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Default Study material or books to be referred for GCET and also with the Online Coaching?

Thanks Sumit,

Can you guide us for the Study material or books to be referred for GCET and also with the Online Coaching Details..

It could be of great help..


Goa Common Entrance Test (GCET) is being conducted for taking up admission into professional degree courses like medicine, dentistry, homeopathy, architecture, pharmacy and engineering in Government, Government-aided and un-aided colleges. It is conducted by Directorate of Technical Education (DTE).



1. Basic Tips For Calculation

2. Arithmetic

2.1 Number System

2.1.1 Introduction

2.1.2 Classification of numbers

2.1.3 Classification of Natural numbers

2.1.4 Properties of Rational and Irrational numbers

2.1.5 Some important results on numbers

2.1.6 Tests of Divisibility

2.1.7 Modulus of a Real number

2.2 Surds and Indices

2.2.1 Square and Cube of a number

2.2.2 Square root and Cube root Square root Methods to find square root of a number Cube root

2.2.3 Indices and Surds Laws of Indices Laws of Surds

2.3 Fractions and Decimals

2.3.1 Basic concept of fraction

2.3.2 Classification and terminology of fractions

2.3.3 Calculation with fractions Converting unlike into like fractions Comparing fractions To insert a fraction between two given fractions Arithmetic operations on fractions

2.3.4 Decimal Fractions Place value of digits Inter-conversion between decimal numbers and fractions Arithmetic operations on decimal numbers Types of Decimal numbers Rounding off Significant figures

2.4 HCF and LCM

2.4.1 Factors and multiples

2.4.2 Common factors

2.4.3 Highest Common factor (HCF) Prime factorization method Division method HCF of Decimals HCF of vulgar fractions

2.4.4 Least Common multiple (LCM) Prime factorization method Common Division method LCM of Decimals LCM of fractions

2.4.5 Relation between HCF and LCM

2.4.6 Comparison of fractions using LCM

2.5 Simplification

2.5.1 VBODMAS Rule

2.5.2 Basic arithmetic operations and symbols

2.5.3 Short cut methods for basic operations Short cuts in Addition Short cuts in Subtraction Short-cuts in Multiplication Short cuts in Division

2.5.4 Some algebraic formulae for simplification

2.6 Approximation

2.6.1 Addition and subtraction

2.6.2 Multiplication

2.6.3 Division

2.7 Ratio and Proportion

2.7.1 Definition and basic concepts

2.7.2 Ratio between more than two quantities

2.7.3 Compound ratio

2.7.4 Comparison of ratios

2.7.5 Proportion

2.7.6 Types of Proportion

2.7.7 Some specific cases

2.8 Average

2.8.1 Definition

2.8.2 Weighted average

2.8.3 Specific cases of average Average speed Average of Series of Numbers Miscellaneous cases

2.9 Additional Topics in Arithmetic

2.9.1 Mixtures and Alligation Introduction Rule of Alligation Different cases of Alligation and mixtures

2.9.2 Problems on Trains Basic concepts Specific cases Train moving past a stationary point object Train moving past a stationary lengthy object Train moving past a moving point object Train moving past a moving lengthy object

2.9.3 Unitary Method Time and Distance Basic definitions and concepts Formulae for specific cases Time and Work Basic concepts Formulae for specific cases Pipes and Cisterns Basic concepts Basic principles Specific cases and formulae Boat and Streams Basic concepts Specific cases

3. Commercial Maths

3.1 Interest

3.1.1 Simple Interest Basic definitions and concepts Some specific cases

3.1.2 Compound Interest Basic definitions and concepts Compounding for different time periods and rates Some specific cases Cases relating Simple and Compound interest

3.2 Percentage

3.2.1 Definition

3.2.2 Conversion between Percent, fraction and decimal

3.2.3 Specific cases of Percentage Percent relationship between quantities Examinations and marks Geometry Depreciation Population growth Price and consumption

3.3 Profit and Loss

3.3.1 Definition

3.3.2 Rule of fraction

3.3.3 Specific cases of Profit and Loss Relation between Cost price and selling price Using false weights Discounts Multiple transactions

3.4 Partnership

3.4.1 Basic concepts

3.4.2 Basic principle of profit sharing Simple partnership Compound partnership

3.4.3 Specific cases

4. Mensuration

4.1 Plane Mensuration

4.2 Solved examples on Plane Mensuration

4.3 Solid Mensuration

4.4 Solved examples on Solid Mensuration

5. Algebra

5.1 Elementary Algebra

5.1.1 Basic concepts

5.1.2 Arithmetic operations on algebraic expressions Addition and subtraction Multiplication Division

5.1.3 Algebraic Identities

5.1.4 Factors of Polynomials

5.1.5 HCF and LCM of Polynomials

5.1.6 Linear Equations Solving a Linear Equation Word problems on Linear Equations

5.1.7 Simultaneous Equations Solving Simultaneous equations Word problems on Simultaneous Equations

5.1.8 Quadratic Equations Methods of solving Quadratic equation Relation between roots and coefficients To form a Quadratic equation with given roots Word problems on Quadratic equations

5.1.9 Inequalities Properties of Inequalities

5.2 Permutation & Combination

5.2.1 Fundamental principle of counting

5.2.2 Permutations Important cases of permutation

5.2.3 Combination Relation between permutation and combination Important cases of Combination

6. Probability

6.1 Basic terms and concepts

6.2 Mathematical definition of Probability

6.3 Mutually exclusive and independent events

7. Series

7.1 Definition

7.2 Types of Series

7.2.1 Arithmetic Series

7.2.2 Geometric Series

7.2.3 Series of squares and cubes

7.2.4 Mixed series

7.2.5 Two tier Arithmetic series

7.2.6 Three tier Arithmetic series

7.2.7 Arithmetico-Geometric series

7.2.8 Geometrico-Arithmetic series

7.2.9 Twin series

7.3 Suggested Steps for solving series problems

7.4 Different types of problems on Series

7.4.1 Finding the next term

7.4.2 Finding wrong/missing number

7.4.3 Two line number series

7.5 Some unique series

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Default Re: Study material or books to be referred for GCET and also with the Online Coaching

Do you have Study material or books to be referred for GCET and also give me the details of the Online Coaching center
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