DOB Problem in Indian Army Soldiers Recruitment?

Respected sir, my name is sharad sewa and im a gorkha from darjeeling. Sir i recently came back from J&K(jammu n kashmir r.r.c) i was there for the rally and sir i give my 100% and got in exe groupe and pulled the beam the number of times i wased asked to, although my physical was fit my medical was too good everything was smooth until the matter of relation certificate just because my brother who is a grenadiers didnt knew about my D.O.B so he put up whatever camed in his mind so the difference of the D.O.B didnt allow me to sit in my return exams although i proved my D.O.B in my certificate was wright by a affidavit through a court but that didnt matter for the clerks it wasent their problem and kindly may i know the other open rallies date and time i hope you would look further

yours faithfully
sharad sewa

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