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Unregistered 06:37 PM May 4th, 2013
Can you please tell me from where I can get B.Sc Physics Syllabus of Thiruvalluvar University??

Kesari 12:56 PM May 6th, 2013
As you are looking for the B.Sc Physics Syllabus of Thiruvalluvar University so here I am providing you.

B.Sc Physics Syllabus

Semester – I:


Hooke’s law - Stress-strain diagram - Elastic moduli-Relation between elastic constants - Poisson’s Ratio-Expression for Poisson’s ratio in terms of elastic constants - Work done in stretching and work done in twisting a wire - Twisting couple on a cylinder - Determination of Rigidity modulus by static torsion - Torsional pendulum-Determination of Rigidity modulus and moment of inertia - q, η and  by Searles method


Bending of beams - Expression for bending moment - Cantilever - Expression for depression at the loaded end - oscillations of a Cantilever - Expression for time period - Determination of Young’s modulus by cantilever oscillations Non-uniform bending - Determination of young’s modulus by Koenig’s method - Uniform bending - Expression for elevation - Experiment to determine young’s modulus using pin and microscope method.


Surface Tension: Synclastic and anticlastic surface - Excess of pressure - Application to spherical and cylindrical drops and bubbles - variation of surface tension with temperature - Jaegar’s method.
Viscosity: Viscosity - Rate flow of liquid in a capillary tube - Poiseuille’s formula - Determination of coefficient of viscosity of a liquid - Variations of viscosity of a liquid with temperature lubrication. Physics of low pressure - production and measurement of low pressure - Rotary pump - Diffusion pump - Molecular pump - Knudsen absolute gauge - penning and pirani gauge – Detection of leakage.


Simple harmonic motion - free, damped, forced vibrations and resonance - Fourier’s Theorem - Application to saw tooth wave and square wave - Intensity and loudness of sound - Decibels - Intensity levels - musical notes - musical scale. Acoustics of buildings: Reverberation and time of reverberation - Absorption coefficient - Sabine’s formula - measurement of reverberation time - Acoustic aspects of halls and auditoria.


Ultrasonic waves - Different modes - Characteristic properties - Behaviour - Focusing - Stationary waves and resonance - Attenuation - Diffraction - Sources of ultrasound. Piezoelectric crystal - Low frequency / high Intensity applications - high frequency - low intensity applications - clinical applications of different scans.

Rest of the detailed syllabus is attached in below file which is free of cost for you.


Thiruvalluvar University
Vellore - 632 115,
Tamil Nadu,
Phone :
Reception : (0416) 2274755, 2274756
Registrar Office : (0416) 2274747
Fax : (0416) 2274748


Attached: Thiruvalluvar University B.Sc Physics Syllabus.pdf (552.5 KB) 
Unregistered 04:10 PM May 9th, 2013
i am student of Thiruvalluvar University and want to get the UG courses syllabus.
will you Provide me the syllabus??
DeepikaM 05:44 PM May 10th, 2013
Thiruvalluvar University was established under the Thiruvalluvar University Act, 2002 by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Course Offered:
B.A. Tamil
B.A. History
B.Lit. Tamil
B.A. English
B.A. Economics
B.A. (Corporate Economics)
B.A. Defense and strategic studies
B.Sc. Visual Communication
B.Sc. Electronics Science
B.Sc. Information System Management
B.Sc. Nutrition, Food Service Management and Dietetics
B.Sc. Environmental Management
B.Sc. Software Computer Science
B.Sc. Biochemistry
B.Sc. Chemistry
B.Sc. Mathematics
B.Sc. Microbiology
B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry (Vocational)
B.Sc. Botany
B.Sc. Interior Design and Decor
B.Sc. Computer Science
B.Sc. Geology
B.Sc. Biotechnology
B.Sc. Physics
B.C.A. (Computer Applications)
B.Sc. Statistics
B.Sc. Zoology
Commerce & Management Studies:
B.Com. (Corporate Secretary ship)
B.Com. (Computer Applications)
B.Com. (Finance and Accounts)
B.B.A. (Business Administration)

Firstly go To the official website of Thiruvalluvar University.

Then on the top of the page click on the Link tab.

Then in the link section click on the syllabus for get the syllabus.

Here I am giving you the screen shot of this page.

(UG Syllabus)

Aakashd 04:58 PM December 22nd, 2013
Thiruvalluvar University was established under the Thiruvalluvar University Act, 2002 by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

==== Firstly go To the official website of Thiruvalluvar University.
==== Then click on the Regulations and Syllabus option given on the Link section givfne on the upper side of Home page of it
===now click on your desired course option and get syllabus for it in PDF format …

Here I am giving you the screen shot of this page

contact details :
Thiruvalluvar University
GR Kottai Village ,Koot Road, National Highway 4, Vinnampalli, Tamil Nadu 632115 ‎
0416 227 4755 ‎

prithiviraj. 10:35 AM January 3rd, 2014
ba english literature third year syllabus send me
Unregistered 01:14 AM May 24th, 2014
i am bca student i want to 2014-2015 syllabus
Unregistered 09:54 PM July 10th, 2014
pls ba english syllabus release...
Unregistered 12:55 AM July 13th, 2014
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
i am bca student i want to 2014-2015 syllabus
my name is vinoth kumar i am bca student i want to 2014-2015 syllabus
Unregistered 04:16 PM March 14th, 2015
can u pls tel me bsc computer science syllabus?
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