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Please provide me the Entrance Exam Syllabus of JMIs Department of Biosciences?

Jamia Millia Islamia conducts entrance exam for admission in bachelors enginnering courses which is Jamia Millia Islamia Engineering Entrance Exam (JMI EEE)

Following are the engineering courses available at the JMI

B. Tech. (Civil Engineering)
B. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering
B. Tech. (Electrical Engineering
B. Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
B. Tech. (Computer Engineering)

Here, I am giving you syllabus for the JMI EEE. Take a look on following syllabus.


Distance and displacement, Scalar and Vector quantities, addition and subtraction of Vectors, resolution of Vector. Speed and velocity, uniform and non-uniform motion, circular motion, mass and weight; momentum, impulse, laws of motion, conservation of momentum; work, power and energy, conservation of energy. Characteristics of sound waves, longitudinal and transverse waves, v =n relation. Spherial mirror, mirror formulae, laws of reflection and refraction, refraction through a glass slab and prism, total internal reflection, dispersion of light. Lens formulae, power of a lens. Microscope and Telescope.

Coulombs law, electric current, electric potential and potential difference; Ohms law. Law of resistance in series and parallel. Heating effect of current -electric energy, electric power. Chemical effect of current electroplating and electrolysis. Magnetic effect of current-electric motor, generator- A.C. and D.C. Nuclear Fission and Fusion, chain reaction.


Atomic and molecular mass, mole concept, Avogadros Number, Avogadros law, ideal gas, gas laws, ideal gas equation, diffusion, STP. Fundamental particles, isotopes and isobars in an atom, cathode rays, Rutherfords experiment, Postulates of Bohrs theory, Electronic configuration of first twenty elements. Periodic classification of elements and gradation of properties (atomic size, ionization energies, electron affinities, electro-negativities and metallic character etc.) Electrovalent, covalent and co-ordinate bonds. Chemical equation. True solution, colloids and suspension. Strong and weak electrolytes. Acids, bases and salts. pH of a solution. Rate of the reaction and factors affecting the rate of the reaction. Oxidation and reduction.

Metallurgical process. Manufacture & chemical properties of Sodium Carbonate and Ammonia. Properties of halogens & alkali metals. Properties of sulphur compounds (H2S, H2SO4 and SO2). Allotropes of Sulphur, Phosphorus and Carbon. Hydrocarbons: saturated and unsaturated, homologous series, functional group. Combustion of hydrocarbons.


System of Linear equations in two variables and their solution by algebraic method. Application of linear equations in two variables in solving simple problems. Quadratic equations and their solutions by factorisation and quadratic formula. Applications of quadratic equations in solving simple problems. General terms of an A.P., sum to n-terms of an A.P. and simple problems. Instalment payment and instalment buying.

Surface area and volume of a cuboid, cube, cone and sphere. Theorems and problems based upon vertically opposite angles, congruence of triangles (SAS, ASA, SSS and RHS). Theorems and problems on similar triangles. Pythagorus theorem and problems based on it. Circle through three points, problems based upon equal chords, angle subtended at centre by an arc / chord of a circle, angle in semicircle and segments. Trigonometrical ratios of angles (Sin, Cos, & Tan for 0, 30, 45, 60 and 90). Simple height and distance problems. Collection and presentation of data, frequency distribution, mean of grouped data and bar chart. Co- ordinates of points, distance between two points, section formula and its application.

Contact Details:
Jamia Millia Islamia
Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110025 ‎
011 2698 1717

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Default Re: JMI Entrance Exam Syllabus

JMI’s Department of Biosciences have the following courses:-
MSc in Biosciences
MSc in Biochemistry

Syllabus of the Entrance Test For both MSc in Biosciences & MSc in Biochemistry:-

MSc-Biosciences: -

Total 85 multiple choice questions
Subject wise number of questions in paper:-
Physics 08
Chemistry 08
Mathematics 08
Biosciences 61


Total 85 multiple choice questions
Subject wise number of questions in paper:-
Chemistry 34
Biosciences 51

Syllabus is as follows:-
Animal Diversity – I (BSB)
Plant Diversity – I (BSB)
Cell Biology (BSB)
Organic Chemistry-I (BSB)
Physics – I (BSB)
Mathematics – I (BSB)
Animal Diversity – II (BSB)
Plant Diversity – II (BSB)
Genetics (BSB)
Physical Chemistry (BSB)
Physics – II (BSB)
Mathematics - II (BSB)
Ecology (BSB)
Animal Physiology (BSB)
Plant Physiology (BSB)
Biochemistry (BSB)
Microbiology & Immunology (NEW)
Information Technology & Bioinformatics (BSB)

For the whole detailed syllabus of Entrance Test For both MSc in Biosciences & MSc in Biochemistry, please download the following file:-

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Please provide me the Entrance Exam Syllabus of JMI’s Department of Biosciences?
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf Syllabus-JMI-Entrance-Test-MSc in Biosciences & MSc in Biochemistry.pdf (548.4 KB, 171 views)
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kindly give correct phone number .I would like to know about Msc Biochemistry
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