MBA in information technology in delhi

MBA in information technology in Delhi
Which institutes in Delhi provides MBA in information technology management. Please give a comprehensive list of the same. thanks

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Here is the list of institutes of Delhi which offer MBA in information technology:

Time Institute
University Of Petroleum & Energy Studies
Bharati Vidyapeeth University
University of Delhi
Faculty of Management Studies Delhi,Delhi
Indian School of Business Finance (ISBF)
New Delhi Institute of Management (NDIM)
All India Management Association (AIMA)
Fostiima Business School

Use Of Organic And Inorganic Chemicals In Tanning Process

use of organic and inorganic chemicals in tanning process

What are the chemicals used in the tanning process of leather. I have heard that the chemicals are very dangerous for the use in organic manure. I want to manufacture leather meal so is it possible to use leather cuttings in leather meal.

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The following is a list of chemicals commonly used in leather making:

Beamhouse and Tanyard
Swell regulating agents
Sodium sulphide
Sodium hydrosulphide
Low sulphide unhairing agents
Caustic soda
Soda ash
Ammonium sulphate
Ammonium chloride
Sodium metabisulphite
Formic acid
Sulphuric acid
Sodium formate
Chromium sulphate
Aldehyde tanning agents
Magnesium oxide

Surfactants / Wetting agents
Sodium formate
Sodium bicarbonate
Formic acid
Chrome syntans
Chromium sulphate
Dyeing auxiliaries


Acrylic resins
Butadiene resins
Polyurethane resins
Handle modifiers
Nitrocellulose lacquers
Acrylic lacquers
Polyurethane lacquers
Viscosity modifiers

Msc Psychology Syllabus Bharathiar University

Msc Psychology Syllabus Bharathiar University

Can you give in detail the Msc Psychology Syllabus Bharathiar University for the year 2012. I am not able to find it on the official website of the university. What is the admission procedure and eligibility for the same.


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I found syllabus of M.Sc. Applied Psychology (Military) program offered by the Bharathiar University. I am uploading the syllabus. You can download it from here.
Bharathiar University Msc Psychology Syllabus

Post Graduation in Emergency Medicine In India

PG in Emergency medicine in India?
Which colleges provide PG in Emergency Medicine in India. please provide full details of the institutes along with the admission procedure.

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There are many institutes in India which offer Post Graduation in Emergency Medicine here I am providing name of some of the institutes. Every institute follows different admission procedure so you should contact to that institute to know about the admission procedure from where you want to do this program.

NHL College
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research institute
Moolchand Medcity hospital

Bhel Result

Bhel Result 2011

Please inform when are the results of BHEL 2011 is to be declared?

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BHEL has recently announced result of many written exam and interview and you have not mentioned name of the exam. So I am not able to give you any information about the result. Please tell me name of the exam so that I can provide you date of the result of that exam.

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