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I want to do Accounting and Finance BA (Hons) form University of Hertfordshire, so please provide the details?

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The University of Hertfordshire Accounting and Finance BA (Hons) course details are follows;

Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)

Entry requirements

300 points from 2 or more A Levels Plus GCSE English language and mathematics at grade C (or equivalent) or above

Fees 2013
UK/EU Students
Full time: £8,500 for the 2013 academic year

International Students
Full time: £9,500 for the 2013 academic year


Year 1
Core Modules

Quantitative Analysis for Accounting and Finance
Economics for Business
The Accounting and Finance Professional
Principles of Accounting and Finance

Global Perspectives in Economics
Mandarin Route A – 4a
Mandarin Route A – 4b
French Route C – 4a
French Route C – 4b
French Route A – 4a
French Route A – 4b
French Route B – 4a
French Route B – 4b
German Route C – 4a
German Route C – 4b
German Route A – 4a
German Route A – 4b
German Route B – 4a
German Route B – 4b
Italian Route A – 4a
Italian Route A – 4b
Italian Route B – 4a
Italian Route B – 4b
Japanese Route A – 4a
Japanese Route A – 4b
Spanish Route C – 4a
Spanish Route C – 4b
Spanish Route A – 4a
Spanish Route A – 4b
Spanish Route B – 4a
Spanish Route B – 4b
Law for Accounting and Finance

Year 2
Core Modules

Enhancing Employability in Accounting and Finance
Financial Accounting and Reporting

Placement Study at an Overseas Academic Institution
Management Accounting for Business Decisions
Financial Management
Cost and Performance Management
Principles of Corporate Finance
French Route A – 5a
French Route A – 5b
Spanish Route A – 5b
French Route B – 5a
French Route B – 5b
Spanish Route B – 5a
Spanish Route B – 5b
German Route A – 5b
German Route A – 5a
German Route B – 5a
German Route B – 5b
German Route C – 5a
German Route C – 5b
Italian Route A – 5b
Mandarin Route A – 5a
Mandarin Route A – 5b
French Route C – 5a
French Route C – 5b
Spanish Route C – 5b
Spanish Route A – 5a
Italian Route A – 5a
Spanish Route C – 5a
Italian Route B – 5a
Italian Route B – 5b
Japanese Route A – 5b
Japanese Route A – 5a

Year 3

Industrial Placement Sem B only
Industrial Placement Year
Placement Study Abroad (South East Asia)
Placement Study Abroad (North America)
Placement Study Abroad (Australia)
Placement Study Abroad A (Europe)
Placement Study Abroad B (Europe)
Placement Study Abroad (Europe)
Industrial Placement (Semester A)

Year 4
Core Modules

Advanced Corporate Reporting
Strategic Management Accounting
Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Finance
Advanced Corporate Finance
Financial Strategy

Business and Commercial Awareness
Corporate Governance
Dissertation – Accounting
Dissertation – Finance
Information Systems and Knowledge Management
Islamic Banking and Finance
International Financial Management
Taxation for Non-Specialists
Strategic Cost Management
Practice of Auditing
Management Decision Making
Research Methods
Financial Management in the Public Sector
Accounting and Finance in the Voluntary Sector
Corporate Treasury Management
Industry Practice in Accounting and Finance
French Mini Project
German Mini Project
Spanish Mini Project
German Project
French Route A – 6a
French Route A – 6b
Spanish Route A – 6a
Spanish Route A – 6b
French Route B – 6b
French Route B – 6a
Spanish Route B – 6b
German Route A – 6a
German Route A – 6b
German Route B – 6a
German Route B – 6b
Mandarin Route A – 6a
Mandarin Route A – 6b
French Route C – 6a
French Route C – 6b
Spanish Route C – 6a
Spanish Route C – 6b
Italian Route A – 6a
Italian Route A – 6b
Spanish Route B – 6a
Italian Route B – 6a
Italian Route B – 6b
Japanese Route A – 6a
Japanese Route A – 6b
German Route C – 6a
German Route C – 6b

University Of Hertfordshire
College Lane, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL10 9AB, United Kingdom ‎
+44 1707 284800

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