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I want to get MCA 1st Year Syllabus of Bhoj Virtual University so from where can I get it?

You want MCA 1st Year Syllabus of Bhoj Virtual University so here I am giving you the same:

Unit - I

Number System Introduction, Binary Number System, Digital Signals and Logic Gates Analog Signal, Binary Representation, Boolean Algebra, Postulates of Boolean Algebra, Boolean Function Simplification. Logic Circuit Designing, Combinational Logic Circuit Designing, Design, Procedure of a Combinational Circuit, Arithmetic Circuits, Digital Circuit Design, Bi-directional Shift Register,

Unit - II

Digital Devices, Integrated Circuits, Digital Multiplexer, Demultiplexers, Decoder, Encoders, Decoder Expansion, Computer Organization, Program, Registers, Instruction Sets, Instruction Execution and Microoperation, 8086 Microprocessor, Interrupts, Directives, Computer Arithmetic, Floating Point Numbers, Arithmetic Operation on Floating Point Numbers, Division Algorithm, Multiplication,

Unit - III
Memory Organization, Memory Unit, Other Types of Memory, Associative Memory (Content Addressible Memory), Hardware Organization of Associative Memory, Building Large Memories Using Chips, Cache Memory, Virtual Memory, Input/Output Organization, Introduction, Accessing I/O Devices, I/O Module, I/O Techniques, Processor Bus, Subroutines, Program Interrupts, Control Organization, Control Organization, Hardwired Control, Microprogrammed Control, Microprogrammed Control Unit, Controller Function, Microinstructions, Microinstruction Format, Sequencing and Execution, Micro operations

Rest of syllabus is in attached word file. Feel free to download it:

I also have following which I can provide you if you want:

B.C.A. I Year
B.C.A. Final Year (NEW)
BBA. II Year
BIT First Year
M.B.A. III (Marketing)
M.B.A. I Year (MM)
M.S.W. (Final)
M.A.(Final) Sociology
M.A.(F) (Political Science)
M.A. Final (Economics)
M.A.(Final) (Hindi)
M.A. Final (Sanskrit)
M.A. Final (English)
M.A. Final (History)
M.A. Final (Geography)

Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University
Kolar Rd Bhopal,
Madhya Pradesh 462016


Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: doc Bhoj Virtual University MCA 1st Year Syllabus.doc (56.5 KB, 76 views)

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Default Re: Bhoj Virtual University Syllabus

I want to get Bhoj Virtual University M.Sc IT Final year syllabus will you please provide me that ?
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Default Re: Bhoj Virtual University Syllabus

As you want to get Bhoj Virtual University M.Sc IT Final year syllabus so here I am giving you same:

MIT-09 Discrete Mathematics
Unit – I
Arithmetic Progression, Sequence, Series, Arithmetic Progression, The General Term or Nth Term of an AP., The Sum of n terms of an AP., Arithmetic Mean, AM. of two Given Numbers, Insertion of N AM. Between Two Given Numbers Properties of A P. Geometric Progression, Definition, The Nth Term of G.P., The Sum of N Terms of a G.P., The Sum of an Infinite G.P., Recurring Decimal an Infinite G.P., Geometric Means, Geometric Mean of Two Given Numbers A And B Insertion of N Geometric Means Between Two Quantities Properties of G.P., To Find the Sum of N Terms of the Series.
Harmonic Progression, Definition, Harmonic Mean (H.M) of Two Given Numbers Relation between AM., G.M. and H.M.

Unit – II
Miscellaneous Series, , Arithmetic - Geometric Series, The Sum of n Terms of the Arithmetic - Geometric Series Sigma CE) Notation, Sum of first N Natural Numbers, The Sum of the Squares of First n Natural Numbers The Sum of the Cubes of th First n Natural Numbers Method of Difference.
Set Theory, , The Concept of a Set, Notations, Representation of a Set, Types of Sets, Theorem on Subsets, Number of Subsets of a Set, Venn Diagram, Set Operations, Laws of Union of sets, Laws of Intersection of Sets, Law of Complement of a Set, Theorem (on Symmetric Difference) De-Morgan's Laws, Applications of Venn Diagrams.

Unit – III
Ordered Pairs, Relations & Functions Ordered Pairs, Equality of Ordered Pairs, Cartesian Product of Sets, Theorems on Cartesian Products' Relation, Domain and Range of a Relation, Inverse Relation, The Inverse of an Inverse Relation, Binary (or Dyadic) relations ¬, Type of Relations, Equivalence Relations, Equivalence Class, Properties of Equivalence Classes Composition of Two Relations, Partition of a Set, Partial Order, Theorem, Functions (Mapping), Types of Mapping, Other Specific Mappings, Types of Binary Operations, Algebraic Structure, Graph of a Function, Real Valued Map., Product of 'Functions, Method of Construction of Operation Table Countable and-Uncountable Sets.
Group Theory, Introduction-Algebraic Structures, Groups: Definition, Abelian Group, Order of a Group, Semi-group, Some General Properties of Groups, Some Important Theorems on Groups, Theorem on Subgroups, Homomorphism (Definition), Isomorphism (Definition), Theorems on Homomorphism, Definition (Kernel of f), Theorems on Homomorphism, Definition (Cyclic Groups), Fundamental Theorem of Homomorphism,

Unit – IV
Rings and Fields, Quotient Spaces, Rings in General, Some Special Classes of Rings, Field and its Axioms, Sub-ring and Sub-fields, Vector Space, Definition, Linear Combination, Linear Independence and linear Dependence, Basis of Vector Space, Vector Space of linear Transformation, Linear Algebra, Algebra of Quaternions,

Unit – IV
Posets and lattices, Partially Ordered Sets (Posets), Totally Order Set, Diagrammatic Representation of a Poset: (House diagrams) Definitions, Maximal Element, Minimal Element, Duality, Product of Two Posets, lattice, Duality and the Idempotent Law, Semi-lattices, Complete lattices, Sub lattice, Convex Sub lattice, Distributive lattice, Complements, Complemented lattices. Boolean Algebra & Its Applications Boolean Expressions and Boolean Functions Identities of Boolean Algebra, Duality, Algebra of Switching Circuits.

MIT-10 Advanced Java

Unit – I
The Genesis of Java, Introduction and Creation, Applets and Applications, Security, Bytecodes, Java Buzzwords, Simple, Multi-threaded, Architecture Neutral, Java and Java Script, New in JDK, An Overview of Java, What is an Object, Features of Object Oriented Programming, The First Simple Programme, Compiling, Data Types, Variables and Arrays, Data Types in Java, Literals, Characters, Variable Declaration, Symbolic Constants, Type Casting, Arrays, Vectors, Array Declaration Syntax, Operating in Java, Arithmetic Operators, Basic Assignment Operators, Relational Operators, Boolean Logical Operators, Ternary Operator, Operator Precedence, Control Statements, Java's Selection Statements, Switch, Nested Switch, Iteration Constructs, Continue, Return.

Unit - II
Class an Introduction, What is a Class, What are Methods, Methods and Classes in Details, Methods Overloading, Constructor Overloading, Objects as Parameters, Returning objects, Recursion, Access Control/ Visibility, Understanding Static, Final, Nested and Inner Classes, The String Class, Command Line Arguments, Inheritance, Inheritance Basic, Member Access and Inheritance, Super Class Variable and Sub Class Object, Using Super to Call Superclass Constructors, Another Use of Super, Multilevel hierarchy, Calling Constructor, Overriding Methods, Abstract Classes Method, Final and Inheritance, Object Class, Interfaces and Packages, Defining Interface, What is a Package, Class path Variable, access Protection, Important Packages, Exception Handling, Fundamentals of Exception Handling, Types of Exceptions, Uncaught Exceptions, Try and Catch Keywords, Throw, Throws and Finally, Nested Try Statements, Java Built in Exceptions, User Defined Exceptions.

Unit – III
Multithreaded Programming, The Java Thread Model, Priorities, Synchronization, Messaging, Thread Class and Runnable Interface, Creation of Threads, Creating Multiple Threads, Synchronization and Deadlock, Suspending, Resuming and Stopping Threads, Applets and Input Output, Input/Output Basics, Streams (Byte and Character), Reading From and writing to Console, Reading and Writing Files, Printwriter Class, Fundamentals Of Applets, Transient and Volatile Modifier, Strictfp, Native Methods, Problems with Native Methods, Handling Strings, String Length, Operations on Strings, Extract Character Methods, String Comparison Methods, Searching and Modifying, Data Conversion and Value of () Methods, Changing Case of Characters, String Buffer, Exploring Java. Lang, Wrapper Classes and Simple Type Wrappers, Void, Abstract Process Class, Runtime Class and Memory Management, Other Programme Execution, System Class, Environment Properties, Using Clone () and Clonable () Interface, Class and Class loader, Math Class, Thread, Thread Group and Runnable Interface, Throwable Class, Security Manager, The java. lang. ref and java. lang. reflect packages, Java..Util-The Utility Classes, The Enumeration Interface, Vector, Stack, Dictionary, Hash table, Properties, Using Store () and Load (), String Tokenizer, Bit set Class, Date and Date Comparison, Time Zones, Random Class, Observe

Unit – IV
Input Output Classes, File in Java, Directory, File Name Filter Interface, Creating Directory, The Stream Classes, Input Stream and Output Stream, File input Stream and File Output Stream, Byte Array Input Stream and Byte Array Output Stream, Filtered Byte Stream, Buffered ByteStream, Print Stream, Random Access File, Stream Tokenizer, Stream Benefits, Networking, Basic of Networking, Proxy Server, Domain Naming Services, Networking Classes and Interfaces, InetAddress Class, TCP/IP Sockets, Datagram Packet, Networth, Applet Class, Applet Basics, Applet Life Cycle, A Simple Banner Applet, Handling Events, getDocumentBase(), getCodeBase(), showDocumentBase(), Audio Clip and Applet Stub interface, AWT: Windows, Graphics and Text, AWT Classes, Window Fundamentals, Working With Frame Windows, Frame Window in An Applet, Event Handling in a Frame Window, A Window Program, Displaying Information While Working with Graphics and Color, Working With Fonts, Managing Text Output Using Font metrics, Exploring Text and Graphics, AWT: Controls, Layouts and Menus, Control Fundamentals, Layouts, Menus, Dialog Class, Other Controls.

Unit - V
Images, File Formats, Image Fundamentals, Image Observer, Mediatracker, JDBC, JDBC Introduction of Class and Methods, Register Driver, Establish a Session, Execute a Query, Result Set, Closing the Session, Swings, JAPPLET, Java Beans, What is a Java Bean? Advantages of Java Beans, Application Builder Tools, The Bean Developer Kit (BDK), JAR Files, Introspection, Developing a Simple Bean, Using Bound Properties, Using The Bean Info Interface, Constrained Properties, Persistence, Customisers, The Basic Servlet API, The Get Method, The POST Method, Mime Content Types, Java and Corba Connectivity, The Compatibility Problem, An Overview of IDI And liop, A Working COBRA System, CORBA Servers, CORBA Clients, A Simple CORBA Service, Legacy Applications and Corba .

Bhoj Virtual University M.Sc IT Final Year Syllabus here is the attachment........................
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: doc Bhoj Virtual University M.Sc IT Final Year Syllabus .doc (50.0 KB, 12 views)
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