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Default ARS NET Question Paper in Plant Physiology

Would you like to provide me the ARS NET Question Paper of Plant Physiology?

ICAR NET-Physiology Paper-Memory based (2018)
Q1. Photosynthetic efficiency is measured by: NAR
Q2. Increase in biomass per unit biomass per unit time is called: RGR
Q3. Harvest index = 6/18*100 = 33.33
Q4. LAI = Leaf area/Land area
Q5. Term LAD was given by: Power et al. (Full name)
Q6. Fluid mosaic model by: Singer & Nicolson (1972)
Q7. Stress hormone: ABA
Q8. Gibberellin: Diterpenoid
Q9. Highest auxin concentration in monocots is in: Coleoptile
Q10. Protective covering of radicle in monocots is called: Coleorhiza
Q11. Cytokinins are involved in: Cell division and differentiation
Q12. Which prevents abscission: Cytokinins
Q13. Richmond Lang effect: Cytokinins
Q14. Auxins are sensitive to: Brassins
Q15. In IAN Pathway, tryptophan is converted into IAA by the enzyme: Nitrilase
Q16. Which one of the following is not the function of ABA: Seed maturation
Q17. Ethylene is synthesized from: Methionine
Q18. Besides ethylene, hormone involved in fruit ripening is: GA
Q19. Vivipary: Germination of embryo on the plant itself
Q20. Parthenocarpy: Auxin and Gibberellic acid
Q21. Coconut milk is rich in: Lauric Acid
Q22. Auxin movement in Basipetal: Acropetal in shoot in the ratio of: 3:1
Q23. Climatric fruit: Increase in the respiration before ripening
Q24. Which one is climatric fruit: Banana
Q25. Which one is not climatric fruit: Grapes
Q26. Non-Climatric among these is: Olive
Q27. Photomorphogenesis: is independent of photosynthesis
Q28. Which response is independent of the photoperiod: Root branching
Q29. Increase in the temperature at the time of anthesis in wheat lead to: Increase in grain filling period
Q30. At the time of abscission: Pectinases and Cellulases increase
Q31. Polysaccharides is more specific to: Middle lamella (Pectin) and Sieve plate (Callose)
Q32. What is Hsp60: Heat Shock Protein
Q33. First sign of dehydration in mesophytes is: Decreased Photosynthesis
Q34. Drought avoidance: Drought escape
Q35. Seed dormancy: Helps in overcoming unfavourable phase
Q36. Lowest Water potential is at: Leaves
Q37. What is wrong about Guttation: Not Pure Water
Q38. Osmotic theory of ascent of sap: Priestly
Q39. Which is micronutrient: Cu
Q40. Term Vernalization was given by: Lysenko
Q41. The cold stimulus is perceived by: Apical meristem
Q42. Vernalization is: Aerobic
Q43. Double sigmoid curve is in: Grapes
Q44. Overall senescence occur in: Annuals
Q45. Chromosome walking helps in: Physical mapping
Q46. Chromosome is: DNA + Histone Proteins
Q47. Enzyme that joins DNA: DNA Ligase
Q48. Red color of tomato is due to: Lycopene
Q49. For canning, tomato’s are picked at: Full Ripe Stage
Q50. High temperature stress is overcome by the production of: Zeaxanthin
Q51. Which of the following is/are osmolyte: All (Sorbitol, Proline)
Q52. Arabidopsis is: Drought Tolerant
Q53. Salt tolerant plants: Date palm, Pineapple and Sugar beet
Q54. Uv-B is in the range of: 280-320
Q55. Protein part in Maize seed is called as: Aleurone
Q56. Seed coat breaks by: Imbibition of water
Q57. Chilling treatment is required in: All (Pine, Acer and Polygonum)
Q58. Undifferentiated mass of cells is called: Callus
Q59. Abscisic Acid is: Sesquiterpene
Q60. Under the conditions of high temperature and low water, Pine Apple acts as: CAM
Q61. Transduction is: Transfer of genetic material by the mediation of virus
Q62. Electroporation is related in: Cell suspension culture
Q63. Totipotency is: Capability of one cell to form full organism
Q64. β- Oxidation involves: Breakdown of lipids
Q65. Micrografting was successful in: ????
Q66. Molecular weight of phytochrome is: 125KD
Q67. Same question repeated but, 125KD was not any option- Wrong question
Q68. Which response is reversible: LFR
Q69. H+PPase is characteristic of: Tonoplast
Q70. Carbonic anhydrase- some question on this: ???
Q71. In Krebs cycle, Acetyl-Co A release: 12 ATP
Q72. Calvin cycle release: 3 ATP and 2 NADPH
Q73. Aromatic amino acids are synthesized in: Plastid
Q74. Flavinoids are stored in: Plastid/ vacuole ????
Q75. Which one of the following is short day plant: ???
Q76. Hypogeal germination: Maize
Q77. Epigeal germination in: Sunflower, bean and castor
Q78. Pant pathogen interaction involve: Jasmonic acid
Q79. Kharia disease in rice is caused by the deficiency of: Zinc
Q80. Die back of Apple is caused by the deficiency of: Copper
Q81. Germination of pollen by: Boron
Q82. Action spectra of Pr and PFr are at: 666 and 730nm
Q83. In long day plants, PFr can be_______ by: Far red light ???
Q84. Burning of fossils release: CO2, Methane, N2O, CFC
Q85. Greenhouse gases heat earth’s surface and: Troposphere
Q86. From 1971, there was a steep increase in: Methane
Q87. Most drastic gas for ozone degradation is: Chlorine
Q88. Cabbage growth is drastically affected by: Gibberellic Acid (Increase yield by bolting)
Q89. Sun-induced leaf movement is called: Heliotrophism
Q90. Guard cells are different from rest epidermal cells by the presence of: Chloroplast
Q91. Transpiration stops immediately when there is: High atmospheric humidity
Q92. Meristem degradation due to deficiency of: Nitrogen
Q93. Auxin response time: 10 to 12 Minutes
Q94. Delayed and prolonged vegetative phase: Treatment of NAA ???
Q95. Bread wheat: Cross between???
Q96. Root pith differentiation in Tobacco by: Skoog and Miller
Q97. Abscission: Ethylene
Q98. ABA- Sesquiterpene
Q99. Pyramid of energy is always: Upright
Q100. Element important for rice: Zinc
Q101. Seed viability is checked by: 2,3,5-Triphenyl tetrazolium chloride
Q102. Full form of PAH: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Q103. Cytochrome c reductase is restricted to: Mitochondria (But it was not an option)
Q104. Any mediator that transmits the signal: Secondary messenger
Q105. Ozone: Absorb Uv rays and Infra red rays
Q106. For Test tube Fertilization, which is important: Ovule/ Ovary/ Embryo Culture
Q107. Which one is the correct match ???: All of these ????
Q108. Fruit ripening is mainly due to: Increase in sucrose
Q109. Cold Stress induce/resisted: Increase in the content of unsaturated fatty acids in membrane lipids
Q110. Plants sense darkness by: Circadian Rhythms
Q111. Drought resistant: All (???)
Q112. There is increase in phytochrome in: Etiolated seedlings
Q113. Which one is not the representative of a bacterial cell: Presence of ER
Q114. Photoperiodism involve: Auxin
Q115. Artificial ripening agent: Ethephon
Q116. In plants: one sperm fuse with egg and another with polar nuclei to form endosperm
Q117. Pink colored pigment in roots is: Leghaemoglobin
Q118. Aquaporins are: Integral Membrane Proteins
Q119. A large protei complex that carries out DNA replication: Replisome
Q120. Reclamation disease: A copper deficiency disease
Q121. Accurate measurement of plant age involves: Measurement of diameter of plant (DBH
Q122. If it is assumed that the sea level will rise with global warming, then the hypothesis will be: Melting of glaciers

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Default Re: ARS NET Question Paper in Plant Physiology

You are looking for the ARS NET Question Paper of Plant Physiology i am giving here:

1. Little leaf of Citrus is caused by
Zinc (Zn) deficiency
2. Die back of shoots occur due to the deficiency of
other important deficiency symptom: reclamation disease in cereals and leguminous crops
3.Very dangerous disease of sugarcane is
Red rot (causative organism: Colletotrichum falcatum)
4.Phyllody disease in Til is caused by
5. Bunchy top of banana is caused by
6.Heart rot of sugarbeet is caused by the deficiency of
7. Top sickness of tabacco is due to the deficiency of
8. Club rot of cauliflower is caused by
Plasmodiosphora brassicae
9. Late blight of potato is potato is caused by
Late blight of potato: Phytopthora infestans (reason for potato famine)
Early blight of potato: Alternaria solani
Black scurf of potato: Rhizoctonia solani
Wart diseases of potato: Synchytrium endobioticum
10. Akiochi disease is due to
Sulphur toxicity
11. Whiptail in cauliflower is due to the deficiency of
12. Ufra disease in rice is caused by
Nematode (Ditylenchus sp)
13. Mantek disease of rice is caused by
Rice root nematode
14. Exanthema in citrus is due to
Deficiency of Copper
15. The Pahala blight of sugarcane is due to the deficiency of
16.Wart disease of Potato is caused by
Synchitrien endobioticum
17. Iris famine in 1844,was caused due to
Phytophothora infestans (Late Blight of potato)
18. White rust of cruifers is caused by
Albugo candida, fungi
19. White rust of crucifers caused Albugo candida belongs to class
20. The pathogen associated with the discovery of Bordeaux mixture is
Plasmosphora viticola
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Default Re: ARS NET Question Paper in Plant Physiology

respected sir,
Kindly send me old papers of plant biochemistry ICAR NET
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Default Re: ARS NET Question Paper in Plant Physiology

Kindly send me ICATNET PLANT BIOCHEMISTRY old questonpaperslist
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Default ICAR NET Question Paper in Plant Physiology

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Default Re: ARS NET Question Paper in Plant Physiology

current year 2019 plant pbysiology
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