SBC of Black Cotton Soil In Indi

SBC of Black Cotton Soil In India
SBC symbolizes (safe bearing capacity) in geotechnical engineering, assuming capacity is the max vertical stress that the basis surface or any other subsurface strata that the vertical stress may act upon can endorse without significant settlement or foundation failure. Loose fine sand, soft silt, black cotton soil and expensive clays should be avoided for basis. If inescapable the building shall rest either on a rigid raft basis.

SBC (safe bearing capacity) points how much load the substrata can bear without settlement. SBC ( safe bearing capacity) unit is Metric tonnes per square meter T/sqm. Black-cotton soil, which is also called Regur, is found in the Deccan Lava Plateau, the Malwa Plateau, and interior of Gujarat India . It is a soil kind formed through the breakdown of basaltic rock (volcanic rock or lava) and is highly fertile.

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    what is the SBC value of Black Cotton Soil

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