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Default Re: Boston University Best Courses

Boston University is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. It was started in the year 1839. the motto of the university is “Learning, Virtue, Piety” It offers bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctoral degrees, and medical and dental degrees through 18 schools and colleges. This is the list of courses:

Biochemistry (MA, PhD, MD/PhD)
Biology with a Specialization in Behavioral Biology (BA)
Advertising MET (MS)
Law & Business Administration (JD/MBA, JD/MBA—Health Sector Management)
Special Education (BS, EdM, CAGS, EdD)
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences CAS (minor)
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (MA, PhD, MD/PhD)
Russian (minor)
Human Resources Management MET (MS)
Medicine and Public Health (MD/MPH)
Classics & Religion (BA)
Global Development Policy (MA)
Energy & Environmental Analysis (BA/MA, MA)
Biology CAS/GRS (BA, minor, MA, PhD)
Astronomy & Physics (BA)
Interdisciplinary Area Studies CAS (BA, minor)
Interdisciplinary Studies MET (BLS, BS)
Film & Television CAS (minor)
English & Language Arts Education (BS, MAT, EdM, CAGS, EdD)
Muslim Cultures (minor)
International Marketing (GRAD Cert)
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biotechnology (BA, BA/MA)
Environmental Analysis & Policy (BA, minor)
Law & Philosophy (JD/MA)
Broadcast Journalism (MS)
Dance (minor)
Chemistry (BA, BA/MA, minor, MA, PhD)
French Studies (BA)
Engineering Science (minor)
Earth Sciences (BA, BA/MA, minor, MA, PhD)
Doctor of Medicine (MD, MD/PhD)
Engineering/Medical Integrated Curriculum (ENGMEDIC)
Geophysics & Planetary Sciences (BA)
Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry (MA, PhD)
Photojournalism CAS (minor)
History of Art & Architecture (BA, minor, MA, PhD)
Photonics (MEng), (MS)
Environmental Remote Sensing & GIS (BA/MA, minor, MA)
French (minor, MA, PhD)
Medical Anthropology CAS (minor)
Social Work & Public Health (MSW/MPH)
Ancient Greek & Latin (BA)
Global Manufacturing (MS)
Bilingual Education/Teaching English as a Second Language (BS, EdM, CAGS)
African Languages & Literatures (minor)
Anthropology (BA, minor, MA, PhD)
Comparative Literature (BA, minor)
Social Work & Theology (MSW/MDiv, MSW/MTS, MSW/DMin)
Geography with Specialization in Human Geography (BA)
Museum Education (MA)
Conducting (AD, MM, DMA)
Dermatology (MS, DSC, Dipl in Derm, Cert Clin Derm)
Philosophy CAS/GRS (BA, BA/MA, minor, MA, JD/MA, PhD)
Environmental Science (BA, minor)
Latin & Classical Studies (BS, MAT)
Composition & Music Theory (BM)
Anatomy & Neurobiology (MA, PhD, MD/PhD)
Asian Legal Studies (JD/LLM)
Literacy & Language Education (EdM, CAGS, EdD)
Composition (MM, DMA)
Biomedical Laboratory & Clinical Sciences (BS, UND Cert, Bioscience Academy)
Doctor of Medicine/Master of Public Health (MD/MPH)
Acting (BFA)
Modern Greek (minor)
Italian & Linguistics (BA)
Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice (MA)
Physics (BA, BA/MA, minor, MA, PhD)
Health Education (EdM, CAGS)
Arabic (minor)
Law—Intellectual Property (LLM)
Actuarial Science (MS)
History MET (BLS)
Journalism CAS (minor)
Musicology CFA (BM, MM)
International Health (MPH, DrPH)
Art & Architecture, History of CAS/GRS (BA, minor, MA, PhD)
Periodontology (CAGS, MSD, DScD)
Myth Studies (minor)
Banking & Financial Services Management (MS)
International Relations & Business Administration (MA/MBA)
Chinese Language & Literature (BA)
Operative Dentistry (CAGS, MSD, DScD)
Geoarchaeology (MA)
Hindi-Urdu (offered through advanced levels)
Management Studies MET (BS, accelerated degree completion program)
Hausa (offered through advanced levels)
International Business Law (Executive LLM)
Chemistry: Biochemistry (BA)
Seven-Year Program of Liberal Arts & Medical Education (BA/MD)
Health Services Research (MS, PhD)
Oral Biology (MSD, DSc, DScD, PhD)
Biostatistics SPH (MPH)
Philosophy & Political Science CAS (BA)
Public Relations COM (MS)
Maternal & Child Health (MPH, DrPH)
Kiswahili (offered through advanced levels)
Sound Design (BFA, MFA)
Business Administration & Medical Sciences (MBA/MA)
Early Medical School Selection Program (EMSSP)
Religious & Theological Studies (MA, PhD)
Peace Corps/Master’s International Program (MI)
History & Law (MA/JD)
Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD)
African Studies (minor)
Film Studies CAS (minor)
Amharic (offered through advanced levels)
Mathematics MET (BS)
Muslim Societies (minor)
Religion (BA, BA/MA, minor)
Law—European (JD/LLM—Paris)
Human Services Management SSW (Cert)
American Studies (BA, minor)
Occupational Therapy (BS/MSOT, MSOT, OTD)
Photojournalism COM (MS)
Chinese (minor)
Philosophy MET (BLS)
Philosophy & Physics CAS (BA)
Law & Public Health (JD/MPH)
Production Management (MFA)
Applied Anatomy & Physiology (MS, PhD)
Art History MET (BLS)
Administrative Sciences (UND Cert, MS, GRAD Cert)
Law & History (JD/MA)
Hispanic Language & Literatures (BA, BA/MA, MA, PhD)
Dental Public Health (CAGS, MS, MSD, DScD)
Counseling (EdM, EdD, CAGS)
Business Administration & Medicine (MD/MBA)
American & New England Studies (BA, minor, PhD)
Microbiology (PhD, MD/PhD)
Forensic Anthropology (MS)
Jewish Studies (minor)
Neuroscience CAS/GRS (BA, MA, PhD)
Italian (BA, minor)
Psychology CAS/GRS (BA, minor, MA, PhD)
German (minor)
Cell & Molecular Biology (PhD, MD/PhD)
Arts Administration (MS, GRAD Cert)
Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (CAGS, MSD, DScD)
Law—Taxation (JD/LLM, LLM)
Health Science (BS)
Modern Foreign Language Education (BS, MAT)
Computer Science MET (BS, accelerated degree completion program, UND Cert, MS, GRAD Certs)
Business & Economics Journalism (MS)
Neuroscience GMS (PhD)
Political Science (BA, BA/MA, minor, MA, PhD)
Endodontics (CAGS, MSD, DScD)
Science Journalism (MS)
Mathematics & Mathematics Education CAS (BA)
Behavior and Health (BS)
International Relations & Environmental Policy (MA)
Archaeology (BA, minor, MA, PhD)
International Relations & Law (MA/JD)
Medical Sciences & Public Health (MA/MPH)
Chemistry: Teaching (BA)
Japanese & Linguistics (BA)
Sociology & Social Work SSW (PhD)
Spanish (minor)
Public Relations CAS (minor)
Speech-Language Pathology (MS/PhD)
Igbo (offered through advanced levels)
East Asian Studies (BA, minor)
Advertising COM (MS)
International Affairs (MA)
The Mildred A. Flashman Family Therapy Certificate Program (Cert)
Nutritional Science (BS)
Media Ventures (MS, MBA/MS)
Social Work, Clinical Practice (MSW)
Linguistics (BA, minor)
History CAS/GRS (BA, minor, MA, PhD)
Law & Mass Communication (JD/MS)
Economics MET (BS)
Latin American Studies (BA, minor, MA)
Pediatric Dentistry (CAE, MSD, DScD)
Mental Health Counseling & Behavioral Medicine Program (MA, MMS/MHCBM)
Medical Sciences (MA, MA/MBA, Dual-Degree MA)
Modular Medical Integrated Curriculum (MMEDIC)
Korean (offered through advanced levels)
Human Development & Education (EdD, EdM
Immunology Training (PhD, MD/PhD)
Film & Television COM (BS, MFA)
Law—International Business (Executive LLM, JD/LLM)
Public Health SPH (BA/MPH, BS/MPH, minor, MPH, DrPH)
Economics & Mathematics (BA)
Educational Leadership & Development (EdD, CAGS)
Medieval Studies (minor)
Athletic Training (BS)
Stage Managment (BFA, Cert)
Music Education CFA (BM, BM/MM, MM, DMA)
Law & English (JD/MA)
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences SAR (BS, BS/MS, MS, PhD, CAGS, minor)
Coaching SED (CAGS, EdM)
Health Law, Bioethics & Human Rights (MPH)
Classical Studies (BA/MA, MA, PhD)
Bioimaging (MA)
Mechanical Engineering (BS, MEng, MS, PhD)
Bioinformatics (MS, PhD)
Oral Biology (MSD, DSc, DScD, PhD)
Greek—Modern (minor)
Biostatistics GRS (MA, PhD)
Health Communication (MS)
Business Administration SMG (BS, MBA, PEMBA)
Leadership (MS)
Archaeological Heritage Management (MA)
American Law (LLM)
Economics CAS/GRS (BA, BA/MA, minor, MA, MA/MBA, MA/PhD)
Biology with a Specialization in Neurobiology (BA)
Social & Behavioral Sciences (MPH, DrPH)
Linguistics & Philosophy (BA)
Law (JD)
Biology with a Specialization in Quantitative Biology (BA)
Swahili (offered through advanced levels)
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (CAGS, MSD, DScD)
Genetics & Genomics (PhD, MD/PhD)
Mathematics Education SED (BS, MAT, EdM, MMT)
Independent Major (BA, minor)
Nutrition/Dietetics (MS, DPD)
Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics (PhD)
Playwriting (MFA)
Classics & Philosophy (BA)
Advanced Education in General Dentistry (CAGS)
International Business Management (UND Cert)
Manufacturing Engineering (BS, MEng, MS), (MS/MBA)
Environmental Health (MPH, MS, PhD)
Environmental Earth Sciences (BA)
Preservation Studies (MA, MA/JD)
Mass Communication (MS)
Astrophysics & Space Physics (BA/MA)
Rehabilitation Sciences (ScD)
Computer Engineering (BS, MEng, MS, PhD, minor)
Film COM (MFA)
Biomedical Engineering (BS, MEng, MS, PhD)
Scene Design (BFA, MFA, Cert)
International Relations (BA, minor, MA)
Psychology MET (BS)
Screenwriting (MFA)
Japanese Language & Literature (BA, minor)
Athletic Training/Physical Therapy (AT/DPT)
Physical Therapy (BS/DPT, DPT, tDPT)
Computer Science CAS/GRS (BA, BA/MA, minor, MA, PhD)
English (BA, minor, MA, MFA, PhD)
Marine Science (BA, minor)
Computer Information Systems (MS)
Business Administration & Management CAS (minor)
Hospitality Administration & Gastronomy (BS/MLA)
Editorial Studies (MA, PhD)
Prosthodontics (CAGS, MSD)
English & Law (MA/JD)
Human Physiology (BS, minor)
Reading Education (EdM, CAGS)
Developmental Studies (EdM, CAGS, EdD)
Project Management (MS, GRAD Cert)
Architectural Studies (BA)
Costume Production (BFA, MFA)
Applied Music & Music Education (MM/MM)
Social Studies Education (BS, MAT, EdM, CAGS)
Opera (OIC)
Greek—Ancient (BA, minor)
Anthropology & Religion (BA)
Biomedical Forensic Sciences (MS)
Spanish & Linguistics (BA)
Biology with a Specialization in Ecology & Conservation Biology (BA)
Law—Banking & Financial (LLM, JD/LLM)
Physiology & Biophysics (MA, PhD)
Latin (BA, minor)
Studio Teaching (MA)
Social Work, Macro Practice (MSW)
Physical Education (EdM, CAGS)
Policy, Planning & Administration (EdM, CAGS)
Curriculum & Teaching (EdM, CAGS, EdD)
Clinical Social Work and Behavioral Medicine Certificate Program (Cert)
Biology MET (BS)
Art Education (BFA, BFA/MA, MA)
Mass Communication & Law (JD/MS)
Early Childhood Education (BS, EdM, CAGS, EdD)
International Marketing Management (MS)
Health Policy & Management (MPH, MBA/MPH)
Music CAS/GRS (BA, minor, MA, PhD)
Philosophy & Psychology CAS (BA)
Classical Civilization (BA, minor)
Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management MET (MS)
Geography with Specialization in Physical Geography (BA)
Lighting Design (BFA, MFA)
Elementary Education (BS, EdM)
Law & International Relations (JD/MA)
French Language & Literature (BA/MA, MA, PhD)
Pre-Medical Studies (UND Cert)
Medical Nutritional Sciences (MA, PhD)
Ancient Greek (BA, minor)
English & American Literature (BLS)
International Relations & Religion (MA)
Management SMG (PhD)
Global Health Management (MBA/MPH)
Portuguese (offered through advanced levels)
isiXhosa (offered through advanced levels)
African American Studies (minor, MA)
Astronomy (BA, minor, MA, PhD)
Philosophy & Religion CAS (BA)
Mathematics (includes Statistics) CAS/GRS (BA, BA/MA, minors, MA, PhD)
Advertising CAS (minor)
International Relations & International Communication (MA)
Mathematics & Computer Science CAS (BA)
Sculpture (BFA, MFA)
Education (minor)
Music Theory CFA (MM)
Molecular Medicine (PhD, MD/PhD)
Sociology MET (BS)
International Relations (Brussels) (MA)
English Education SED (CAGS)
Biomedical Laboratory & Clinical Sciences MET (BS, UND Cert)
Graphic Design (BFA, MFA)
Educational Media & Technology (EdM, EdD, CAGS)
Banking & Financial Law (LLM)
Intellectual Property Law (LLM)
Geography & Environment (MA, PhD)
isiZulu (offered through advanced levels)
Sociology & Social Work GRS (PhD)
Communication CAS (minor)
City Planning (MCP)
Behavioral Neuroscience (PhD)
Journalism COM (BS, MS)
Lowy-GEM Program in Aging (Cert)
Deaf Studies (minor, BS, EdM, CAGS, EdD, PhD)
Aerospace Engineering (BS)
Business Administration & Law (JD/MBA, JD/MBA—Health Sector Management)
Interdisciplinary Engineering (BS)
Mathematics & Philosophy CAS (BA)
Public Health & Law (MPH/JD)
Costume Design (BFA, MFA)
Physical Education, Health Education & Coaching (EdD, minor)
Performance, Music (AD, PD, AD, BM, BM/MM, MM, DMA)
Social Work (MSW, MSW Online)
Directing (MFA)
Gastronomy (MLA)
Sociology CAS/GRS (BA, minor, MA, PhD)
Doctor of Medicine/Master of Business Administration (MD/MBA)
Historical Performance (AD, MM, DMA)
Materials Science & Engineering ( MEng), (MS, (PhD)
Louis Lowy Certificate in Gerontological Social Work (Cert)
Law—Asian Legal Studies (JD/LLM)
European Studies (BA, minor)
Public Health CAS (minor)
French & Linguistics (BA)
Electrical Engineering (BS, MEng, MS, PhD, minor)
Geography (minor)
Epidemiology (MPH, MS, PhD)
Hospitality Administration (BS, minor)
Applied Linguistics (MA, PhD)
German Language & Literature (BA)
Pharmaceutical Assessment & Management Policy Program (PHARM)
Clinical Investigation (MA, Live Graduate Program, Online Graduate Program)
Communication COM (BS)
Law & Preservation Studies (JD/MA)
Insurance Management (MS)
Systems Engineering (MEng, MS, PhD)
Music Performance CFA (AD, PD, BM, BM/MM, MM, DMA, minor)
Criminal Justice (BS, UND Cert, MCJ)
Social Work and Education (MSW/EdM, MSW/EdD)
Health Care Emergency Management (MS)
European Law (JD/LLM—Paris)
Genetic Counseling (MS)
Creative Writing (MFA)
Economic Policy (MA)
Hebrew (minor)
Law—American (LLM)
Persian (offered through advanced levels)
Russian Language & Literature (BA)
Science Education (BS, MAT, EdM, CAGS, EdD)
Biology with a Specialization in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics (BA)
Film Production COM (MFA)
Painting (BFA, MFA)

Taxation Law (JD/LLM, LLM)
Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (EdM, CAGS)
Technical Production (BFA, MFA)
Telecommunication (MS)
Television Production (MS)
Theatre Arts CAS (minor)
Theatre Arts CFA (BFA—Design & Production, BFA—Performance, minor)
Theatre Education CFA (MFA)
Theology—Master of Divinity (MDiv)
Theology—Master of Theological Studies (MTS)
Theology—Master of Sacred Music (MSM)
Theology—Master of Divinity and Master of Sacred Music (MDiv/MSM)
Theology—Master of Sacred Theology (STM)
Theology—Doctor of Ministry (DMin)
Theology—Doctor of Philosophy in Practical Theology (PhD)
Theology—Doctor of Theology (ThD)
Theology and Social Work (MSW/MDiv, MSW/MTS, MSW/DMin)
Trauma Certificate Program (Cert)
Turkish (offered through advanced levels)

This is the address of campus:


Boston University
1 Silber Way, Boston, MA, United States ‎
+1 617-353-2000 ‎

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