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prashant k 01:18 PM January 17th, 2012
Hi friend I am preparation of Orissa JEE so I need old question paper for reference in this exam. Can you provide me Orissa JEE Question Paper with solution? Is there any website provide facilities for download Orissa JEE Question Paper on free of cost?
Sashwat 10:00 PM January 29th, 2012
Hi Prashant, as you were looking for the Orissa JEE Question Paper and I have model paper of this exam so here I am providing you the paper.
Attached: Orissa JEE Sample Question Papers.doc (74.0 KB) 
Unregistered 03:15 PM May 20th, 2013
Please provide me chemistry and math question paper for Orissa JEE.
AdityaV 11:48 AM May 21st, 2013
Here you are looking for chemistry and math question paper for Orissa JEE. As you want here I am providing you


1. The hybridization state of C atom in butendioic acid is:
(1) sp2 (2) sp3 (3) both two (4) sp

2. Which of the following is not an isomer of pentane:
(1) n-pentane
(2) 2, 2-dimethy 1 propane
(3) 2, 3-dimethy 1 butane
(4) 2-methy 1 butane

3. The oxidation number of C atom in Ch2CI2 and CCI4 are respectively:
(1) -2 and 4 (2) 0 and 4 (3) 0 and 4 (4) 2 and 4

4. Which of the following dissolves in lonic solvents :
(1) C6H5 (2) CH3OH (3) CCI4 (4) C5H12

5. The conjugate acid of HS is:
(1) S-2 (2) H2S2 (3) both two (4) none

To get full paper of chemistry you can download this paper it is free to download.

Originally Posted by Unregistered:
Please provide me chemistry and math question paper for Orissa JEE.

Attached: Orissa JEE chemistry and math papers.pdf (279.0 KB) Orissa JEE chemistry and math papers 1.pdf (247.7 KB) Orissa JEE chemistry and math papers 2.pdf (263.9 KB) Orissa JEE chemistry and math papers 3.pdf (368.8 KB) 
Unregistered 11:00 AM May 10th, 2014
i need 2012 m-tech electronics questions.
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