IC 33 Life Insurance New Syllabus?

from when new syllabus of IC 33 Life Insurance is going to be applicable?
kindly send me new syllabus model question paper as pdf file.

Bhushan Waghmare

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Principles Of Life Assurance
Life insurance contracts.
Principle of utmost good faith.
Insurable Interest
Principle of Indemnity.
Different risks

Introduction to Insurance :
Classification of risks.
The human asset.
Insurance as a social security tool.
Role of Insurance in economic development
What is insurance.
Purpose and need of insurance

Premiums And Bonus
Life fund
Actuarial valuation
What is Premium?
Premium calculation

Life Insurance Products
Variable Insurance plans..
Salary Savings Schemes.
Group Insurance
Basic Elements.
Some popular plans

Assessing risks.
Adverse selection.
Non-medical underwriting.
Recent Trends
Classification of risk
Financial underwriting

Insurance Documents
Proposal form and personal statement.
First / renewal premium receipt.
Policy document

Policy Conditions
Assignment , Nomination
Surrenders and loan.
Married Women’s Property Act policy.
Age , Days of grace,
Lapse and Non – forfeiture,
Paid up value,

Linked Life Insurance Products

What is a linked policy
Option of funds.
Net asset value(nav)
Ulip and traditional insurance.
Annuities and pensions.

Insurance Agency
Definition of an agent.
Agents’ Regulations.
Procedure for becoming an agent.
Methods of remunerating agents.
Functions of agents.
Agency as a profession.
Responsibilities of an agent.
Prerequisites for success.
Ethical behavior.

Maturity claims
Survival benefit payments
Death claims.
Accident and disability benefits.
Claims Concession

Law and regulations
Consumer Protection Act, 1986.(COPA)
Income tax Act,
MWP Act.
Rural and social sectors.
Micro Insurance
Insurance Act 1938.
LIC Act, 1956.
IRDA Act 1999

IRDA Licensing of corporate Agents Regulation 2002.
IRDA Licensing of Insurance Agents Regulation 2000.
Financial Market, Capital Market, Stock Technicals etc.

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  1. Prabal says:

    kindly send me new syllabus in detail and model question papers as pdf file.

  2. vishnu kumawat says:

    Please provide me IC33 New syallbus

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sir, this month can change IRDA Agent exam.

  4. nitin agarwal says:

    dear sir/mam

    please send me the new syllabus of IC-33 and previous year mock test solved and unsolved papers.

    thanking you
    nitin agarwal

  5. Atanu gucchhait says:

    can you provide me the new syllabus of IC 33 in bengali.

    Atanu Guchhait

  6. Jyotirmoy says:

    kindly send the model questions of ic-33 new syllabus.

  7. reena says:

    dear sir/madam

    kindly arrange to send new syllabus for IC 33 mock test model in tamil

    thanking you.


  8. reena says:

    dear sir,
    please send me IC-33 model question in tamil new syllabous.

  9. rajat gupta says:

    pls provide me new syllabus model paper in English @ rajatgupta0207@gmail.com

  10. sudhir says:

    from where i can get new ic-33 questions for all 15 chapters

  11. Arshad.K. says:

    Please provide me New IRDA IC 33 question bank Malayalam and English

  12. binay kumar dokania says:

    i want ic-33 new syllabus book in hindi language

  13. gopal says:

    i want ic-33 new syllabus book in tamil language

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