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Default MP Board blueprint 12th

Hi buddy, I need my 12th class English subject exam blueprint MP (Madhya Pradesh) Board of Secondary Education, so how can I get it on line from its website, would you give me link from there can I get it?

>>>>> Answer <<<<<

Following are the subjects blueprints available on MP Board web site:

English (Special)
English (General)
Hindi (Special)
Hindi (General)
Sanskrit (Special)
Sanskrit (General)
Political Science
Home Sci. Anatomy Physiology & Hygiene
Business Economics
Book Keeping & Accountancy
Element of Science & Maths for Agri.
Crop Production & Horticultrue
Animal Husbandry & Poultry Farming
Home Management & Nutrition
Mother Craft Health and Hygiene
Business Study
Anatomy Physiology & Health

Download from : mpbse.nic.in/blueprint12th.htm

I hope it Helps..


You need MP board 12th class English subject sample paper

MP Board 12th Class English Sample Paper

SECTION - A = 30 M
1) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below :
Children love to listen to stories about their elders. When they were children to
stretch their imagination to the conception of a traditionary great uncle or grandma,
whom they never saw. It was in this spirit that my little ones crept about me the other
evening to hear about their great grandmother Field who lived in a great house in
Norfolk (a hundred times bigger than that in which they and papa lived) which had
been the scene so at least it was generally believed in that part of the country of the
tragic incidents which they had lately become familiar with from the ballad of the
children in the Wood.
Questions :
i) What do children love to listen ? 02
ii) Give adjective form of the word conception ? 01
iii) Find a word from the passage meaning same as the word given 'spread' 01
iv) Give a word opposite in meaning of 'strange' 01
B. Read the following stanza carefully and give the answer questions given below :
But gallantly
The giant wears the scarf and flowers her hung
In crimson clusters all the boughs among.
Where on all day are gathered bird and bee
And of at night the overflows
With one sweet song that seems to have no close.
Sung darking from our tree, while men repose.

(i) Who does the 'giant' refer to ______________________ ? 01
(ii) In______________________are gathered birds and bee. 01
(iii) What overflows the garden in nights ? 02
(iv) Find a word which mean the same as 'collected' 01
Q.2 Answer any two of the following questions (75 words) 6+6 = 12
i) How does the speaker wish to achieve concord ?
ii) Give central idea of the poem Goodbye party for Miss Pushpa T.S.
iii) What virtues does the poet want his daughter to be blessed with ?
iv) How did the beggar defend his act of begging ?
Q.3 Answer any two of the following questions (60 words) 4+4 = 08
i) What efforts did Loisel make to find the necklace ?
ii) Write a character sketch of Lamb's grand mother ?
iii) What are the evil effects of "hatred in mind"
iv) Justify the title of the poem. "After apple picking"
SECTION B = (10 M)
Q.4 Do as Directed (Any 5) 05
i) Rewrite the following sentence by using 'it':
Who broke the window is not clear.
ii) Correct the sentence :
I am not remembering what you said.
iii) Change into present indefinite :
He_____________(always, see) ghosts in the dark.
iv) Select words from bracket and fill in the blanks :
A _________is a man of ________________ (principle/principal)
v) Insert the correct preposition.
You can hire a car_______________the airport (in/at/on)
vi) Change the narration
Teacher said, "Man is mortal."
Q.5 Do as Directed (Any 5) (1 mark for each) 05
i) Pick out the odd one out.
food, foot, stool, suit
ii) Choose the correct syllable structure of the word from the given alternatives.
Phone - (ccv, ccc, cvc)
iii) How many syllables are there in the word 'study' ?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
iv) Form two new words by adding suitable prefix and suffix to the word :
Certain ___ ___
v) Rewrite the given word in "American English"
Catalogue ______
vi) Write the correct transcription :
a) School /sku:1/ /sksu1/ /skn1/

SECTION C = (30 M)
Q.6 Answer any one of the following in questions : 09
A (i) What were the reasons of animosity between Mani and Rajam ?
(ii) Why did Mani go to the school clerks's house ? Dou you approve of his behaviour ?
Give arguments in support of your answer:
B. Answer any two of the following questions: 2x 3 = 06
(i) Who challenged Mani's authority ? How was the fight ended ?
(ii) What were Swaminathans' friends doing when he left the examination hall ?
(iii) Write about Sankar's Qualities as a student.
Q.7A Answer any one of the following questions: 09
i) The play is an attack on the hypocrisy of the British Higher Class". Discuss.
ii) Write a critical appreciation of the play "The Silver Box"
B. Answer any two of the following questions: 2x 3 = 06
(i) Do you feel that Mrs. Jones attempts to defend her husband during the interview with
Mr. Barthwick ?
(ii) What transpires between Roper and Mr. Barthwick ?
(iii) What does Jones want to do with the money he has got ? What does he want to do in
his future life ?

SECTION - D = 15 M
Q.8.A Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below :
Education is a sub system of the wider social system. Although it functions
autonomously, it has linkage with the economic, political, religious and other sub
systems which exert a powerful influence on the goals of the Educational sub
systems. Education can rarely free itself from social and cultural norms and has to
relate itself to the needs of society.
Due to globalization and modernization, our society is passing through momentous
changes in its value system. Values of yesteryears have taken a backseat and
materialism, corruption, dishonesty and other negative values have come to the fore.
At this junction, all formal and informal agencies of education like family, school and
community should realise the explosiveness of the situation. It is rightly said values
cannot be taught, they are caught. All the agencies should become role models if we
want our youth to be on the right path. Absence of a congenial and loving atmosphere
and quarrel among parents are the major hurdles in this direction. In a nutshell, the
family has ceased to be an institution for providing cultured, aesthetic and moral
On the other hand, formal education is squeezed between memory and mechanization.
The teacher has become a businessman doing private tuition instead of institutional
teaching. Race for degrees and jobs has deteriorated the situation further.
The whole system of education needs complete over hauling. If at all we the citizens
are desirous of thwarting deterioration in values, teaching at all levels must emphasis
on moral education and character building. Intellect without wisdom can be suicidal
Now answer the questions given below :
i) Why is our society passing through changes in its value system ? 02
ii) What are the major obstacles in establishing human values ? 02
iii) What change do we observe in the teacher's attitude these days ? 02
iv) Find out the words from the passage which convey the same meaning :
a) Linking ____ 01
b) Environment ____ 01
v) Find out the word from the passage opposite of the given below : 01
Effect _______
vi) Supply synonym of the word given below from the passage: 'intellect' 01
Q.8 B Read the following poetry and answer the questions given below :
The earth was green, the sky was blue;
I saw and heard one sunny morn
A skylark hang between the two
A singing speck above the corn
A stage below in gay accord
White butterflies danced on wing
And still the singing skylark soared,
And silent sank and soared to sing
The corn field stretched a tender green
To right and left beside my walks
I know he had a nest unseen
Somewhere among the million stalks
And as I paused to hear his song
While swift the sunny moments slid
Perhaps his mate sat listening long
And listened longer than I did.
i) Where is the skylark ? 01
ii) What do the butterflies do ? 02
iii) Find a word similar in meaning to 'joy' 01
iv) Give antonym to 'tough' 01
Q.9. Write an essay on any one of the following : 10
a) Any burning problem
b) Science and Human Happiness
c) India of my dreams
d) Importance of Newspaper.
Q.10 You are Sunil Agarwal studying in class XII in govt. Excellence H.S.S. Barnagar
(Ujjain). You have lost your blazer at the playground on the annual sports day. Write
a notice on the school notice board. 05
Write an article for your school news letter on the positives as well as negative
aspects of using cell phones.

Q.1A Passage/ Extract
i) Children love to listen to the stories about their ancestors like grandmother great
uncle etc.
ii) Conceptual
iii) Stretch
iv) Familiar
For relevant content = 02
For correct answer 3 x 1 = 03
B. Stanza
i) Casuarinas tree
ii) Crimson clusters
iii) The sweet songs of the birds and bees overflow the garden at nights.
iv) Gathered
For relevant content = 02
For correct answer 3 x 1 = 03
Q.2 Question/Answer (75 words)
i) This poem is an invocation for the establishment of concord in world. First we should
have concord with our own people then with strangers. Here "Own People" refers to
our countrymen with whom we live and share all our joys and sorrows. All the time
they are with us. Then we should have concord with the strangers i.e. the aliens who
contribute to our global vision. They make us proper we can achieve concord by
resolving our disputes or issues through peaceful ways because battles ruin us. We
should condemn them.
ii) The central idea of the poem is to highlight the character of Miss Pushpa T.S. She is
leaving for abroad. She is going there to improve her prospects. She is a charming
lady with an all smiling face. She smiles even without any reason. She smiles for she
feels it. She is very popular among people. She is always ready to do anything for
everyone. She never says 'no' to anyone. She is full of spirit. The poet appreciates her
spirit and readiness and all pleasing smiles. The main theme is to highlight her
iii) Out of this gloom and fear about an unsafe future the poet prays for safety of her new
born daughter. He thinks that the only pressure should is to inculcate some inner
virtue which will give comfort to his daughter. If his daughter can have some virtues
that would make her strong, but he has not prayed for any Christian virtues for his
daughter. He has only wished for certain abstract qualities - like innocence, freedom,
kindness and gladness. He has not mentioned have there qualities built up. The poet
has expressed his faith in tradition and ceremony. But in a world of changing values it
may be very difficult to preserve them under the stream of modern civilization. The
poet is rather idealistic. The poet wants her daughter to lead a life of happiness and
iv) In the course of his begging when Lushkov asked Skvortsov for help he was caught in
a wrong box this time. Skvortsov was angry for his begging in the name of a student
or a school master. He scolded him and threatened to send him to jail. Lushkov tried
to convince him with his plea. But Skvortsov was not agreed, finally when Skvortsov
scolded him for telling lies and asked him why did he not find a job or do labour
Lushkov defended himself by saying that begging was the best option for him. He
said that he couldn't get manual work. He was too old for being a shopman, for in
trade one had to learn from very beginning. He couldn't get a job of house porter for
he was not of that class. Nor he could get any job in factory. One must be skilled but
he knew nothing. So he very suitably chose begging.
For relevant content = 05
For sentence structure 01
2 x 6 = 12
Ans.3 i) It was really very shocking for them to lose the necklace. They were nervous. They
looked among the folds of mathilde's skirt, of her cloak, in her pockets and
everywhere but all in vain. The necklace was nowhere. Loisel made all his efforts. He
followed the cab, he went around the minister's house. He went to the police
headquarters, to the newspaper offices to offer reward. He did all but could not find
the necklace.
ii) Lamb's grandmother was a pleasing personality. She was highly religious. She was
beloved and respected by everybody. She was very particular and prompt in her
duties. She was fond of children and always enjoyed to be with them during holidays.
She was tall, upright and graceful. She was a good dancer. She was so popular among
the commoner that her funeral was attended by a concourse of all the poor and some
of the gentry too, of the neighborhood for many miles round.
iii) The poet considers that hatred is the worst kind of all evils. It brings ill luck. It is the
greatest flaw in one's character. It makes one stubborn and vain. Through this
expression the poet refers to the weaknesses of Maud Gonne who led to act foolishly
due to her strongly held opinions. All her good upbringing proved to be useless. She
ruined her happiness in life. The poet therefore wants his daughter to avoid it.
iv) "After apple picking" is a suitable title for this poem. In this poem the poet gives his
feelings for the over strained civilization and way of modern life. Through the work
of apple picking he explains his ideas. Apple symbolises a fruit of high worth from
every point of view. The poet has a bumper harvest of apple and while picking it up
gets over tired. Every situation reflects the poet's views and all through apple.
For relevant content = 04
For correct answer 2 x 4 = 08
SECTION B = (10 M)
Ans.4 Do as Directed (Any 5) 05
i) It is not clear who broke the window
ii) I do not remember what you said.
iii) He always sees ghosts in the dark.
iv) A principal is a man of principle.
v) You can hire a car at the airport
vi) The teacher said that Man is mortal.
For each correct answer = 05
5 x 1 = 05
Q.5 Do as Directed (Any 5) 05
i) suit
ii) cvc
iii) Two
iv) Uncertain
v) Catalog
vi) a) /sku: l /
For each correct answer = 05
5 x 1 = 05
SECTION C = (30 M)
Ans.6 Rajam was a new student to the class of Swaminathan. He was son of the
superintendent of police. He had been transferred from an english school of Madras.
He was well dressed and well mannered. He was wearing shoes and socks and tie. He
came in a car. He was also well built and knew all tacts. When on first day at school,
He came he walked up to the last bench and sat beside Mani and felt comfortable
indeed till Mani gave him a jab in the ribs which he returned. He had impressed the
whole class on the very first day. He could speak english fluently. No other student in
the class was able to compete with him in any way. By that time Mani was the boss as
there was no one to challenge his strength. Rajam became a rival of Mani. In his
manner to Mani he assumed a certain challenge to which Mani was not accustomed.
If Mani jabbed Rajam jabbed; if Mani clouted, he clouted, if Mani kicked he kicked.
If Mani was over lord of the class, Rajam seemed to be nothing less. Rajam was a
brilliant student. He was new power that was not acceptable to Mani .
ii) As the examination was coming nearer the students were becoming more worried.
They were totally confused. It was the general belief that the school clerk had the
secret idea about the question paper. Mani was more concerned about it. So one day
he took a neat bundle of fresh brinjals and reached the clerk's house and laid the
bundle at his feet. The clerk was pleased. The clerk was a clever fellow. He talked all
about cat and other things but he was not coming to the point of examination. Finally,
Mani's patience broke down and he directly asked him about the question papers. The
clerk replied vaguely about all the subjects. However Mani was satisfied. He came
back and began preparing in that direction, what Mani did was absolutely improper
and ill ways for a sincere student. No one will call him a good student. A student's
duty is to study honestly. Mani never paid attention to his studies but wanted to know
the question paper using unfair means. I condemn such a boy.
For relevant content = 07
For sentence structure = 02
B.(i) Somu challenged Mani's authority. The fighting was so violent and deadly, Mani and
Somu lost their heads. In great panic they rushed to the Headmaster and told him that
two murders were being committed in the school field, The head master came to the
spot and easily parted the two boys and thus put an end to the fight. Swami was much
surprised at this, for he had thought that the strength possessed by Somu and Mani
was not possessed by anyone else.
(ii) Examinations were going on in school. Swaminathan came out of the examination
room. But he found none of his friends had came out. They were still in the
examination room. Sankar was lost to the world with his left shoulder against the
wall. Rajam had become a writing machine while Mani was still gazing at the rapters
scratching his chin with the pen. The pea was leaning back in his seat revising his
answers. They all come out when the final bell rang.
(iii) Shankar is another bosom friend of Swami. He is a brilliant boy of the class. He gets
marks as high as 90% and can answer any question put to him. But Swami has no
doubts about his ability and considers him to be a marvel. He could speak to the
teachers in english in the open class. he knows the names of all the rivers, mountains
and countries in the world. He could repeat history in his sleep and grammar was
child's play to him his face war racliant with intelligence.
For relevant content = 03
2 x 3 = 06
Ans 7(i) The silver box presents, infact the on going class war in the whole world. The
society is broadly divided into the upper class and the lower class, the rich and the
poor the rulers and the ruled. John Barthwick represents the upper middle class. He is
a liberal member of parliament. He has lofty principles about social reforms. He
wants all parties to have their representatives in the parliament. he professes
sympathy for the poor. He decides to raise the issue of the down trodden in the house.
But Barthwick's sympathy for the poor is only skin deep. He thinks that the poor are
committing the folly of distrusting the rich, and they themselves are largly responsible
for their misery. "If they would only trust us (the upper class) they get on so much
better" He doesn't realise that the poor are victims of social apathy and ruthless laws.
Barthwick is a bogus liberal. His hypocrisy and selfishness are clearly
exposed. He is afraid of a public scandal. He helps his son Jack out of trouble twice in
order to save his own respectability. He seeks the help of Snow and Roper to drop the
charge of theft against Jone. Better to have lost a dozen cigarette boxes, and said
nothing about it." He decides to make inquires about the stolen box because it is the
question of his principle. But he makes Jack tell a lie in the court.
At the end, when Mrs. Jones turns to him with an appeal, he turns his back
upon her and goes away like a coward. The author's estimate of Barthwick is very
ii) The silver box, Galsworthy's first dramatic work, is a three act play. The author calls
it a 'social comedy' but it is comic only in the satirical portraits of characters in the
society and the law courts. Here is a liberal M.P., John Barthwick who loves fine
phrases and speaks as if he were addressing his voters. But he turns cool the moment
his own interests are threatened. Then there is his foolish and selfcentred wife who
would side with her good for nothing son at all cost. She regards Jones as a dangerous
fellow. Their son Jack is thoroughly spoilt. He is a debauch, a thief and a liar. For the
likes of Barthwick life is a comedy because they wield power, position and contacts.
But they are the real criminals for poor Mrs. Jones and her children. The play is a
'social tragedy' Inspite of her complete innocence they become victims of a horrible
miscarriage of justice. She suffers bashing by her own husband. She is arrested for the
crime committed by him. Her children go hungry. Her employer accuses her of
stealing the silver box. Towards the end, she is left alone and without a job, only to
starve. Strangely enough, the dramatist calls his play a comedy, perhaps because we
are left at the end smiling ironically at the unfairness of the world.
The central theme of the play is the operation of law as it affects the rich and
the poor. There are two sharply contrasted groups in the play. One consists of a bogus
liberal M.P. his foolish wife and his spoilt son. He has got wealth and position and
outward respectability. They guard their reputation jealously even by using unfair
means. They can easily buy detectives, constables and magistrates. The scales of
justice are tilted in their favour. The other group consists of Jones, his wife and
children. His family is poor, miserable and defenseless. They are charged with theft
and violence. Jones found guilty of assaulting a public servant on duty. He can't hire
any advocate to defend him. But his voice is muffled and he is sent to the prison with
hard labour.
Thus we find in the play police, lawyers administration in general do not act as
servants of commoners, but on the contrary exploit them.
For relevant content = 07
For sentence structure = 02
Ans.8 B
(i) Mrs. Jones attempts to defend her husband when Mr. Barthwick interrogates Mrs.
Jones about the theft of the silver box. This reveals several vital facts about Mrs.
Jones miserable life. She has got three school going children and she can't support
them. She says that there is a great deal of good in him. Her husband is still jobless as
well as troublesome. He extracts money from her for drinking. He is a groom by
profession. She had an affair with him before their marriage 8 years ago. Her eldest
son was born before marriage.
ii) Roper the advocate reports Mr. Barthwick that the silver box was stolen not by the
char woman but her loafer husband. Jones also says that Jack let him walk into the
house. Jones then took away both the things the silver box and the purse. The news
might appear in the papers the next day. Jones is likely to make full use of the
incident against the family. Jack confesses so many things one by one. His mother
tells him to forget the truth that he led Jones into the house, offered him whisky and
left the key in the lock of the door Roper advises Jack not to say anything at all in the
court. He should simply say that he slept on the sofa. Barthwick wants that Roper
should see to it that the purse theft case is not referred to at all. Roper promises to
manage the whole case.
iii) Jones has stolen a silk purse. It has seven pounds in it. He calls it a lost property with
no name on it. As Mrs. Jones is an honest lady. She doesn't look happy at it. But
Jones has no sense of guilt. He says that he will go to Canada to change his luck.
He would live a happy life with another lady. He would live with freedom. Jones
represents the dispossessed class, the poor working class. His family consists of his
wife and three children, for them he is completely reluctant. He always wants to seek
job in a reckless manner. He is willing to work but he doesn't focus on his work due
to bad habits of stealing and drinking.
For relevant content = 03
3 x 2 = 06

Ans 8.
A (i) Due to globalization and modernization, our society is passing through momentous
changes in its value system.
(ii) The major obstacles are that the family has ceased to be an institution for providing
cultured, aesthetic and moral education.
(iii) The teacher has become a businessman doing private tuition instead of institutional
iv) a) Junction
b) Atmosphere
v) Influence
vi) Brilliant
For relevant content 2 x 3 = 06
For each correct vocabulary answer 1 x 4 =04
B (i) The skylark hangs between earth below and sky over head.
(ii) The butterflies dance at the song of the skylark.
(iii) Gay
(iv) Tender
For relevant content = 02
For each correct vocabulary answer 1 x 3 = 03
Ans.9. d) Importance of Newspaper.
1) Introduction 02
2) Contents of a newspaper
3) Importance of newspapers
4) Necessity
5) Popularity
6) Value
7) Conclusion 02

1. Introduction :
"The press is people's university "
The world 'news' is made up of four letters N, E, W & S. Each letter
symbolizes one direction. "N" stands for north, "E" for east, "W" for west and "S" for
south. Hence a newspaper is a paper that contains news of all directions North, South,
East and West.
A newspaper collects information about happenings in the world through news
agencies and prints them on a paper. Newspaper reach different towns and cities by
aeroplances, buses, cars and trains.

2. Contents of a newspaper
A newspaper contains political, social, economical, religious and several other
kinds of news. Everybody finds something of interest in it. There is a column for
market report giving wholesale prices of a lot of articles of daily use and quoting
market values of shares and stocks of leading concerns. So a man of business is also
interested in it. Art Music, entertainment, games, general knowledge and all such
things are there in a newspaper.
There are advertisements of various kinds in the newspaper. They inform us
about new and useful products. They are a source of income for the newspaper.
Advertisements concerning matrimonial alliances provides immense relief to parents
in choosing a suitable match for their sons or daughters. Assorted advertisements
provide an unfathomable relief to people of different sorts. Only because of these
advertisements we get a newspaper so cheap.

3. Importance of newspapers
Newspapers guide and teach us. They try to educate and shape public opinion.
They are necessary for a democratic society. They express the views of the public in a
free and fearless manner. They act as a brake to the wrong doings of the rulers. Most
of us are too busy to think of the problems of our country, So we rely upon the
newspapers and accept the views they present to us. We can also express our views
under the column 'letters to the editor'.

4. Necessity
Now question arises, "Why is it necessary to get news at all ?" It is a very
difficult question to answer, but an answer is possible. In the world of today we can
no longer stand and say that what happens in other parts of the world does not
concern us at all. Because of modern inventions of the aeroplane, the wireless and
other such things the modern world is becoming smaller and smaller. There is the
question of new ideas and invention. We have to admit that to get news is a necessity
in modern life.

5. Popularity
The birth and popularity of newspapers have been influenced by the invention
of the printing press. The press has made it easy for newspapers to increase. Dailies,
weeklies, monthlies and annuals all kinds of newspapers are becoming fashionable
today. Reporters and journalists are employed to gather news and send it to their
papers. There are also several columns of the papers such as the sports column, the
weather column, the literary cloumn and so on. In this way newspapers provide a fund
of information to their public.

6. Value
The greatest value of a newspaper is its educational aspect. If one wants to
organize and educate public opinion then there is no better way of doing it than by the
help of the newspaper. The newspaper helps not only to create public opinion and to
educate it. It also helps to criticize it so that public opinion is not allowed to go astray.
7. Conclusion
In the end we have to point out that newspapers should be intelligently ready
by the public. The public must keep its own judgment while reading different
newspapers. That is the surest way of ensuring the right conduct of the newspapers. If
those responsible for the publication of newspapers realise their important mission,
they will no more abuse it for selfish interests. Newspapers should do their noble duty
with right spirit and mutual understanding to provide for the different people of the

For subject matter = 08
For sentence structure = 02
a) Any burning problem (population problem)
Synopsis :
1) Introduction 02
2) Effects
3) Work done
4) Causes
5) Remedies 06
6) Conclusion 02
b) Science and human happiness :
Synopsis :
1) Introduction 02
2) Effects
3) Work done
4) Causes
5) Remedies 06
6) Conclusion 02
c) India of my dreams :
Synopsis :
1) Introduction 02
2) The democratic tradition
3) Education
4) Employment
5) Corruption
6) Chains
7) Our rightful place 06
8) Conclusion 02

This is to bring to your notice that I have lost my blazer somewhere in the playground on the
annual sports day. It is of navy blue colour. Anyone who finds it please submit it to the
common room office or inform me. I shall be thankful to him/her.
Sunil Agarwal
Class- XII A
Using cell phones a dilemma
Cell phones have become the basic need of today's society. Everyone is seen busy
with it every time. In a very short duration of not more than a few decades it has occupied the
centre stage. It is a boon in the communication technology. It has made easy access to the
whole world at finger tips. Now with the advancement of technology it has become a mini
computer, a complete media house and a device for social networking. It has made our life
connected to everyone all the time. But we can't deny that it has spoilt us. We use it while
driving and invite accident and slow down traffic. Sticking to cell phones also damages our
nervous system, we lose concentration. Some times we are vexed. It has both the negative
and positive aspects. A great care is needed.
For correct format = 02
For relevant content = 03
(Body of the letter)

You need MP board 12th class English subject sample paper so I am attaching sample and you can download freely.

MP Board 12th Class English Sample Paper
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf MP Board 12th Class English Sample Paper.pdf (74.2 KB, 1023 views)

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plz upload 12th mpboard english medium question paper regarding the year 2012 and it would be great if i get all sub paper here .
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Old September 22nd, 2012, 12:36 AM
sanket jha
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sir kindly teel us when u will upload 12th class blue print
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Old November 10th, 2012, 01:07 PM
Krishnakant musre
Default Re: MP Board blueprint 12th

Sir tell us when you lode smple paper of 12th
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Old September 3rd, 2013, 12:02 AM
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Default Re: MP Board blueprint 12th

plzzzz send all papers blueprint of 12 mp board of commerce side subjects plzzzz send the link where u get it frm or plzzz send there pdf
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Default Re: MP Board blueprint 12th

plzzz send the link or pdf of mpboard 12 new pattren of blue print of english midum of commere side subject
1 accountancy
2 economy
3 bussiness
4 hindi
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Old October 4th, 2013, 08:36 AM
shivam jain
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i need blue print of all subject for class 12th english medium plz send me in this id........... my gmail id is:- veerjain719@gmail.com
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Default Re: MP Board blueprint 12th

Here I am providing M.P. Board 12th Blueprint of examination is given in a PDF file with it so you can get it easily… some content of PDF is given below ;

12TH CLASS exam blue print 2014 ::

General English course content ::
Section A :-Reading
A-1 : Unseen passage
(8 obj.= 3 voc.+5 comp.)
A-2 : Unseen passage for note
making & summary

Section B :-Writing
B-1 : Short Composition
B-2 : Report writing
B-3 : a-Formal Letter,
b-In formal Letter
B-4 : Composition

3 Grammar:-
(1) Objective
(2) Do as Directed

Section C :-Text Books
C-1: (a) 2 Extracts from poem
(b) S.A. from poem
C-2: S.A. from Prose
C-3: L.A. from Prose
C-4:S.A. from Suppl. Materials
C-5:L.A. from Suppl. Material

Special English exam ::
Unit 1 : Text &
Detailed Study
(a) (i) Passage
(ii) Passage
(b) six questions
(c) Two questions s.a.

Unit2: Grammar &
(a) Functional
(b) Phonology

Unit 3 : Fiction
(a) One out of
two question
(b) Five out of
six que.

Unit 4 : Drama
(a) One out of
two question
(b) Five out of
six question

Unit 5: Reading
(a) Unseen
(b) Unseen Poem

Unit 6 : Writing
(a) Essay
(b) Short Compos.
c Letter writin
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf MP board 12th class exam blue print 2014.pdf (263.8 KB, 345 views)
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Default Re: MP Board blueprint 12th

I want blueprint of 12 class of
So please attach in pdf file
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Default Re: MP Board blueprint 12th

plz give me blueprint of agriculture group in english
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