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Default Re: FTRE sample papers from 10th going 11th

As you required for the FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam (FTRE) old question paper, here I am providing you the FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam (FTRE) old question paper. There are objective types of the questions available.

1. She’s right, __________?.

1) is she 2) isn’t it

3) she is 4) isn’t she

2. I gave him _____ he wanted.

1) that 2) what

3) which 4) that which

3. Fill in the gap with a suitable option:

He has looked ____, but he cannot find his


1) nowhere 2) everywhere

3) anywhere 4) somewhere

4. It is a public holiday. _____ is open today, bad


Fill in the blank with correct option:

1) everything 2) nothing

3) something 4) none of the above

5. Choose the correct answer from options below:

Potato and onion – which of these grow on trees?

1) One of them grow on trees

2) None of them grows on trees

3) Some of them grows on trees

4) Few of them grows on trees

6. Choose the correct sentence:

1) I usually play tennis on weekends.

2) I am usually playing tennis on weekends.

3) I was usually playing tennis on weekends.

4) None of the above.

7. Choose the right article:

Mrs. Patil has ______ fever.

1) a 2) an

3) the 4) no article

8. Fill in the blank with correct option: I have not

travelled by plane _______

1) yet 2) till now

3) as of now 4) none of the above

9. Choose the right option:

When I was a student, I ______ visit the library


1) would 2) used to

3) could 4) none of these

10. Choose the correct option:

How many assignments ______ at a time? How

can you manage them ?

1) did you take up 2) do you take up

3) will you be taking 4) would you take

11. Choose the right connector:

Gauri likes dancing ___ her sister likes


1) but 2) whereas

3) because 4) hence

12. Choose the right alternative:

Ram cannot walk very fast ______ he is very tall.

1) though 2) but

3) since 4) so that

13. Choose the right option:

Television stifles rather than ___ the imagination.

1) encourages 2) enhances

3) stimulates 4) threatens

14. Choose the correct suffix to complete the

following word:

Favour _________

1) –ate 2) –ete

3) –ite 4) –iate

15. Choose the correct option to fill in the blank:

The little girl tried to ______ her brother when he

broke his toy.

1) condole 2) condone

3) console 4) compensate

16. Knowing that he was a convict, I didn’t allow

him to enter my house.

Identify the underlined clause:

1) Adjective clause 2) Adverb clause

3) Noun clause 4) None of the above

17. Which one of the following is not a plural noun?

1) mice 2) cattle

3) oxen 4) goose

18. The growing disparity among the several states

has been a subject of discussion for the politicians

in India.

Choose the word opposite to the meaning of


1) brotherhood 2) equality

3) diversity 4) fraternity

19. It was very fine morning.

Which of the options best represents the

exclamatory from of the above sentence?

1) What was the fine morning!

2) How fine was the morning!

3) The morning was very fine!

4) What a fine morning it was!

20. Which one of the following words is not an


1) frequently 2) always

3) happy 4) fast

21. Choose the correct alternative to fill in the blank:

Ram is _________ than Lakshaman.

1) elder 2) older

3) eldest 4) oldest

22. He is believed to be a very industrious worker.

The synonym of the word ‘industrious’ is _____

1) successful 2) punctual

3) diligent 3) sensible

23. Complete the following sentence with the correct


If I had not saved Ravi, he _______

1) would die 2) would have died

3) would had died 4) will have died

24. Choose the correct option to fill in the blank:

If you make a promise, you must be sure to


1) accomplish 2) keep

3) follow 4) succeed

25. Rearrange the jumbled parts of the sentence in

proper sequence:

P. most of the students

Q. was so confusing that

R. the teacher’s explanation

S. didn’t understand it


26. Select the word which is closest to the meaning

of the word ‘brevity’ :

1) stupidity 2) helplessness

3) conciseness 4) incongruity

27. Choose the correct verb-form:

She ran because she ________ in a hurry.

1) is 2) was

3) must be 4) could be

28. She always lives in a fool’s paradise.

The meaning of the phrase ‘a fool’s paradise’

is _____

1) paradise of idiots.

2) to live in the past.

3) to live in illusions.

4) to have happy dreams.

29. Choose the correct option:

a. date : a particular day of the month

b date : romantic meeting with the

boy-friend or girl-friend

1) a is correct and b is wrong.

2) b is correct and a is wrong.

3) both a and b are wrong.

4) both a and b are correct.

30. Choose the correct option to fill in the blank:

She is the only ________ to her father’s property.

1) hare 2) hair

3) here 4) heir

31. Choose the correct sentence from the following:

1) If Pooja had worked hard, she will have got

the will have got the job she desired.

2) If Pooja had worked harder, she will get the

job she desired.

3) If Pooja had worked harder, she would have

got the job she desires.

4) If Pooja will work hard, she will get the job

she desired.

32. Choose the correct sentence from the following:

1) The examiner asked Lisa what is the capital of


2) The examiner asked Lisa to name the capital

of Italy.

3) The examiner questioned Lisa of the capital of


4) The examiner asked Lisa which is the capital

of Italy.

33. ‘Listen carefully.’

The mood in which the verb is used in this

sentence is _______

1) subjunctive 2) indicative

3) imperative 4) interrogative

34. Choose the correct passive form of the sentence:

‘Bring me a glass of water.’

1) A glass of water has been brought for me.

2) A glass of water may be brought for me.

3) Let a glass of water to be brought for me.

4) You are to bring a glass of water for me.

35. Pick out the correct question tag for the


You will call me as you reach home, ______

1) will you? 2) won’t you

3) don’t you? 4) do you?

36. He turned down my proposal.

The meaning of the underlined phrase is ______

1) criticised 2) accepted

3) rejected 4) amended

37. Choose the correct alternative to complete the


I am writing a letter to _______

1) a friend of me 2) a friend of myself

3) a friend of ourself 4) a friend of mine

38. Which one of the following is not a figure

of speech:

1) metaphor 2) personification

3) elegy 4) oxymoron

39. Complete the following sentence choosing the

correct alternative:

The fire soon ______ the wooden hut.

1) extinguished 2) squashed

3) dissolved 4) consumed

40. Choose the correct option which has the same

meaning for the word ‘PRAGMATIC’ :

1) theoretical 2) realistic

3) productive 4) suitable

41. She was a religious lady, but her son was ____

Choose the word opposite in meaning of the

underlined word:

1) pious 2) an atheist

3) unreligious 4) philosopher

42. Fill in the blank with appropriate prepositions:

Finding myself short ____ money, I wrote ____

my uncle ___ help.

1) with; to; for 2) of; to; about

3) in; to; to 4) of; to; for

43. Choose the correct sentence from the following:

1) Neither of the two boys were successful in the


2) Neither of the both boys were successful in the


3) Neither of the two boys are successful in the


4) Neither of the two boys is successful in the


44. He said, “The man has been coming”

The correct indirect narration is ______

1) He said the man was coming.

2) He said that the man had been coming.

3) He said that the man have been coming.

4) He told that the man has been coming.

45. Choose the word which is missspelt:

1) embarrassment. 2) parliament.

3) encouragement. 4) disappointment.

46. A posthumous award was given to the poet.

The meaning of the word ‘posthumous’ is _____

1) postal 2) after-death

3) creditable 4) literary

47. Choose the correct expression which expresses

the meaning of the idiom:

‘To cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth.’

1) to be well dressed

2) to lead a luxurious life

3) to live within means

4) to work under the directions of someone

48. Fill in the blank with the correct option:

Mahatma Gandhi was very simple and innocent;

his behavior was ______

1) childish 2) child-like

3) humble 4) proud

49. Which one of the following is a grammatically

correct sentence?

1) He was kind enough to grant my request.

2) He was enough kind to grant my request.

3) He was kind enough for granting my request.

4) He was kindly enough to grant my request.

50. Mumbai is the biggest city in India.

The correct transformation of this sentence into

positive degree is –

1) All cities in India are as big as Mumbai is.

2) A fewer cities in India are as big as Mumbai


3) No other city in India is as big as Mumbai is.

4) India has no less cities as big as Mumbai is.

1. Choose the most appropriate usage.

1) Rahul gave his examination.

2) Rahul wrote his examination.

3) Rahul took his examination.

4) Rahul appeared his examination.

2. Quoting the figure unwillingly, he let the cat out

of bag. The underlined part means –

1) ordered the cat to come out of bag.

2) allowed the cat to come out of the bag.

3) told the secret by mistake.

4) quoted the figure of amount in the bag.

3. Which of the following is the closest synonym of


1) huge. 2) big.

3) giant. 4) voluminous.

4. Which of the following is not misspelt?

1) liftenant. 2) lieutenant.

3) lieutenant. 4) leftnant.

5. Fill in the blank with correct alternative.

The inspector has kept him in the____________

1) sale 2) shell

3) cell 4) sail

6. One who lives on the earnings of others is

called ____

1) paralytic 2) paradise

3) parasite 4) paraselfish

7. Chose the correct alternative to mean to be better

than somebody or something.

1) outshine 2) outstanding

3) outnumber 4) outrun

8. Choose the most appropriate usage.

1) I like the poems of John Keats.

2) I like the poems from John Keats

3) I like John Keats’ Poems.

4) I like John Keats’s poems.

9. The tow ugly boy had gone home just now.

The part of speech of the underlined words

respectively are_________

1) Adverb, Noun 2) Adjective, Adverb

3) Adjective, Noun 4) Adverb, Adverb

10. __________ God help you.

Fill in the article.

1) The 2) A

3) An 4) No article

11. a) Pancreas secrete insulin.

b) She tried to keep it secret from his family.

c) Your letter is an open secrete.

Choose the correct alternative in relation to

the above sentence.

1) (a) and (b) are correct 2) (a) and (c) are correct

3) (b) and (c) are correct 4) (a), (b) and (c) are


12. I __________ pay the bill today; it’s the last


Fill in the appropriate modal auxiliary.

1) should 2) may

3) can 4) must

13. It is a terribly hot climate.

Identify the parts of speech of the underlined


1) Main verb, Adjective, Adverb.

2) Aux, Verb, Adverb, Adjective.

3) Main verb, Adverb, Adjective.

4) Aux, verb, Adjective, Adverb.

14. What you have seen just now is the tip of the


The underlined part of the ice-hill.

1) the peak of the ice-hill.

2) a hint to tackle big problems.

3) a small portion of a very large mass of


4) a small part of a problem which is larger

that it seems.

15. Which of the following alternatives is closest to

the proverbial expression ‘Blood is thicker

than water’?

1) Blood is more valuable than water.

2) Water flows easily; blood does not.

3) Blood relation is not the condition to be


4) Family relationships are stronger than

relationships with other people.

16. Vanita is a past master at getting the things


1) Vanita is the owner of the past things.

2) Getting things done was easy for Vanita

in the past.

3) Vanita commands the work process as the

master of house.

4) Vanita is an expert in getting the things


17. Parents know the pains of parenting.

Identify the type of the underlined noun.

1) Common, Collective.

2) Collective, Proper.

3) Common, Abstract.

4) Collective, Abstract.

18. Maya seldom visits Mina and Company.

Choose the correct question tag.

1), does she? 2), doesn’t she?

3), did she? 4), didn’t she?

19. Police _____ looking for a man with one eye.

Choose the correct verb to agree with the subject.

1) is 2) are 3) had 4) has been

20. You throw the stone and I will run.

Change into a complex sentence.

1) Throw the stone to make me run.

2) If you throw the stone, I will run.

3) If I run, you throw the stone.

4) I will run because you throw the stone.

21. Choose the correct alternative to complete the


Monica asked Ronica if ________

1) she joins the group

2) she will join the group

3) she would join the group

4) she should not join the group

22. Do you know anyone who can lend me a shirt?

Name the underlined subordinate clause.

1) Noun clause 2) Adjective clause

3) Adverb clause 4) None of these

23. Choose the best order of words to make a

meaningful sentence of ‘Loud street awfully

these disturbing are noises’.

1) These are street noises disturbing

awfully loud.

2) Disturbing are these street noises awfully


3) These awfully loud street noises are


4) These are loud disturbing awfully street


24. Which of the following is not associated?

With the polyseme ‘present’.

1) a gift. 2) to be physically somewhere

3) busy in work. 4) to show or display.

25. She was caught by a sudden pang of conscience

for scolding the girl.

The underlined word contextually means.

1) a faculty of mind that decides right or


2) an understanding that makes you alert.

3) a feeling of guilt about something

you have done.

4) a mental state that does not allow to use

your sense.

26. Choose the correct alternative to complete the


When ‘faithful’ is prefixed with ‘un-’, ______

1) it converts Adjective into Adverb.

2) it converts Adverb into Adjective.

3) it converts Adjective into Noun.

4) it maintains the original word class/part of


27. Give a single word for a person who eats all type

of food.

1) Herbivore 2) Carnivore

3) Omnivore 4) All-rounder.

28. Had they _______ (b) properly instructed, they

would have _____ (shut) the windows.

Use appropriate forms of the verbs in the bracket.

1) were, shut 2) being, shut

3) been, shut 4) been, shutting.

29. He said he _________hire an auto.

Fill in the modal auxiliary to indicate the

possibility of hiring an auto.

1) may 2) might

3) can 4) would

30. Who teaches you English?

Which of the following is the correct

corresponding passive structure of the above


1) Whom is English taught to you?

2) By whom are you taught English?

3) Is English taught to you by whom?

4) By whom do you teach English?

31. Identify the mood.

I wish I were Bill Gates.

1) Indicative 2) Imperative

3) Subjunctive 4) None

32. You will get hats in fair price in the country fair.

The underlined words are.
1) Synonyms 2) Homonyms

3) Antonyms 4) None of these

33. The new billing system opened a Pandora’s box

of mistakes in the bills.

The underlined part contextually means.

1) Opened a box owned by Pandora.

2) Opened a new system to calculate and pay

the bills.

3) Caused a lot of new and unexpected problems.

4) provided a nex box named Pandora’s box to

keep bills.

34. “Could you turn the TV up?”, I said to her.

This sentence could be put in reported speech as:

1) I asked her that she should turn the TV up.

2) I told her if she could turn the TV up.

3) I asked her if she could turn the TV up.

4) I said her if she could turn the TV up.

35. I was kept waiting by the Boss.

Change the voice.

1) The Boss wanted me to wait.

2) The Boss kept me waiting.

3) I was waiting for the Boss.

4) The Boss made me wait.

36. Everything seemed quite normal.

Choose the correct exclamatory expression.

1) Everything is really normal!

2) How seemed everything normal!

3) How normal everything seemed!

4) Normal seemed everything!

37. Steel is more useful than gold.

Rewrite the sentence using ‘less’ without

changing meaning.

1) Gold is less useful than steel.

2) Steel is less useful than gold.

3) Steel is useful-less than gold.

4) Less useful is steel than gold.

38. Very few men are as generous as he is.

Change the degree of comparison.

1) He is the most generous man.

2) He is one of the most generous man.

3) He is one of the most generous men

4) He is one of the few generous men.

39. I did my work. I went to college.

Which one of the following sentences combines

the above sentences into a single simple


1) After doing my work I went to college.

2) Having done my work I went to college.

3) I did and went to college.

4) I went to college doing my work.

40. The drunk was very drunk.

Identify the tense.

1) Simple present 2) Simple past

3) Past Perfect 4) Present Perfect

41. Choose the utterences with correct punctuation


1) : What an interesting story!

: Oh ……..really!

2) : What an interesting story!

: Oh, really!

3) : What an interesting story!

: Oh, really?

4) : What an interesting story!

: Oh, really.

42. Which of the following is not a homograph?

1) Clear 2) Clay

3) Bow 4) Conduct

43. Fill in blanks with suitable articles.

Shiva is ______ honest servant in ______firm.

1) an, a 2) an, the

3) a, a 4) the, the

44. Identify the sentence with the mood different

from that of remaining sentences.

1) Roshan goes to college regularly.

2) Roshan writes legibly and speedily.

3) Rohan, are you okay?

4) Roshan, open your notebook.

45. The function will take place _____ 8 a.m.

_______ 10.00 a.m.

Choose the most appropriate pair of prepositions.

1) from, and 2) since, to

3) till, and 4) between, and

46. Which of the following suffixes can convert

certain nouns into adjectives?

1) ____ness 2) _____ful

3) ___ fully 4) None

47. The passer-bys stood silent on the side road.

1 2 3 4

There are grammatical errors in

1) Part 1 and 2 2) Part 1 and 3

3) Part 2 and 4 4) Part 3 and 4

48. Point out the incorrect adverb.

1) Speedily 2) Slowly

3) Fastly 4) Gradually

49. Which of the following does not mean


1) Temporary or permanent loss of vision.

2) A loss of power.

3) Give black colour to the outside wall.

4) A sudden darkening of a theatre stage.

50. I was surprised by his urbane behaviour. Which

one of the following alternative is nearest in

meaning to the underlined word in the above


1) rural 2) polite

3) proper 4) town
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