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Default Re: Rajasthan Public Service Commission Ajmer India

You are looking for the Rajasthan Public Service Commission Programmer question paper i am giving here:

Which of the following options is INCORRECT?
1. BankAccount_Number is a candidate key
2. Registration_Number can be a primary key
3. UID is a candidate key if all students are from the same country
4. If S is a superkey such that S UID is NULL then S UID ∩ ∪ is also a superkey
Question id : 85186 (Correct + 1.0 , Wrong - 0.33)
The concept of locking cannot be used to solve the problem of
1. Lost update
2. Uncommitted Dependency
3. Incosistent Data
4. Deadlock
Question id : 85187 (Correct + 1.0 , Wrong - 0.33)
Designing physical model of DBMS requires information on
(i) Data volume
(ii) Frequency of access to data
(iii) Programming language used
(iv) Secondary memory characteristics
1. i, ii
2. i, ii, iii
3. i, ii, iii, iv
4. i, ii, iv
Question id : 85188 (Correct + 1.0 , Wrong - 0.33)
In, Transaction, In ACIT properties A stands for
1. Atomicity
2. Acidity
3. Alphabetically
4. None of the above
Question id : 85189 (Correct + 1.0 , Wrong - 0.33)
Relational calculus is a
1. Procedural language.
2. Non- Procedural language.
3. Data definition language.
4. High level language.
Question id : 85190 (Correct + 1.0 , Wrong - 0.33)
Cartesian product in relational algebra is
1. a Unary operator.
2. a Binary operator.
3. a Ternary operator.
4. not defined.
Question id : 85191 (Correct + 1.0 , Wrong - 0.33)
DML is provided for
1. Description of logical structure of database.
2. Addition of new structures in the database system.
3. Manipulation & processing of database
4. Definition of physical structure of database system.

Architecture of the database can be viewed as
1. two levels.
2. four levels.
3. three levels.
4. one level.
Question id : 85193 (Correct + 1.0 , Wrong - 0.33)
An entity set that does not have sufficient attributes to form a primary key is a
1. strong entity set.
2. weak entity set.
3. simple entity set.
4. primary entity set.
Question id : 85194 (Correct + 1.0 , Wrong - 0.33)
The way a particular application views the data from the database that the application uses is a
1. module.
2. relational model.
3. schema.
4. sub schema.
Question id : 85195 (Correct + 1.0 , Wrong - 0.33)
Assume transaction A holds a shared lock R, If transaction B also requests for a shared lock on R.
1. It will result in a deadlock situation
2. It will immediately be granted
3. It will immediately be rejected
4. It will be granted as soon as released by A
Question id : 85196 (Correct + 1.0 , Wrong - 0.33)
A schedule S of n transactions is serializable if it is equivalent to some
1. Serial schedule of same n transactions
2. Non Serial schedule of same n transactions
3. Serial schedule of different n transactions
4. Non Serial schedule of different n transactions
Question id : 85197 (Correct + 1.0 , Wrong - 0.33)
The method in which records are physically stored in a specified order according to a key
field in each record is
1. hash.
2. direct.
3. sequential.
4. all of the above.
Question id : 85198 (Correct + 1.0 , Wrong - 0.33)
Normalization of database is essential to
(i) avoid accidental deletion of requi red data when some data is deleted
(ii) eliminate inconsistencies when a data item is modified in the database
(iii) allows storage of data in a computer’s disk
(iv) use a database management system

1. i and iii
2. i and ii
3. ii and iii
4. ii and iv

For detailed paper here is attachment:
(RPSC Programmer Question paper)

Rajasthan Public Service Commission
Jaipur Rd,
Rajasthan ‎


Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Will you please provide me the Rajasthan Public Service Commission Ajmer India contact details & RPSC programmer question paper?
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Default Re: Rajasthan Public Service Commission Ajmer India

Hello friend provide me some general information about Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC)?
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Default Re: Rajasthan Public Service Commission Ajmer India

Hello brother as you ask for the general information about Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC), so here I am providing you the details…….

Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is the premier commission of the government of Rajasthan.
It is for organizing the recruitment exams
Procedures for recruiting employees
Officers to various departments of the government


The Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan

The Bureau of Investment Promotion, Rajasthan

The HCM Rajasthan State Institute of Public Administration

The Rajasthan Information Commission

The Jaipur Kathak Kendra

The Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Limited

The Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation

The Rajasthan Arabic and Persian Research Institute

The Rajasthan Financial Corporation

The Jaipur Development Authority

The Rajasthan Oriental Research Institute

The Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam

The Rajasthan Khadi and Village Industries Board

The Rajasthan State Archives

The Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation

The Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation

The Rural Non Farm Development Agency

The Rajasthan State Sports Council


Rajasthan Public Service Commission
Ghooghara Ghati, Jaipur Road, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305001
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