 2013

(3) 2014

(4) 2015

(5) 2019

22. Money Laundering refers to which of the following?

(1) Conversion of assets into cash

(2) Conversion of Money which is illegally obtained

(3) Conversion of cash into gold

(4) Conversion of gold into cash

(5) Conversion of shares into cash

23. As per the repots in various newspapers, RBI has asked banks to make a plan to provide banking service to all villages having a population of 2000. This directive issued by the RBI will fall in which of the following categories?

(1) Plan for Financial Inclusion

(2) Efforts to meet the targets of Priority Lending

(3) Extension of Relief Packages to the Farmers

(4) Extensions of Internal and Branchless Banking

(5) None of these

24. The price at which the Govt. Purchases food grain for maintaining the public distribution system is known as-

(1) Ceiling prices

(2) Procurement price

(3) Minimum Price

(4) Issue Price

(5) Distribution price

25. Which of these books is written by Kiran Desai?

(1) A Village By the Sea

(2) Darkness at Noon

(3) Lolita

(4) My Son's Father

(5) The Inheritance of Loss

Computer Awareness

26. The ___controls communications for the entire computer system.

(1) Arithmetic-logic unit

(2) Semiconductor

(3) Motherboard

(4) Coprocessor

(5) None of these

27. A ___is approximately 1 million bytes.

(1) Megabyte

(2) Kilobyte

(3) Gigabyte

(4) Terabyte

(5) None of these

28. Which of the following is formally defined as a criminal action perpetrated primarily through the use of a computer?

(1) Phishing

(2) Hacking

(3) Cybercrime

(4) Social networking

(5) None of these

29. Hardware used to translate words, sound images and actions that People understands into a form that the system unit can process is known as-

(1) Device drivers

(2) Device readers

(3) Input devices

(4) Output devices

(5) None of these

30. Being- means being familiar enough with computers in such a manner that you understand their capabilities and limitations.

(1) Computer literate

(2) Computer competent

(3) Computer savvy

(4) Technology literate

(5) None of these

31. The System component that controls and manipulates data in order to produce information is called the -

(1) Keyboard

(2) Microprocessor

(3) Monitor

(4) Mouse

(5) None of these

32. The container that houses most of the electronic components that make up a computer system is known as the -

(1) Arithmetic -logic unit

(2) Central processing unit

(3) RFID

(4) System catalog

(5) None of these

33. How a network is arranged and how it shares information and resources is called a network___

(1) Topology

(2) Strategy

(3) Protocol

(4) Architecture

(5) None of these

34. These chips are specifically designed to handle the processing requirements related to displaying and manipulating 3-D images.

(1) Graphics coprocessors

(2) Arithmetic - logic unit processors

(3) Control unit processors

(4) CISC chips

(5) None of these

35. Which type of software is used to make a slide show ?

(1) Spreadsheets software

(2) World processing software

(3) Presentation software

(4) System software

(5) None of these

36. RAM is referred to as- storage.

(1) Direct

(2) Volatile

(3) Secondary

(4) Sequential

(5) None of these

37. The - tells the rest of the computer how to carry out a program's instruction.

(1) ALU

(2) Control unit

(3) System unit

(4) Motherboard

(5) None of these

38. The combination of operating system and processor in a computer is referred to as computers'___

(1) Firmware

(2) Specification

(3) Minimum requirements

(4) Platinum

(5) None of these

39. The position of a disk that contains no stored data, but may contain latent data is called-

(1) RAM slack

(2) A cluster

(3) Swap space

(4) Unallocated space

(5) None of these

40. What is keyboard used for?

(1) Input text and numbers and send commands to the computer

(2) To create new keys to use with your computer

(3) To open the computer up

(4) To create pictures and images and send them to your computer

(5) None of these

41. The information processing cycle includes the following processes -

(1) Input, processing, output, storage

(2) Input, output, manipulation, arithmetic

(3) Data, processing, printing, editing

(4) Storage, display, data, information

(5) None of these

42. How tightly the bits can be packed next to one another on a disk is referred to as-

(1) Tracks

(2) Sectors

(3) Density

(4) Configuration

(5) None of these

143. What are the speakers attached to your computer used for?

(1) Displaying images

(2) Sending messages

(3) Storing messages

(4) Handling sound and music

(5) Make system look technical

44. Tape is described as using this type of access-

(1) magneto-optical

(2) DVD

(3) Direct

(4) Disastrous

(5) None of these

45. Many experts are predicting that this revolution is expected to dramatically affect the way we communicate and use memory___

(1) Graphics

(2) Input

(3) Computer technology

(4) Industry

(5) Wireless

46. The acronym DBMS stands for what?

(1) Double-blind management setup

(2) Document binder management system

(3) Data binding and marketing structure

(4) Database methodology system

(5) None of these

47. The Name of the location of a particular piece of data is its___

(1) Address

(2) Memory name

(3) Storage site

(4) Data location

(5) None of these

48. The arithmetic/logic unit performs the following actions___

(1) Checks data for accuracy

(2) Does calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

(3) Does logical comparisons, such as equal to, greater than, less than

(4) Does both calculations and logical comparisons

(5) None of these

49.The most powerful type of computer is___

(1) Mainframe computers

(2) Microcomputers

(3) Minicomputers

(4) Synocomputers

(5) Supercomputers

50. Letters, memos, term papers, reports and contracts are all examples of ___

(1) Models

(2) Spreadsheets

(3) Documents

(4) menus

(5) None of these

Answered By StudyChaCha Member
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