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Default Re: Erasmus School of Economics Electives

Erasmus School of Economics is a leading academic institution in the world, as on your query I am telling you that Bachelor students can choose their electives from the following courses which offered by the Erasmus School of Economics:

FEB00005 Opleiding mentoren
FEB11000 ESE Take-Off
FEB11000X ESE Take-Off (IBEB)
FEB11001 Micro-economie
FEB11001X Microeconomics
FEB11002 Macro-economie
FEB11002X Macroeconomics
FEB11003 Wiskunde 1
FEB11003X Mathematics 1
FEB11004 Wiskunde 2
FEB11004X Mathematics 2
FEB11005 Toegepaste Statistiek 1
FEB11005X Applied Statistics 1
FEB11006 Organisatie en Strategie
FEB11006X Organisation and Strategy
FEB11008 Marketing
FEB11008X Marketing (IBEB)
FEB11011 Mentoraat ESE
FEB11011X Guidance
FEB11013 ICT
FEB11014A Wiskunde (deeltijd)
FEB11016 Boekhouden en Cost Accounting
FEB11016X Financial Information Systems & Cost Accounting
FEB11017 Financial Accounting
FEB11017X Financial Accounting (IBEB)
FEB12001 Toegepaste micro-economie
FEB12001X Applied Microeconomics
FEB12002 Filosofie van de economie
FEB12002A Filosofie van de economie (deeltijd)
FEB12002X Philosophy of Economics
FEB12003 Finance 1
FEB12003A Finance 1 (deeltijd)
FEB12003X Finance 1 (IBEB)
FEB12004 Internationale economie
FEB12004X International Economics
FEB12005 Toegepaste Statistiek 2
FEB12005X Applied Statistics 2
FEB12006 Geschiedenis van het economisch denken
FEB12006X History of Economic Thought
FEB12007 Intermediate Accounting
FEB12007X Intermediate Accounting (IBEB)
FEB12008 Administratieve en comptabele informatie 1a
FEB12010 Fiscale economie
FEB12012 Methoden & technieken
FEB12012X Methods & Techniques
FEB12013 Onderzoeksproject
FEB12013X Research Project
FEB12015 Inleiding gedragseconomie
FEB12015X Introduction to Behavioural Economics
FEB12016X Economics of Ageing
FEB12017A Statistiek (deeltijd)
FEB13001 Finance 2
FEB13004 Werkcollege Externe verslaggeving
FEB13004A Werkcollege Externe verslaggeving (deeltijd)
FEB13004X Seminar Financial Accounting and Reporting
FEB13005 Werkcollege Management Accounting and Control
FEB13005A Werkcollege Management Accounting and Control (deeltijd)
FEB13005X Seminar Management Accounting and Control
FEB13006 Advanced Financial Accounting
FEB13007 Advanced Management Accounting
FEB13008 Stock Pricing and Corporate Events
FEB13009 Werkcollege Corporate Finance
FEB13009X Seminar Corporate Finance
FEB13011 Financial Methods & Techniques
FEB13012 Consumer Behavior
FEB13014 Marketing Strategy for the Life Sciences
FEB13015 Werkcollege Marketing Strategy
FEB13015X Seminar Marketing Strategy
FEB13016 Marketing Research
FEB13018 Supply Chain Management: Industriële economie en bedrijfshuishoudkunde B
FEB13019 Waardeketenanalyse: Industriële economie en bedrijfshuishoudkunde A
FEB13020 Administratieve en comptabele informatie 1b
FEB13021 Money, Credit and Banking
FEB13022 Werkcollege Stock Pricing and Investment Strategies
FEB13022X Seminar Stock Pricing and Investment Strategies
FEB13023 Labour Economics
FEB13024 Management & communicatie
FEB13025 Communicatieve vaardigheden
FEB13025X Communication Skills (IBEB)
FEB13026X Seminar Marketing for Entrepreneurs
FEB13027 Environmental Economics
FEB13028 Introduction to Urban & Regional Economics
FEB13029 Introduction to Transport Economics
FEB13030 Seminar Urban, Port and Transport Economics
FEB13031 Fiscaal concernrecht
FEB13035 Small Business Economics
FEB13036 Seminar Competition Policy
FEB13037 Seminar The Economics of Exchange Rates
FEB13038 History and Diversity of Economic Thought: Past and Present
FEB13039 International Economic Institutions
FEB13040 Seminar Interest Rates and Stock Markets
FEB13041 Werkcollege Economie en beleid
FEB13044 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Strategy Economics
FEB13047 Financiële rekenkunde en levensverzekeringswiskunde
FEB13048 Fiscaal ondernemerschap
FEB13050 Economics of Markets and Organisation
FEB13051 Seminar Entrepreneurship and Organisation
FEB13053 Health Economics
FEB13060 Corporate Finance
FEB13061 Behavioural Economics
FEB13063 Energy Economics
FEB13065 Seminar Economics of the Public Sector
FEB13066 Impact Evaluation of Business Strategy and Public Policy
FEB13068 Political Economy
FEB13069 New Research Methods in Marketing
FEB13071X Guidance PreMSc
FEB13072 Experimental Economics of Organisations
FEB13073 Seminar Organisational Design and Management
FEB13074 New Media in Marketing
FEB13075 Current Research in Economics
FEB13076 EFR-Shell Research Project
FEB13077X Seminar Sustainable Marketing
FEB13100 Bachelorscriptie Economie en Bedrijfseconomie
FEB13100X Bachelor's Thesis IBEB
FEB13998X Guidance
FEB13999 Powerweek-(pre)master
FEB21000 ESE Take-Off (econometrie)
FEB21000X ESE Take-Off (econometrics)
FEB21001 Analyse 1
FEB21001X Calculus 1
FEB21002 Analyse 2
FEB21002X Calculus 2
FEB21003 Matrix algebra 1
FEB21003X Matrix Algebra 1 (econometrics)
FEB21004 Matrix algebra 2
FEB21004X Matrix Algebra 2 (econometrics)
FEB21005 Kansrekening
FEB21005X Probability Theory
FEB21006 Inleiding statistiek
FEB21006X Introduction to Statistics
FEB21007 Statistiek
FEB21007X Statistics
FEB21009 Lineair programmeren
FEB21009X Linear Programming
FEB21010 Wiskundige methoden
FEB21010X Mathematical Methods
FEB21011 Inleiding programmeren
FEB21011X Introduction to Programming
FEB21014 Basiswiskunde
FEB21014X Precalculus
FEB21015S Probability Theory (pre-master)
FEB21016S Statistics (pre-master)
FEB22002 Combinatorisch optimaliseren
FEB22002X Combinatorial Optimisation
FEB22003 Voortgezette statistiek
FEB22003X Advanced Statistics
FEB22004 Econometrie 1
FEB22004X Econometrics 1
FEB22005 Econometrie 2
FEB22005X Econometrics 2
FEB22006 Niet-lineair optimaliseren
FEB22006X Non-linear Optimisation
FEB22007 Numerieke methoden
FEB22007X Numerical Methods
FEB22008 Markov processen
FEB22009 Basiswerkcollege Case Studies Econometrie en Operationele Research
FEB22009S Basiswerkcollege Case Studies Econometrie en Operationele Research (schakel)
FEB22009X Introductory Seminar Case Studies Econometrics and Operations Research
FEB22009XS Introductory Seminar Case Studies Econometrics and Operations Research (pre-master)
FEB22011 Accounting voor Econometristen
FEB22011X Accounting for Econometricians
FEB22012 Programmeren
FEB22012X Programming
FEB22013 Simulatie
FEB22013X Simulation
FEB22014 Vaardigheden (Econometrie)
FEB22014X Skills
FEB23001 Tijdreeksanalyse
FEB23001X Time Series Analysis
FEB23002 Marketing Models
FEB23003 Werkcollege Case Studies Econometrie en Operationele Research
FEB23004 Quantitative Methods for Logistics
FEB23005 The Practice of Financial Markets
FEB23006 Quantitative Methods for Finance
FEB23007 Voortgezet programmeren
FEB23010 Monetary Economics
FEB23011 Literatuuronderzoek Econometrie en Operationele Research
FEB23100 Bachelorscriptie Econometrie en Operationele Research
FEB33004 Enterprise Information Systems
FEB33013 Semantic Information Systems
FEB33100 Bachelorscriptie Economie en Informatica
FEB41001 Introductie Fiscale Economie
FEB42001 Inkomstenbelasting A
FEB42001S Inkomstenbelasting A (schakel)
FEB42002 Omzetbelasting
FEB43004 Formeel bestuurs- en belastingrecht
FEB43005 Successiewet
FEB43007 Economics of Taxation
FEB43008 Belasting op onroerende zaken
FEB43010 Privaat- en ondernemingsrecht
FEB43011 Inkomstenbelasting B
FEB43012 Inkomstenbelasting C
FEB43013 Vennootschapsbelasting
FEB43014 Integratie Fiscale Economie
FEB43015 Internationaal en Europees belastingrecht - basis
FEB43100 Bachelorscriptie Fiscale Economie
FEB53002 Essay Ondernemen en Belastingen
FEB53101M Entrepreneurship in the Modern Economy
FEB53102M Development Economics
FEB53103M Computer Science
FEB53104M Ondernemen en belastingen
FEB53105M Neuroeconomics
FEB53107M Port Management and Maritime Logistics
FEB53108M Behavioural Finance
FEB53109 Stage Economie en Bedrijfseconomie
FEB53109X Internship IBEB
FEB53110 Stage Econometrie en Operationele Research
FEB53112M Exploration of New Markets Through Innovation
FEB61001 Canon Ectrie QED
FEB62003 Bachelor Honours Class
FEM11001 Seminar Advanced Corporate Finance: Corporate Governance
FEM11003 Seminar Advanced Corporate Finance: Private Equity
FEM11005 Seminar Risk Management
FEM11006 Advanced Corporate Finance and Strategy
FEM11008 Asset Pricing
FEM11009 Master's Thesis Urban, Port and Transport Economics
FEM11010 Seminar Pension Funds
FEM11011 Economics of Innovation
FEM11013 Seminar Management Accounting Research
FEM11014 Seminar Financial Accounting Research
FEM11015 Advanced Money, Credit and Banking
FEM11018 Seminar Advanced Money, Credit and Banking
FEM11020 Accounting Process Management
FEM11023 Financial Risk Management
FEM11025 Poverty and Inequality
FEM11026 Neuromarketing
FEM11027 Marketing Research and Analysis
FEM11028 Seminar Strategic Marketing
FEM11029 Seminar Consumer Channel Dynamics
FEM11031 Branding & Advertising
FEM11032 Master's Thesis Accounting, Auditing and Control
FEM11033 Urban Economics & Real Estate
FEM11036 Advanced Macroeconomics
FEM11037 Economics of Organisations
FEM11038 Industrial Organisation
FEM11040 Tax Policy
FEM11043 Transport Economics and Policy
FEM11044 Seminar Port Economics and Global Logistics
FEM11045 Seminar Urban Economics and Management
FEM11046 Strategic Management of the Transport and Logistics firm
FEM11048 Financial Development
FEM11049 The Practice of Economic Policy Making
FEM11051 Port Economics
FEM11054 Seminar International Financial Markets
FEM11055 Seminar Small Business and Entrepreneurship
FEM11056 Game Theory and its Applications
FEM11059 Economics of Strategy
FEM11060 Economics of Governance
FEM11061 Economics of Entrepreneurship
FEM11062 International Trade and Trade Policy
FEM11063 Seminar Innovation and Entrepreneurship
FEM11066 Master's Thesis Accounting and Finance
FEM11067 Master's Thesis Financial Economics
FEM11069 Master's Thesis Marketing
FEM11070 Master's Thesis International Economics
FEM11072 Master's Thesis Entrepreneurship and Strategy Economics
FEM11074 Advanced Investments
FEM11075 Seminar Advanced Investments
FEM11076 Advanced Behavioural Finance
FEM11077 Master's Thesis Health Economics
FEM11078 Seminar Energy Finance
FEM11079 Seminar International Investments
FEM11080 Seminar Innovation and Marketing
FEM11082 Seminar Topics in Organisation and Strategy
FEM11083 Seminar Multinationals and Business Networks
FEM11084 Seminar Pension Markets: Governance and Institutions
FEM11085 Seminar Advanced Corporate Finance: Empirical Corporate Finance
FEM11087 Quantitative Methods for Applied Economics
FEM11088 Economics of Corporate Entrepreneurship
FEM11089 Experimental Economics
FEM11090 Applied Econometrics
FEM11091 Seminar Customer Analytics
FEM11092 Customer Relationship Management
FEM11093 Seminar Behavioural Finance
FEM11094 Fixed Income Securities and Portfolio Management
FEM11096 Master's Thesis Behavioural Economics
FEM11097 Master's Thesis Policy Economics
FEM11098 Master's Thesis Economics of Management and Organisation
FEM11099 City Marketing
FEM11101 Empirical Personnel Economics
FEM11104 Seminar Global Marketing
FEM11105 Strategy and Organisational Design
FEM11106 Advanced Behavioural Economics
FEM11108 Seminar Applied Behavioural Economics
FEM11109 Auditing Theory
FEM11110 Introduction to Accounting Research
FEM11111 Accounting and Business Ethics
FEM11112 Master's Thesis Accounting and Auditing
FEM11113 Master's Thesis Controlling
FEM11114 Seminar Retail Marketing
FEM11115 Advanced International Financial Reporting Standards
FEM11116 Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
FEM11118 Advanced Corporate Finance and Governance
FEM11119 Seminar Supply Chain Management and Optimization
FEM11120 Seminar Industrial and Regional Economics
FEM11121 Advanced Public Economics
FEM11122 Seminar Multinationals and International Financial Markets
FEM11123 Seminar Trade and Growth
FEM11124 Seminar Empirics of Trade and Development
FEM11125 Seminar Quantitative Macroeconomics
FEM11127 Policy issues in public spending on education, health and labor
FEM11128 Seminar Economic Policy
FEM11130 Seminar Cases in Policy Evaluation
FEM11131 Seminar Economics of Organisations
FEM11132 Seminar Recent Advances in Economics of Management and Organisations
FEM11133 Seminar Behavioural Investing
FEM21001 Seminar Marketing Case Studies
FEM21003 Asset Pricing (QF variant)
FEM21004 Quantitative Methods in International Finance and Macroeconomics
FEM21005 Applied Microeconometrics
FEM21006 Multivariate Statistics
FEM21007 Modern Business Cycle Analysis
FEM21008 Stochastic Models and Optimisation
FEM21009 Advanced Inventory Supply Chain Management
FEM21010 Portfolio Management
FEM21011 Financial Derivatives
FEM21012 Financial Econometrics
FEM21013 Marketing Models and Large Datasets
FEM21014 Advanced Mathematical Programming
FEM21019 Seminar Financial Case Studies
FEM21022 Seminar Case Studies in Applied Econometrics
FEM21024 Forecasting in Marketing
FEM21026 Bayesian Econometrics
FEM21028 Production Planning and Scheduling
FEM21030 Master's Thesis Proposal E&MS
FEM21031 Master's Thesis Econometrics and Management Science
FEM21032 Bayesian Econometrics in Finance
FEM21033 Seminar Logistic Case Studies
FEM21034 Quantitative Risk Management
FEM21035 Mathematical Programming
FEM21036 Case Studies in Inventory Control
FEM21037 Business Analytics
FEM31002 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
FEM31005 Security and ICT Audit
FEM31010 Master's Thesis Proposal E&I
FEM31011 Master's Thesis Economics and Informatics
FEM31012 Intelligent Information Systems
FEM41002 Advanced Economics of Taxation
FEM41004 Werkcollege Midden- en Kleinbedrijf
FEM41005 Werkcollege Multinationale onderneming
FEM41006 Master's Thesis Fiscale Economie
FEM41007 Capita Selecta Europese BTW en andere indirecte belastingen
FEM41008 Capita Selecta internationaal en Europees belastingrecht
FEM41009 Europees belastingrecht
FEM41010 Internationaal belastingrecht
FEM61001 Masterclass Actuarial Sciences
FEM61004 Practical Perspectives on Risk and Control
FEM61005 Accounting and Valuation

Contact detail:
Erasmus School of Economics
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Postal address
Erasmus School of Economics
P.O. Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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