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I am preparing for RPSC exam for 2nd grade teacher. Can you please provide me syllabus of G.K. paper?

As per your request here I am sharing the syllabus of Science of RPSC Grade 2 Teacher exam

Biology :

1. Cell structure and functions of cell organelles, Cell inclusions, Nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) Cell cycle (Mitosis, Meiosis), Genetic code, types of RNA and protein synthesis . Bio-molecules : organic and inorganic biomolecules.

2. Types of plant tissues, internal structure of Dicote monocot root , stem and leaves , Secondary growth in Monocot & Dicot.

3. Structure of flower, Types of inflorescence, reproduction in plants, polyembryony, Apomixis, Alternation of generation, Fruits and seeds, Important characters of families (Brassicaceae, Malvaceae, Solonaceae, Liliaceae, Poaceae, and Leguminosae), Floral formula, floral diagram and economic importance.

4. Water relations, Osmosis, DPD, Plasmolysis, Water potential Absorption of water, Ascent of sap, Transpiration, Guttation, Stomatal movement. Plant nutrition : macro-nutrients, micronutrients and their functions.

5. Photosynthesis, types of pigments, light and dark reaction, C4 cycle, Chemosynthesis Law of limiting factor, factors affecting photosynthesis, Crassulacean Acid Metabolism Photosynthesis : Pigments, Light reaction : Electron Transport, Cyclic and non-cyclic photo phosphorylation, chemiosmotic hypothesis, C3 and C4 cycle. Factor affecting photosynthesis. Calvin cycle, photorespiration.

6. Respiration: types of respiration , Glycolysis , Krebs cycle and Oxidative phosphorylation, Respiratory quotient ( R.Q.), Fermentation.

7. Enzymes, classification, mechanism of action, factors affecting enzyme activities

8. Plant growth and development : Differentiation, Dedifferentiation and redifferentiation. Growth
regulation in plants by Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinins, ethylene, Abscisic acid. Photoperiodism,
Vernalisation and seed dormancy.

9. Types of pollution, Global warming, Green house effect, Acid rains, Alnino effect, ozone depletion
Biodiversity, Sanctuaries, National parks, Endangered species, Deforestation, Bio communities,
Ecosystem, Food chains, ecological pyramids, wild life and its conservation, Biogeochemical cycles.

10. Structure and function of animal tissues, Various systems of human, human population and health,
immune system, tissue and organ transplantations, Bio-treatment Techniques.
Regulation in animal : Nervous system, Endocrine system and hormones.
Human Physiology : Digestion and absorption, Breathing, Circulatory system, Excretory system,
locomotion and movement, Neural control and coordination, chemical coordination and integration.

11. External and internal structure of Amoeba, Plasmodium, Earthworm, Cockroach and Frog.

RPSC Grade 2 Teacher Exam Science Syllabus

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Default Re: RPSC Grade2 Teacher Syllabus

There are 6 subjects for in syllabus for 2nd grade teacher exam:

1. G.K. Paper-I
2. Hindi
3. Science
4. English
5. Mathematics
6. Social Science

Syllabus for G.K Paper-I:

(i) Geographical, Historical, Cultural and General Knowledge of Rajasthan: Location, extent, relief features, climate, drainage, vegetation, agriculture, livestock, dairy development, population distribution, growth, literacy, sex ratio, religious composition, industries, planning, budgetary trends, major tourist centres.

• Ancient Culture & Civilisation of Rajasthan, Kalibangan, Ahar, Ganeshwar, Bairath.

• History of Rajasthan from 8th to 18th Century
Gurjar Pratihars
Chauhans of Ajmer
Relations with Delhi Sultanate – Mewar, Ranthambore and Jalore.
Rajasthan and Mughals – Sanga, Pratap, Mansingh of Amer, Chandrasen, Rai Singh of Bikaner, Raj singh of Mewar.

• History of freedom struggle in Rajasthan
Peasants and Tribal Movements.
Prajamandal Movement.

• Integration of Rajasthan

• Role of women during Medieval and Modern period

• Society and Religion
Lok Devata and Devian
Saints of Rajasthan
Architecture – Temples, Forts and Palaces
Paintings – Various Schools
Fairs and Festivals
Customs, Dresses and Ornaments
Folk Music and Dance
Language and Literature

Office of Governor; Role and Functions of Chief Minister and Cabinet; State Secretariat and Chief Secretary; Organisation and role of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission and State Human Rights Commission, Panchayati Raj in Rajasthan.

(ii) Current Affairs of Rajasthan :
Major current issues and happenings at state level related to socio-economic, political, games and sports aspects.

(iii) General Knowledge of World & India:
Continents, Oceans and their characteristics, global wind system, environmental problems, global strategies, globalization and its impacts, population trend and distribution, India and U.N.O., Major trends in International policies with special reference to Globalization and Nuclear non-proliferation.

For complete syllabus please download the pdf files given in attachment.
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Default Re: RPSC Grade2 Teacher Syllabus

I am appearing in RPSC Grade 2 Teacher exam and want the syllabus of Science subject so can you please provide me this?
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