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Here I am searching for the sample paper of UPES Engineering Aptitude Test. Can you please tell me form where I can get it??

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) Engineering entrance exam aptitude test Sample Paper so here I am sharing this with you

1. Two pipes can fill water into a tank at the rate of 4 litres/min and 5 litres/min. How
much time will it take to fill a 90 litre tank?
(1) 10 min (2) 40 min (3) 80 min (4) 120 min

2. The average weight on a boat was 56 kgs and it decreased by 2 kg when one person
stepped out. If the original number on the boat was 5, what was the weight of the
person who stepped out?
(1) 62 (2) 64 (3) 66 (4) 68

3. Raja is twice the age of his brother. 8 years back, he was 6 times his brother’s age.
What will Raja’s age be 5 years from now?
(1) 10 (2) 15 (3) 20 (4) 25

4. What will be the radius of a circular loop made by a wire of length 110 m?
(1) 35 m (2) 20 m (3) 17.5 m (4) 12 m
For complete paper here is the attachment

5 Complete the series ACD, EGI, JLM, ?
(1) MNO (2) NOP (3) NPR (4) None of these
6 In a certain code language if A is written as C, B as D, C as E and so on up to Z. How will
PECULIAR be written in that code?
7 Complete the series 4, 7, 12, 19, 28, ?
(1) 30 (2) 36 (3) 39 (4) 49
8 Deepak starts walking straight towards east. After walking 75 metres, he turns to the left
and walks 25 metres straight. Again he turns to the left, walks a distance of 40 metres
straight, again he turns to the left and walks a distance of 25 metres. How far is he from
the starting point?
(1) 25 metres (2) 50 metres (3) 140 metres (4) None of these

Directions : Read the passage carefully to answer the questions that follow.
The earliest authentic works on European alchemy are those of the English monk Roger
Bacon and the German philosopher St. Albertus Magnus. In their treatises they maintained
that gold was the perfect metal and that inferior metals such as lead and mercury were
removed by various degrees of imperfection from gold. They further asserted that these base
metals could be transmuted to gold by blending them with a substance even more perfect
than gold. This elusive substance was referred to as the “philosopher’s stone”.
Most of the early alchemists were artisans who were accustomed to keeping trade secrets
and often resorted to cryptic terminology to record the progress of their work. The term sun
was used for gold, moon for silver, and the five known planets for base metals. This
convention of substituting symbolic language attracted a group of mystical philosophers who
compared the search for the perfect metal with the struggle of mankind for the perfection of
the soul. The philosophers began to use the artisan’s terms in the mystical literature that they
produced. Thus, by the fourteenth century, alchemy had developed two distinct groups of
practitioners – the laboratory alchemist and the literary alchemist. Both groups of alchemists

continued to work throughout the history of alchemy, but, of course, it was the literary
alchemist who was most likely to produce a written record; therefore, much of what is known
about the science of alchemy is derived from philosophers rather than from the alchemists
who laboured in laboratories.
9 What is the author’s main point?
(1) There were both laboratory and literary alchemists.
(2) The philosopher’s stone was essential to alchemy.
(3) Roger Bacon and St. Albertus Magnus wrote about alchemy.
(4) Base metals can be transmuted to gold by blending them with a substance
more perfect than gold.
10 What was the “philosopher’s stone”?
(1) Lead that was mixed with gold.
(2) An element that was never found.
(3) Another name for alchemy.
(4) A base metal.
Directions : Choose the word that is most similar in meaning to the word in capital
(1) placid (2) violent (3) impenetrable (4) irreverence
Directions : Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the word in capital
(1) pompous (2) brittle (3) clumsy (4) spiteful
Agricultural General Knowledge
13 Long distance translocation of nitrogenous assimilations in plants occurs
(1) through cambium only
(2) mainly through the phloem
(3) mainly through the xylem
(4) equally through xylem, phloem and cambium
14 Nuclear seedlings are
(1) inferior to their parents (2) weaker and resistant type
(3) vigorous and true-to diseases (4) superior to their parents
15 Which one of the following wheat types ranks next to common bread wheat in terms of
the total cropped area in India?
(1) Triticum aestivum (2) Triticum durum
(3) Triticum discoccum (4) Triticum spherococcum
16 The uptake of oxygen and production of carbon dioxide in light by photosynthesizing
tissue is called
(1) respiration (2) photorespiration
(3) ground respiration (4) salt respiration

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Default Re: UPES Engineering Aptitude Test Sample Paper

As you are searching for the sample paper of UPES Engineering Aptitude Test so here I am sharing with you same

1 The evolution of a developed country
(1) is the result of its close contact with advanced countries
(2) depends upon its economy and industrial skills
(3) technological processes worked out by experts
(4) trying to put into practice efficient methods from abroad to increase production.

2. An appropriate title for the passage could be
(1) the evolution of a developed country
(2) creative innovation and underdeveloped countries
(3) the taste of creative innovation
(4) entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Direction (Q3): Choose the alternative which is closest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence.
3. The meeting was called to ruminate on recent events in the subcontinent.
(1) examine (2) ponder
(3) argue (4) discuss

4. Select the part of the sentence which has an error
(1) Since I was a child
(2) I have never had
(3) even a single opportunity
(4) to visit my aunt.

5. Choose the correctly spelt word.
(1) flamable (2) flamboyance
(3) flavescent (4) flaxen

6. A number consists of two digits whose sum is 7. If the digits are reversed, then the number is increased by 27. The number is
(1) 25 (2) 34 (3) 16 (4) 52

7. A student has to secure 15% marks to get through. If he gets 80 marks and fails by 70 marks, find the maximum marks set for the examination.
(1) 900 (2) 1000 (3) 1200 (4) None of these.

Rest of the questions are attached in below file which is free of cost for you

QUOTE=Unregistered;308376]Here I am searching for the sample paper of UPES Engineering Aptitude Test. Can you please tell me form where I can get it??[/QUOTE]
Attached Files Available for Download
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Default Re: UPES Engineering Aptitude Test Sample Paper

I have applied for the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) Engineering entrance exam and I need the sample paper of the aptitude test of it so can you please provide me the same?
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Sample Paper

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