MKU University MBA Syllabus

MKU University MBA Syllabus

Madurai Kamaraj University is situated in Madurai city founded in 1966, has 18 schools comprising 72 departments. Madurai Kamaraj University also short MKU is a public university in India. The motto of the University is to seek truth is knowledge and this has been taken from Tirukkural. Madurai Kamaraj University develops good skills in their students.


MKU – MBA Syllabus
First Year:
D10 – Principles of Management
D11 – Organizational Behavior
D12 – Management Accounting
D13 – Managerial Economics
D14 – Quantitative Methods
D15 – Research Methodology
D16 – Fundamentals of Computers
D17 – Managerial Information & Data Processing System
D18 – Marketing Management
D19 – Business Environment and Law
Second year:
D20 – Financial Management
D21 – Operations Management
D22 – Personnel Management and Industrial Relation
D23 – Operations Research
D24 – Strategic Management
D25 – RDBMS – Relational Database Management System
D26 – Entrepreneurship and Management of Small Business
Elective: Systems
D2G – Introduction to C and C++
D2H – Computer Networks
D2J – Modeling and Simulation

Madurai Kamaraj University
Tamil Nadu,

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  1. PCSahu says:

    I want to know the detailed course content of MBA (Retail Management) Subjects i.e.

    1. Store Opereration Manatgement
    2. Buying and merchandising

    kindly arrange to send. regards.

  2. lalitha says:

    mba 1 year-fundamentals of computer detailed syllabus

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